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Sound Off--07/24/13

Posted 7/23/13

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“OK, so now the gang on Middletown council has set its sites on the rec board. I admit there …

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Sound Off--07/24/13


“I live in Middletown and I can’t even contact … ”


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“What does Dawn Knull have to say about the community … ”


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“Hey, what’s the matter with all you people up there in … ”



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 “Yeah, is it any wonder why the poor property owners … ”


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“Yes, the 193rd has to be the best trained Air Force in the world … ”



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 “Dumbo-ears President Obama … ”


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“Parents of the children on Market Street in Highspire need to teach their kids to NOT play in the middle of the road, pick up their trash, not let bikes or scooters lay in the road, and be respectful of other people’s property!”

“For the person asking about gas prices: Could one possible reason be the difference of electricity rates? But also even though the two towns are close, about a mile or so, that is still a chance for price difference. But the biggest reason is Sunoco charges less for cash purchases of gasoline. I do not know the exact figures. But they take at least 10 or more cents off from their regular price. This would be the reason they’re much cheaper. Their credit/debit card price might be $3.399 but with the cash discount it comes to $3.299. I hope this answers your question.”

“Mark my words: There will be no library and no swimming pool for the people of Middletown. It will go away, but our electric costs will be down. THAT’S a wonderful tradeoff, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Decide at the voting booths in November. Here’s your sign, Middletown.”

“Congrats to Lower Swatara/Middletown 13-year-old boys baseball: perfect season, 17-0.”

“Is it legal to have blacktop for sidewalks instead of cement? I’ve seen it in Middletown, Highspire and Steelton. It may be cheap, but it looks disgusting.”

“On Monday, July 22, 2013, Fred Buss, the Barber on the Square, will celebrate his 50th year of being in business as a barber. He started in 1963 as a 19-year-old. Now, do the math – 50 years later, he is still cutting hair, in the same shop, with some of the same customers who sat in his chair as kids. Under other circumstances, looking at the length in time he has spent at one location, one might presume he had no ambition to move on. Quite the contrary, Fred has had no need to move on. A steady flow of customers needing his services have always filtered into his front door and sat in his chair. Other barbers in this town have come and gone – some after normal retirement, some because there was a perceived lack of business and others because they really didn’t know how to cut hair other than ‘off.’ It was presumed that Fred’s business would lag when the state took away all the parking in the square. While it was true there was an initial drop in business, after only a few weeks, the loyal customers overcame any parking issues and hiked up the hill to continue their patronage with Fred – and complain about the parking issues. As July 15 is Fred’s 69th birthday, and July 22 is his 50th anniversary as a licensed barber, stop in and wish him a happy birthday and congratulate his success in business, and then get a haircut – whether you think you need one or not. After all, you wouldn’t want to be accused of defying that old maxim, ‘Beautify America – Get A Haircut,’ would you? I didn’t think so. Happy birthday, Fred! And, by the way, you can’t stop being a barber until I go bald and don’t need a barber anymore.”

“Zimmerman is not guilty. I didn’t see these black people protest when OJ was acquitted. The evidence spoke – now get over it.”

“There is no parking problem in Middletown. There’s a people problem.”

“Have you seen the prices of clothes these days? And with school right around the corner I don’t know how I’m going to afford to get things for my kids. Why, oh why, can’t schools have uniforms? That would be simpler and cheaper. I believe it would also cut down on bullying because you know how girls are when they make fun of others over clothes. And don’t tell me your little darlings don’t make fun of others because of their clothes!”

“I still cannot believe there isn’t an apartment inspection law in Middletown. It would help raise money for our bankrupt town, wouldn’t it? It would also get rid of these landlords who could give a flying frig about our once nice town.”

“Have you looked at the fronts of the student apartments coming into town – weeds, muddy water, piles of dirt? Classy. Real classy. And this is how a college town is supposed to look? I’m sorry – the homes that were there, maybe they weren’t in the best shape but they looked nice from the street. Now it looks like a rundown section of Allison Hill in the great ‘Burg.”

“What’s the big deal with this voter ID law? You should show proof of who you are. You got to show it for everything else like cigarettes, some cough medicine, etc. It takes five seconds to show it. Let’s be honest here: The only people who don’t want this law are the Democrats. This country needs to put the people first instead of politics. The country is going downhill fast. Just like the Supreme Court – they should always vote for what’s right. They have their job for life, so what do they have to lose? But even they put politics ahead of everything. I have no faith in them anymore, either.”

“How is it that Middletown can say my grass needs cut and just come and cut my grass and send me a bill for $80 plus fines a day after I cut my grass? And there are properties where the grass is four foot on average! I am told I have to get ahold of the borough code officer, but Middletown doesn’t have one – Ed no longer works there. So how is it that due process is not followed by this third-party vendor, employed and empowered by the Middletown Borough Council? Middletown is stealing from the hard-working man again, and no one is returning any phone calls. So how am I to resolve this?”

“I went to donate blood at the Middletown VFW. Those people are so super nice. I will return every time they have a blood drive. I love my community.”

“Took my kids to the Elks. It was great. Can we have a beginning school special or an end of summer special?

“Who is the liberal on the Press And Journal’s staff who puts them questions on it every day? You should be ashamed at some of them. I won’t look at that page ever again.”

“Dear ex-husband: If you are so wonderful, then why is it in all the years I’ve been gone you have not had a girlfriend? If you are so wonderful, why weren’t women lined up to date you? I imagine you had dates (that you met in a bar). They just didn’t want to stick around. I completely expect you to buy a little red sports car any day now. That’s what all the other middle-aged men do who can’t get attention.”

“Coaches should be held responsible for hazing if they don’t stress that anyone will be cut if caught. Expel the ones doing it and fire staff responsible if they dismiss it. No more a rite of passage. Liable and will be sued. On school grounds, bus or away events. All who watched or turned a blind eye will be held accountable!”

“I’d like to convince the Kupps to have a fall car show in Middletown. It doesn’t have to be a large event – something small. Maybe you could even get the borough to help you this time – maybe. Consider it, please.”

“Deibler is not coaching in Middletown because he could not get the AD job? But yet he is going to help coach at McDevitt? Something does not fit.”

“Has the Elks ever considered having a small concert in the theater instead of a movie? Seems like a perfect place for an unplugged type of concert.”

“I really hope the hot weather goes away before band camp and football camp starts in town.”

“In response to last week’s comment about finding food after 9 at night: The Blue Room’s kitchen is open late most nights.”

“If the Florida Panthers hockey club all carried 9mm’s under their jerseys the league would be losing a lot of players. Stand your ice law. Do you get it?”

“Chief Wheeler is the right guy for Middletown Borough police. At this time there is a new police system being installed at the new police station. This requires strong administration skills that Police Chief Wheeler has. A good police officer may not make a good police chief. There is more legal and administration issues that a police chief must deal with that a good police officer may not be able to handle.”

“Of course other districts get more sports offers. Have you seen enrollment numbers? If you can do the math then maybe you could answer your own point.”

“My yard sale was a great success. Thanks to everyone who was there. I can take my kids on a trip down the shore.”

“Where are the crosswalks? I always have people almost hitting me. The borough has to realize it’s their job to maintain those lines! This is NOT PennDOT’s job, but YOURS, Middletown. You say you have all this money to spend on things.”

“I love the Brownstone, but that black and white hanging sign out front is an eyesore for the downtown! The borough should also make an ordinance that out-of-business places, like Bunky Burger, have to remove their sign.”

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