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Sound Off-03/20/13

Posted 3/19/13

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“Friday, March 8 Headline on MSN website: ‘US household wealth at pre-recession peak! …

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Sound Off-03/20/13



 “All these experts and professionals making decisions . . . ”


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 “Mr. Bright is the best principal that Middletown School . . . ”



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 “Since we the citizens of Middletown referred to as uneducated . . . ”




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“So you go to the corner bar for a drink on New Year’s Eve, and after the midnight hour a fire breaks out. You take a ride in an ambulance and now you expect Middletown Borough to pay your bill? Really? How are the taxpayers of the borough responsible for your bill? You should send it to the insurance company that represents the bar owner.”


“If you’re going to have a Facebook group for people from Royalton, you really should specify that only people you like are admitted to the group.”


“A local borough is seeking qualified candidates for the following positions: Borough secretary – skills needed are good personality, high school diploma or GED (or ability to pretend that you have one), common sense, knowledge of borough administration and the ability to know when to keep mouth shut and take orders. This job starts Jan/ 1, 2014. Borough manager – requirements are possess a spine and willingness to lead, not take orders from borough secretary or borough king. Job starts Jan. 1, 2014. Borough chief –  requirements needed, MPOETC certification, ability to carry duty weapon legally and willingness to stand up to council in order to prevent crimes from taking place. Job starts Jan. 1, 2014. Borough council president – Anyone new will do. Jobs starts Jan. 1, 2014 (not soon enough).”


“So do we assume now that the borough secretary will read all letters of resignation at council meetings? After all, he did read Leslie Givler’s letter. Fairs fair. Was that the secretary’s decision to do that? Was that effective communications? Who decided that? And I’m amazed council just sat there and said absolutely nothing. Cat got your tongues? Your silence spoke volumes. What a Sound Off from all of you!”


“There’s a parking problem in downtown Middletown? Really? Since when?”


“Since council is so proud of planning things I hope they’re starting to plan for what some believe will be a massive turnover next year. Better start accepting applications and posting job openings because there will be many jobs to be filled, terminations to be processed.”


“Do the area cops still check bikes for kids? They used to do that. They even offered to engrave a kid’s address on bikes in case someone stole them.”


“How about an Easter egg hunt in Hoffer Park to benefit the borough workers who have been fired?”


“Why doesn’t the Kunkel cafeteria workers wear gloves and hair nets? Do the other schools? I find this odd and a bit disturbing – hairs in the food!”


“IF you were at the first meeting - road show - the Borough Council had you heard that the end is near for our town’s library. Just read the Press And Journal editor’s story about it. Read between the lines, people! There won’t be a town library soon. How dare Mark Morgan be so self-righteous and domineering! Funny, I would’ve thought it was McNamara speaking, not Morgan.”


“Do some people really believe this council has spending under control? They closed the communications center, defunded the library, both which were community services, and laid off too many good employees, all of which has caused confusion and lack of services in this town. What about all the frivolous and unnecessary spending by this council: unnecessary renovations, thousands of dollars for new decals for borough trucks, too many and unnecessary consultants, frivolous lawsuits and attorney fees, vehicles and fuel for certain employees for transportation to and from work, $10,000 for an old fire truck – and the list goes on and on. Oh, yeah, they really have a handle on spending, don’t they? Closing the library and communications center was their agenda before they even took control of council! They just needed to come up with some good excuses that people would believe.”


“So once again council hires a police chief on one person’s recommendation without advertising or interviewing for the position. What do we end up with? A chief that cannot legally arrest anyone. I guess that just makes him an overpaid police secretary, since all he can do is paperwork.”


“When are people going to wake up and realize that our town is not in the dire financial straits that this council and supposedly expert consultant are trying to make us believe?”


“We absolutely need a new council. This is the worst council in over 40 years. They do not listen or answer constituents’ questions and only serve their own agendas or the agenda of one man. We need a council that will listen to the residents and want what is best for this town!”


“I usually call the Sound Off, but after reading last week’s edition, I had to respond in plain black and white so it would be easier (for some) to comprehend. First, as far as the current administration’s stepping up to pay more welfare and food-stamps for those Americans that need it: The caller rants and raves, but fails to identify what caused the increase in welfare/food-stamp needs in the country. It’s when CEOs (you know, the 1 percenters – Republicans call them “job creators”) fire American employees (AKA the middle class) and send those jobs overseas to a cheaper labor force. Then at the end of the year, the company looks at all the money they didn’t spend on American salaries, the money they didn’t spend on American health benefits and all the money they didn’t spend on American pensions, and they say, ‘Look at this extra money we have – the CEO must be doing a good job, i.e. he deserves a multimillion-dollar bonus.’ Then this same group of over-compensated, robber barons gets offended when asked to pay a little more to help care for the very same Americans they took the jobs from in the first place. It didn’t work when they called it ‘Voodoo Economics’ and it doesn’t work when you call it ‘Trickle-Down Economics.’ You reduce the middle class tax base and don’t replace it with jobs and earnings, We all feel the pain through higher taxes. But that’s the president’s fault. Secondly, as far as the administration’s sending materials and aid to the Syrians and the caller worrying about our tanks and fighter planes ending up in the hands of Muslims and/or being used against Israel: Where was your ‘sky is falling’ rhetoric when a previous U.S. administration armed the Iraqis to the teeth in their fight against Iran? And say, didn’t we just finish a 10-year-long war (our second now) against those same Iraqis, who actually used U.S. made equipment against us? Now, here is the bonus question: Can you guess which political party was responsible for both of those disastrous operations? You bet you can – but you won’t say it out loud. It’s OK, we all know what’s ruining the country, and it’s not a government that is willing to step up and help its struggling citizens. At least my president is willing to spend my tax money HERE, not paying to blow things up overseas and then having to pay to rebuild them again (Halliburton mean anything to you)?”


