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Sound Off: 06/25/14

Posted 6/24/14


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 “This message is for Ed, the Ex-Patriate …” …

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Sound Off: 06/25/14


Click here to submit a Sound OFF.

Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


 “This message is for Ed, the Ex-Patriate …”

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“Hey you folks, school is out. That means the kids …”

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“Yeah, I think I am going to relinquish my United States …”

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“Well, I hope all you voters who voted for Barack Obama …”

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• “Hillary Clinton is a legend in her own mind.”

• “Three things come to my mind: 1. “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no Commandment greater than this’ (Mark 12:31); 2. “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them’ (Psalms 119:165); 3. “God is a God not of disorder but of peace’ (1 Corinthians 14:33).’’

• “When we get a new chief of police and he has his swearing in ceremony, are we going to have lots of dignitaries there like when Chief Wheeler was sworn in? It's only fair.”

• “You want the flow of illegal immigrants slowed down or stopped? Bus them all to Washington and drop them off.

• “Forget about Iraq, what about our Southern border? The Democrats are the reason our country will implode, and it's sooner than you think. They will do anything to stay in power – that's why they’re letting all these illegals come over here.”

• “I find it really funny how certain people in this town say they are so concerned and want to make it better, but once they get their pictures and names in the Press And Journal they disappear from the project completely – but are still taking credit for the project. I guess you will have this until the cows come home.”

• “I like when the school district proposed plans for the new high school they said this would NOT require a property tax hike. Well! I see as soon as those plans were approved, here comes another property tax increase. How much longer are we going to allow the school district to walk all over us before we finally stand up and say enough is enough? I'm ready! Are you?

• “Mr. Mayor, why don't you call Dave Sweitzer and talk to him about coming back as police chief? You may not know him, but once you talk to him you'll want him to be the next chief. If council doesn't call him, you should.”

• “Yes, in biblical times the human race would have died out, but we live in a modern technology world. Don’t forget that we are advanced enough to have donors, surrogate mothers and in vitro. We don't live in biblical times.”

• “We need to take care of this planet. We have nowhere else to go.”

• “I can't believe how un-American we have become – you can't do that, you can't say this. I hope you people are ready when this country implodes. And we can't save the world, because the world doesn't want saved.”

• “Hey! Let’s get the air show back in Harrisburg. Miss it.”

• “Has algebra changed in recent years? Isn't it the same formula? Why is the school district paying $175,000 for new math education when it's the same ol’ math? It's not like history books that need updated! Maybe the teachers need to teach it better. They think students should be as smart as they are so they just throw it out there and expect us to comprehend it immediately. Forget the books – maybe it's new teachers you should invest in!”