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Sound Off 10/26/16

“Any man who refers to women as ‘hens’ is a classless and disgusting fool. Stop waddling around looking to hurt people, looking like Rocky, Magnum PI, Orson Wells and an old dog if they were fused together n a microwave or that device from the movie ‘The Fly.’”

“I heard Lower Swatara has approx. 20 million dollars in reserve, I wonder if that’s true? What do we get back for our tax dollars?? Anything new like a park or gym or something, they replaced ‘one’ basketball hoop at a local playground and left an old one up, seriously you couldn’t replace both and make the court better for the community, replace one hoop? Seriously who does that? How cheap can you be?”

“I just read that Americas greatest fear is corrupt government officials, then don’t vote for Clinton. This country has no right to say how corrupt other governments are. Vote for Trump he will clean house. He will get rid of the attorney general and the FBI director. Why do you think all these women are coming forward now against Trump saying what he did to them, they’re all liars? I’ll tell you the reason, it’s because Clinton is not ahead, they say she is but she is not. If you really want change for the better vote Trump.”

“Pine Street is the place to be on ‘Trick or Treat.’ I’m glad that the road is closed to traffic, but I wish the cars would park elsewhere for just the one night as it’s very crowded. I feel for the homeowners that hand out the candy, as it’s a lot of money for each homeowner. I think the great theatrics and decorating is enough from each homeowner. Pine Street as well as the local church Trunk of Treat is getting bombarded by those who live outside the borough. It would be great if everyone would donate a bag of candy to the church to give to those participating. Or a local committee could be formed so that small bags could be made up to give to each kid after they walked through Pine Street. I live on the North side of Main and we don’t get kids anymore. They tend to stay on the South side of Main. I miss handing out candy, but my own kids want to go on the South side of town too.”

“Enough already with the Halloween parades. These things have become more and more lame through the years. They are not worth the nuisance that cause the residents who live on the parade routes to have to move our cars, and then move them back again. I sat on my front porch last night and watched this parade and I was just dumbfounded. I’ve seen enough fire trucks to last me a lifetime. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Unfortunately, the entire parade was made up mostly of fire trucks from Middletown and surrounding areas. The high school marching band was okay. The highlight for me was a lady walking her two basset hounds. They were pretty cute. Other than that, I saw some guy riding around on his lawn tractor. (???) Another guy came down the street touting his disc jockey business, basically advertising himself. (???) A bunch of kids came down wearing cardboard things that were supposed to be ‘art work.’ They weren’t bad, but all I could see were the two or three in the front. They were walking so close together that I couldn’t see the ones walking in back of them. The guy who was bringing up the rear riding on his Harley went down the street and I have no idea how that had anything to do with Halloween. A couple with a young boy was out front of my neighbor’s house. The kid had to use the bathroom and asked my neighbor if their kid could go inside and use my neighbor’s bathroom. What ever happened to ‘make sure your kid uses the bathroom before you leave the house?’ I wouldn’t want strangers traipsing through my house. There were a couple of ‘floats,’ if you can call them that. String up a few corn stalks and call it a ‘float.’ I didn’t see any little kids dressed in their costumes. I think people are just not interested anymore. Ninety-nine percent of what I saw had absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. I vote we just stop it now. Have trick-or-treat night for the kiddos and call it a day.”

 “Cowards don’t write in Sound Off, cowards hurt and mistreat good hard working people to serve their own agendas. Victims write in Sound Off because it’s the only safe place they can speak freely or intelligently without retribution or being threatened or targeted.”

“I think it is terrible that people getting SS will only get $5.00 or less in 2017. All the billions we gave Iran and they’re buying weapons with it and they hate the USA.”

 “Funny who replied about the last three managers at LST being the problem and not the board? The board hand-picked all three and last one started right after they fired the other one with no advertising just their own secret selection. Also why is it that the last board had one manager for 25 years with no problems? Yeah, I definitely blame this board for all the problems the Twp. has endured since they took over. There was never issues and animosity in LST before this board took over and the turnover rate is insane. This board is very lucky the residents have tolerated them and allowed them to carry on the way they have. Just take a look at the big picture, it’s quite obvious that LST has never had worse leadership!”

“Yes, Trump may be a dirt bag. May be horn dog. May be pompous and arrogant. But he is correct on the issues and will get a conservative on the Supreme Court. It’s not the person you’re voting for it’s the issues. Vote Trump!”

 “So Lower Swatara is going to pay this ‘interim manager’ about $70,000 for six months of work?? That’s our tax dollars to pay this guy $100 an hour? Funny how easily they can throw big money around and use their lawyers at will (who we all pay for) but the board fought the police tooth and nail to replace two police officers which we definitely needed. See it’s all about the board serving the board not the community, what has the Twp. ever gotten back? For all the tax dollars we all pay what have they done for the Twp. except pay lawyers to clean up their messes.”

