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Sound Off-05/08/13

Posted 5/7/13

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“Who is responsible for the borough’s website? I was on the site trying to find a …

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Sound Off-05/08/13



“If I thought my haircut was worth 50 more dollars … ”


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 “Didn’t know Empire Beauty School moved into Middletown …”



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“I wish Middletown would become more of a college town like Elizabethtown.”

“Middletown police pulling over McNamara for his windows being tinted. Steelton police pulling over McNamara and confiscating his vehicle. PRICELESS!”

“Middletown Citizens For Responsible Government, you had your chance to reform Middletown. Well, it didn’t work. This town and its government is nothing but chaos. Have you been in to pay your electric bill lately? They have people waiting to see the Red Cross right in the bill-paying department. And you people tried to say that the union employees working there weren’t trustworthy and needed a more secure office. It’s time to make a change. There are many candidates out there that would do a great job – but for Gods sake let’s not repeat these last two years.”

“Have you walked along the Swatara Creek and Susquehanna River lately? Spring is so beautiful, and these wonderful assets to our community are the best. I love living here.”

“Since when can you hang a political sign the size of Mike Bowman’s banner? The borough’s codes department or the borough manager should do something about that.”

“This body of government is a joke. Can we please get some decent people voted into office who actually care?”

“Spring is here and our downtown still looks like a ghetto. True, the tree stumps are gone, but that makes it look even more pitiful.”

“I think we need smaller government – but by saying that I don’t mean less working employees, I mean less upper management, less professionals, less lawyers. If you’re not smart enough to do the job let somebody in there who knows what they’re doing.”

“When will the Middletown Area and Steelton-Highspire school districts finally realize that they must consolidate? It’s time. Both districts have basically the same economic numbers and the classes of people are mirror images of each other. Take the step, ladies and gentlemen.”

“I tried contacting the borough secretary, Chris Courogen, for the past two weeks. And we’re paying this man a lot of money to do what?”

“I see plenty of nice houses with Mike Bowman signs. I think that pointing out something petty like whose houses are nicer says more about your arrogant, stuck-up self than it does about Mike Bowman.”

“This borough is a mess. The office where you pay your electric bill is looking like a homeless shelter. You can’t get a police officer if you’re even pounding on the back door. You can’t even get in the building to use the elevator if you’re disabled. These people in charge keep the door locked and set policy to make our police look bad. It’s a public building and I’m a member of the public.”

“Did the Middletown Public Library ever get all the money it was supposed to have received from the state? I seem to remember a story in the Journal that an audit from the borough was needed before the state would release the funds. You would think that would be something the communications director of the borough would tell the media about, but then again … ”

“The Borough Council sure likes to toot their own horn. But there is a lot more than meets the eye. Even the good Mayor Reid doesn’t support these whack jobs.”

“There’s a great walking trail at Sunset Park in Londonderry Twp. Get out of the recliner and take a hike!”

“My home is one of the most beautiful in the borough and I support Bowman for mayor! The police department has had a bad reputation for the past 25 years! They continue to bully and pick on those that don’t agree with their bad behavior. Remember, Givler was a former police officer. Why would we want to continue the corruption?”

“Socrates described the liberal spenders in Middletown very well. He said when the debate is lost, slander is the tool of the loser. All those complaining about the Borough Council have offered no financial facts. I would say the reason why is that Middletown spends way more money to run their town than other towns the same size do. Previous councils did not consider that there are many people in Middletown with a smaller income. The electric revenue should be used to benefit all the citizens of Middletown and not the ongoing elites. I would congratulate this council for caring about the average person in Middletown. It’s bad enough that the school board spending is way out of control. This council is a breath of fresh air for even the little people of Middletown.”

“Just waiting to hear what’s going to happen to the Elks in town. Isn’t council trying to take it over? I went to a couple of movies there. The kids running it are doing a fantastic job. Nice movies. Some of them are the bloody kind, but that’s OK. Variety is nice.”

