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Sound Off--04/24/13

Posted 4/23/13

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“Too good not to share! Was told about JD’s Junction in town by some friends, went …

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Sound Off--04/24/13



“Gary Rux is another good cop in Middletown … ”


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“All the girls in Karns are very nice people … ”



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“If you know something good, talk about it … ”



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 “Rumor has it, rumor can be half truth, half lie … ”



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“Did you ever hear the song, ‘Smiling Faces’ … ”



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 “I just wanted to call in and say how thoroughly entertaining … ”



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“It’s been a long three and one half months since Demp’s has been open … ”


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 “I hope in May that everyone in Middletown will take the time to vote. If people like Chris Courogen (communications director), Konek (borough manager), and Chris McNamara (borough council president), are allowed to continue running this town, I do believe that things will continue to go down hill. I don’t trust them. If you don’t believe me you will someday if you have any important dealings with them. I thought I was dealing with people who talked to me as if they truly cared about what I was going through, but were only leading my wife and I along until it was impossible for us to do anything. I wish my wife and I could find a lawyer who would be willing to listen to my wife and I about what we went through with these three men and take our case. Please take the time to check out the people before you vote. Don’t listen to what I say – please check them out for yourself. If our elected officials cannot run their office without lying to the people they promise to serve they need to be removed from office. If you can’t run your office without lying you need to step down and allow someone else to replace you. Again do what the Press And Journal is asking, check out whose running for office and get the Press And Journal paper on May 8th and read about the candidates and make a wise choice. Everyone in this town desires the best in their local officials.”

“I have a suggestion for everyone in Middletown. If you had any dealings with the Borough Council, Chris Courogen (communications director), Chris McNamara (Borough Council president), Konek (borough manager), whether good or bad go to your voting station and inform the other voters the experience you had with them. With your information and the information the voters read about the candidates will help Middletown to get the best borough officials we need to return this town back to what it used to be. The only way things are going to improve with our borough officials is for the voters to hear about the experiences the people of Middletown have received from the borough officials. Former employees as well as current employees who want to improve things in the borough office need to be at the election polling stations to inform the voters what needs to be done to improve conditions at the borough office and borough services. We need to be vocal now because if we are not Middletown will only get what it deserves, and we all know Middletown deserves better. Think about it.”

“Council President McNamara, You Have Failed Miserably! May I suggest you reevaluate your association with your hand picked Secretary, and these so called professionals that are wasting taxpayers money on your illegal campaigns and pet projects that the residents were given no notice or chance to comment or debate. It seems as though Councilor Sites is fighting a loosing battle trying to get your cronies to be transparent.”

“Although I would like to blame the current horrible state of Middletown soley on this shady council, the blame should be shared with residents who were tricked by their lies for votes last election, such as my self, and to the people of this town that failed to vote because they have lost all hope with our local political leaders. I will Not make the same mistake twice, and ask that all non incumbent candidates please learn from the mistakes of this current council that when you serve only to fulfill your own personal agendas all residents end up on the loosing end.”

“I’ve been following the Middletown Citizens United page on Facebook. I’m really disappointed that there is so much negativity. It’s clearly someone who has plenty of writing experience, and has been familiar with borough politics for many, many years. Could it possibly be someone from our own newspaper? If the administrator of the Facebook page Middletown Citizens United did not have skeletons in their own closet, they wouldn’t be afraid to reveal themselves!”

“I think it is nothing but a huge waste of money to spend $290,000 on a new place for police officers when this town clearly cannot afford to do so. Closing the communications center was supposed to save the town money but all you are doing is moving it and spending more money to have a fancier police facility. Do you think the people of this town are stupid? It is our money that paid for that building in the first place. No one asked the people of this town who have paid such high electric bills what we want to do with that building. And why now do they have room for the police station when they never volunteered to do this before? I smell a big load of BS and it’s coming from the council and police. Must be nice to make almost $100,000 a year as an officer in this town when corrections officers who are trained and much more fit only make half of that and are in more dangerous situations. This is just disgusting!”

“So tell me something - how come the lines are painted at the intersection of Emaus and Catherine streets next to the borough building and not downtown where there’s a heck of a lot more people walking at the intersections?”

