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Sound Off--03/13/13

Posted 3/12/13

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“I see they want to hold meetings in each of the three wards in the borough. Just …

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Sound Off--03/13/13



“Here we have a council member saying they don’t know ... ”


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“McNamara and Morgan bring up how Middletown is in ... ”



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“Who’s got the best fish fry ... ”




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“Kuppy’s is the best place to eat all around ... ”




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“Hmm, the guy who is downplaying the manager, secretary and everyone else, guess he knows it all. You are right – there were some highly respected accounting firms did see the deficit and reported it. However, past councils did nothing about it. Gee, sorry there are people there trying to do something about it – maybe not the perfect way, but something is at least being done. There were openings for a finance director, secretary and manager, positions I don't know but I never recall seeing a lineup of people applying for the jobs. I can see from my house and never saw a mad scramble to fill the positions. The borough does not even have an IT person – they have contractors come in to take care of their systems. I have seen their system, and any contractor would be a fool to take care of that – it was left go for so long and mismanaged, just like everything else in the borough, that it’s a wonder anything works. Can only Band Aid things for so long. Glad I am done with that place.”


“I used to love taking my son to the Middletown Library. But lately it seems like they want to make it as difficult as possible. I called them last week to ask if we owed any fines. They told me I had to have my card number. I told them I didn't have the card, that my husband had it at work. They said, sorry, you need the card number. Seriously? In this day and age of computers there is absolutely NO other way to look up our account? The library is hurting for money. I was trying to GIVE them money. Hello! Since my son really wanted to go that day, I decided to take him and just open a card in my name. I went online and saw that the library was open until 5 on Wednesday. Well, guess what? We got there at 4 and they were locking their doors. Nice of them to let us know before we drove all the way down there. Oh, and by the way, both people I spoke to that day were downright rude. We ended up going to the Penn State Harrisburg Library. Closer to our house, huge children's section, and a lot less hassle. It's a shame, because we would normally be ones to support our local library. But, they are shooting themselves in the foot with this stuff.”


“So does Royalton Borough only have one full-time employee? Well, at least my tax dollars are paying for one hard-working young man. Hope we don't lose him.”


“I see they want to hold meetings in each of the three wards in the borough. Just another way for McNamara and Morgan to spread their lies. I'm positive that McNamara will be right there in front telling the people we put there what to say, because there is only one on council that speaks his own mind. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see what he is trying to do. I personally want the three councilors that I put in office answering my questions, not McNamara. So the only meeting we should see the king at is the one held in the Second Ward.”


“Brownstone has the best breakfast!”


“Kuppy's breakfast is also good. Support them!”


“I would like to know why Demp’s bar is still standing? I mean, it has been over two months and it is an eyesore for East Main Street! I think the owner should be heavily cited for just letting it go and not hiring a demolition crew to tear it down. Just my opinion!”


“It's March, and Kunkel still has not updated their March/April online newsletter. Also, why don't the cafeteria workers wear hairnets and gloves?”


“Were the two charged with making the bottle bombs students from Penn State? Don't think so. And you fruitcakes are OHH so worried about the kids! Townies aren't letting you down as far as being the real problem in this town! That's right – I said it.”


“I'd like to see the Press And Journal do a weekly scripture on the church page. Would that be possible?”


“Council drops your electric rates, gets spending under control, and you complain. Here’s your sign – WOW.”


“Mrs. Reid, you help put the borough in this position – please don’t try to destroy the good work council has done.”


“Doesn’t Mr. Handley work for AMP Ohio?”


“Anybody is better then Rhen and Louer. They can't run a race let alone a borough.”


“Council cannot make any decisions without McNamara telling them how to vote and what to say.”


“Council doing a great job? I think not. It's a cluster. Spending is out of control with their pet projects. Councilman Louer even tried to say the material for the office redo was already there. Oh, how wrong he is. That just shows the integrity of these people who are running this town. And he gave the prayer at the beginning of the council meeting, SHAME on you. There will be hell to pay for the falsehoods you’re putting out there. They screw their employees and flaunt their spending every chance they get. At least Harrisburg cares about their employees.”


“How can you hire a man like Mark Morgan to do hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work for the borough and have no paperwork to show for it? A hundred thousand dollars for an audit, for the early intervention program, and he has no paperwork. No report. How does this happen? It sounds criminal to me. Someone is ripping off the state and the borough. Further investigations will uncover your deeds.”


“I find it funny that the borough officials are going to do community meetings ward by ward. They must be worried about the upcoming election. They will be spreading their misinformation to as many people as possible. I encourage all of you to go to these meetings and ask as many questions as you can and make the council people you elected answer those questions, not their scapegoat professionals.”


“Leslie Givler, your resignation letter was fabulous. You didn't do them justice, though. After the way they kicked you out of the borough building, when there are plenty of unused offices. Now Tom Handley resigns – there will be no one to blame but themselves for the destruction of Middletown.”


“Looking back, it amazes me that the Borough of Middletown is financially sound for all those years, and all of a sudden we go from a surplus to a deficit and there's no documentation to prove it. And the people who support them do so like zombies. You don't even ask questions, you just blindly follow. That just proves there are hidden agendas and scores to settle. They don't care who or what they destroy.”