“I wish the Press And Journal would investigate further into all the issues that have seemed to arisen under the current board of commissioners. They can blame whomever they want, they’re ultimately in charge and are tremendously failing the residents, the township, and its employees. Never before has a board caused so many issues, four managers in about the same amount of years, three different heads of the police, three different heads of public works. That’s ten (10) total leadership positions that have come and gone under the current board. Rob Paul worked until retirement. Chief Malawitz worked until retirement. Bob Graul worked until retirement. Why now can’t the township keep any leadership? Do they not all follow the ‘vision’ of some commissioners or are those ‘visions’ the actual downfall of the township? Why is the township now paying some Expert tens of thousands of dollars to run the township or paying an accounting firm to handle the finances? I mean come on, this current leadership has cut and cut and cut and now it seems like the township is bleeding money because of these decisions. Did it really save money in the end? Time for a change. This board needs to go. They have proven their incompetence more than enough.”

“I’m sick of the people saying there is no proof that the election is rigged. Well it was rigged from the start for Bernie. And I hope all Bernie supporters remember that and vote Trump.”

“Well, another Middletown Halloween parade was spoiled by certain individuals whose depth of rudeness and disrespect knows no bottom. Despite polite requests for consideration, the crassness was indiscriminately directed toward the moms, dads, and yes, grandparents, who were trying to enjoy the parade. If you were upset about the number of “D” rankings of our schools recently published by the Department of Education, don’t blame the administration or teachers. Just go to the Halloween parade next year and that’ll explain everything.”

 “If you don’t want bad press or negative Sound Offs stop doing all the negative and hurtful dumb stuff to people and watch how bad press magically goes away. I don’t think anybody believes that bad press and negative comments that have been this steady for this long aren’t valid complaints and concerns.”

 “Hi brothers and sisters, it’s the P&J Pastor again. Why waste these years doing bad when an eternity of happiness awaits you by doing good? This is not our true home. The short amount of time we have here is like a grain of sand on a beach compared to our heavenly future. Make sure you’re there!”

“One thing about this current LST board is their actions speak so much louder than their words, and that is not a good thing at all.”

“Hillary Clinton should be in jail, she lied to congress which I think is a joke, and they all talk and do nothing. The election is rigged; she already had loads of delegates voting for her before she even said she was running. By her being allowed to run with just these two reasons, that’s proof the election is rigged for her to win. The Democrats were the ones inciting violence at Trump rallies that’s been proven.”

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Sound Off 10/19/2016

“Hey The Penn state housing is not in MIDDLETOWN it is built in Lower Swatara, so there is no tax benefit. Unlike Caravan Court with is a revenue for the Borough.”

“Why does Middletown Borough let that camper sit on Frey Ave.? It’s always there, now it must be there permanently. It’s sitting on four jacks and the wheels are blocked. ANSWER: because it’s LEGALLY ON THE STREET.”

“Forget Russia rigging the election, worry about the Democrats rigging it.”

“I am a Trump supporter and I admit he has said some awful things, but Hillary has done awful things, a big difference.”

“I can’t stand when people talk about things that they have NO clue what they are even talking about. I am not sticking up for this LST board in any way, but if you had to work with the past three managers in LST you would understand why the board/township just had to hire consultants to come in and fix what they screwed up, neglected to do, or didn’t know how to fix themselves. So before you rant on and on about the board running the past three managers out of town get the facts! That is the truth and the facts.”

“Don’t believe everything you hear, Trump will be next president and he will win by a landslide.”

“Paul Heise’s column is just one big ad for the democrats. I don’t have a problem with the differing opinions in the Press And Journal, but this bozo doesn’t make any points. Time and time again, he’s just a flunky for the DNC! Can you find someone else who will articulate the issues better?”

“Trump won’t quit like Sanders did. Sanders was all talk and no backbone.”

“I’m really sick and tired of people complaining about citizens parking their boats and campers on the streets of Middletown. As the Mayor of Caravan Court, I BEEN parking my boat on the street. I BEEN parking my 32-foot travel camper on the street. The only thing greater than being a Blue free parking. Ya feel me?”

“I think Hillary got it wrong, It’s her backer’s that are the scumbags during this campaign. It’s her supporters that go around stealing lawn signs. It’s her supporters that go to Trump rallies and cause a commotion. And they go there with no other intention than to do that.”

