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Sound Off--06/26/13

Posted 6/25/13

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“I find it amusing that McNamara and Morgan talk about how they filled the positions of borough …

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Sound Off--06/26/13


“Youth football camps – I would like to know that as well. Will we still have them? How come every time we get a good thing happening in Middletown, someone has to change things – or in this case fire the one making it happen?”
(Editor’s note: Rob Deibler resigned as head football coach at Middletown Area High School on Tuesday, June 4, according to Superintendent Lori Suski. Deibler did not return our calls for comment).

“We need a football coach. I think Big Mel should coach our high school football team. He has played for teams only some dream about, and everyone knows him. I know, his son is on the team – but anyone that knows him, knows that would never be an issue. We could at least get him to coach the kids ‘til we find a good coach.”

“ ‘Won’t someone help the Kids’ Kastle in Hoffer Park?’ Answer: It was decided that perhaps chronic complainers like you should have a chance to do something in town!”

“Penn State provides plenty of activities for the students to do on campus, as well as provides a coffee shop and technology rooms for study groups. You have a beautiful gym to work out, a fabulous indoor pool, state-of-the art library and a very good school restaurant/cafeteria of any campus. Middletown Borough residents and businesses do not owe Penn State students a coffee shop with a white board, free wi-fi, and comfy chairs for you to spend your time studying! As a Penn State graduate, I didn’t have money to hang out in a coffee shop all day; I preferred to study in my own place or in the library. Coffee shops across the country are eliminating wi-fi because too many people take up the space without spending money! College students complain about tuition but have money to spend on a $4 cup of coffee? With 7-Eleven, Turkey Hill, and Sheetz selling coffee for $1, who is willing to compete with those prices? You chose to attend school at a Penn State campus that is within close proximity to a blue-collar town. It’s a peaceful town, with many one-of-a-kind restaurants, locally owned businesses, a movie theater and many activities and programs supported by our local churches, other organizations and a public library. Why not get involved with a local church or the public library? We’re glad you’re here and that Penn State is nearby, but your recreation, shopping habits and study venue is not for us to provide. Especially for a small town where most households earn under $47,000 a year! We’re busy enough trying to keep our own youth entertained and off the streets!”

“Why do the Highspire fire police brag about the job they do but then turn around and constantly break the laws? Seriously, someone needs to monitor the people they allow to hold these positions.”

“Do not blame Dr. Suski for the departure of the football coach. The blame lies with a certain board member and football parent that had promised the AD job to Coach Deibler if and when it came open. Coach did not meet the qualifications and said board member could not come through.”

“Say NO to the sale of our assets!”

“The old council spends $2 million to buy the Behney Building – you guys don’t complain. But you complain when they try to give the police a safe building so they have a safe environment. You people make no sense.”

“Mr. Louer, I want to thank you for being a good Christian man. The Lord knows your heart. He knows the heart of those that tell lies about you, also.”

“Since no one ever answers the phone at the borough (if you even know the new number), I’m posting this in Sound Off on 6/19 in the hopes that someone will see this and alert the codes officer (if we still have one). The weeds around the tree in front of 63 W. Main St. are 3 feet high. It’s already hard enough pulling out from Spring Street. I have a little window of space I can look through between the parked cars, and these weeds are blocking it.”

“You’re worried about blacktop on a sidewalk being within code? Please, divert your efforts to something useful.”

“To whomever wrote in about this year’s graduation at MAHS, you are correct, the graduates showed poise. Some of the audience showed their lack of character and education, and I’m being nice.”

“To the owner and/or realtor of the townhouse for sale at the corner of Mountain View Drive, please upkeep the yard. How inconsiderate of your neighbors. And who wants to buy a house that looks a mess, with the yard a foot long!”

“It’s simply amazes how fast Courogen gets in contact with 27 News when Middletown has a power outage due to squirrels. Now that power outage was about an hour long due to the Electric Department already working. Courogen couldn’t be found during the power outage that lasted 8 to 9 hours. No news coverage on that outage. All he said was there were two different incidents – that’s why the outage took so long, but that was a lie. The outage took so long due to the lack of qualified electrical workers.”

“Middletown has NO money. We are going bankrupt and yet this council is still going forward with the downtown redevelopment? Someone stop these morons.

“I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Both parties are crooks and liars. Neither will ever get it right. We need a new direction altogether. Both parties need to go!”

“Noise ordinances are a joke. Why have them if you don’t enforce them or give citations? Stop, or I will say stop again. Besides electric, taxes and noise disturbances, no wonder people are moving out of our district.”

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