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Sound Off--05/15/13

Posted 5/14/13

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“Ain’t nobody worried whether that part-time Royalton officer has his job – we got …

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Sound Off--05/15/13



“Hello. I just wish that Mike Bowman, who is running for mayor … ”


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“Yeah, why do we, your customers, have to pay for all those other papers … ”



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“I see your friend Bear got published again in your paper … ”



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“The following is an article that was printed in the Patriot-News … ”



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“Keep our assets! No to selling our town’s moneymakers! Save the water, sewer and electric departments. Tell them how you feel at the polls. Vote these cronies out. Vote for new and break up this band of corruption.”

“I went to the powwow in Middletown. It was so nice to see that event. Thanks to whoever sponsored it, and thanks to all the people who were there. Makes me proud of the town.”

“I hope the high school is going to get an athletic director soon.”

“I think the borough should have a second opinion on the state of our finances. I would not take the word of just one doctor if I were given a terminal diagnosis. I certainly don’t trust, and do not want to take as gospel, what Mr. Morgan reports.”

“How can getting some concessions from the remaining borough employees make up for the million-plus deficit? Why is it only the union employees that must give concessions –those in the administration office make more than the union employees and have just as good or better benefits.”

“This stuff the borough is doing is nothing more than union busting, plain and simple. If you’re not disgusted by that, then shame on you. Come to think of it, shame on me, because I didn’t vote in the last election when these people came into office. I won’t make that mistake again.”

“Maybe Mr. Morgan should do a little more research and check out the salaries of several nearby municipalities. They are higher than Middletown!”

“How does it make sense to sell something that makes money? The water and sewer department along with the electric department make money for the town. So you sell the water and sewer for a nice amount of money, then council spends it frivolously on consultant and legal fees or redecorating offices, and then what? We’re in even deeper water then. But that is why this council made sure they have control over the water authority.”

“Mr. Handley recently quit the Middletown Borough Authority. I guess something didn’t go his way. He didn’t like the truth being uncovered at the council meeting on May 6 so he shot off his mouth and stormed out of the meeting. We don’t need this type of loose cannon on Borough Council.”

“Pin down these jokers when they flippantly quote statistics about income, wages and other things. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts the numbers they’re saying are older than the hills. Am I wrong? Then prove it, you smarty pants.”

“It’s sad that these people who had the chance on previous councils to really make a difference and clean things up feel so threatened and jealous of their competitors’ success that they will sink to the dark pits of hell to sabotage them. A former council president is on Facebook, causing problems, twisting the truth and only sharing parts of the stories! She uses people as pacifiers, someone to gratify her insatiable need for adulation. If a person meets her needs, she will keep that person around; if not, she’ll throw that person away like a used paper towel. She views the truth as whatever she needs it to be. What you see is not what you get. What you see is the role she plays to impress, conquer and control. She feels threatened by anyone or anything that reminds her of her failures. Yes, she has created her own reputation in this town and wants to pull people down with her. She needs to take her negative energy to another town.”

“Mrs. Seibert, I heard you speak at the town hall meeting, and most of the time you seemed to be focused on yourself, your husband, your properties, your business, etc. I wasn’t there to hear about your personal stories! I was there to hear what you could do for the town. When you finally got to that part, your salvation for a town that is over a million dollars in debt is to charge people a fee to have a yard sale, and fine them if they don’t take down their yard sale signs. Are you serious? First of all, who do you think is going to enforce the permit for a yard sale? The police? I certainly don’t want the police wasting their time with such trivial matters. Code enforcement is already almost non-existent, so I don’t think they have the time or manpower to enforce it. How many tens of thousands of dollars do you think yard sale permits are going to generate? Quite frankly, a middle school civics class could come up with a better idea.”

“Has anyone noticed that there’s no street sweeping schedule? Does anyone care? I do.”

“I would raise holy hell before I would let Middletown schools merge with Steelton-Highspire. Steelton is just an extension of Harrisburg –  and they just want to merge because we’re building a new school. Sorry. If you can’t afford our electric rate and property taxes, you can’t have the good without the bad.”

“When? When is this town going to say NO to landlords who care nothing for the aesthetics of our town? From the looks of things, never. Sad. So very sad.”

