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Sound Off--07/31/13

Posted 7/30/13


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“I received the Middletown Volunteer Fire Department donation letter, …

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Sound Off--07/31/13


“McNamara, those assets you wish to turn over to your newly-created authority belong to the residents of Middletown, and should not be given to an authority where we have no control of how they are handled. This seems to be another distrustful action of a council that wishes to control things long after the majority is voted out after November’s election. I am tired of the back-door deals – and for this council to put mostly non-residents on this new authority makes me sick. There were plenty of competent residents who were qualified. Another stab in the back by an incompetent council!”

“Why don’t we make Trayvon Martin a saint while the media’s at it? Give me a break. Let’s end this charade.”

“Whatever happened to the lady who used to run the town library? I miss her a lot. I know some of the people there but not many.”

“Please explain to me how the Borough of Middletown can blow hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers and can’t come up with a measly $3,000 to take care of stray dogs? You are NOT my leaders. You are a bunch of clowns and witch doctors. And you know your official spin doctor is part of your gang of thugs.”

“Has anyone thought of having a Zombie Fest in Middletown? Maybe the Elks Theatre could sponsor it. We could start the event by attending a borough council meeting and then go to a sewer authority meeting. No, seriously – why not have a parade, a zombie walk and maybe a pub crawl? Maybe the tattoo parlors would consider sponsoring it, too? Just saying.”

“I was told today that the football camp that I paid for when the kids were in school is not the same as the one the Youth Club is having. So what happened to my money, and how do I get it back if they are not having a camp?”

“Why aren’t there any police reports from the Middletown police in the Journal? I see things about Lower Swatara, even Highspire, but not our town. Gee, I guess the new police chief is really doing a great job.”
(Editor’s note: We publish some Middletown police news – charges filed by Middletown police officers – from information we get from District Judge David Judy’s office. We run it under a column heading that features Judy’s name, since his office is the source. We have requested a police blotter from Middletown, which is a public document under Pennsylvania law, since last year: We received nothing until this year, after the borough closed its communications center and provided an occasional, and brief, blotter by e-mail from information from Dauphin County 911. And while other police departments provide us a list of incidents under investigation in which charges have yet to be filed – such as vandalism, thefts, and attempted break-ins, information that can help residents be vigilant when crime happens in their neighborhood – Middletown has refused. Our reporters used to meet with the Middletown police chief about once a week to get that information, but the borough ended that arrangement in 2012.)

“Who do I call if I have a problem with my neighbor’s weeds being too tall? Is there a codes officer in Middletown anymore?”

“I think it’s time for the borough to talk to the trash hauler. My containers are all over the street. Come on - you can do a better job for us people.”

“Just saw a school bus on the street. Get ready kids - the end of days is coming!”

“Another week, and still lines at intersections in town ain’t been painted. This is pathetic – AGAIN!”

“Yes, Middletown, send one student on to college for soccer. Middletown just has no athletes anymore. Paper did not even give the hometown athlete props.”
(Editor’s note: A story on the recruitment of Kyle Shields, a Middletown Area High School soccer player, by Hood College, of Frederick, Md., appeared in the June 19 edition of the Press And Journal.)

“I can’t stand it. Don’t tell me things are better in Middletown. Have you EVER tried to call someone to get an answer? And have you EVER gotten through to someone? And have you EVER gotten the information you needed? I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts you didn’t. Oh, I’m so glad my electric is a couple of bucks cheaper but, oh, what we’ve lost.”

“My kids enjoyed the movies at the Elks. We can’t afford going to places like Hersheypark. My husband was laid off, and times are tough. But we can afford going to the movies in our town. That’s great! Thanks.”

“I support Stand Your Ground laws. Well, punk, do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?”

“Two colleagues and I were looking at opening an engineering firm in Middletown, but since no one at the borough office would answer the phone or return phone calls, we have decided to open it in Highspire. I thought the residents of Middletown would be glad to know they lost out on some serious tax revenue.”

“It’s great to see the new faces in the Lower Swatara Police Department. Those core guys finally got the extra help they’ve needed for that past couple of years. I would just like to wish the five new guys the best of luck and congratulate them on getting their position. You guys have a great crew already established, and they will train you right. Our citizens deserve quality police protection, and Lower Swatara police always stand up to the task. Our department has to be one of the best in the area. Notice you never quite see the bad press like Middletown? Our officers go out of the way to help everyone out no matter who they are. They take the time to talk with the residents and always wave at them when they’re cruising through the neighborhoods. They do small things that aren’t required without any thanks. They don’t forget who they are or what their job is. Keep up the good work, guys!”

“I hate the way you have the Press And Journal online. I won’t read it again until you change it. It was a lot better the old way. Ever hear the saying, ‘If it works, don’t fix it?’ ”

“Ever notice how there are no restaurants north of Main Street in Middletown? Penn State Harrisburg’s food court is the only thing, if you count that. I need more choices!”

“I’ve submitted this comment before but the Press And Journal refused to post it: The GMEDC took the Elks Theatre away from a local family to run old movies to raise money for the digital projector. The digital projector could’ve been paid for had the GMEDC applied for a grant. I’m here all summer because I’ve made Middletown my home while attending Penn State Harrisburg. The college students enjoyed the up-to-date movies before the GMEDC took over the theater. Now the movies are ones that can be rented or viewed online. Please return the theater as it was before GMEDC took over. Thanks!”
(Editor’s note: GMEDC has owned the Elks Theatre since 2005.)

“Pay your Humane Society bill! You got tons of money to spend on frivolous things like new uniforms, a new police station and truck decals, just to name a few. If I find out you’re euthanizing animals after two days, or that the dogs are not being properly cared for, I’ll have animal activists all over you council people. Pay your bill. Quit trying to find ways to screw everyone.”

“I can’t seem to get any answers. I punch in Caravan Court and Harborton Place and there is nothing online about the mobile home park. That’s weird because before the flood they had both names online. Now nothing. The park never has any news for the people living there. Something is going on there, and they’re not talking.”

“Same sex marriages disgust me. Being gay is wrong. If the world were gay the human race would die off. There are no morals in this country no more. Everything is done because of politics no matter how wrong it is. If it isn’t the blacks complaining then it’s the gays complaining. If you don’t like this country, get out.”

“Take some time to drive down Water Street in lower Royalton. Some beautiful houses there, and the view – it’s KILLER! You people are very lucky to have such a wonderful slice of heaven.”

“Hey, McNamara and the other seven council members, typical mismanagement again. If the downtown is going to be from taxpayers’ dollars and used by the taxpayers of Middletown, then why don’t we get a say in its design? And for you to waste our money buying a potential taxable business just to knock it down so your friend has more parking is sickening.”

“I said it before and I will say it again: As long as this council caters to their slumlord friends and soon to be daddy-in-laws, the town will continue to look horrible. Look at all the weeds and condition of their properties. Look at the class of people they rent to. What this council should be doing is rental inspections, and stronger enforcement of code violations. Then, and only then, will these Section 8 slummies go back to where they came from. I have had it!”


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