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Sound Off-05/01/13

Posted 4/30/13

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“Although I would like to blame the current horrible state of Middletown solely on this …

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Sound Off-05/01/13



“Common sense – not many people use it …”




 “Yes, I find it very interesting that they would want …”



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“You should be ashamed to charge 75¢ for your paper …”



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“Middletown Borough must have money to burn …”




“Council President McNamara, you have failed miserably! May I suggest you reevaluate your association with your handpicked secretary, and these so-called professionals that are wasting taxpayers’ money on your illegal campaigns and pet projects that the residents were given no notice or chance to comment or debate. It seems as though Councilor Sites is fighting a losing battle trying to get your cronies to be transparent.”

“I feel sorry for the high school students that shadowed Middletown Council at Tuesday’s committee meeting. Please do not use this council as an example of ethical political structure. Furthermore, typical McNamara telling these young individuals how to run and vote at the meeting. It’s a wonder you didn’t take them into executive session first.”

“I’m sorry, but I do NOT want to go to the borough’s Facebook page, or anything else the borough has on the Internet, to find out if a meeting is being held or if something happened at a meeting. Things on those places are too controlled and one-sided and biased. That is not news and informing the taxpayers.”

“How many of you Middletown residents will say, ‘Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for the incumbents?’ ”

“I wished Press And Journal Sound Off had a like and dislike button and the option to directly reply to comments. Then again, maybe that’s not such a good idea after all.”

“This election you can compare to baseball. Mike Bowman being elected for mayor or council would be the third strike for this town. The first two were Olmsted base closing and Three Mile Island. Yes, Mike Bowman is comparable to those two. In fact, if I was a resident of any community within 30 miles of Middletown and he was elected, I would move.”

“Tell me why all of the candidates for election aren’t trying to talk to us people? I know those not elected are working hard. But wait – those already in office are working just as hard not to say anything, and hope they’ll get re-elected. What will you do, taxpayers? What will you do?”

“Drive through the town, notice what houses have ‘Bowman for Mayor’ signs and then the ones who have “Givler for Mayor.’ I think just by the houses you can tell what type of people vote for either candidate. With that being said, if this town wants any hope, VOTE GIVLER!”

“Funny how now we’re putting all our faith in a guy who’s never been a police officer. He’s now a police administrator, but not a police officer. He’s never been a police officer but he knows what they need? Give me a break! He’s not even running that department. When will we be able to respect the police department? When McNamara is gone and we get someone actually qualified in there to be chief.”

“I would like to see the Middletown schools superintendent tell us why the district is so low on the totem pole as far as test scores and other things. Send something to the Journal so we can read it.”

“Time is getting close, Middletown. Will you move ahead or keep on the downward spiral? Will you vote or sit back and watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ instead of voting?”

“School district, it would be nice before fall sports if whoever lines our fields would take some time and practice. Can we PLEASE have some straight lines this year on our fields? If it is a real problem, then get the kids at the Olmsted summer program to do it as a field trip. Take some pride in it this year, please.”

“To the people talking about the new high school: I was not for this project, and I went to the round table meeting they had for the public about the project. After I saw what I did, and got the facts on the funding of the project, I now stand corrected. Before you go on here and say things about the building of the new school, maybe you should attend the next meeting they have for it, because I stand corrected. The good news for you is that most of Middletown does not understand what is going on as well, so you don’t look so wrong to most of the town – just to those that get involved when they have questions on serious topics.”

“How come football and basketball, they hire quality coaches, and the rest of the sports, the coaches are bad or bullies? And no one cares about changing it. I am talking boys’ sports.”

“When was the last time you looked at Elizabethtown’s or Hummelstown’s downtown and compared it to Middletown’s. What’s the difference? You tell me.”

“I, for one, want to say the Elks Theatre is doing better and better. There’s new life there. It makes me proud of my town. It may not be earth-shaking but it’s a start! I appreciate the volunteers doing so much work. I am becoming proud of my town again.”

“While out of town, I saw my neighborhood on the news. Imagine 16-year-olds with nothing better to do than scour the parked cars for unlocked doors. In this reader’s opinion, the 16-year-olds can be guided appropriately and steered away from attempts at thievery. The morons who had their automatic weapons in unlocked cars are more of a concern to me. With so much needed in the way of gun control to keep guns out of the hands of those who are not responsible enough to have guns, I shudder to think that four people who should not have guns are living in my neighborhood! I would hope that there was some sort of fine, or license withdrawal, for the irresponsible gun owners. My late – but firm – opinion.”

