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Sound Off 8/24/16

“If you can afford to have a trailer, camper or boat you can afford to park them some- where other then on the street. Why should I look out my window and all I see is your things parked out there that you might move once a year?”

“Every year I get new glasses and every year they’re crooked on me. I adjust and adjust and I go back and they adjust and adjust and to no avail they are always crooked. And I now finally found out what the problem is, my head is crooked.

“I live in the borough. I DO NOT want a merged police department. We need officers who are dedicated to our town, not patrolling other coverage areas. It’s bad enough that we never see police on our streets. I’m so fed up, I’m about to rent my house to a bunch of college students and move out of the area all together. This town has so much potential, but once again we have ‘leaders’ who want to shove their agenda down our throats. They should be taking care of the things that matter to us, like getting Ann St. paved and our streets swept.”

“Comment from the 8/10 Sound Off: The streets of Middletown are coming around and things are getting straightened out for the betterment of the community on a hole. I laughed so hard! I thought we were trying to better the whole community, not the hole community!”

“In the past two Sound Off’s, there has been a request for Long John Silvers, KFC and Dunkin Donuts. Are you kidding me? Yuck! We need restaurants with QUALITY food, not frozen crap that’s mass produced and shipped here on a truck. Try the new Hop Yard. I was extremely impressed with their food - and the prices are very reasonable.”

I’d respond to the Hillary basher, but Dumpster supporters are too closed-minded and caught up in their own hate and anger, so no point wasting my typing fingers.”

“Hey, have you heard? Red lights and stops signs don’t mean anything anymore. It only counts if there’s a cop around, and we all know there are no cops anywhere, anymore.”

“Sorry potheads, I’m against making it legal. I know for a fact that pot smoking cost Bethlehem Steel hundreds of thousands of dollars in busted up equipment, lost time and material. And I know for a fact that some of those names on the wall in D.C. are there because of some pothead not doing his duty in Nam.”

“Narrowing streets makes no sense at all. And wait till the snowplows start tearing up those stupid bricks. Why do you think we got away from brick and cobblestone streets?”

“I bet it’s good to be the Township attorney, this board keeps him busy! I’d like to see a comparison of Township attorney use from before and after this board, I mean since we the residents are paying him.”

 “Seems to me that “Black Lives ‘only’ Matter” when there is a white cop involved.”

“I am proud to be from Kazakhstan. We are the greatest nation on earth and the number one producer of Potassium.”

“I can’t wait until Election Day! We can start to make some much-needed changes from D.C. on down to our local level. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!”

“Thanks for the Middletown Honor Roll. I was looking for the Lower Dauphin Honor Roll.”

“No way they don’t select Ron Paul to be the next commissioner. There is nobody more qualified, experienced and intelligent to become a commissioner. He would make the others jobs a lot easier. But let’s see what happens.”

 “Maybe you should contact the home offices of Long John Silver and KFC. Just may get you a franchise and a whole new career.”

 “Every month it seems druggies of town are dying off to the Drug that wins, Heroin. Where’s the families at to get them help. If they keep dying off in our town the streets just might be safer.”

“I’ll tell you how to end those riots, Shoot ‘em! Plug five or six of them and I’ll bet the rest go home. You have a right to protest, and peacefully assemble. No one has a right to riot and loot. They aren’t even protesting any more they are Shopping.”

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Sound Off 8/17/16

“Thank you to all involved that helped put National Night Out together, it was a great night.”

“As I read the paper and watch the news there certainly are some crimes and tragic things happening in Lower Swatara, so I wonder has what the board of commissioners done to manpower with the Lower Swatara Police bit them in the butt yet? I wonder if the police and detectives are struggling to handle these horrible crimes and tragedies. Maybe most of us don’t feel it but the victims and families do and that can be any of us any day. This is no time in this country to be improperly maintaining your police force. Wake up and smell the coffee Lower Swatara board even if you don’t like the police we all need them. It doesn’t seem there is any sense of urgency by this board to protect us and help their police do they’re important jobs.

