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Sound Off--07/09/13

Posted 7/9/13

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“A non-police officer designed the police department. That ought to be good. Any mechanics out …

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Sound Off--07/09/13


“Post about Big Mel as coach: Just because you could play ball does not mean you can coach. We just need to get him off school board.”

“It is sad that Coach Deibler left. But from everything I am hearing he left because he expected things to be handed to him and when that did not happen he took his ball and went home. Goodbye, Coach Deibler. Hello, Coach Myers!”

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin”

“Can the borough afford to finance the project to revitalize the downtown area when they are saying we have no money already? If they use the money from the authority, where is that coming from? I thought the authority also had a deficit? I think they are right about us filing bankruptcy. By the time they are done with this town, we WILL be bankrupt. Our property values will be so low and no one is going to want to buy in this town. Money wasted.”

“Can someone please tell me why the Middletown Giant, the Middletown 7-Eleven and the Middletown Turkey Hill believe their gas is better than any other stores outside of Middletown? All three stores have their regular gas at $3.49 a gallon. The Sunoco and the Gulf stations in Highspire sell the same gas as the stores in Middletown and their gas today, 6/26/13, is selling for $3.29 a gallon. That is 20 cents cheaper than Middletown gas. No wonder nobody wants to purchase anything in Middletown. Let’s get Middletown gas prices comparable with other town’s prices. Highspire isn’t that far away.”

“To the person that was complaining about the Highspire fire police: Grow up and act your age. Thank you, and have a nice day.’’

“Whatever happened to the Summer Slam League that they had at Hoffer Park? Although I never had a child that played in it, I used to really enjoy going to the games and watching the 10-year-olds play like NBA players while the parents acted like 8-year-olds. I’m hoping they didn’t stop that league because a few loud-mouth parents couldn’t handle watching their kids lose a summer league game.”

“What a disappointing Sound Off column on 7/3. There were, maybe, 10 comments – and three of them were my own.”

“Wednesday, July 3, a couple passing through Middletown parked their car on a side street, walked to the square to have lunch at Guido’s. Unfortunately, it was closed. They came back to their vehicle, saw me out in my yard and asked where they could go for a cold beer and sandwich for lunch. My neighbor was in earshot and suggested they try the Lamp Post. With all the whining that I’ve heard and read about lately on bringing restaurants and more of a variety of businesses here to the Middletown Borough, I questioned why. We have a restaurant on the square but it’s closed at lunchtime. When I’ve eaten at Guido’s, I thought is had the best food of any restaurant in this area – of course, Alfred’s Victorian being my first choice for special occasions. It goes to show that the people in this town aren’t supporting locally owned businesses enough to keep them open. It would be great if the locally owned restaurants could accept the student meal plan during the school semester. Meals on campus are good but expensive. So stop whining about not having a variety of restaurants, bakery, coffee shop, or other businesses and put your money where your mouth is. New businesses will not come when the residents won’t support what we already have here.”

“What happened to Press And Journal’s Facebook page?”

“Ha ha! Middletown needs all new leaders. They’ve been running this town for years off fines. No one is getting in trouble like that anymore – that’s why they are broke now.”

“Coach Deibler chose to quit. PERIOD. Players are pumped. No disrespect, but Coach Deibler did not practice much if it was raining, hot, and never cold. So our energy is up and we are getting locked and loaded for 2013. Move on, Middletown.”

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