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Sound Off--04/10/13

Posted 4/9/13

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“If we could get rid of the slumlords from the Ann, Wilson and Catherine street areas, …

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Sound Off--04/10/13



“Where is global warming when we need it...”


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“I don’t understand why the comments about Mr. Scott West...”



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(Editor’s note: There is no Scott West on the ballot for Middletown Borough Council, Royalton Borough Council, Highspire Borough Council, Hummelstown Borough Council or Steelton Borough Council in the May primary election.)

“Three cheers for Andrew Burger...”



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 “This is in response to the caller who is looking...”



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“Hi, I read in the Journal that if we go into...”



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 “Recently Mr. McNamara made the statement the previous council . . . ”


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“I want to thank the volunteers at the Middletown Library . . . ”



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“Remove the slumlords from the town and remove the problem.”

“I don’t care how much money the state is kicking in, Mark Morgan is being paid by us, the taxpayers. That’s NOT right! It’s ironic how council members are so aggressive about saving money but so damn shortsighted about spending money that comes from the state. HELLO! Where does that money come from? Sign me: DISGUSTED”

“Hello it’s me, MS. DISGUSTED. So we’ve finally heard it – taxes WILL be raised in the Borough of Middletown. Are you surprised? I’m not. OK, you cut electric rates (minimal savings for MOST residents and businesses), persecuted and fired faithful employees, hired consultant after consultant, changed everything for the sake of changing, blamed everyone else. That’s working real well.”

“Electric rates are cut in Middletown but now taxes will be raised. THERE’S YOUR SIGN! This will be interesting with the $44 million new high school.”

“Attended all three of the borough’s road shows. Wasn’t impressed in any way. WHY couldn’t this have been done during council meetings? And don’t tell me there was too much to do – after all, everything at council’s meetings is scripted and agreed upon LONG before the meeting is gaveled into session. Who are you trying to kid? You’re so smug!”

“It’s good to see that the new college housing is bringing new life to a blighted area of Lower Swatara Twp. Eagle Heights has long been an eyesore in our community. Now with GreenWorks and KGH buying these rundown properties, they are turning things around on the hill and bringing dollars to the community.”

“I think it is pretty sick that someone like Mark Morgan and Chris McNamara can sit at these meetings trying to justify their cutting of essential employees, while lying to the public that no services have been cut. These are the same two individuals enjoying state benefits, which I am sure are much better than Middletown’s employees, and to boot we just paid that clown over $150,000 to do something my 10-year-old could have done for free – lie! McNamara, the direction you are leading this borough will have horrible adverse effects for years.”

“Let’s face it, people – the biggest reason the borough is in this state is because of slumlords. Think of how many Section 8 scumbags they rent to. Think of all the neglected properties they own and how it brings our property values down. Think of how much it increases our utility bills because their tenants skip town without paying, leaving you and I to make up the difference in rates. Then, to boot, our illustrious council cancels programs that would have held these bums accountable for their crack houses just because they’re old buds with them. McNamar,a I know you don’t care that you’re the laughingstock of central Pennsylvania, but I care what you have done to my town. May primary can’t come soon enough.”

“Don’t worry, Dave, some know what council did to you. We have your back.”

“MCit. What a joke!”

“Really, Mr. Konek? Your solution to better the town is to appear on a reality show? The only thing bringing this town down is the nine people who sit at that table with you.”

“In case anyone missed it tonight at the meeting: F Troop voted to throw another $300,000 at the electric department building to renovate for the police department. They didn’t even bid it out. Interesting, considering council’s claim that the town is in dire straits. Something else to chew on: The police don’t even want to move there. Why not renovate their current location? It could be done for less than $300,000.”

“Why in the world wouldn’t council go with the state contract for mowers? Do you not understand the discount that is already built into the quote?”

“Really! No money? Raise taxes because we have a deficit, yet this council is going to spend $290,000 on the renovation of a brand new building. The worst part is they voted on it and don’t even know where the money is coming from. They’re talking about a loan. Yet these council people put a lot of employees out of work. They first said they have to use up capital improvement money. But next thing you know, Mac is talking low-interest loans from a bank. When one councilor asked to see plans, Barb Arnold said we should all trust the police chief. The man just started. Ms. Arnold, your time here is over.”

“More money being spent – capital improvement money. They seem to have an extra $1 million in that capital improvement money. I wonder where that came from. Now they are buying mowers and using capital improvement money to pay for that. Yes, this borough definitely needs new mowers. Which councilman had the bright idea to look into leasing the mower instead of buying them? And with a maintenance agreement? If you have to use the capital improvement money, you might as well pay cash for the mowers. We have a mechanic. And it is never cheaper to lease. Looks like they’re trying to get rid of more employees. They’re also buying new uniforms for all the borough employees, even the office people. Spend, spend, spend. You council people don’t care about anybody in this town.”

