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Sound Off-04/03/13

Posted 4/2/13

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“Council, like it or not, what you need to do is bring Sweitzer back. Nobody knows the …

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Sound Off-04/03/13



 “I was very surprised to see in the Middletown Journal...”


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“Hello, hey, didn’t it ever occur to you...”



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“Recently I read in the Patriot-News that the school board...”



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“Can not understand how the Middletown School Board can...”



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“Good luck to the people trying to move out of...”



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“The Middletown Cemetery needs to put up new signs...”


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“I read the article about the Middletown High School’s...”


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“When I was in high school I used to see that curly-haired girl...”


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“Hi, I sure hope you print this. I think the senior citizens...”


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 “Some of the senior citizens, they help without being paid...”


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“To the person who said I should be on the council ticket...”



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“To whom it may concern, if I was on the council I would...”


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 “Robert Givler for mayor or Scott Sites for mayor...”


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“In regard to the parent who wrote about Kunkel’s cafeteria employees not wearing hairnets and gloves: Have you been in the cafeteria to see for yourself that they aren’t wearing these items? I don’t believe you have. I believe you’ve taken your child’s word for it. I know for a fact that all of the cafeteria employees wear gloves, hairnets and hats while preparing food, as well as cleaning up after the children’s lunch. Maybe next time you feel like placing blame, you should do your research first. Those employees work hard to provide for you and the children to ensure they are fed healthy meals during the school day.”

“Borough Council plans to hold a town meeting Thursday night? Isn’t that Maundy Thursday? Why not hold a community day on Good Friday and elections on Easter? You guys are an absolute joke!”

“Great job, ‘Alice in Wonderland!’ ”

“When I was growing up, you weren’t embarrassed to say you were from Middletown. It was a nice town. Nowadays you hope nobody asks you where you’re from. When they do, it’s embarrassing to answer (and it’s usually followed by some kind of joke from the person that asked, or just laughter). I’m surprised council doesn’t experience the same reaction.”

“Haven’t you done enough damage to the employees of this borough, council? Now you’re not happy just picking on the employees, you’re aiming for the retired personnel. It’s a coward who picks on the elderly who are trying to make it on a fixed income. Shame on you!”

“The borough has so few union employees left I doubt they will bankrupt the town. If that were the case why would the borough spend all that money on silly decals for the trucks? Or spend money on their professionals to talk at town meetings when the council people could talk for themselves? Don’t get me started on how much they’re spending for their attorneys. Now those are things that are wasting my tax dollar. The only people bankrupting this town are the ones running it.”

“Borough Council, where do you come up with all the money to redecorate? All these buildings are being renovated and painted. You moved offices around more than the tires on my car. The Red Cross is upstairs, then it’s downstairs, and the police department is in this building, then that building. Our local government is just plain dysfunctional.”

“It’s nice to see that the new Sharp Shopper has opened and that work continues on the shopping plaza. Now, if only we can do something about those ‘pajama people.’ ”

“Last weekend I was walking down Main Street and a young child fell over the railing on the cement steps outside his apartment building and landed on his face. I saw Detective Sweitzer pull over in his personal car with his family inside and rush over to offer his help with the injured child. That was very unexpected from the police officers in this borough. This is the kind of guy I want to have my back if I ever need it. Bring him back, and make him stay this time. Our current police department is pathetic.”

“When will Royalton fix the road at the 441 railroad crossing? It’s an accident waiting to happen! Stop patching it and fix it properly.”

“I guess nobody, not even Middletown employees, like working in a hostile work environment. Most of the town’s employees are management/professionals. I didn’t hear the so-called leaders of this town call for the citizens to demand management and professionals take a pay cut or drop their benefits. They (upper management/professionals) are the ones who are going to bankrupt this town. Typical council – trying to impose hardship on the middle class and the retired on a fixed income. Have you read what they are spending on attorney fees, and all their lawsuits and fights? Waiting to see what they will be, when not only the borough gets sued, but individual council members. Should be interesting.”

“Isn’t it a hoot that this town was always in financial good standing until these goofballs took over. They blame past councils, but the ones on past councils that are to blame are still sitting on council now. Then to make it worse, they are now following King Little’s mad ideas. All of which are shrouded with deception. The only one who knows, at most, 90 percent of King Little’s full agenda is the borough secretary. He’s as crooked as they come. Why do you think they can’t get rid of him? He knows too much.”