“Where is the code enforcement officer in Middletown? As I walk around town I see weeds growing on peoples sidewalks and in the street on East Water St. On West Water St. there is a home that has trash piled up so high that the smell is horrendous and the bushes in front of the house make it difficult to walk by. There are other places as well. Years ago I got a notice to get the weeds off my sidewalk or face a fine and mine were only little things! Maybe there are elderly people who need help in taking care of these things, but the code officer is never in his office and doesn’t return phone calls!”

 “Lower Swatara Police: Please know that regardless of the support or lack there of from your commissioners, that your residents truly appreciate what you do for our community. The past couple of weeks have been trying times for the law enforcement community. There is a lack of respect, understanding, and appreciation for the job you guys do. You go to work each day protecting our community and making it a better place, maybe if we don’t see all the good you do. You may not go home to your family for ‘just doing your job,’ which is a sacrifice that most don’t have to make. It’s a shame that your commissioners, your leaders have failed you and have failed to treat you better. Remember, board members are elected positions and are not guaranteed. Please look to the future. One day this current board will no longer be there and they will have to look within and answer to someone greater than themselves. I truly feel sorry that even in today’s climate, with cops being ambushed, shot, and murdered for simply putting on a badge and trying to make the community a little safer, that you are still treated the way that you are. Hang in their guys.”

 “How do the people on Water Street put up with the smell of all that trash on their street? Why aren’t the people who own that house made to clean up that garbage and fix the bushes in the front of their house? No wonder so many houses are for sale in this town.” 

“Kudos to Officer Bennett for handling a traffic situation outstanding and not holding up the whole street. Very professional even when a passerby was yelling obscenities about police in general. #Team Bennett.”

“One hundred forty-five thousand dollars in fines from trucks, let’s do the math. Lower Swatara officers start at $48,000. Lower Swatara has lost three officers in the past year and the commissioners have failed to hire anybody new. Forty-eight thousand dollars x 3 new officers equals $144,000. Even save $1,000. I wonder what new excuse the commissioners will use to NOT HIRE any new officers? Doesn’t seem to be a monetary issue to me. Wasn’t there a vote to hire in May? Yet here we are, three months later and still no new Police Officers. The township has a major heroin problem (overdose deaths, DUI’s, and so forth), a toddler that drowned and is under investigation, fraud, thefts, assaults, and so on. One detective to handle all of this while the school resource officer and another detective are pulled from their assignments to cover the loss of street officers. You can’t make this up. AMAZING.”

 “The person who stated that the Black Horse Grille is just so so seemed to have been comparing it to the Tattered Flag. No comparison, they are two different venues. We have been to the Black Horse several times and found it to be a very good nice clean atmosphere, nice bar and dining areas, good service, good food and a varied menu with bar food and great dinners. Also have been to the Tattered Flag and also found it to be very good, nice bar and some table seating, good atmosphere but it is a bar/brewer setting and a bar menu. So as I said no comparison and let’s not throw stones at either one. Enjoy new places in our town and old places like JDs Junction, etc.”

“Is there going to be a School Resource Officer in the schools this year? That officer is on the street right now and with manpower at an all time low, my question is for the safety of the children. If he has to stay on the street to cover shifts, who will be in the schools?”

 “So if I am a resident of Lower Swatara and I become the victim of a minor or non-violent crime, let’s say fraud or vandalism, who will be investigating my case and how long will it take to complete that? I’ve been reading in the paper for so long now that the department has pulled another detective from his duties to cover shifts as well as pulling the officer out of school to do the same. If it’s that low in manpower, why don’t they hire more officers? All this talk means nothing. Action speaks louder than words.”

“Very conspicuously, Lower Swatara did not have a National Night Out,’ Commissioner Todd Truntz said during the board’s Aug. 3 meeting. He advocated the township start planning to hold its own National Night Out for the first time in August 2017. Here is the problem: there are not enough officers to participate in this great event for the community. The department is well below manpower minimums as it stands already. There aren’t enough guys to work the street and do this as well. Hopefully this is the answer to your questions Mr. Truntz. Pretty plain and simple.”

 “Seven weeks, still no new Lower Swatara Officers hired. Think I will post the week count every week until it happens. Glad my tax money bought a new truck with leather seats for the sewer department though. I’m sure those will come in handy.”