“Why wasn’t the Blue Wave band playing pep songs at the Palmyra game Friday night? We have an undefeated team and our band was just sitting there! I could hear Palmyra’s band playing loud pep songs and Middletown’s band was just sitting there? We have a football team to be proud of, let’s play for them!”

 “Citizens observing illicit discharge during normal office hours should contact the Township immediately at (717) 939-9377. Observances after hours should be reported immediately by phoning (717) 558-6900.’ When this is highlighted on the front page of your townships home page something needs to be addressed. Wake up LST!”

“In reply to: ‘If it weren’t for the ‘Hipsters’ there wouldn’t be any business in this town. Unlike you and your ‘real men’ they are responsible, educated, and law abiding.’ Speaking as a boomer, the boomer generation was a farce, nothing but self-serving greedy individuals who feel they are entitled due to the efforts of maybe 0.001% in that generation who actually accomplished something, there are very, very few Steve Jobs. If all of you millennials do not push out the old people from the decision making chain and take control, the next 50 years in this country will be devastating and the effects will become global. While Hillary may not be an angel, she is certainly the best chance to start changes (yea I know she is one of us but all the allegations are nonsense, I had a front row seat watching the game). Time for all of you to recognize your opportunity and responsibility; get involved at both political and business levels. First thing is for all of you to press congress to do something about student debt, $1 trillion plus may seem like a lot but it really is nothing compared to what transpired 2008 thru 2010 with the financial markets when they were bailed out. Without the cash flow available economic growth will stagnant. The next serious risk is oil, yes it is down at $50 a barrel from the $100 and yes the profits provide a source of investment for other areas but that addiction and the next bubble (say 15 years or so) will take out a serious portion of the economy. Alternatives including next gen nukes (pebble bed reactors) are the only path to make oil a commodity like cotton tin and pork bellies. As for the environment, you will be enduring major climate change. I would not touch a coastal house if it was given to me, it takes a minimum of 50 years for effects to be noticed, both positive and negative but you need to continue your stance on the matter. These old people whining in here are of no consequence, take control of the world all of you will be living in, they won’t be around to suffer from what they did.”

“Hi everyone, it’s the P&J Pastor inviting you to church this Sunday. Any church! You’ve let your life become lazy. Satan is putting his stamp on unbelievers every day. God has selected you for his team. Make this the week that you get back in the game!”

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Sound Off 10/12/2016

Sound off contributions are published as submitted. 

“I just want to say Job Well Done and Thank You to Middletown Borough Electric Dept. for the fast response to the power loss in Oak Hills on Thursday morning Sept. 29 during the rain storm. It was back on in 1 hr. 15 minutes. If we would have sold the Electric Distribution System to Met-Ed or another company (as old council wanted), we probably wouldn’t have had our power restored till the next day. Also a Good Shout Out to the new Borough Council, things are finally starting to look up in Middletown. Keep up the good work!!”

“How come the people that live in Caravan Court have to find out in the Press And Journal that the state wants to buy Caravan Court? The people of Caravan Court are being told nothing that is happening. I am for the buyout it has not been the same since the flood nor will it ever be.”

 “I finally figured out why so many people in this country are becoming anti-American, I can sum it all up in one word, the Democrats. Everything is going to hell with their way of thinking and political correctness.”

“Write this down or cut it out of the paper and stick it on your refrigerator: Hillary Clinton will win the election and then just like with Jimmy Carter, six months later you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who will say they voted for her. The only bumper stickers you’ll see will be the ones saying ‘Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for her.’”

 “In response to: ‘Boo Hoo, Vaper’s have to pay more in taxes. What a shame. Us non-smokers have to put up with second hand smoke and now second hand Vape. You people stink! Enjoy the taxes!’ My response: ‘lol’”

“The Democrats finally see that Obama care is a train wreck and the costs are soaring. The Republicans were right all along.”

“In 1972 I didn’t pay any income tax for the previous three years. Flood damage and the tax laws gave me that break. Now tell me, why would you pay taxes you don’t legally have to??”

“I would like to respond to the person who wrote the following: “All these breweries coming to Middletown. Nothing but a bunch of hipsters with their vapes and $7 hard ciders. I remember when Middletown was full of real men. We sat at Demp’s and drank Old Mil Pounders and smoked Marlboro Reds. We didn’t take no stinkin’ Uber, we just rolled the dice and drove. Most of the time it worked. These Millenial’s make me sick. Go Eagles.” If it weren’t for the ‘Hipsters’ there wouldn’t be any business in this town. Unlike you and your ‘real men’ they are responsible, educated, and law abiding. When you choose to get behind the wheel after consuming a nasty, cheap Old Mil Pounder you’re breaking the law. You were just lucky that you didn’t plow into and kill another person who may have worked a late shift and was on their way home. Millennials are open minded, law abiding, hard working, educated people who put many here in the borough to shame. You need to change your heart or you’ll continue to be hateful, closed minded, and lack taste in the pleasures of a good life!”

