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Sound Off 4/20/2016

  Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted. 

• “In front of the Turkey Hill in Highspire are three trash cans. Also on the side parking area is a pile of cigarette butts someone dumped out of their car’s ashtray. What kind of primeval pond scum can’t walk 30 feet to dump their trash in a proper can?”

• “It used to be a standing joke by men as to ‘how much time our wives and daughters spent on the telephone.’ Now because of cell phones, men are just as guilty. The cell phone has turned our men into ‘girly boys.’ ”

• “So Lower Swatara’s attorney at the last meeting discussed basically why they don’t need to replace police. Maybe it was indirect but that’s what he was saying. He commended the Lower Swatara police for suppressing crime, which is exactly what they do best. So if the township attorney reports that the Lower Swatara police have been successful at suppressing crime in our area, shouldn’t the next words out of his mouth be, ‘That’s why we are replacing the officers we lost to allow them to continue to suppress crime?’ It just seems like the commissioners and their lawyers never think out in advance what they say. It’s almost an insult to the community’s intelligence that they think we can’t see through or beyond what they are saying. I mean if the police are successful, why would we not keep their manpower where it is? All the highway workers they hired instead is ridiculous because – let me tell you something, and no offense to our highway workers, but they work Monday through Friday, eight hours a day unless it snows. The police, on the other hand, work every minute of every day all year long – literally they are always working 24/7. But this board hired several highway employees who work five days a week, eight hours a day. Help me out here because this isn’t rocket science. Isn’t it obvious that we need to have a full compliment of police officers to cover every minute of every single day and night much sooner than we need highway workers? They are saying we have a great police department, so let’s take it apart. Pure genius, I tell you! Let’s continue to make cutting grass a priority over protecting life and liberty!”

• “The person who is worried about tailgaters and being hit head-on: You sound like a Nervous Nelly. You’re probably one of those drivers who can barely do the speed limit and yet still can’t negotiate curves in the road. Please do the rest of us a favor and take the bus, or stay home.”

• “Thank you, Eric Wise, for getting the story out there on how poorly the Lower Swatara Two. Police Department is paid. The commissioners have been not replacing officers that have retired or fled, not replacing necessary equipment to respond to emergencies. Quality replacements will be difficult to find and even harder to keep.”

• “I am just wondering why York Haven and the islanders can’t come up with an agreement that states their right to lease the property but they are there ‘at their own risk’ in case of any flooding. It would be the property owner’s responsibility to fix up or replace any damaged site and then FEMA would not have to be involved. Actually this is the way it should be if ANYONE built in a designated floodplain. Why should the rest of us pay extra taxes for them to rebuild if they knowingly build where there is a potential flooding issue? These folks are in the middle of a river, so flooding is bound to happen sometime or other, and the site leases should reflect that there would be no compensation for any loss or damages. As far as the on-site sewage regulations, I think the islanders definitely need to comply with that. Sewage getting into the river is detrimental to fish, people and the health of the waterway. I have no idea how that would be accomplished but I’m sure someone could come up with a solution to that predicament.”

• “There was a neutral police study done by experts in 2001 or around then that said Lower Swatara should have approximately 25 police officers to adequately protect the township. We are now down to 14. Think how much the township has grown since 2001.”

• “I have nothing against the cremation process. I have a problem with the location of the proposed crematorium. Get it? Location, location, location.”

• “If you can’t understand why the people who have cabins on the river would ask for donations to fight to keep their cabins, you should probably move out of Middletown. I’d stay away from other river towns, too. You apparently don’t even know the term ‘river rat,’ or that it’s an honor to be one.”

• “Stay uninvolved and see what becomes of the public safety in Lower Swatara Twp. At least more people carry guns today – you may have to be your own police officer soon enough.”

• “You know, they make all these laws about recycling, what if you don’t have a truck or a way to get your things to the recycle center? Then I guess you just let them pile up in your yard.”

• “Granted that cremation is a commonly accepted process, it is not without objectionable by-products. Put aside the known toxins, lead and mercury, spewed into the air – what about the probable putrid fumes being dumped upon the residents of central Middletown? We certainly don’t relish the thought of spending the good weather and fresh air sitting on our porches and patios only to breathe in the foul smell of burning human remains. Not to mention the projected 35 percent drop in property values due to this industry planted right in the middle of this close-in residential neighborhood. As to the duration of operation, it is most likely that bodies will be processed for at least Finkenbinder’s five funeral homes, if not for others from who knows where. Supposedly the people of Middletown are concerned about air quality. Well, think about this.”

• “Wonder how much money the township spent to have an attorney tell the public why we don’t need anymore police officers? Crime stats are down. Seems like a great idea to cut the department back to minimum manpower. So the police department only responds to crimes and not alarms, animal complaints, accidents, incidents that do not result in arrest, etc. One could wonder if these stats were taken into consideration? So instead of allowing our police to be ‘proactive’ and keep levels at what they need to be, we will bet that crime stats and call volume will be low for an indefinite amount of time and refuse to hire or replace officers. Why don’t do you tell the public about the hundreds of thousands of dollars ‘extra’ left over in the budget that you have, and if you’re not going to spend it on actual needs then start giving that ‘extra’ money back to the tax-paying citizens who rightfully deserve that back.”

