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Sound Off - 8/27/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



• “To the mayor in the town of Missouri where all this rage and looting and rioting is taking place: Take a play out of former Mayor Reid’s playbook during the 1979 TMI meltdown. He said looters will be shot.”


• “What’s up with the Sound Off Column? Don’t tell me the people it this town have run out of things to complain about! P.S., I blame it on that stupid little code that has to be entered.”

  (Editor’s Note: Addition of the “captcha feature” was necessary because of the hundreds of messages sent to Sound Off by computers.) 


• “And why did Middletown football need new helmets?”


• “To the people complaining about the Middletown Borough police: Maybe if you do not break borough codes, you would not have a gripe about them. I have made a dozen calls about trespassing, and the Middletown Borough police answered every call and resolved the problem. They were polite and did their job. Sometimes it takes time to respond because they are on another call. But they did respond. Thank you from East Emaus Street.”