“There were actually a few parents that wrote in about the cafeteria and a few kids that complained, not just one. Hopefully isolated incidents. I’m sure all are hard workers.”

“Councilman Brooks works for the company doing the borough’s phone system, even though they are the highest bid.”

“Leasing police cars, and now looking into leasing lawnmowers. What the heck is this council doing? You’re spending a lot of money and you won’t own anything. That just doesn’t make sense.”

“I have absolutely no respect for these council people. They tell you one thing and then turn around and tell you something else and then they tell you that you get all this misinformation from other sources. The only misinformation out there is the jumble that this Borough Council is trying to feed you. Get rid of these clowns – they’re ruining our town, our property values and our credibility.”

“Well, council voted to spend $300,000 to change the new electric building now over to a police building – this all without even going out to bid or pricing alternatives like renovating the police department located at 60 West Emaus St. If you ask any officer they do not agree with this decision, and again council rams it down the residents’ throats without open discussion or even having it on the agenda.”

“Sullivan was absent for another important vote to blow another $300,000 in renovations that we don’t need. I thought we were in financial crisis? Ha. I got an idea – why don’t council leave the police where they’re at and move the diesel generator that’s caused the problem to the outside of the building. I bet it would be a quarter of the cost. Ha. Sue, after all, you were to oversee the generator project, weren’t you?”

“Just watch McNamara, Sullivan and Brubaker after the May primary – let’s see which one of them jumps ship first. I’m betting on McNamara saying he got called to active duty for some unknown reason.”

“Robert Givler for mayor and Scott Sites for council president.”

“This is by far the worst council in the past 50 years I lived in this town. There are only two with any common sense – Bob Reid and Scott Sites.”

“The Kids’ Kastle was turned over to the borough shortly after it was built. When Sol was in charge of the highway department they took good care of it. Now that this council has cut the work force bare bones I’m sure it will fall apart and the place will continue to be trashy. No different than the council serving now.”

“Be sure you are registered to vote this spring in the election. If you don’t like anyone on your ticket then write someone in. Anything is better than what we have in there now. It’s like living in a circus town – and we all know who the ringmaster is.”

“All the crying this Borough Council is doing about how broke we are and how distressed we are, then they have a council meeting on April 2 where Chris McNamara publicly states we are not a distressed borough. Union busting! That’s what all the crying is about. Dishonesty is not what I elected you to do.”

“Seems as though I’m not the only one who got roped in at Village of Pineford. We also were told that our rent wouldn’t be raised at Pineford for at least two years after we started paying electric. I started paying my electric in October of 2011 and my rent was raised in November 2012. I also noticed that I was being billed for the first of the month twice. But when I called the office I was told it was from 12:01 a.m. on the first of the month to 11:59 p.m. of the first of the following month. I haven’t been out of school that long to know what that means. I’m being charged from the first of one month to the end of the first of the following month, only to be charged the following month for the same ending time of the previous month! Hello! That is still an entire day on the first of the month! In layman’s terms, Jan. 1 to Feb. 1, and then Feb. 1 to March 1, and then March 1 to April 1 etc., etc. Do you see the pattern? We should only be charged from the first of the month to the last day of that month if you are going to charge starting by the first day of the month. I also noticed that our rate went from .17 cents down to .11 cents since these articles starting appearing in Sound Off. I smell something fishy going on. I didn’t know anything about a demand fee until I read it here. So I called the PUC myself. Sure enough, if they are charging us a demand fee to the pole, it has to show up as a separate fee on our bill. So here’s my question: If there are 12 apartments in a building and five are empty, are they dividing it by 12 or by seven? And if my neighbor uses twice as much electric as I do why should I pay the same demand fee as him? Why should I pay a demand fee for an empty apartment? How do I know? They don’t show the demand rate or the amount of apartments per building that they are dividing it by. When I posed that question to the office manager she didn’t have a clue. So who does? I asked if I could have the name and number of the company that installed the meters and she told me she couldn’t give that information! Why not? I think that the manager and the owners should have a meeting to explain all of this. My wife asked if there was a certified electrician who could explain the hookup of the meters and was told there was. When I saw the maintenance ‘foreman’ I asked him if he was a certified electrician and he said no. So then I asked if there was one on the crew and he said no. I then asked him about the meters and he said, ‘We didn’t install them so I have no clue.’ If enough people start complaining we might get results. My Gram always said that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. When we first moved here in October 2010, we chose to do so because they advertised ALL UTILITIES were included. My neighbor told me that when we moved in the digital meters had already been installed. So why weren’t we told that when we came in to apply that September? They reeled us in with the premise of not having to pay utilities knowing that they were going to be charging me. I wonder if I have a case against them for false advertisement since the meters were already installed and they never told us. My neighbor showed me and by dang if he wasn’t right! Hmmm, guess a call to the Attorney General’s office is in order. I wonder how many other people are having problems as well. Let’s hear from you! Me, my wife and our two kids are outta here as soon as we save enough money.”

