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Sound Off--01/16

Posted 1/15/13

Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


“On Thursday morning, Jan. 3, I found a man’s ring in Giant on Main Street in the frozen food section aisle. I turned it in …

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Sound Off--01/16


 “Who’s brilliant idea was it to run a generator . . . ”

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 “I was wondering why there wasn’t more coverage of . . . ” 

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“People in Highspire, our council has done it again . . . ” 

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“I never heard of such, if you live on Pine Street . . . ” 

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“WHAT IS THE SUNSHINE LAW? Everyone is always complaining about the council being in violation of it, but what is it?”

“What will we do without Demp’s now that it’s gone?”

“McNamara is up to no good again. Why does it take two weeks to fix that problem in the borough building? I’ll tell you why – his master plan is to move the police to that new Electric Building and then build a new borough on my tax dollar. Rather than put this borough in such a chaotic situation the last two weeks I wish he would have just told us his master plan and saved the drama. Another great display of a dysfunctional council.”

“This council just got done laying off half the workforce, and crying to the citizens that they have no money, but yet in their infinite wisdom they want to purchase an antique fire truck. That was money that would have been better utilized for our volunteer firemen. People, this council is making these same horrible decisions that will be detrimental to our town for generations. Please get involved. I love my town!”

“Once again, misinformation coming from the so-transparent Borough Council and communications director. Upper management and members of council absolutely, positively knew about the situation with the generators. They are only trying to cover their tracks and find a scapegoat to drop the blame on. But who are they going to blame for the fiasco closing the borough offices for two weeks caused? Those generators only operate when needed – and when there is no power outage, they are not needed. There should have been a number for people to call if they had questions or an emergency. The voice mailboxes were full, and neither the secretary or borough manager would answer any phones (just what is their job?) – instead, you would be thrown into a phone loop. These people criticized the volunteer emergency management folks about the way things were handled during a natural disaster (and a huge disaster in our town), but they can’t even manage a broken generator. Makes me feel so secure about their decisions for our safety.”

“I hear there is a pink fire engine for sale a few states over. Council should purchase that also, so there is one for the boys and the girls to play with.”

“So now council is leasing the library employees to the library and the library board has to reimburse the borough for all wages and benefits. This does not quite sound on the up-and-up to a lot of us! If council had thought through any of their harebrained ideas before just acting on them, I am sure a lot of the current chaos in the borough offices and other departments could have been prevented. But this is what the council wanted – no one in the finance office knowing how to do the job, an incompetent IT person, not enough employees to do the current workload and no easy transition for the library after they completely cut them off.”

“I’ll park on the street in front of your house. You don’t own the street. It’s a public street. If I want to park in front of your house, I can. My taxes paid for that street. As long as I’m legally parked, you park in front of your house!”

“A law firm investigating the carbon monoxide at borough hall? Why not just fix the problem. Is the borough that big to have ‘upper management?’ ”

“Just how much more can Borough Hall be messed up? Doors were locked and the residents couldn’t get in to pay bills or even open a new account or to get electric turned on. There should have been a place set up for the people to go to and to call. Bills are late going out. Never had this happened before, but all the neighbors are upset about this. Council doesn’t care about the citizens of this town. Just the ones they are affiliated with. We need to get rid of them."



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