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Sound Off: 02/12/14

Posted 2/12/14



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Sound Off: 02/12/14



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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



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“Yes, I was just calling to say…” 

:( “Wake up. Obama is destroying America. Please watch ‘2016: Obama’s America.’ It is happening.”

:| “I want to make a suggestion to the area towns: If you have a snow emergency, send a police cruiser around the town announcing the emergency over the car’s public address system. Not everyone has phones or computers. That would be a real public service.”

:( “Can I make a complaint regarding leaving Christmas decorations up all year long? It is really trashy, and we have enough going against our town to begin with. Please take down your ornaments and old icicle lights from your houses. I loathe seeing that tacky stuff up year-round. Thanks.”

:( “Fortunately, the girls’ basketball team does not have to play Palmyra, Lower Dauphin, Hershey, Susquehanna and Mechanicsburg like the field hockey team does. It would be nice if there was some consistency for the girls in the same school.”

:| “I believe the kids should not have to go to school to make up the snow days. Let’s be serious people – the last two weeks of school are a waste. Ask any kid and an honest teacher who will admit it. The state requirement is pointless and old. Get with the times, people.”

:( “And tell me, how long were you on the phone trying to get a straight answer out of Middletown with the power loss?”

:( “I wish people would quit complaining about the police. With no leadership, oversight, or professionalism for at least 20 years, what do you expect now? I was a victim of a crime, told the officer who committed the crime in my verbal and written statement, and after that, was willing to let them know how to prove the allegations. I was told I would get a follow-up response with questions for clarification and to let me know the status. After 10 months, and me trying to call them for answers to what is going on, I have heard nothing. They do not return phone calls because they have no way to give other officers messages because the council does not want the police and they are not given the tools to leave messages. Yes, that is what I was told. I guess tablets and pens or pencils are unavailable, along with a set of inboxes for officers. After about three months into this investigation, I was called by another officer and falsely accused of a crime in regards to my complaint. Yes, that is true – and I still have his professional voicemail for proof. I was speaking to an acquaintance who is in law enforcement elsewhere in the area about this, and this individual mentioned a name from MPD and asked if he was involved, and I said yes, he was the one who falsely accused me of a crime without any hints or names given by me. The point of this is that Middletown police have a reputation, well-earned, but the type of reputation that is not the type wanted by us taxpayers. Get rid of them all and start over; we taxpayers would be much better off on our own. Look out, senior citizens going too slow for conditions – and to all real criminals, you are in the right place. At least 7-Eleven and Turkey Hill is safe, though. If I could sell property in this town without giving it away, I would be long gone! Maybe the police should be forced to live in the town that they are well-involved in ruining. Look out. balloon salesmen during the next parade, Tasers may be used!”

:) “I wanted to say job well done to Tom Foreman in Middletown. He gave us straight answers and was everywhere during the snow and ice storm. His community spirit is something I want my kids to have because he is an excellent role model.”

:| “I think it would be a good idea if Penn State Harrisburg and the borough get together and sponsor a movie night at the Elks Theatre. Don’t charge for it. Make use of this wonderful place. Cooperate and realize deep down you all have the same goals - making Middletown a better place. What’s going to cost you a couple of hundred bucks for the movie and ads but the benefits of this - priceless!”

:| “Heard about the Puppy Bowl with the dog that resides here in town. That’s great and everything, but I didn't know that in town Middletown (200 block of Union Street) was zoned for a dog rescue/kennel. I live four houses away and can hear those dogs barking excessively various times of the day, night and morning.”

:) “I want to shout out to say the new librarian in Middletown is wonderful. She’s a good person and will not buckle under the heel of the borough. You go!”

:( “The Olmsted Regional Recreation League for basketball is such a horrible disgrace this year. Half the time the kids don't know when they have practice or a game. Oh, wait – all the travel teams do, but not the rec. teams. Why couldn't they just let the league the same as it was last year and make the changes next year. If the people that are in charge were handed it to them at last minute…then again, it should have been a repeat of the previous years. It is such a mess this year with many disappointed parents.”

:( “Mike Folmer needs to go. If he is going to support pot for medical reasons I will not vote for him again. Next thing you know it will be for casual use.”

:) “I, for one, want to thank the little league basketball people in Middletown. You put up with a lot of stuff, especially from the parents who are convinced their little darlings are superstars. Well, they’re not. Pride in your kids is good, but be serious, folks. These coaches are volunteers, giving their nights and weekends for our future. Can you be as constructive and selfless?”

:| “Is it true there’s no Kuppy’s car show this year? Didn’t see anything in the P&J. What happened?”

:) “I applaud CVS for banning cigarettes. The habit is disgusting and deadly. And for your information, I’m an ex-smoker, so don’t tell me I can’t say this.”

:| “Whatever happened to the Middletown Alumni Band? Didn’t District Judge Dave Judy play in it? I would like to see them do a small concert - maybe at the Elks? That would be fun, don’t you think?”

:| “Can anyone suggest a cheap but reliable internet service in Middletown, Highspire? I can’t afford Comcast or Verizon. Any help would be appreciated.”

:) “I think it’s wonderful the Middletown Volunteer Fire Department made its beautiful facility available to our people who needed shelter this winter. You people make me proud to live here. God bless all of you.”

:( “I, for one, would like to see all candy banned from our schools because our kids are hyper enough as it is. And those kids are fat, too, because they don’t have to exercise anymore. I bet the heavy kids all have fat parents. What an example.”

:| “Read the story in the Journal about the dude who smashed his car into the front of the building downtown. Guess what – he wasn’t a Penn State student. Put that in your pipe, all you student haters.”

:| “Does anyone know if they will charge for parking at the new train station in Middletown? I really hope not.”

:( “Reply to: ‘Obama is destroying America. I work for my money and I should keep it. If you are a Democrat please wake up, he is destroying our lives and our children.’ If it was not for President Obama and the fiscal policies which he promoted, the recession of 2008/2009 would have made 1929 seem like a minor market correction. The only troubling aspect of his two-term run have been the Republicans (and their Tea Party cohorts) with their attitude of initially one term and out ,then pushing failure at anycost. That cost is what you have experienced.”

:( “So my power’s been off for hours, just to find out that what you people call King Mac got rid of all the borough’s linemen and just hired two electricians to save money. They are probably his friends like the rest of the people he hired. I am tired of uneducated and unethical politicians trying to run this town on horrible decisions!”

:( “So council President McNamara and his four worthless cronies on council hire his old Coast Guard buddy, who has no ties to our town and no experience in public works. I just can't believe this town puts up with such corruption.”

:( “Hey, councilors Sullivan and Brubaker, I bet your house wasn't without power all day. Just because you think the sun rises and sets around McNamara and his jealously of what your employees made…I'm 73 years old and now I got to suffer because no light department to fix the lines. I can't afford to move or I would – to a community where there are professionals on the board, not self-serving wannabes.”

:| “Middletown has a great wrestling coach, but coach, we're not a big school. It's time to move down to AA and give our kids a better chance to win. Don't say it's about the individual athlete because it's still a TEAM sport! Move down and win the titles you should've won the past several years.”


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