“They talk about the real estate market recovering. Ha! This council is doing everything to insure it won’t recover in Middletown. When this Mark Morgan is done bleeding us dry, our homes won’t be worth a dime.”

“The damage done to our town this year will be our financial ruin for years to come. But we have names. They will be held responsible. Then we can watch karma work its magic.”

“When will Middletown officials stop sinking our town to this new low? I am now ashamed to tell others where I’m from. I don’t like being laughed at for where I live.”

“Check Swatara Twp. Susquehanna, even Harrisburg. Our employees make less than them. It’s odd that the borough praises them during times of need, then crucifies them when their contracts are up for renegotiation. Shame on you. UNPROFESSIONAL! I’ve been around this town long enough to see what’s really going on.”

“These are not the people I want representing my town. I have so much more pride in this town than to let this happen for another three years. They are destroying all that’s good. Please get out and vote this primary. Vote in some respect, honor, honesty and intelligence.”

“Who plows an inch of snow? That was a waste of time, money and manpower. But it was definitely good practice for tomorrow’s snow.”

“I tried calling the borough several times for a member of management. I was then transferred and I kept getting his voice mail message, then was told his mailbox couldn’t take messages. This administration has created a mess. How can you operate professionally with the mess you’ve made? All the money you’re paying Councilman Brooks to fix the phones – another example of mismanagement, not to mention a huge conflict of interest. And if I recall, his company was the highest estimate. Things that make you go, ‘Hmmm.’ ”

“Is council really going to borrow money from capital improvement fund to buy police uniforms and brand new computers for the police? I thought you could only use money from capital improvement funds for capital improvements. Where is ethics in our local government? And what’s wrong with the computers you purchased last year for the police? Middletown administration said getting rid of the communication department would benefit the residents, and look where that got us. We can’t even get in to knock on their door. Great people in the police department. If only we got someone on council who could manage.”

“You can read this current council. They are running scared. That’s more transparency then we’ve seen all year.”

“Talk about dirty politics: Your Facebook page MCU is as dirty as they come. Everything you type is nothing but opinion. People want to run against this crew because they actually care about this town. Respected people who will do whatever it takes to save this town from the likes of you and your deliberate misinformation!”

“It’s amazing what you can find out over the Internet. Shame on you, Mr. Reporter.”

“Over the weekend, a few mommy friends and myself took our kids to Possibility Place in Harrisburg. Yes, we drove all the way there, even though we have a park just like it in Middletown. Why? Kids Kastle is filled with trash, broken items, nails sticking out. What happened to that place? Has no one been keeping up on it? All that time, money and effort was spent to build it and it was such a nice addition to the town – and now it’s in shambles. It’s a shame. It seems like nothing in our town can be kept up on or be highlighted. The only thing people know about Middletown is the bad. If we could keep up on all of the good things we have to offer, our small town could once again have that great small-town feel that it did for so long in the past.”

“ ‘Snollygoster’ is a term used to describe a politician who works for his self-interest and not for the people. I can’t think of a better term to describe our Borough Council!”

“I am a frequent out-of-town visitor to Middletown and I would like to say that I think Middletown is a very lovely little town. I LOVE the Victorian style homes on Union Street. Absolutely beautiful! It makes your downtown shopping area a unique experience. I do not understand why there are so many negative comments in Sound Off, except that negativity sometimes breeds more negativity. It’s somewhat of a shame, really. But I just wanted to post something positive from an outsider’s perspective.”

“Want to give a shout out to the Ladies Auxiliary, Middletown VFW Post 1620 for the great job you ladies did for the Easter party this past Sunday. And a big shout out to the great job your ‘Easter Bunny,’ Kobe Sprecher, did. Great job, Kobe!”

“The Borough of Middletown has the 2011 ‘Audit,’ otherwise known as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). It is required by federal law as part of municipal financial auditing. The reason it is not being distributed to the general public is because the powers that be at Middletown Borough haven’t figured out how to spin, hide or hoodwink what cannot be hidden. They certainly do not want Pennsylvania DCED, or anyone else that has provided grant funding to Middletown in the last few years, to see the truth. Oh, and by the way, DCED manages the Act 47 program and have begun a new Act 47 auditing process for 2012 and 2013. And guess what broken-down, poor municipality that is always in the news is gonna be on the list? Bingo! Hold onto your teeth folks, the ride is gonna be bumpy.”

