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Sound Off--05/22/13

Posted 5/21/13

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“Are there no experts or professionals in Middletown we can turn to to help us? Why do …

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Sound Off--05/22/13



“The Journal owes an apology to the Harkins family and the readers … ”


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 “This is to the folks who think they are being helpful by cutting … ”



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“To the name-calling moron who responded to, ‘My late – but firm – opinion’ in Sound Off: What difference does it make if the guns stolen from unattended, unlocked vehicles were automatic or semi-automatic, handguns or rifles, muskets or shotguns? And I do know the difference between a clip and a magazine, so perhaps your comment was a premature, unfounded judgment on this writer’s knowledge base, especially in light of the fact that you don’t know this writer. The neighborhood idiots (in Rosedale area of Lower Swatara Twp., not ‘in Middletown’) who were not responsible enough to secure said guns are a concern on many levels – they will most likely own more guns or other weapons and still be irresponsible. Maybe it would be a good idea to have current and would-be gun owners pass not only a psychological test, but a basic knowledge and skill level test also. I’d be willing to bet a lot of locals like yourself wouldn’t be able to pass either test.”

“If you voted against Louer, Rhen, Arnold, or Brooks, don’t cry when the town goes bankrupt or your electric bill goes sky high and taxes double. The state is trying to help Middletown, so please vote these people back in office so we can make this town proud again.”

“People are going to put a garden along the Swatara Creek? I want to help. When does the group meet?”

“Why don’t Joe Sukle print the truth about what really is going on? The truth will come out soon, but you won’t read it in your paper, I’m sure.”

“Whatever happened to all of the thing students at Penn State were going to do for our town? Didn’t I read they would cut grass, paint and clean houses?”

“Wanted to thank the Journal for handing out copies of the voters’ question paper. It helped me make my decision.”

“Can’t believe the number of people who still won’t go to our Elks Theatre. Seriously, folks – the prices are good. They make the BEST popcorn and movies are wonderful. What are you waiting for? I go quite a lot and have to admit I’ve never seen a member of the Borough Council there. What are you afraid of?”

“Rumors are if this council gets voted out they are making Diana McGlone borough manager. If that is not scary, nothing is.”

“I went to ‘The Godfather’ at the Elks Theatre and had a blast! What a classic. But why were crowds so small? Why aren’t people coming and supporting this place? It needs us now more than ever. Don’t just go for the movie, go to support it. We don’t want another library situation on our hands.”

“Can anyone tell me how many people still work for the Borough of Middletown, and how many are management and how many are REAL workers?”

“Other towns and some parts of this town don’t have the section of grass between the curb and the sidewalk which makes it possible for a wider road – which is really nice. I’d like to see that strip of grass removed from the Oak Hills section and widen these roads. I don’t see what purpose the grass strip serves anyway. Let’s git-r-done!”

“Did the town library ever get its money from the state? Did the borough ever finish the audit that the state needed to send the money here? What’s wrong – too busy looking at old messages and e-mails to follow up on that, huh?”

“Mark Morgan, you and McNamara will soon find your fate as this town has never been in such sad shape because of your reckless political decisions. And now McNamara wants to pick and choose old e-mails from Stonehill to try and justify his own incompetence. Just plain sick. It’s a shame you’re not up for re-election also.”

“Listen up people: You live on Pine Street, so park on Pine Street!”

“McNamara, I hope the Press And Journal does an expose on your reign of terror over this town. A normal person would feel shame, and move out of the town they decimated, but I don’t think ‘shame’ is in your vocabulary.”

“I received the new forms for athletics. I called the high school and asked about volleyball. I was told there is only a girls’ volleyball team in the fall and they do not offer boys’ volleyball for spring. How do we get a boys’ team added?”

“Has any churches in town ever thought about holding a service along the beautiful Swatara Creek? What a wonderful way to thank God then to worship Him along beautiful areas in our nice town.”

“Isn’t there any way Lower Swatara can opt out of the Middletown Area School District and go to Lower Dauphin? Let the Section 8 filled boroughs (Highspire, Middletown, Steelton) merge and become one district. It’s all the same clientele from Harrisburg City down Route 230 to Middletown. Why should the township residents foot the majority of the bill for those in the boroughs? The government already takes thousands of dollars of my hard-earned money every year to support slugs living in Section 8, welfare and “O” phones. I’m sorry, when did it become a constitutional right to have a cell phone? Guess what? If you can’t afford it then don’t get one. I have to manage a monthly budget and live within my means so why do these people get a free pass on this? You can survive without a cell phone. It wasn’t all that long ago that barely anybody had one. If you can’t read or write or are depressed, how does that make you disabled and able to collect SSI? You can push a lawn mower or shovel some snow. You don’t have to read to wash dishes. Get off you couch and earn a living. Take some pride in your life and do something with it. I earn my money by working hard. I don’t want to keep paying for a school district that has low performance or where a high percentage of kids drop out. Why does this school district feel the need to continuously raise taxes every year when we get nothing in return? Lower Swatara has a lot going for it as a township. It’s in a great location and is actually very convenient to so much. It’s pretty and has great resources. It has a nice public works department and a professional police department. It has a great mix of residents who are hard-working. Why force these people out from a great place? I would urge the commissioners to look at this as a possibility. Make something happen for these people who support you and have voted for you. Why not try to keep these residents in the township instead of letting them be run out by high taxes? Have you seen how many houses are for sale lately? It’s really not the municipal taxes that make it hard for the residents. For what you pay a year, there are a lot of services provided. In contrast, they are fairly low compared to other townships and boroughs, but it’s the school taxes that are killing us off slowly. Stand up for what you believe, people, and come to the meetings. Make your voice be heard. Let’s try to make this happen.”

“I watch the Investigation Discovery channel quite a bit. Imagine my surprise when I turned on the television in the middle of a program and saw Detective Sweitzer. It was a show about the Wholaver murders. I decided to DVR a repeat broadcast so that I could watch it in its entirety. Kinda weird – it seems this area is becoming more popular for television shows. We have those two insidiously stupid Amish shows, and now Graham Hetrick is shooting a reality pilot.”

“The Amish Mafia have nothing on the Middletown Council.”

“OK, people get a grip. Middletown does not need to merge any part of it with other cities/townships. It will not solve the financial problem in Middletown. It will only create a new set of problems. You don’t really know what the other cities/townships’ underlying problems are. You may be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Middletown needs to stand alone and fix itself. What happened to the financial studies that were done by an outsider?”

“Definition of a Libertarian – a Tea Bagger with a lower IQ.”

“ ‘Ain’t nobody worried whether that part-time Royalton officer has his job, we got our own business to deal with.’ What uneducated, insensitive person would make a comment like this? Let’s only worry about ourselves and screw our fellow man. Really? Your comment shows what is wrong with the people of Middletown and Royalton. Shame on you!”


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