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Sound Off: 02/05/14

Posted 2/4/14


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Sound Off: 02/05/14


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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



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“We have a different mayor and a different council…” 

:) “Middletown Mayor Reid used to have office hours, and I went in to see him from time to time. Will our new mayor do the same? I hope so. I also remember Bob Reid sitting on a lawn chair at the corner of Main and Vine and Emaus and Union with a sign that said 'I’m your mayor – talk to me.' That’s a people’s mayor.”


:| “I was wondering why the Christmas lights are still up? It took you forever to light them and now it is taking forever to take them down? It is almost February you know. Also, why did Middletown have to BUY trees for the square to be decorated for Christmas when there are already trees planted there? Just wondering.”

(Editor's note: The Christmas lights have now been taken down for the season.)

:| “Will our new state senator, Mike Folmer, be having town meetings like Sen. Piccola used to have?”

:( “Fortunately, the Middletown girls’ basketball team doesn't have to play Hershey, Palmyra, Lower Dauphin, Susquehanna and
Mechanicsburg like the field hockey team does. It would be nice if there were some consistency within the same school.”

(Editor's note: The divisions in the Mid-Penn Conference are determined by the conference and the enrollment at each school.)

:( “Obama is destroying America. I work for my money and I should keep it. If you are a Democrat please wake up, he is destroying our lives and our children.”

:) “Garden Chapel is a awesome church. Check it out.”

:( “State of the Union Tuesday night: More lies from Obama.”

:( “Obamacare is destroying America.”


:( “Frequency correction: I want WHYL AM 960 back on air 'cause I like the format.”

:( “Whoever was in charge of the timing on the traffic light in front of CVS should have to take an IQ test. It makes very little sense that westbound traffic has to sit at a red light longer than eastbound traffic, just in case someone who isn't even at the light yet wants to turn left. It's a brand new signal, so I would think it would have technology that would allow it to sense when a car coming from the east needs to turn left into the shopping center, and stop only the westbound traffic. It makes a lot more sense than having a bunch of cars sitting longer than necessary at every single red light just in case someone happens to come along and needs to turn. And while I'm on the subject, there is absolutely no coordination of this traffic signal, the traffic signal at the exit ramp from Route 283, the one in front of the Penn State Harrisburg entrance, nor the one at the Wilson Street Bridge. The left-turn lane going into Penn State is inadequate, due to being too short. It always requires the person turning to have to brake while still in the left driving lane, and then every car behind them has to brake. Gas is quite expensive, and idling at a red light for no reason, as well as having to brake and accelerate for every light and people who are turning, are one reason I avoid using that corridor. Lower Swatara Twp. commissioners and business developers, are you listening?”

:( “Oh, great – more red lights on North Union Street in Lower Swatara Twp.! I hope these have better sensors and timers than the ones on Fulling Mill Road. Next thing you know, we'll be like Derry Twp., the most guilty of horrible red light timing and sensors!”

:) “Great job against Steel-High, Middletown Lady Raiders. What talent!”


:| “One would think the borough would find a way for Kuppy’s to have the Cruise-In. Maybe they did, but how would we know?”

:| “You can find out a lot by checking Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Just sayin’.”


:( “It’s sad that some people have become teachers when it’s clear they have no patience, and all they do is holler. Maybe a career evaluation is in order before you stop substituting and become a permanent fixture in some poor kid’s life. Get off your power trip immediately.”


:| “Uh, not that secretive – it was printed in the Press And Journal about the robbery in Lower Swatara. I imagine the police knew it wasn't a random act as well. Think before you speak. And what is a 'Section 8 coverup' anyway?”


:| “Read the story about the senior citizens getting scammed of thousands in Lower Swatara Twp. Is that happening in Middletown? Should a task force between police departments be set up to address it? I mean, it’s terrible. We have to take care of our own.”

:| “Has anyone noticed that there are almost always police cars from other police departments helping Middletown’s cops? What’s up with that? Does Middletown have to pay for that, too?"

:| “When will the new museum be open on Main Street in Middletown? The one that’s in the old dentist’s office? I read the story in the Journal but there hasn’t been any other news about it.”

:| “I missed the Python Festival at the Elks. Damn! Weather just so darn cold. Repeat it, please?”

:| “Hey, Press And Journal: The Middletown Area School Board doesn’t believe there will be a tax increase, so why did you say one will happen? I know the district has to start working on a budget and they’re telling it like it is as far as the money, but give 'em a chance. They’ll cut things back. I’m glad to read what they have to do.”

:| “Does anyone remember when there was a farmers’ market on Market Street in Middletown? You want an idea to help the community, Borough Council? Here’s one.”



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