“The Middletown Citizens United Page on Facebook has a flag for its timeline picture. The flag is the same flag used by the Patriot League college basketball conference. Who do we know that has a website that specializes in Patriot League basketball? I smell severe corruption and ethics violations.”

“Being against homosexuality doesn’t make me a homophobe or a bigot. Homosexuality is a sin. When you stand before God, be prepared to say, ‘Oh, I support the sin of homosexuality.’ See how that goes over!”

“In regards to the man who wrote about Pineford’s electric problem: We, too, are having problems. My estimated bill was over $500! What’s wrong with this picture? They don’t send someone out to physically read the meters because they are ‘digital’ and the numbers are supposed to be able to be read ‘in office,’ so how come our bills are being estimated? When I call the office, no one can give me a clear answer. When I was a homeowner, my bill was from Jan. 1 to Jan. 31. But my bills from Pineford are Jan. 1 to Feb. 1. Then my next was Feb. 1 to March 1. So how come I’m being billed for the Feb. 1 twice? The PUC said they don’t regulate Middletown Borough because they own their own. However, the PUC did say that certain protocols must be followed. The guy Chris from the borough told me he would look into this and get back to me. That was two months ago! Village of Pineford is ripping off their renters and making a profit. Just like the other person wrote, it’s just me, my husband and our son – I don’t understand how they can say we use so much electric. We are gone all day, don’t use the dishwasher (doesn’t work half the time anyway) and use only one light in the evening and in bed by 10 p.m. because we both work. We take our laundry to the Laundromat because it’s cheaper and quicker. Tell me how I’m using over $300 a month in electric, and tell me how you can estimate my bill at over $500? The problem is no insulation, leaky windows, leaky patio door, old, outdated, inefficient appliances. That’s where the problem lies. I’m sure some people did take advantage of the electric, but don’t punish everyone. This place is a joke. I was also told that our rent wouldn’t go up for a couple of years, but my rent went up nine months after we started paying the electric when my lease term was up. Now that I’m back to work, we are going to start looking for another place to live – out of Middletown. Until then, the tenants need to unite and file a class action so that an investigation can be conducted. I’m contacting the Attorney General’s office to see what we can do because we aren’t getting anywhere calling the Rental Office because they have no clue what they are talking about – and the borough, well, they are a joke, too, and of no help either. Something needs to be done.”

“I disagree with homosexuality. There, I said it.”

“I would vote for Rachelle Reid ANY day of the week! When I was operating the coffee house in the Bradley Mansion, she was wonderful support, a fascinating character and simply a great person to know. Although I no longer live in the state, I read the Press And Journal periodically and honestly can see that some things never cease to change – you people have definitely perfected the art of low-class bickering. Lower Swatara Twp. included.”

“I was eating some good dinner at JD’s Junction and had to listen to a ‘lady’ (using it loosely) say how she gets $1,750 a month for two kids and that is why she can patronize places like this. Appalled, first of all, that you would say such a thing and brag how you don’t have to legally work and, second, shame on you!”

“I can’t wait ‘til the NEW COUNCIL comes in and gets the old and dishonest ones out – like they did with the employees – so they can see what it feels like.”

“GIVLER for mayor. Best thing for this town.”

“Rhen and Bowman, you have the balls to run for mayor after what you done on council? Rhen, agreeing to get rid of the good employees and all the other stupid concerns you agree to with McNamara. Ha, ha. I agree with others when they say we will laugh about that once you are a puppet, just like the rest of them.”

“So if giving the employees a short notice that they were getting laid off wasn’t bad enough, now the borough has made the employees pay more for their prescription and didn’t have the nerve to tell them ‘til after some went for medicine refills and found out that way. They put a notice in their paychecks and that is how the employees found out. How sad.”

“Where is the borough employees’ union rep and why aren’t they helping these employees? They have who knows how many grievances now that are not being tended to just pushed aside and nothing being done. If it were me, I would be getting ahold of International, they would love this one – maybe all you employees should think about doing that. Can’t believe no one has yet – there is so much time for them to be handled. Don’t let them puppets scare you – it’s your right to do something. You’re paying the union dues.”



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