 “From a very reliable source, I heard one or two former commissioners who served the township before this group might consider running for office in 2017.”

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Sound Off 10/5/2016

“This is to the Eagles fan complaining about hipsters, Millennial’s, and their use of Uber. Any ‘real man’ who ‘rolls the dice’ by drinking and driving with the possibility of injuring or killing another innocent person is what makes me sick!”

 “This Twp. manager didn’t even last a year and honestly I don’t think it was her fault, nor the fault of the previous two that also ‘quit,’ maybe she’ll do an interview and speak openly like the free American she is. Why would anybody just walk away from a job like that, doesn’t make much sense? Well next batter up! The turnover rate of different department heads at Lower Swatara since this board has been in office is quite concerning. But I’m sure they were ‘all’ wrong and not the board – laughable!” 

“Your columnist Paul Heist is a true liberal nut job. Hey, lets just allow anyone in the country. I sure am glad he’s a retired college professor so no more young minds get ruined by his unintelligent thinking.”

“The Carter administration said, ‘The steel industry in this country isn’t worth saving.’ The Clinton administration passed the NAFTA agreement and gave China ‘preferred nation’ status. The Obama administration is presently working on getting the ‘Pacific rim trade treaty’ passed. All these things cost America good paying jobs. So why is the United Steelworkers of America sending me literature trying to get another Democrat made president?”

 “Funny thing about this board is they have literally created every bad word and press said about them all by themselves - you guys are truly your own worst enemies, you can only push your luck so far. It’s amazing that the people of Lower Swatara have not called them on the carpet yet, and not just for how badly they’ve weakened a once thriving successful and great police department, it’s a tragedy going unchecked by the residents of our township. If people knew what was going on and realized how powerful they can be by speaking out they’d have these five on the run! Can we see a breakdown of everything they’ve used our tax dollars on, like what’s been bought what hasn’t been bought, lawyer fees, individual raises for specific employees, etc., etc.?”

“Middletown Codes Office Phone Number 717-902-0706 ext. 106 and 107. If you’re not leaving your message on one of these two extensions your not leaving them with the CODES DEPARTMENT. Which is WHY NO ONE IS RETURNIG YOUR CALL.”

 “I believe there is also a receptionist job open at LST? Frequent turnover there speaks loud and clear that changes need to be made at the very top.”

 “All these people that are getting immunity that know what Clinton has done is a disgrace to our justice system, people now you know how crooked Hillary is. I would give my soul to the devil before I ever voted for Clinton. And anyone who pleads the fifth is guilty. We really need Trump as President, we need law and order back in this country and get away from this politically right crap, the last I heard we had freedom of speech. These people against flying the American flag, against saying a prayer, against the Pledge of Allegiance, and the list goes on and on, what about the people’s right that wants these things, it can’t be a one way street. If you people can’t see how bad this country is getting under Democratic rule there is something wrong with you. Hillary is not going to do anything for you people or she would have done it by now. Like Barkley said the black people are brainwashed and that’s the God’s truth.”

“Better late than never, thanks to the board for replacing two police officers. This will greatly benefit our public safety and afford the current police officers some much needed help. Hopefully we can stay the course in maintaining our professional and dedicated police force. Two steps forward let’s not take any steps backwards.”

 “I hope the state buys out Caravan Court, it’s an eyesore, too much noise, and Middletown is worried about losing some revenue. What about all the revenue they’re getting from the Penn State housing and new businesses? Most of the mobile homes are beat up and look like crap, all the house owners on Frey Ave. should be all for it. There’s no law and order there and people do what they want. Some places there the people have two or three dogs in a mobile home, everyone parks wherever they want and not in their driveways and there is loud cars and bikes and music. The rules say no loud vehicles, one dog to a mobile home. The best thing that could ever happen to Middletown is to get rid of Caravan Court.”

“Several things that ‘they’ forgot to take into consideration when ‘they’ designed and decided to make downtown intersections so narrow and the design of slopes on the sidewalks is: rain, melting snow and water runoff. Go and look at the water pools at the ends of the sidewalk when it’s raining. The water runoff has nowhere to go. Wait until snow melts and freezes this winter. I can hear the lawsuits being drawn up already! As for the narrowing, had to go and get a new tire after my tire hit the curb when I turned right onto Union Street from Emaus Street because of another car coming the opposite way and the road being so narrow I couldn’t swing out and had to ‘hug’ the curb. SMH”

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