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Sound Off: 02/19/14

Posted 2/18/14

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“A big thank you to the young lady who delivers…”


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Sound Off: 02/19/14



:( “Can anyone tell me when the decorations are going to be taken from the trees in Middletown’s square? They’re getting ruined. That’s such a waste of money and a slap in the face to the people who took the time and effort to make the square look nice. Is someone just getting back at someone and just being petty?”

:( “My car was ticketed for parking and there were no signs on the road telling me I couldn’t park there. What gives? Nice way to pad your budget.”

:) “The article in the Journal about St. Peter’s Church was wonderful. Thanks to the Press And Journal for doing it and thanks to the church for being a showpiece for our great town. You make me proud.”


:( “I don’t do Facebook. I don’t do the Internet. I can’t believe that’s what the borough says when I ask things like, ‘When does council meet?’ or “What streets are closed?’ or “When are you open?’ ”

:( “I can’t believe that with today’s economy being what it is the borough still won’t accept cash when I pay my electric and water bills. I can’t afford a checking account and I don’t have a debit card. So you make me buy a money order to do this. I’m going plunk down my cash and walk out – and try to stop me and tell me I can’t pay my bill with legal tender. Go ahead – take me to DJ Judy. I know I’ll win that one.”

:( “So let me get this straight: We now have a borough secretary and a public relations person and all total that’s costing over $80,000 a year? Where did we find the money for that? Tell me, does Derry Twp. have a PR person? Does Hummelstown? Does Elizabethtown? Save your breath because I can answer that: No. None of them do. Who voted this one in? Come on, new council, stop this crap.”

:) “A perfect winter’s evening? Go to the Elks and take in a movie.”

:) “Nice to see our governor visiting Kuppy’s Diner. I know he was treated well at this wonderful business owned locally. Support them people. It’s a gem – and you should appreciate what you have.”


:| “Come on, Middletown, get behind your kids. Support them when they’re in plays, playing in the bands. You don’t have to only be proud of them when they win games in sports. There’s more to life than sports – and, quite honestly, when you look at today’s athletes they’re nothing more than pompous peacocks being way overpaid. You’re fools to worship them.”


:| “Who has the best pizza in Middletown and Highspire? Just asking.”


:( “I'm tired of spending a hundred dollars at Giant and coming home with nothing. Talk about price gouging. What I can't get at Sharp Shopper looks like I'll be getting at Costco.”


:( “When you drive through Middletown after a snow, the roads are mostly clear and just wet. Then you get to Royalton and have to put your vehicle in four-wheel drive just to make it home. And how about giving the school bus stops a little plow attention? Oh, wait – there are no school bus signs at the school bus stops, so how could anyone ever find them? A dozen kids or so standing together just might be a tip off.”

:) “Thanks to all of the hard-working men and women who plowed, shoveled and cindered our roads. You people are the best!”


:( “I see where the borough now is spending big bucks on paying people to remove the snow. That’s what happens when you cut all of the workers. And did you ever stop to think that those jobs you eliminated were done by people who lived here, paid taxes, supported our town. Well they’re gone now – and so is their tax dollars and support for our town and support for you. Foolish. Just really foolish that you couldn’t see beyond the dollars and cents.”

:) “I would just like to thank the officers from Lower Swatara for their help in the neighborhoods, getting the cars off the streets, and for helping the residents push and shovel their cars out. You went above and beyond what you should have done. Thank you, guys, for actually attempting to find the owners of cars parked on the streets rather than just ticket and tow the cars. I also saw that a bunch of cars got towed and I'm sure there are some very unhappy people, but all I can say is you knew it was coming – it was on TV – and if you lived here in the township for any length of time you know that every time it snows and they declare a snow emergency you need to move your cars. This helps the entire neighborhood out, and should an emergency arise makes room for the crews to respond safely. If your car got towed, it was by nobody’s fault but your own.”

:) “Thank you, Lower Swatara Twp. Public Works Department, for getting the streets cleared off so quickly. You guys were on the ball and had pavement showing before the end of the storm. Good job.”

:) “Just like to thank the Lower Swatara officers who helped me get my car unstuck from the snow rather than just having the car towed. Thanks again for your help.”


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