“To the older gentleman whose phone call was in the April 4 edition of Sound Off: You started out complaining about a gay club at the high school, and then you moved on to the Germans, and then you moved on to council and medical care. I would like to respectfully point out that when you go from subject to subject, it’s called rambling – and no one pays attention to rambling. Try to keep your call to just one topic, and maybe think about what you want to say before you call. I realize you are elderly and may not realize how it comes across. I’m sure you had some good points to make; it was just hard to follow. Thank you, and I hope you have a good day.”

“Yes, it is true, our taxes are high (and going to be higher), our electric rate is high, our public school rankings are bad, we have a lot of Section 8 housing, the closest shopping center is several miles away, our council makes us look like the second laughingstock of the county (Harrisburg being first), and our police force has a bad reputation. It is also true that for those reasons, and some I’m sure I missed or had not thought of, no one is going to want to buy a home here unless it is dirt cheap. What’s everybody going to do? Move out of our homes and rent them to college students? That’s what everyone in Eagle Heights should do, and that’s what I plan on doing. Thanks a lot, McNamoron.”

“To those of you who use Facebook, I would like to point something out to you regarding two pages. The first one is Middie Citunited. You access this page via a FRIEND request. Therefore, they have access to everything you post, just like all your other FRIENDS do. The other page I want to point out is Middletown Citizens United. That is a GROUP, so you have no fear of them seeing what you post on your personal page. I want to also point out that these pages are both related, as is evident by the Middie Citunited page having a profile picture that says Middletown Citizens United (same as the first page I mentioned). Be aware of who may be spying on you through Facebook, since the person who is operating these pages won’t be transparent. (I will point out that when a certain borough secretary was on jury duty, there were no posts in either of these groups). Lest you say he wouldn’t stoop that low, remember the voice in Sound Off, some months back? Oh, and if I were in the Handley family, I would contact an attorney for a possible defamation lawsuit.”

“You call this council a snollygoster? My word for them can’t be printed in this publication, but it begins with ‘cluster.’ ”

“I just wanted to define the word that starts with ‘cluster,’ as defined by urbandictionary.com: A derogatory term used to describe a system or operation that has been totally hosed up by a group of managers who couldn’t leave well enough alone, ie. Middletown Borough Council (OK, I added that last part).”

“I’m responding to the following comment from the April 4 edition of the Press And Journal: “Being against homosexuality doesn’t make me a homophobe or a bigot. Homosexuality is a sin. When you stand before God, be prepared to say, ‘Oh, I support the sin of homosexuality.’ See how that goes over!’’ When YOU stand before God and he asks you why you sinned. are you familiar with Matthew 7 – ”Do not judge, or you too will be judged.’’ 2: “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.’’ 3: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Also, do you cut your hair – or perhaps you eat pork or shellfish? And I won’t even go into the time of the month where you have to stay away from your spouse. Check out TheChristianleft.org.You might learn something.”

“I’m thinking that since the only people who want to move to this town are college students, most of us are going to have to turn our homes into rental properties for them. I’m just afraid that we’ll get council blocked.”

“Hey, Press And Journal, do you ever get Sound Off comments that you can’t/chose not to publish? If so, what are the main reasons? I think you could do a whole column on it. Maybe even publish a secret underground edition with all the one’s that didn’t make it, and the proceeds split between the Elks and the library.”

“Max Einhorn, I just saw your responses on Middie Citunited Facebook page (or maybe it was Middletown Citizens United). Anyway, I was totally blown away by your skill! You nailed it. You’re answers were so well thought out, and well written. I was highly impressed. You expressed your point with precision, backed it up with facts and articulated it well. Chris tried really hard to have some good comebacks, but like the hack that he is, he lacks in originality, content, and form. I hope that soon he is lacking in a job!”

“Hey, Mark Morgan, you got it wrong – the ‘perfect storm’ in Middletown is seven incompetent councilors being led by a president. When the dust settles you all will be held accountable!”

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