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Sound Off 8/10/16

“Why doesn't Harborton Place bring in a dumpster anymore so people living there can get rid of their bigger trash items. We are paying for trash removal. Why doesn't Harborton Place bring in a dumpster anymore so people living there can get rid of their bigger trash items. We are paying for trash removal.”

“Dear Driver of the red pickup truck, that turned R onto Race St., from Linden St., on Wednesday, 7/27 at approx. 8 p.m. You may not know it, but you never looked to your left. You never stopped at the stop sign. The car you pulled out in front of was a new, teen, driver. She saw you approaching the stop sign, that's how close she was to you. Just as I told her she had the right of way because you had a stop sign, you blew right through it. The guy behind you on the motorcycle was shocked, but probably not surprised. I saw young kids in your pickup. You might want to remember to stop at signs. One day, you'll be teaching your teens to drive. Now would be a good time to start setting an example, not when it's too late!”

“I watched the DNC the other night for 15 seconds. I was ready to change channels when I witnessed the most amazing, unbelievable miracle unfold in front of my very eyes. For decades medical science has claimed that brain dead people cannot speak or perform bodily functions. The DNC has proven without a doubt that brain dead people really can speak and perform bodily functions. The medical field has their work cut out for them.”

“The stop sign on Powderhorn Road and Oberlin Road is not a suggestion. I'm tired of people running it. And while I'm at it, learn the proper use of the turning lane from Oberlin Road to Powderhorn. You're not supposed to apply your brakes before you move into the turning lane! That is the purpose of a turning lane, so that the drivers behind you don't have to slow down. It's sad that you're smart enough to earn a lot of money to live in beautiful homes, but you’re too dumb to know how to drive.”

 “Middletown-Lower Swatara Township to discuss regional policing. Sounds like a good idea to me, two small professional police departments merging for the common good. It would work since one of the main deterrents to this is now retired. Chief Brandt served a long professional career and is now retired to the good life. Since only one of the two police departments has a police chief, there is no worry about who has to concede command. Problem solved. Next problem, that there are two governing factions to deal with. They are Middletown Borough Council, the mayor and the Lower Swatara Township Supervisor's. If they can ever reach common ground or give and take, then this will be possible. But if each governing body wants to act as a great lord or noble lord and rule as they wish without regard to the lowly peasants, well then it won't happen. There is no doubt in my mind that these two professional police departments can work in unison as they have for over 40 years. I've lived here longer then that so, I know what I'm talking about. They will work together better then the two affected municipal governing bodies. Here I see petty little personalities that will screw things up. THEY are the ones who will kill the deal. After all, this makes sense. Two adjoining police departments who can work so well together, know each other and best of all, belong to the same school district, it would be so simple. Yet, I believe the council and the supervisors will do everything they can to kill the deal. Now they are going to meet, where, when or all that will be discussed there will be still TOP SECRET. Herein lies the rub; they don't want the public included in the meeting. Why, so they can tell us what they want, keep us in the dark like a mushroom and only release the amount of bull $#%@ they want us to know. This meeting should be public and come under the Sunshine Law. They will be discussing our future and the protection and safety of all that live in the two areas. ALSO, we have two under manned police agencies and look in the paper at the increase of burglary and home invasions, our world and way of life is in serious jeopardy. Lets get it together municipal leaders. Lead, tell us the truth or get out of office.”

“People, stop and think for once. If the streets are narrower then there will be less commercial truck traffic on them and not all of our streets will end up looking like ANN STREET, and for those bitching that you cannot pass on the right, well hello that is illegal. That is how people are getting run down in the crosswalks in Middletown and elsewhere. One car stops for the pedestrian and then some yahoo goes around them on the right in the parking lane and hits them. The streets of Middletown are coming around and things are getting straightened out for the betterment of the community on a hole. Now if council can just address the parking problems in the Borough. Like lets get rid of parking anything over 7,000 pounds on the street and limit the amount of trailers and campers.”