• “I had two signs put in the corner of my yard that I removed. I got home from work yesterday and there were two more. How is this allowed? I am all for Melvin doing what he is doing for us all. I know he stays quiet, but I am thinking it is time maybe we start to let this group know how the majority feels. I for one am tired of seeing stones being thrown at a guy that gives so much.”

• “People, you better wise up – one thing I learned about watching the presidential election this year is that your votes don’t count, it’s all about the delegates. They can have a contested convention at the end and someone who hasn’t gotten one vote from the people can be the presidential nominee, if the delegates vote for him. So what’s that say about our fair election process? Your votes mean nothing in the end. Look at poor Bernie – he can win the rest of the states and in the end the super delegates will do him in. Super delegates buy the election and in the end they can go against the people and pick whom they want. Same with the Republicans, the establishment doesn’t want Trump or Cruz to win. Don’t be surprise if an outsider comes in and steals it. But in the end I feel the people that are done wrong will not vote for anyone.”

• “Mr. Finkenbinder must be doing something right if Cremation Society of Pennsylvania is so worried that they are sending a special mail card to help stop them. Why help us, your center can’t be much different.”

• “I support the Highspire fire department 100 percent. If someone does not agree with something then they need to go to the fire department and put a application in so you can say the issues you see. Thanks. – Highspire citizen.”

• “If our zoning committee ends up getting sued, who pays that bill? Borough or members for their wrong actions?”

• “Now the Lower Swatara police, already two officers down, have lost another officer for an extended period of time due to medical reasons, so the money that will be paid out in overtime now will be ridiculous. Fiscal responsibility requires some ability to look ahead, you know. Imagine if another officer goes down, what on earth will you do then to protect your community and constituents?”

• “I want to give a thanks to Lieutenant 55 of Highspire. Sultzaberger, he did an excellent job, him and his wife seen me fall on the sidewalk and I’m 63 years old. Thank you very much, I support you 100 percent. God bless you.”

• “I have a question about these signs. A lady came to the door offering me a sign to stop Finkendbinder toxins. I kindly said, ‘No thank you’ and she ended up rambling and getting very upset. I explained that I am to be cremated and I like knowing I will be taken care of by them and not given to someone else. She turned and walked away. I looked out the front window and she was putting one out between the sidewalk and the road. I went out and told her I said I do not want one. She said that is fine, but this is borough property and that she can put it there and to remove it would be illegal. Is this true?”

• “Great article, Press And Journal, about the failure to replace police in Lower Swatara Twp. You proved that the Lower Swatara police are the lowest paid in the area. You also showed what the attorney said about crime statistics dropping and that is a direct result of the great police department we have. The ultimate goal of any police department is crime prevention and the board’s attorney stated the police are doing just that in Lower Swatara. It’s working, so leave it alone and maintain it for Pete’s sake! Also it’s not just about money when deciding to replace police – it’s about public safety. The communities surrounding Lower Swatara and l seem to be on the same page, but not Lower Swatara?”

• “You can be against the crematory. Think before you act. Everyone is talking about the kids reading the signs and explaining that to them. I do agree that is horrible. The one thing that gets to me is that bullying in our schools is an issue and we all should agree that we lead by example. This funeral home has done nothing wrong. These signs are trying to bully this funeral home into not doing their business. When my fifth-grader asked if the sign at the house next to ours is a type of bullying, I had to answer, ‘Yes,’ and now I am getting pretty angry at our new council for allowing this and backing it. My understanding is no laws have been broken, rules had been followed but yet you encouraged all this because you at a meeting did not have what it takes to stand up to these people. You encouraged this mess, now fix it! I encourage everyone to get on council to stop the injustice that is happening and for allowing this type of behavior.”

• “A coroner can call an overdose whatever he likes. It doesn’t change the law. I’m all for locking up drug dealers but drug users are not victims. They choose to do the drugs. I understand it is a ‘sickness’ but if you play with fire you get burned. Maybe the families should get their kids help before it comes to an overdose. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. To me this is just another cop-out. Stop buying drugs and put them out of business!’’

• “There is no hearsay or misinformation in what the Press And Journal has reported. That’s the beauty of the media – they hold those in power accountable. The commissioners offer different explanations that just don’t make sense or add up. Lower Swatarians, you are dealing with some scary people here.”

• “Regarding smoking, grills, weed eaters, etc. I actually only use one of those items, a car – and I use it sparingly. If I were using those things I certainly would not use them 24\7 as the Finkenbinder permit to the DEP is requesting because I would expect my neighbors to find that excessive. Additionally, I now know more about this issue then I ever wanted to know and all of the research causes me concern. I choose to err on the side of caution because preventing the crematory is easier then removal after it exists. As to being foolish about the GoFundMe page and the signs, I was taught in civics class that in a democracy people are free to have differences of opinion. It needn’t be personal or hurtful. I appreciate your feedback and respect your right to express it, but I respectfully disagree.”

• “Seeing how corrupt local government is makes one fearful of the level of corruption at the state and federal government.”

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