“If you want to hear the truth about what’s going on in the borough, go to one of the meetings they are holding and hear the truth about the financial situation the borough is really in.”


“If the council gets changed in the election be prepared for electric, water, sewer, taxes all to go skyrocket. I would recommend to sell and get out as soon as you can because the new council will hire their clique back and make us look like Harrisburg – BANKRUPT.”


“It was nice to see the professional people that the council had at the meeting last Thursday. This is what the borough has not had for along time. Please keep up the good work and help the borough get the pride back in the borough.”


“For those of you who bash Mrs. Arnold, where were you when she and the volunteers spent weeks decorating Christmas in the park and the square? By the way, it was the best that it looked in years. When she came to my house talking about running for council she wanted to help to get electric rates under control, spending under control – and she and the rest of the council did a good job. And I just want to thank her for doing what she told us she was going to do.”


“Vote for the new. Get rid of the old. Time to switch out this joke of a council. I liked when I could talk to my representative, and they would actually answer my questions. These quacks tell me to go ask Courogen. Huh?”


“The borough employees, what’s left of them, are the only thing holding this town together. They are the only ones who actually care about the town and the people. Management and council are only worried about trying to hide the financial truth from the good people of this town. Stop them. Vote them out. Have you tried to get in touch with a policemen lately? Good luck with that. The borough officials locked the back entrance.”


“I think it is a shame that when I needed to visit the Red Cross I couldn’t. I can’t do steps, and there was no elevator available. Not very accommodating to the disabled in that borough building. Nor are they very compliant. What are our town officials thinking?”


“I read a Facebook post made by a woman who, frankly, to me is a fence sitter. She talks out both sides of her mouth, and likes and comments on some of the lowest Facebook pages I have ever seen. She lowered herself tremendously by jumping on their bandwagon. But I shouldn’t worry about writing this because, according to her, she doesn’t read the Press And Journal.”


“We need our communications center back. I don’t care if they even dispatch calls. At least there was always someone there who you could talk to when you needed the cops, when you called, or stopped by. I could be mugged in the parking lot of the police station and there would be no way to get to them. Whose idea on council was it to have to call Dauphin County dispatchers to ask a Middletown cop to walk outside to talk to you?”


“If council was so much against the fact that surrounding communities used the Middletown Public Library, then why did they put a man from Londonderry on the library board? Is he friends with Chris Mac?”


“Borough managers: Tick tock, tick tock, TICK TOCK! Can you hear it? Your end of days!”


“OK, Middletown people, here’s your chance. Enough of the Sound Offs and nameless attacks. YOU have the chance to do what you believe should be done. My bets? You’ll chicken out and settle into your easy chair and wait for someone else to do it. Or am I wrong? Surprise me, then.”


“Still nothing from the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters about a candidate debate in Middletown! And you wonder why no one knows what you do. Come on!”


“Do I see a deliberate effort to split the voters in Middletown with the likes of such candidates as Bowman, Rhen for mayor AND council in Middletucky? Why not? It worked once. Do it again.”


“So I read in the Sound Off that someone else is having problems at Pineford regarding their electric rates. I checked out the information regarding the demand rate, and research showed me that the demand rate is supposed to be a SEPARATE fee on my bill – a set fee that is not supposed to be charged by how many kilowatts I have used. Tell me how Village of Pineford is allowed to include the demand fee in with what they charge for the electric? When I called and talked to the office manager, she says they are only charging us 12 cents per kilowatt – so why then is my bill showing anywhere from 15 cents to 17 cents every month? She told me it’s because they include the demand fee. I asked how they configured the demand fee and she told me that the borough charges a demand fee to the transformer to each building. When I asked, ‘How do I know that I’m not being charged for the empty apartments in our building?’ she told me that they take the demand fee and divide it by how many apartments are hooked up to that transformer so that it’s fair to everyone. I don’t buy that at all. And I don’t think it’s a fair way to handle it. My wife and I are very, very conservative people. It’s just us two. We don’t use the dishwasher, we do laundry once a week, keep all of the lights off in the evening and no one is home during the day because we work. So tell me how are we using almost $300 a month in electric for a two-bedroom apartment? Part of the reason is the appliances are as old as the hills. They are not energy efficient at all. I keep complaining about the draft from all of my windows and sliding door and nothing has been done about it. As for more in-depth answers to my questions, Pineford tells me: Call the borough. So I call the borough – no answer, nothing. Why can’t I get an answer at the borough? Plus, they said our rent wouldn’t go up for a couple of years because of this transition. What a crock of bull that is. I just started paying my electric last June when I renewed my lease and now I receive a letter stating that when my lease renews again in June my rent is going up! They advertised a gym; where is that? It’s terrible. I would like to know if other people in Pineford are just as upset. I would like to meet up somewhere to discuss to see what we can do. Maybe if enough of us complain they will do something. For now, as long as they can get away with it they will keep doing it.”


“Come on, McNamara, Clugston and Bowman are the best you could find to run for council along with your incumbents? I laughed so hard for two days that I lost 8 pounds!”


“Hopefully, when Bowman gets on council he can straighten out the slumlord issues this town has!”


“If this town elects another slumlord to this dysfunctional council, then I will be moving from the place I called home for over 51 years! I can no longer watch the Section 8 and thugs with council’s help destroy the town I once was proud to say I’m from.”


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