 “Problem solved for Lower Swatara police department. The manpower has been there for several years but has not been brought to fruition as of yet. The answer is so simple, why hire part-time police when you already have five fully sworn in township supervisors who could help with police duties. They would not have police powers, but they could ride along and help provide safety to our dedicated officers in the township. They would receive minimum wage, not need medical benefits and it would broaden their vision as to the duties of the patrol officers. Of course, they would have to work all the shifts, work the holidays that they now enjoy by being home. After all, if you are the leaders and the managers of this large community, wouldn't you want to help out your police by working right along side of them, at all the ungodly hours and those wonderful holidays that you now enjoy at home with your family? BUT, your police officers don't. As a township supervisor don't you think that is more then fair for you to help them to serve and protect your local neighbors and friends here in the township. In fact, the new Township manager could also aid as a booking clerk or to help to maintain official police records to let the police more time on patrol duties. Why you even have a legal associate who could go along with the officers and advise them on legal proceeding and help with making a lawful arrest and make sure all the police procedures are correct. Just think how much money the township could save by utilizing the present leadership. Step up to the plate gentleman. If you can't solve a problem, then don't become a part of the problem. You will earn everyone's respect for the proper solution.”

“Really enjoyed the story about Vapeology. It's great hearing about local businesses, so we know what they offer. I'm familiar with this one and I must say they do give great service, from trying samples to explaining how everything works! Although I still do both, vaping and smoking, I am trying to kick the cigarette habit. Even with the unbelievable tax increase, a bottle of juice is still a lot cheaper than a carton of cigarettes, and lasts at least twice as long! If you are a smoker, you should definitely check out Vapeology! Another great local business is the new hardware store. Like Vapeology, the prices are good and the customer service outstanding!”

 “And still no police hired in Lower Swatara, despite the board approving and the board receiving a completed list of candidates, nobody is surprised! They bought the highway department a brand new truck though, but STILL no police hired. The Lower Swatara police are really screwed and nobody can do anything about it and the board is just flat out of excuses. Better at this point to just go on record and say publicly that you are anti-police.” 

 “Thank you to Officer Rux for the terrific job organizing the Night Out! Thanks too, to all the businesses and organizations that participated. It was a great community event!”

“There is a lot of room at what used to be Jamesway Plaza. Personally I would like to see a Long John Silver's or Kentucky Fried Chicken open a place in there.”

“Ha! Not only did Hilary Clinton have an Illegal give a speech in ‘Spanish’ but while that was going on they were out in the parking lot burning the American flag and flying the Mexican flag. I have a two-year-old great-grandchild and I fear there will be no U.S.A. for her to grow up in.”

 “I find it very unfortunate that space could not be found to print the names of the young people that made honor roll for the last marking period of the past school year. These children work hard for their grades and should be acknowledged. Space is found to write about the bad that happens, there should be space for the good! What a shame!” (Editor's note: The honor roll inadvertently was omitted from previous editions. It appears on page A6 in this edition.)

“I live in lower Swatara and you can bet if I don't ever get the police service I pay taxes for you can bet my attorney would be calling in and not about the cops but the ones who aren't providing my family and the rest of the community with the proper police protection they are required to provide. You don't cut costs on public safety, cmon fix your situation already !”

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Sound Off 8/3/16

“The stickers on your Jeep that say 13.1 and 26.2, is that a warning sign that you're a bad driver? Coming out of Old Reliance, you ran the stop sign and cut me off, then you were speeding and tailgating the car in front of you, and one of your brake lights were out. It wouldn't surprise me if when you get pulled over for the burned out brake light, you'll probably be drunk, too.”

 “We need one more fast food restaurant in Middletown! Burger King or Arby's would be nice. But a Dunkin Donuts or KFC would be ok, too!”

“Does anyone ever check the water we drink in Middletown for lead or other harmful bacteria? The way people run things today you just can't trust that they will do what's right. If the people in the township building don't drink the water then that's a red flag.”

“Low morale isn't limited to just the police department. It's been destroyed across the board.”

 “Imagine that: Hillary Clinton has the child of ‘illegal immigrants’ speaking for her at the DNC., and in Spanish yet.”