“Through Right to Know requests, I have found that the police association filed seven complaints against the borough since January 2013. There have not been any updates to the police building since 1972. In 2006, Jeff Stonehill sent a memo to the mayor and the Borough Council that the bathrooms are being shared with the public, the police department and the prisoners. To date, no improvements! You can’t blame the current council! The Behney Building will have new bathrooms, a locker room and a separate bathroom for prisoner use. The previous council paid $450,000 for the Behney Building and put $1 million in it without finishing the second floor. When the current Borough Council tries to move the police department to the Behney Building, which is a more updated building, that the taxpayers already have a large sum of money invested, the police department isn’t happy! If the Behney Building was in a flood zone, why weren’t the people fussing about the flood zone at that time when it was going to be the new electric department? Do you really trust what you hear from the police department that bullied you and didn’t stand behind you for the past 40 or more years? Givler has no business being mayor!”

“When, oh when will this council get some backbone and demand an apartment inspection program? Look at some of these places for goodness sake. They’re filthy on the outside. Can you imagine what the insides of them look like? Who are you afraid of? Oh, I see!”

“Dear ‘My late – but firm – opinion.’ The guns that were stolen from the cars in Middletown were NOT automatic weapons. Civilians are not legally allowed to OWN AUTOMATIC weapons. Get educated. You sound just like that kook Dianne Feinstein –utterly stupid. She doesn’t know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic, nor does she know the difference between a magazine and a clip.”
 (Editor’s note: The guns were stolen from unlocked cars in Lower Swatara Twp. last month. Township police have since recovered them.)

“Elections are nearing and everyone needs to vote. We need to get all new council members because they have been ripping us off by allowing the electrical department to overcharge us for our electric bills for years. I strongly suspect our sewer and water bills are overstated. The February-to-March bills were doubled. Has anyone else noticed it? And the guy that has been managing the electrical department is not getting my vote. The only choice for mayor is Givler. The young lady that did not pick up after her dog last week: Don’t bring your dog back to East Emaus Street. You will get fined. Two weeks ago, I saw a person who did not pick up after their dog on Maple Street. You’re going to get fined if you do it again. Take your dog somewhere else to do its business. It is illegal for your dog to be on someone’s grass much less doing its business on it.”

“I see campaign signs for Mr. Bowman on properties that are either vacant or for sale by Realtors. Would really like to know how is it possible for him to place those signs on these properties when he does not own them and you need permission from the property owner to place the sign. Scott Sites is the only one with a head on his shoulders.”

“The borough shouldn’t be going after its recent solicitor – it should be going after the attorneys who handled the fight against Met-Ed back in the ‘90s. They gave the bad legal advice because they were going to make out better helping Met-Ed. They’re the ones that hung us out to dry!”

“Spring used to be so beautiful in downtown Middletown with the trees all green and pretty. Not anymore. Not anymore. Nice plan.”

“Mr. McNamara, you have burned many political bridges that cannot be repaired. To say that Middletown Borough has been blacklisted is an understatement. Much like 1986, it will take a generation to recover from.”

“Tick tock. Tick tock. Current council, hear that? That’s the sound of your end. Are you ready?”

“Is there any way the blues bands could return to Middletown? It was so much fun. Heck, I’d even be willing to chip in a couple of bucks to help pay for it.”

“Facebook is not fact. It’s all rumor and information from overfed and lazy people who have no lives.”

“Is the electric work done at the station on Mill Street? Will the power be turned off? You would think we would be told about that.”
(Editor’s note: Met-Ed cancelled its plan to shut off electricity to Middletown when it came up with an alternative way to upgrade the Mill Street Substation without cutting off power to the borough. A story about Met-Ed’s change of  plans was published on page A1 in our March 20 edition.)

“All of you people keep saying someone should do something in town, like start a bakery, or open a candy store or soda place. But will YOU step up and take the risk? Talk’s cheap, folks. You’re all talk and no guts to do something. Sure, you’re quick to say what should be done but you won’t pull the trigger, will you?”

“I want to tell Paul Bear that I think bringing back the powwow was wonderful. You’re taking a chance and I appreciate it. You have my vote for Middletown’s Man of the Year. And I also want to say I want Greg and Carol Kupp to be the Man and Wife of the year for Middletown for the car show! Ain’t it sad that these two things are completely ignored by our town officials. Petty jealousy is a terrible thing, ain’t it, guys!”


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