“To the person who said Leslie Givler is bitter and doesn't work, just like her husband. The word I want to call you would have to be censored – but take your pick, I'm sure it would fit. For the record, I don't know them personally, but I have seen them in action, and they truly care about this town. As well, Bob Givler gave 40 years of service to this town. What did YOU do?”


“To the person who is thanking council for getting the town under control: You must be one of the slumlords.”


“To the person who thinks it looks so nice to go through downtown and not see the trees: You must be the same slumlord who thinks council is getting the town under control. Your propaganda statements aren't going to work.”


“Obama did not destroy the USA. The Teapublicans did that. Just wait until all the poor, heavily armed (by the Teapublicans), uneducated (by the Teapublicans) people in the south are starving and dying. The Teapublicans better have bulletproof vests.”


“Excellent commentary in Sound Off regarding advising the borough and mayor about criminal activity. It's a good thing I have an attorney in the family, in case I need to deal with the borough.”


“You want to slam Rachelle Reid – well, I didn't think that much of her when she was on council, but I still think way more of her than I do of current council.”


“To the person who mentioned the old van parked in the yard off of Emaus Street, I assume you mean the one across from the MCSO. It's been there for years. There was another car and a bunch of trash in the yard, and I called code enforcement. The trash and one of the vehicles were removed, but the van remained. I thought it was really ironic that I had to call and point this out, seeing as how it is right across from the borough building, and when you come out of the Brownstone parking lot you couldn't help but see it. I know when my lawnmower broke down the codes department was quick to send me a letter. They see what they want to see, and it's always been that way.”


“You delusional people that support council must be Teapublicans.”


“The following post was in the 3/6 Sound Off. I would like to thank the person who submitted this. I, too, noticed it and was irritated by it. The best part of your post was the last line! P.S., why is the chief allowed to speak and the last two were not? ‘WOW - watched the video on the Press And Journal website, and the new police chief referred to his department as the Middletown Township Police Department. Really? Did we merge with Lower Swatara or Londonderry townships? I believe I spied Courogen lurking in the background – isn't he the one who is supposed to communicate what's going on in the borough? Maybe he could communicate to the new chief that he's actually the chief of the Middletown Borough Police Department. Details. Council wants to look at all of the details. Here's your sign!’ ”


“If your son was injured in the fire at Demp’s, I'm not sure why the borough would be footing the bill. But let's assume it's their responsibility. I strongly urge you to talk to Dave Judy and see if you can get the money in small claims court, or just get a lawyer. The borough is currently being managed by buffoons, and you probably can't wait until next year when we have a competent one.”


“I wish each individual post in Sound Off had a thumbs up button and a thumbs down button that we could click on.”


“Does anyone know what the demand rate is that is charged to commercial businesses like Village of Pineford? I can't get an answer at the borough and I can't get an answer from Village of Pineford office. They are charging us way more than the current ‘capped’ fee. They say it's because of the demand fee. They aren't supposed to be charging us more than what they pay. The office manager at Village of Pineford told me that the demand fee is charged to each transmitter and then they divide that amount by the number of apartments on that transmitter. I'm paying for empty apartments as well. That's not fair. Are they allowed to charge us more than what the borough charges them for electric? I don't think they should be able to charge us more than their commercial rate. Next, I called the PUC, and the PUC says they are supposed to show the demand rate when they send us our bill. But that fee is not on our bill. How do I file a complaint, and who do I file a complaint with? I can’t ever get anyone at the borough to give me a straight answer. Guess I have to go to the Attorney General’s office. This is absolutely ridiculous.”


“It’s time for the Press And Journal to try to be fair and balanced with the Borough Council. Nobody can really say they are not trying to run the town with their best interest being for the residents, not the employees.”


“Hey Courogen, BOLOGNA, these town hall meetings are nothing but a way to spread council's lies through the quick tongues of their overpaid consultants. Why don't you save your money and our time and just write another piece of propaganda ‘Middletown Matters?’ And as far as the comment this will not be political, how convenient you plan these right before elections! Morgan must need more money for another boat!”


“Can someone get in touch with the League of Women Voters to sponsor a candidates' debate for Middletown council elections?”


“OK, deal with it  – I'm a proud parent and very excited to see my kids' name in the Press And Journal for being on the honor roll. It may seem like nonsense news to some but I know my kids like the recognition, and I thank the paper for printing it.”


“Can anyone tell me when can someone start collecting Social Security?”


“STILL waiting for some type of decision on the plans for downtown Middletown. See that the movie theater is still open. I like the different types of movies they're showing.”


“Hey, people, chill about the Demp’s building. It takes a lot of time and paperwork to sort out what has and can be done. Have some compassion.”


“Exelon, what have you done lately for Middletown besides collect a lot of money by selling us power? Seem to recall you supported many things in town. What happened?”


“Read the story in the Journal about the septic tank law in Londonderry Twp. What a cluster that's going to be when all of them camps on the islands in the river have to be inspected and made legal. Oh, boy!”


“Not enough room in Dauphin County Prison? Hey, Dauphin County Commissioners, we've got plenty of room in the borough for a DCP2! Come on down. THAT should create plenty of jobs for townies.”


“The high school's ‘Grease’ performance was fantastic!”


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