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Sound Off--03/06/13

Posted 3/5/13

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"I, for one, miss the spiritual guidance that was posted a couple weeks back. Please shine …

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Sound Off--03/06/13



“Not worth the 75 cents you pay anymore . . . ”

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 “What a shame – you have a councilwoman admitting she . . . ”



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 “I see in the Journal that Mr. Reid was not concerned . . . ”



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“My fellow Middletownians, you can thank this current council for the chaotic state this borough is in. You now have unqualified people like Felty that was handpicked by McNamara trying to run a finance department, late bills, double bills, no one answers the phone, a secretary that thinks he is the manager, a manager that who knows what he thinks, a financial advisor, Mark Morgan, who just got another contract to review the authority finances. This clown has done nothing but get rich off the residents – this is the same guy that recommended only one lineman to keep our power on, and four highway workers to keep the town going. No wonder he lives in Swatara Twp.!”


“I cannot believe the letter of resignation from Leslie Givler. I believe she is bitter because she got beat out for council, and now she will be seen how she doesn’t work – like husband, like wife.”


“Thank you, Borough Council, for making tough decision to get the borough under control. Maybe the Obama clan could take some lessons. We will be there to put you back in office next election.”


“Has anyone taken notice how nice it is to come down through town and see how nice it is without trees?”


“Anyone that voted for Obama, I hope you have the nerve to tell your children and grandchildren you voted for the man that destroyed the USA.”


“Read John 3:16. This is the only way to heaven. Follow Romans’ road.”


“I'll preface this by saying that I have the utmost respect for the Middletown Police Department. Not so much for our elected officials, but definitely for our policemen, so . . . several weeks ago I sent an e-mail to the mayor regarding the flat-out criminal behavior (property destruction, drug activities, etc.) of some of my recently-moved-in neighbors. I also sent copies of that e-mail to the chief of police and the president of Borough Council, and I'm STILL waiting for an acknowledgement of receipt of that e-mail (despite a REQUEST for acknowledgement) from ANY of them, much less ACTION to rectify the situation. Heck, at this point, I'd almost be happy just to receive a standardized, sterile FORM LETTER with bull crap lip-service about how "concerned" borough leadership is and how they're "doing everything we can to maintain your quality of life." Absolute nonsense. COMPLETELY unacceptable. It seems the only action initiated by my e-mail was to do away with the e-mail contact addresses of our "leadership" on the borough website! I'm irritated at this very moment because one of the criminals at the residence I reported has been driving around (obviously unconcerned) in an unregistered vehicle, despite seeing and hearing with my own eyes and ears (about a week ago) said criminal being "instructed" by Middletown police to get the vehicle registered. What's the message here? That the police are unable to deal with the "massive" amount of crime in the borough? That some lawless behaviors simply aren't worth pursuing? That it's merely a free-for-all in our neighborhoods, and law-abiding, tax-paying, property-owning citizens simply have to put up with the criminal riff-raff that moves into our midst? Middletown is NOT The Bronx and (when we get these new part-time officers) should have PLENTY of police to clean up the few problem areas in this town. They simply have to step up their game. Isn't that what the governments have been telling us (in these challenging times) that WE as citizens have to do? After I've notified borough "leadership" (and I use that term VERY loosely throughout this screed) of a lawless situation and weeks later continue to see drug-related criminal behavior at the address I've identified, perhaps it's an indicator that it's time to RADICALLY re-think our local government, and I do mean RADICALLY. Of course, most people won't give a hoot about ANY of this; they simply don't want to be distracted from their TV programs, their cell phones, their YouTube videos or tonight's football game – at least not until criminal riff-raff uncaringly and uncompromisingly shove themselves into THEIR lives. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!! DEMAND that the quality of life you've worked long and hard for be respected and maintained. It's NOT unreasonable to ask this of our PAID "leadership" and peacekeepers!”


“I can't believe Rachelle Reid has the nerve to run for Borough Council this coming election! She is washed up, and is not a quality candidate.”