“I can’t believe what I received in the mail. A letter from the Middletown Citizens for Responsible Government requesting a donation to help keep our current Borough Council, director of communications and borough manager in office. It’s unbelievable to all those that live in Middletown who had any dealings with any of these people and are unhappy with how they handled their problem by not returning your calls – or they promise to get back to you and don’t take your letter and return it to the borough office by hand. Let our officials know how we feel about them before the election. What this letter says the current officials have done for us they did not do for me, and I’m afraid they did the same thing to many other citizens of Middletown. The Middletown Citizens for Responsible Government, I can tell you, is also waging a war of misinformation in hopes of getting their people re-elected. As I’ve been told by a wise man once, TREAT ME WRONG ONCE, SHAME ON YOU. TREAT ME WRONG TWICE, SHAME ON ME. VOTE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR MIDDLETOWN.”

“I agree with the person living in Pineford about the electric rates. I don’t understand how the residents living in Middletown, some across the street from each other, pay two different rates for electric. Seems a little fishy to me. At Pineford, the windows and sliding doors all are so old and worn that a lot of cold air comes in. The appliances and furnaces are also old and not energy efficient. Another problem we have is in the bathroom – the water keeps backing up into our bathtub, commode and wash bowl. We have to clean everything with Clorox or other disinfectants. What a mess! It is very unsanitary. Tell you what, neighbor – you call the  District Attorney’s office about the electric and I’ll call the Board of Health!”

“Ha, ha, ha, (rolling on the floor laughing) – did you see the ‘Elect Mike Bowman for Mayor’ signs on the dilapidated building on Wilson Street? This is a sign of what you can expect if he is elected for mayor. If I was a betting person, my bet would be NOT A CHANCE!”

“I’m wondering why the current council in Middletown is not doing anything to help the M&H Railroad. They bring thousands of people to our town every year, yet nothing. Come one! Support the businesses here instead of playing favorites and taking business out of town.”

“Is it illegal for borough employees to work in campaigns for specific councilpersons? If it isn’t, it certainly is unethical. Just saying.”

“Congratulations to all the Middletown students who took their PSSAs this week. We as parents hope you all did well, as you are our future! Where some of us parents appreciate the reminder of getting our children to bed at a reasonable time, feed them breakfast in the morning and get them to school on time, we really found it stressful for our children to be asked to wear a specific color each day. While the color selection was cute and catchy, it caused stress to those students who didn’t have that particular color and to some parents to have to disappoint their children by not having time or money to go purchase a certain color. Maybe we can try to just continue to be positive and supportive to our kids without having to worry about what they wear. That certainly doesn’t increase their test scores. We want them to be ready without red, white and blue – and I can honestly say, ‘Orange you glad the tests are over?’ Yes, I was, because not every child had those colors. If you want them to do well on their tests, let’s use good old-fashioned encouragement and not create the color stress!”

“Eeney, meeny, miney, mo, this current council’s got to go. Michael Bowman ain’t no player – let’s vote Bob Givler for our mayor!”

“Congratulations to the Middletown baseball team on restoring a sense of pride to the Middletown community. Keep up the good work.”

“Just want to thank our teachers for another great year. Our kids got a great education again in the Middletown Area School District. To you seniors - good luck, and please consider staying here or return here after you go to college. Your town needs you – and you can be a real force to mold the future here.”

“Before the start of the year there was a mad dash of library fundraisers. They must have been extremely successful as nothing has taken place this year.”

“McGlone and Rachelle Reid protesting at the square in town? People know you are the problem, not the solution.”

“Why would a nice girl like Marsha Cleland run for council? Be smart – don’t get pulled in. It’s not worth it.”

“How much did the double water/sewer bills cost our town? Who made this mistake –again?”

“Mrs. Reid, you voted to have the electric rates at such high rates – now you want to run for council to raise the rates back to being the highest in the state. Do us a favor: Stay away.”