“The borough is a joke. I don’t even bother calling them anymore. Things I used to call the communication center about, I no longer bother. I don’t try to call the finance department about my bill, because the last time I did either the voice mail is full, or it takes a day or so to get a call back. Not faulting the employee. I’m sure she’s doing the best she can. There’s no street sweeping schedule, and you can’t get in the building if you need the police, or for any other reason. I’m surprised they haven’t yet put in metal detectors and armed guards. What they really need is a padded room, and it should be called council chambers.”

“Givler might have been a former police officer, but he didn’t set the policy. Officer Givler was the only officer that treated you like a human being.”

“I understand some people support the current council. I might support them too, but, they aren’t at all transparent, and they’ve done nothing to foster good communication with the residents. If you ask me, the Chrises both need to take an anger management course. As well, I’m sick and tired of Courogen wasting the tax dollars we pay him with. I can’t wait until they are unemployed.”

“What happened to all of the Christmas trees that had been in downtown Middletown?”

“So the new police building is going to be on the second floor of a locked building that isn’t downtown. I guess if my ex decides to ignore that PFA and he’s following me through town, I shouldn’t expect to drive to the police department for safety. He’d kill me before the police could open the door to let me in.”

“Did anyone notice that the borough didn’t support the powwow? I’m sure it was probably better that way.”

“Did you ever see all of the stuff the antique dealer has at his place in downtown Middletown? Incredible. You can find anything there. Cool thing about is he knows about all of that stuff. He’s a real historian.”

“Pastor Vernal Simms tells the group that ‘Let those without sin cast the first stone. No one here will be judged for past mistakes.’ What happened? Oh, I guess he meant that only about himself and McGlone who organized the event. However, McGlone criticized others for not showing up. Allowed others to be disrespectful and heckle candidates. Meetings, employment, travel are planned way in advance, so unless you know for a fact that someone refused your invitation to attend your rally you have no reason to criticize, except for what you do best – stir the pot! Nothing you did on council benefited the citizens; you both have a poor reputation in this town. I’m sure other people are wondering, ‘When did Mr. Simms become a resident of Middletown Borough?’ ”

“People complain about the Middletown Borough police bullying them. If people had respect for their neighbors and the borough codes, they would not be getting police visits. Too many Middletown people think they are above the law and can do what they want. They get cited or arrested and then complain that police are bullying them. I had issues and the Middletown police resolved every one of them. Thanks, Chief Wheeler and police force. Great job. As to the Met-Ed lease being broken, there should be an investigation by the state attorney general. That lease was in force for years. I suspect some illegal deals were made to break that lease. If that lease was broken illegally it could be reinstated. As for the new police station, it is in a flood zone and should not be used by the borough.”

“Still no paint on crosswalks in town.”

“Explain something to me. I read the Journal’s guide for the elections. Why didn’t the people in office respond? I mean, for goodness sake, it’s free publicity and a great way to speak to your citizens. Never mind – I just answered my own question.”

“There is barely any upper management left in the borough. Everyone else left, quit, retired or was demoted. How is this place even running with what is left?”

“OK, your house is nicest in town and you support Bowman? Good for you. Good luck carrying on an intelligent conversation with him – and can’t wait until he has to do a major TV interview during a disaster. We already look like a laughing stock.”

“Does anyone know why the June Arts and Crafts Fair as been moved from Hoffer Park to the corner of Ann and Union? The park had lot of room, and was shaded from the summer sun. The empty lot that the fair will be held on seems small, unshaded, and on the corner of a very busy intersection. I would like to see the reason it was moved. Oh, and also the fair is now one day, not two. I can see some reasons behind that, as a lot of crafters can’t do a two-day fair.”

“If Middletown ever combines with Steelton I will be moving. My child will not go there. We moved from Highspire to avoid it. It’s all hot air anyway – not happening! They do need to stop letting so much Section 8 into Middletown. Darn shame – that’s why it’s changing for the worst! Stop having babies you can’t afford and work, and maybe you won’t need Section 8 and come to our town ruining it. Sad.”