“Narrowing a street for any reason is a bad idea. I travel Front Street in Harrisburg every day. They took a traffic lane and turned it into a bike lane. I have yet to see a bicycle in that lane. I also use Front Street in Steelton. If there is someone sitting there to turn into the steel mill, traffic just backs up behind them, because there is no way to get around them. Narrowing Streets, BAD IDEA.”

“Bernie Sanders sold all his voters out to a crooked democratic party, he was all talk bla, bla, bla. They rig it from him from the start and all he has to say is vote for Hillary he was a fake. All you supporters want to get even with him vote Trump he won't let you down. Clinton is a fake, she is catering to the black vote, and she is using them to get what she wants. Think about it, the black people are no better off now then they were 8 yrs. ago. And they will get more of the same if Clinton is president. She just wants in the White House so bad so she can screw the world up more. The only reason the democrats want all these illegal’s in the USA is they hope to let them vote someday and they will vote for the democrats that is the only reason you stupid people.”

 “Kudos to Corby's for the shout out of support to Police Officers.”

“Question; are the township employees who have taken home cars like the highway manager and whoever else, are they allowed to drive those vehicles outside of work hours and for non-related work things? Like just driving it like their own car? I would say or at least hope the township does not approve this.”

“After reading the Sound Off about denial of cameras at the police department, it makes  me sick seeing my tax dollars spent on the new ford truck from the Lower Swatara sewer department. If you are out and about take a look at it, quite the spectacle. I wish my truck had leather seats. Maybe I need to go into the public sector? I think I will be going to next meeting to find out how much that beauty cost.”

 “I would like to see the Elks be transformed into a dinner/theatre. I want to eat food made at the Tattered Flag and delivered to my seat while I watch a movie. That's the way to go! Then both businesses succeed.”

“I'm confused. In the article about Lower Swatara and Middletown merging police departments, Tom Mehaffie is quoted as saying the County contacted the Township to talk with Middletown and then later in the same article the spokeswoman for the county said it was a request made by the local officials? So who's got it wrong again this time?”

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Sound Off 7/27/16

“The best thing about having our own police department is knowing that when things go really bad or you’re in distress we always have officers dedicated to us close by. Officer’s who know the township and know us. None of us want to suddenly be in a terrible situation and wonder if somebody is coming to help or save us, that’s why we have our police officers and they have proven themselves true to us for a long, long time, let’s get behind our men in blue they’ve always behind us! Let’s all come together attend meetings and say okay we’ve had enough!

“Leave the cop and his K9 alone, you must have better things to do with your time!

 “Every time those terrorist scumbags kill a bunch of people the world gets together and prays for the victims and for peace. Well that doesn’t seem to be working, so lets have the world get together and kill all the SOB’s, their families and their sponsors wherever they may be. To hell with Political correctness and collateral damage, rid the world of this cancer.

“The buzz in the hood is that some residents think Middletown can afford the Elks Theater, they also believe grants will cover the whole cost. They better crawl down off their high horse and do some research on why the borough owns the building to begin with.”

“I wish Anne Einhorne would stand up for other issues in the borough the way she is fighting for the Elks. Seems to me other then the Elks, she simply shows up to meetings.”

 “I was so mad when I read that another police officer left his K-9 in the vehicle and he died from the heat. And all the officer got is a desk job, he should be prosecuted. A K-9 is considered a police officer and he left him die that has got to be a very agonizing way to die. I wish they’d lock that police officer in a hot car.”

“I sit and watch these new council members week after week making decisions for our town and I wonder how some of them sleep at night. On the left side of the table you have people that ask questions and seem to be really into what is going on and on the right side you have people who seem to just want to spend tax payer’s money with no real solution. Than at the head of the table you have two people who cannot even speak to each other. They say they all wanted change but in reality they are no better than those before them. I see the same divide occurring and relentless spending occurring. The third ward reps seem like they don’t care and are too busy for the town, one second ward rep just goes along for the ride while the other two try to push through and the one first ward rep asks question upon question while the other one just wants to spend money that this town does not have. Lord, help our little town because we have more political games occurring than in D.C.”