“If it comes down to Rachelle Reid, Robert Louer and David Rhen, please vote for Louer and Rhen. Reid should have never been on council – she rode her uncle's tails into office.”


“Middletown Council, THAT'S a constructive use of time and MONEY! Go after previous officials. Just wait until you're out!’’


“I can't remember the last time I saw a Middletown cop walking downtown. And please don't tell me it's a waste of time!”


“I loved the idea about having a Zombie Walk in downtown Middletown. Can we make this happen? That's real grass-roots marketing!”


“I would love to see MAMS Principal Kevin Cook @ the high school! Mr. Eppinger all over again! :-)”


“So, Elks Theatre - can I buy a brick or something outside of the theater? I don't have a lot of money, but I would think this might be a good idea!”


“STILL looking at that old van parked in a yard off Emaus Street. No license. This is an eyesore. And council wants to clean up this town. Is the reason this isn't taken care of is because of who owns this mobile storage unit? Spin that one!”


“Bob Givler has to be the friendliest cop I ever met. And to think we let him slip through our fingers in Middletown! Oh, that's right – he wouldn't goosestep to the borough's barking orders.”


“You know, it took real courage for Leslie Givler to spell it out as to the reason she left the borough. Being bullied by borough officials was too much for anyone. And did you ever go to a meeting and listen to how disrespectful the borough people are to almost everyone? Disgraceful.”


“NO SALE OF OUR ASSETS! Especially our water and sewer, our electric department, our trucks, our paid-for police vehicles. King Little seems to be doing everything he can to bankrupt our town. You may not get confirmation of that this year, but everything they are doing now will certainly destroy this town one or two years down the road.”


“I would like to thank council for doing a great job. I see employees working and not riding around all day. Electric bills are down, spending is under control. They are finding out what the past council did to take care of the clique. And Mr. Webb leaving the borough is the best thing that happened. He did not earn his positions in the borough – he was part of the clique that was ruining the borough.”


“I would like to welcome the chief of police. We are blessed to have someone with your experience.”


“Wake up, people. Obama is destroying this country so fast. Why would you vote for a guy who tells you we are raising your taxes to pay so more people can go on welfare and get food stamps. Are you not smart enough to spend your own money? This man is destroying America from the inside out just like Rome did. He is supplying Syria, the brother Muslim ‘hood, tanks and F16 planes so they can use them on Israel, our closest friend.”


“OK, Middletown Council, cut the police department to the bone, and then you have something like this guy who's missing that requires extra time, manpower to conduct a search and investigation. WHO pays for that? Better yet, WHO will do it now that you're slicing the department to next to nothing? You endanger this community with your self-proclaimed righteousness and self-ordained power. You will regret this.”


“WOW - watched the video on the Press And Journal website, and the new police chief referred to his department as the Middletown Township Police Department. Really? Did we merge with Lower Swatara or Londonderry townships? I believe I spied Courogen lurking in the background – isn't he the one who is supposed to communicate what's going on in the borough? Maybe he could communicate to the new chief that he's actually the chief of the Middletown Borough Police Department. Details. Council wants to look at all of the details. Here's your sign!”


“My son was taken to the hospital on Jan. 1 from the bar fire at Main and Race streets. My son received two bills each from the hospital and the ambulance. My son gave the bills to the fire chief, who in turn gave them to the borough. Now the ambulance company is calling and asking for payment. I told them that the bills were turned over to the Middletown Borough. I would like to know when these bills are going to be paid. This will look bad on his credit report. This Friday, March 1 will be 3 months since the fire. I do hope they get paid before this is posted in the Press And Journal. This will probably have to go before Borough Council to get approval, but I certainly hope not. Thank you.”


“You meet the nicest people at the Seven Sorrows Fish Fry!”


“Let’s talk about all the successful years of coaching by the girls’ basketball coach! OK, that was fast!”


“Hey, Courogen, I am tired of listening to your lies on TV. I highly doubt any resident had a $2,000 electric bill – and if they did, maybe our police department should investigate for possible criminal activity using sun lamps to grow stuff. McNamara trained you well – only 10 more months of listening to you. Come on, January 2014!”


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