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Sound Off 5/18/16

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

• “Everyone please stand for President Donald Trump. Hillary and the Democrats will underestimate just like all the Republicans that ran against him. No one gave him a chance and I said from the beginning he would be nominated. And I’m saying it now: Trump will be the next president, the Democrats can’t beat a movement. President Trump, we salute you. Let’s make America great again.”

• “All the Lower Swatara cops are leaving – no, seriously, they are leaving. It’s a matter of time before the township won’t be able to provide police protection to their community, as they are required to.”

• “We are not North Korea, we are not Russia, we are not Iran, etc., etc. We are America, and the people have spoken, Trump is the Republican nomination. Paul Ryan says we need to reunite the party but then he does the opposite and not endorse Trump. We don’t need people like you, Ryan – back Trump or resign or the people will vote you out. Change is good and good change is better, all you insiders screwed up this country now let an outsider straightened it out.”

• “Turned on my computer tonight and what did I see? Headlines: Penn State insurer says Joe Paterno knew about old Jerry way back in 1976. I hate to say it but I told you so. Nothing ever went down in Centre County that ‘good ole JoPa’ didn’t know about. So let’s put the statue back up, so we can take it down again. PSU people are such sheep!”

• “These stupid Republicans that don’t like Trump and want a third party to run, they are so brain dead – listen to the people, you morons. You can’t win with a third party, where do we get these people that are so brain dead? This is why our country is going downhill. I don’t know how these people get elected. The people who vote for these non-common sense politicians are a big part of the problem, too.”

• “Something residents need to know in this town is that your money is being spent on attorney fees. Sgt. Bennett has the most integrity of any police officer I have ever met, and yet he is now in his fifth month without pay for a stupid incident that happened off-duty that affected no one but himself. The past three officers that went to arbitration won over $300,000 as a result of bad attorney advice. Instead of this money going to more police officers needed for this town to have adequate protection, it is paying for more attorney fees. Do the right thing in the first place, and this needless spending can cease once and for all.”

• “WE ARE…pedophile state. Go Team.”

• “Unions protect good employees from horrible bosses.”

• “Lower Swatara is a growing township, always has been – our public service departments have to grow with it, this is simple.”

• “How many people have to ‘quit’ at Lower Swatara before someone stands up and says, ‘Enough?’ Being silent is part of the problem.”

• “I shouldn’t even respond to your Sound Off, but I can’t help myself. The police aren’t trying to scare anybody. If people speak the truth in Sound Off, oh well, sorry, the truth worries you. The police in LST absolutely need more cops – two never replaced, now a new guy left because he’d do better at a tiny PD. Right now they are down five cops and I heard several more are testing, they won’t have any cops soon. Wake up, my friend, this is real. Nobody has hit the taxpayers’ chin harder than the commissioners by using our money to talk to us through lawyers, not replacing the police protection we do pay for. Paying tax dollars for police (and it isn’t even that much) is the best investment you make with your tax dollars. Don’t say you love our police to try and make it appear that you’re on their side to legitimize your scripted post from the dark side!”

• “Typo in last Sound Off: I meant 1,900,000, not 199 million. Sorry, but you get the point.”

• “If you want to support your police, township meetings are every first and third Wednesday of the month at the township building. Ask why police are leaving and others testing, ask if they are ready and prepared to provide the township with police protection.”

• “Another one bites the dust, and another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust, hey, I’m gonna get you, too, another one bites the dust.”

• “Also, when the police discovered the glitch in the contract with new hire pay being above some veteran officers’, they brought it up to the board but nothing changed. I’m glad to see what appears to be the board or their friends sounding off now but the truth is the truth and the Press And Journal proved it. So keep keepin’ on.”

• “Look, it sounds like both Middletown and Lower Swatara have legit manpower issues which effects ‘ALL’ of us in a bad way – there is no denying that. And Mayor Curry, the Lower Swatara Police Department has 12 officers, not 16, and soon will be 10 and less and less. Why don’t Middletown and LST just merge or regionalize and be one PD? You could pool your resources, get the men you need hired together, and let Chief Bey run the show and we will all be better off and safer for it. These guys already work together and get along well – who’s going to be the pioneer to make something great like this happen?”

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