“The Lower Swatara police do such a great job day in and day out and they have the respect of their community because they have earned it – and respected the community back. Maybe it’s time they get a nice new police headquarters. The fire department did and it sounds like the Middletown PD did. Why not the Lower Swatara police? The commissioners have got to love these guys – they make their township look great and keep it safe with a high level of proficiency. Totally professional men working there. Rather than fight them, you might as well just go with it and embrace that you have one of the finest police departments in this area. Make it your baby! It reflects you in a positive light, and ask around your community – the Lower Swatara citizens love and embrace their police officers.”

“I find it comical – all the houses with Bowman signs appear condemned and all the signs with Givler are beautiful. Tell me which one you should vote for? Want a nice town? GIVLER!”

“I like living in Pineford. The office staff has always been courteous to me. Try leaving your attitude at the door and treat people with respect. These people are working hard to do their jobs.”

“To Greg and Carol Kupp: Thanks for keeping the faith and having the Cruise-In again this year. I know you asked for nothing from the borough. Smart. Real smart.”

“Will Lower Swatara Twp. please have PennDOT and Norfolk Southern remove the train crossing signals on 230 at the Penn State entrance. It’s no longer a cross, yet I’ve seen trucks and buses slow or stop there! Time to remove signals and put them somewhere else!”

“How can anyone trust a newspaper that does not post all the Sound Offs? This publication is one-sided and it shows! It’s interesting how your building received money from the GMEDC for renovations! How many other businesses were approved to receive funds for renovations? Who was president at that time? Was it Mr. Sukle? If you’d like to subscribe to a good paper, it’s the Lancaster Intelligencer.”
(Publishers note: Nine businesses applied and performed projects in the Middletown Main Street Facade Improvement Grant Program. All received either $5,000 or half of the total amount for each project. The total cost for the projects was $117,000, the majority of which was paid for by each of the businesses.)

“It’s about time council sells the community building. Why is such a large building needed for so few people? Maybe make it into condos?”

“I already work hard. So many deadbeats in this town don’t have to. I’m not paying for my child’s schoolbooks as well. I pay school taxes! Bad idea, because then I would not only be paying for my child’s books but the deadbeats I mentioned above, who have tons of kids they can’t afford or even try to pay for by WORKING.”

“Kudos to the Lower Swatara Twp. police and their quick and proactive response to the recent crimes in the township. Their professionalism and integrity make this township very lucky to have such an excellent group of guys patrolling their streets. I’ve seen they have been making a couple of major arrests lately from stolen guns to drugs and stolen credit cards. Keep up the good work, guys. Hats off to Chief Brandt for being a true leader of the department. It’s a win-win situation.”

“Why would anyone in this town vote for people who were best friends with the former borough manager? How can you trust Einhorn and Sweger?”

“You, Christian Right: I stated Biblical facts for sinning, too. But, as usual, the Right wants to pick and choose which parts of the Bible they adhere to.”

“To the person who wrote, ‘Is there any way we can get a policeman downtown on Social Security or market days to direct traffic near the banks and Karns?’ Are you serious? If it is that bad, then that is the reason this town, state, country is in the mess it is in!”

“I just read your story about the three boys that were arrested for stealing five handguns in Lower Swatara Twp. that were taken from unlocked cars. Well, I certainly agree with having them arrested, but what about the idiots that had their loaded guns in their unlocked cars? They deserve some sort of punishment, also. With all the problems that we are having with guns these days, it is my belief that these idiots should not possess these guns – or any other guns, for that matter. How about a follow-up report on the punishment, if any, of these idiots!”

“So is there a rental inspection program in Middletown? If not, why? Wouldn’t that be a source of income for the town? Ohhh, that would ruffle some feathers, wouldn’t it? Let’s cut employees, break the union and close everything down but DON’T touch the renters and the landlords.”

“To the person who said for Bob Givler to hire Mike Bowman as the janitor for the borough: That was a low blow to the person who did the janitorial job – who, by the way, is laid off right now. That position is a job just like any other job – no different, just cause it’s about cleaning. Do you want clean borough buildings or not?”

“Who is the genius that decided to put in diagonal parking in the downtown area? They are going to take away half of the sidewalk which will then be too narrow for that area. Now when you park you can pull straight out with the flow of traffic, but with the diagonal parking you have to back out into traffic. Can you imagine how many accidents will be waiting to happen? Why would anyone think this is a good idea for one of the busiest streets in town?”


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