“Please help me understand how 2 years ago when our Mayor stood up to McNamara he was deemed a hero now that he is standing up to another council member he is deemed a Zero. I personally did not vote for him but I am glad that he stands up for what he believes in and is not afraid to use his voice unlike some council members.”

“I wish the entire council could just get along. You can see the divide occurring across the table. You can see and feel the tension in the room. I am glad to see that this council allows residents to voice their concerns and is actually listening to the residents but please be careful because people are seeing and feeling your divide and that is what is wanted by others.”

“It truly amazes me how people send messages to Sound Off regarding our Mayor because he simply said someone should not vote on an issue. Now when he was standing up to the last council president everyone thought it was great. I really hope that people who were not at the meeting only take the negative talk with a grain of salt because some people just like to stir the pot and watch it boil over. I really hope that a few bad apples don’t make us loose a good Mayor because this Mayor has done a lot for Middletown.”

“Last week someone compared the Mayor to Donald Trump. Why? Are you against him holding your friends to the same standards demanded of Mr. McNamara? You need to ‘get a grip’ on reality. It’s about time elected officials attempt to maintain moral and ethical standards. Keep up the good work, Mayor.”

 “I hate seeing the new Council argue but sometimes things need to be said. I’d like to know what the attorney thinks about Anne Einhorn voting on the future of the Elks when her husband is part of the group looking to get control of the theater.”

“Can we clone Dawn Knull?”

 “No way does it make any sense to narrow a street. Who’s running this town anyway, that stupid mayor of Harrisburg?”

“As long as people raise their kids with the prison mentality, eg. ‘Snitches get stitches’ or to turn in a criminal makes one a ‘Rat.’ You will never see an end to crime and violence.”

“I find it crazy that the Mayor stands up to councilwoman and he is called Trump, but when he did it to the previous council he was called a hero. I really hope people of Middletown realize all that our Mayor has done and don’t run off a good Mayor.”

“I wish the second ward council member would stand for more issues with this town like she is standing up for the Elks Theater. Friends of the Elks have had their chance to run the theater and they failed, what has changed?”

“Why does the Press And Journal only print the Sound Off write ins calling out the Mayor? I have written several in the past three weeks and they have not been printed? Beginning to understand why local people have quit buying or advertising with them.”

“Does anybody here know if Kuppy’s sells alcohol? I really enjoy a cold Genny Cream Ale with my pancakes in the morning.”

“‘Just because a zoning board can deliberate in private doesn’t mean it should.’ Just because the Press And Journal has the right to freedom of Press does not mean that they should. Just because the Press And Journal can stir the pot does not mean they should.”

“Two years ago when Mayor Curry was standing up to Chris McNamara and making comments like ‘it is not your dog and pony show’ people applauded him. Now that he is doing the same thing and standing up to a council member and pointing out to others that she does have a vested interest, he is called names and made to be the bad guy. I applaud him for having the courage to speak what he feels. I wish others on council would do the same.”

 “Common sense says you need an ID to vote to prove you live in the right district and to prove you are a U.S. citizen. And all these courts overturning the laws that say you need an ID are so full of it. It’s all political and they say it’s a burden for the poorer people to get an ID. Well most poor people are on food stamps or assistance and you need an ID for that. The Democrats will do anything to win, no matter how wrong it is and Hillary is a big liar Trump will make this country better. It is getting so bad with the illegal’s coming here that they should put a minefield up at the border. I have no sympathy for anyone coming over illegal. We have the greatest country in the world and we can’t protect our borders, Oh, let me rephrase that, we do not want to protect our borders or our citizens.”


“I wonder if the commissioners would explain to the public why they denied putting security cameras up around the Police Department? The cameras were around $6,000 to purchase and denied even though approximately $100,000 was returned and not used. A private citizen then offers to pay the $6,000 of their own money and donate the cameras at no cost whatsoever to the township. Again, this was denied by the Commissioners. Now, could you explain why the commissioners would deny something like this? In the past three weeks, police all across the country have come under attack from snipers to ambushes. Shouldn’t the commissioners protect those who protect us when it costs them nothing?”

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