“If Middletown is so bad off financially, why did we just spend $290,000 to make the electric shop into a police department? Where did the $3 million come from to make advance buyouts for flood victims? All governments run with a structural deficit since they spend more than they take in. I’m not saying that is right, but this council created a crisis. Now,after slashing upwards of a dozen employees and still frivolously spending, Morgan pronounces that we are still headed for financial ruin. How much did his advice cost? Over $100,000, I’m told. We need good sound leadership in this town and I do not believe we are getting it now. Stop paying all of these consultants and inject some common sense. By the way, all of these big ideas that are coming now were talked about by council members before they even knew about any financial problems way back when they were running. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy at our expense. I’ll pay a little more for my electric to have the services and ability to get a live person when I call any of the borough numbers.”

“Here’s what happens when you call the borough: ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring.”

“Fellow voters, let’s take stock of what this current council has done. 1. They came into office and immediately hired a new solicitor, financial consultant and engineer. In addition, they paid the chief of police to stay home for months and get paid, while installing their pick for chief. 2. They lowered the electric rates and then had their financial advisor tell them they were in financial trouble. 3. They voted to close the communications center, which has been in existence for decades, and for good reason. Now we cannot even speak to a borough official by phone or in person. 4. They played musical offices for months and we had no idea where to go to pay bills, file complaints, etc. 5. They cut employees to the electric and other utilities, ending in the longest power outage in years during the holidays. 6. They applied for Act 47 relief erroneously. 7. They took a small problem at Borough Hall with the generator and turned it into a reason to move the police out of Borough Hall and spent $290,000 in the process, when they could have moved the generator for under $10,000. 8. They completely cut the lines of communication with the community and tell little, if anything, about their plans, while the borough secretary puts propaganda on the website. 9. They act childish when citizens meet to make sense of the situation by painting a pole that does not even belong to the borough. We need reasonable people at the helm. Please get out and vote for those who seek to put things straight from this madness.”

“McNamara, I believe the residents in this town are done with this council’s lies and destructive policies. The very low turnout for Mark Morgan’s $100,000 waste of a report speaks volume. You, along with Louer and Rhen, have created most of this town’s problems during all your past terms, and the chaotic condition this council has left this town in is absolutely uncalled for and should no longer be tolerated.”

“Support the Elks. Make sure it never falls into the hands of the borough. It is a true asset for all of Middletown. No wonder the borough wants to take it by eminent domain _ because if they do, they’ll sell it just like they plan to do with the water and sewer department. Mark my words.”

“Borough of Middletown, don’t you dare tell me I have to replace my sidewalks for a couple of cracks when I see pavements that aren’t even concrete – just macadam. How in the heck is that legal?”

“Why can’t I send an e-mail to my councilman in Middletown?”

"The P&J Voter’s Guide is a marvelous idea and would be a great service to the voters. However, posting it at such a late date prohibits write-in voters from using it, since our ballots must be posted before the Guide is available. Further, if the Guide is to be posted in print edition OR site-subscription only, that is a bad decision; the Guide’s information is critical for the voters and, as such, should be freely available to aid the public in making the best choices at the polls. An uninformed voter is a liability, but an informed voter is a precious asset to our town.”

“I read with dismay that some politicians in Middletown want to build a skate park. No thanks. I pay enough taxes already without adding to them. A better suggestion might be to simply ban skateboards and similar toys from the borough’s streets and public places – no tax increase, but a possible revenue increase by fining scofflaws. I know some citizens think a skate park will bring revenue to the borough, but I doubt it will work. If the skaters were old enough to drive themselves to the skate park they’d be driving cars to other places – their parents won’t drive them here because if they were parenting they’d be doing something with the kids instead of the kids being on skateboards, and I doubt kids from other communities will be coming to Middletown for such recreation. I’m tired of having to drive around kids trying to do wheelies and 360s in the street or seeing them loitering in groups or other questionable activities. It makes our town look like a hoodlum’s haven. Let’s clean it up.”

“Mr. Handley and Marsha Cleland hear facts what went on in e-mails and get up and walk out of the meeting and deny it. These are former employees that were angry over facts.”

“Rachelle Reid does not have the capability to write the responses in her question for council. Press And Journal must have done a good job for her.”
(Editor’s note: The responses in our Voters’ Guide are in the candidates’ own words. They are edited only for spelling, punctuation and minor grammar mistakes.)

“Why isn’t there more about The Elks Theatre in the Sound-Off? They’ve been showing so much good stuff lately. I’m surprised the P&J doesn’t publicize it. It’s our town theater!”

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