“Middletown Citizens for Responsible Government is a very informative website. It’s about time they started telling it like it is! It’s funny how many candidates came up with their overdue tax money when it’s time for their names to be printed on an upcoming election ballot! The current council members are trying to solve a lot of problems that they inherited. Let’s trust them to get the job done!”

“The recent news article about the theft and recovery of several firearms in Lower Swatara Twp. prompted me in writing this. Today, the police and public safety officials are criticized more times on a negative than a positive. We are fortunate to have an exemplary police department right here in our community. Firearms that are stolen and are possessed in the wrong hands create possible harm to innocent people, create an atmosphere of intimidation and are means of serious crimes. Lower Swatara Twp. Police Department, as a result of an investigation by their detective and patrol officers, brought the responsible persons and weapons accountable. Their quick recovery of the firearms makes our community safer today than yesterday. I’m proud to be a township resident and to have such a professional police department serving and protecting us. Again, JOB WELL DONE!”

“Many people speak badly of the rental properties on Ann Street. If it weren’t for the properties on Ann Street, many low-income people would not have a place to live. I’ve been through some of those properties on Ann Street, and they were nicely renovated. Ann Street is within walking distance to the Laundromat, grocery stores, library, pool, etc. If you think you can improve the atmosphere there, then I suggest you move there! Get down there and invite the families there to church, or just stop when you see them out, have a chat and try to get to know them. This town is made up of all kinds of people who are from all social-economic backgrounds. The people in this town need to stop the divisions and start looking out for one another. A strong community begins within each and every one of us! What are you doing to help someone in need?”

“People need to stop complaining about the library that is no longer being 100 percent funded by the Borough of Middletown. It was the best thing for the library! The library employees were union employees! When several people offered to volunteer to do things for the library, the library workers had to refuse because they had union employees who had to take care of everything! The library no longer has to answer to the borough. If you want a library, pay for it! Attend the fundraisers! Most importantly, volunteer! The borough should add a library tax, which could be a few dollars a month to everyone’s utility bill.”

“Congratulations, Borough of Middletown. You’ve virtually busted the union, made us the laughing stock of the county and continue to embarrass us with your ready, fire, aim strategy. You just don’t get it, do you? It’s more than dollars and cents. It’s about pride and respect – something you don’t have, nor show.”

“To the person who said they’ve been following the Middletown Citizens United social media page: You must be one of the lucky ones. For some reason, I must be blocked – and I’ve never had anything to do with their page, and I’m not any of the people who strongly and frequently voice their opinions about the borough. (I agree with most of them, though). I had to laugh when I saw the page only had three ‘likes.’ ”

“Say ‘no’ to Sheetz. Local board groups are becoming more and more greedy as people become less and less interested in what is going on around them. They are allowing a monopoly of business and are only looking at the money, not the people. We love our mom and pop stores, local markets and stations (car washes, pizza shops). These college kids come in and are trying to uproot, for what? Do we allow it? No. They need to learn to adapt into our society – not us being pushed out for theirs. Boycott Sheetz and any new large corporation this Penn State campus or Lower Swatara Twp. wants to move in. You should do your homework before supporting a business. Do they pay taxes? If not, why are you supporting them even if they are the cheapest? You’re not helping yourself when your local township increases your taxes. You know foreigners buy business and land, pay no taxes for seven years and then sell it off to one of their relatives that receive another seven years in tax breaks. Guess who keeps paying for them? We do. But I bet your mom and pop stores still pay taxes, which is why they are 10 cents higher. Should you dump them for the next guy? NO. One day all you greedy selfish non-thinking individuals will regret some decisions because you are taking the American dream away from your generations to come. What about when you’re old and can no longer afford to live in this expensive market? IT STARTS AT HOME – RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! Make a difference. YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE GOOD!”

“So whatever happened to the Royalton officer charged with DUI? Does he still have a job?”

“If you think the current council is making this stuff up, you need to do your research! How did the Middletown Borough recover from a $3.8 million deficit in the year 2007? Check out the Annual Report – munstatspa.dced.state.pa.us/afra; Then select ‘municipality Middletown Borough’; then select ‘year 2008’ (it’s actually for the previous year); click ‘view report.’ This council inherited a mess! After doing my own research, I’m pleased with the work they’re doing. If we lose the professionals that were brought in to help guide us through this mess, our town will not know what to do. Thank you to all the current council members for keeping your promises! Just wish you’d get the paper to print what you ask them to so that we could know more about what’s going on and why you make the decisions that you do make.”

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