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Sound Off 5/25/2016

“Is it bad that I am embarrassed with my parents for how they act when talking with others and media on something they do not agree with? I was not raised to handle things in the manner they are. Any other students in this situation? What do you do? I have removed signs from our yard but they found more someplace.”

“To the person about Middletown being a joke: I am not from Middletown but the ones that make that town a joke is only a handful. We go to Middletown often and most of the people are good people. With that said, it is that handful of people that holds the town back for the most part. It occurs to me that people there know if they lay on the floor and kick and scream that they get their way rather than what is best as a whole. The situation going on there now, I am sure will prove what I just shared with you. Legal or not. I heard a group hired Gene S. to push their point. When a friend Mark asked him about it, and why he is involved in this he said, ‘I don't know but I love a good fight?’ I think Middletown is a house with no parents home.”

“To the person who approves of tailgating. The best way to get me to slow down is to tailgate me. And I WILL stop for that 'dog' and I WILL get paid!! So please tailgate me, I could use the money.”

“Ya know, lady, I think your teenage son was glad I called you a bad name. He was engrossed in his cell phone, trying to ignore you mouthing off to me about something that was a figment of your imagination. I feel sorry for him that you're his role model.”

 “With all the educated, intelligent, and knowledgeable men in this country, can you tell me why the Republican Party couldn't find someone else besides Trump?”

“I hope criminals don't read the Sound Off. If they did, they see Middletown has no police and if Lower Swatara is handling their calls then that would mean Lower Swatara has no police coverage either. Wow, amazing how everything is about money until someone gets hurt.”

 “So Middletown had no police coverage and Lower Swatara is losing and not replacing officers at about the same rate, how long is it going to be until there are no police and they rely on state police coverage?”

 “Over on FREY Avenue they cut trees down by Caravan Court, what a half a--s job, they cut half down and let half up what did that accomplish? You should have either cut them all down or let them alone.”

 “Finkenbinder, I’ll light the first match for you when you start the crematorium. Don't let these crazy people in town scare you. BURN BABY BURN.”

“Chief Bey, what a disappointment!! This town had no officers on a Saturday from 3 p.m.-11 p.m. and you just say you had the day off and so did everyone else for whatever reason?? You are the top dog. It is then YOUR responsibility to be ON DUTY! If your scheduling went haywire for whatever reason, it is YOUR responsibility to do the shift. No matter what job, especially the police, the top manager has to do the job if no one else is there! Your handling of this situation and the excuse provided is absolutely pathetic!”

 “Some quotes are inspiring, some are opinions, but this quote by George Orwell is a fact of life in American society, here, there everywhere: ‘People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men (police) stand ready to do violence on their behalf.’... George Orwell”

 “To the person who posted that no managers were fired or left when Frank Linn was in charge at LST - not true. A manager was fired, and a police chief was demoted for nothing other than political reasons.”

“Yea to all the black voters that want Clinton to win, go ahead dummies vote for her you all know who she cares for the illegal’s. She will make sure they take the black jobs away. A vote for Clinton will assure the illegal’s will get benefits that a lot of blacks can't get. If you like the last 7½ years, vote for Clinton. Only Trump will bring jobs back to the USA.”

“There's a problem at one end of Middletown where I never see any police and there are ATV's and off road bikes running down Frey Ave. and past the ball field. I wish the police would catch these noisy people. One time I saw two off road bikes on Adelia Street going down the sidewalk. Where are the police, are there any police in this town?”

 “When are they going to open up a strip club in this town? I'm tired of hearing about the Lezzies and Gays.”

 “So now the chief is leaving Lower Swatara and rumor has it another officer is leaving at the end of May. They lost two officers last year and a township manager. One could say with all the Sound Offs and letters to the editor that there is obviously something going on at the township and its leadership. The township and its leadership seem to have lost control and respect from the employees and the public. It used to be Middletown in the paper all the time and now it seems that Lower Swatara is taking the cake. I think it's time the public starts coming to the meetings and begin to ask some serious questions such as why are the taxes so high yet my services are being cut or not replaced even when budgeted. How about why the township has $2,000,000.00 extra to put in a CD account? If we have $2 mill to hold back why are the streets in such bad condition? Why are the cops driving broken down cars? Where is the rest of the money going? This current board seems to be making a lot of bad decisions that will affect us all in the future when their tenure and time are done.”

 “Those who worry about the evil they commit unto others show how worried they are about their image when they make idle threats and try to silence those who step out into the light to show the truth to those who don't know.”

 “Where are all the public comments and meetings that the commissioners promised when it came to the dealings with the police department and their plans with it? Way to be transparent.”

“Hey I like Sgt. Bennet, he seemed like a good person to me and I talked to him many times. To the police chief lets get him back.”

 “People in Middletown are worried about bodies burning in a crematory, I think the township needs to worry about their dirty laundry set to be ‘aired out.’"

 “Listen, if Bernie would have had Hillary's B/M illioneers that race wouldn't even be close.”

 “Did you know, if you went into every house in America you would find one or both of these items: cheese and/or peanut butter.” 

"Unions protect good employees? They also protect drunks, dopers, and goof offs. In most cases ‘good employees’ don't need protection.”

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Sound Off 5/18/16

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

• “Everyone please stand for President Donald Trump. Hillary and the Democrats will underestimate just like all the Republicans that ran against him. No one gave him a chance and I said from the beginning he would be nominated. And I’m saying it now: Trump will be the next president, the Democrats can’t beat a movement. President Trump, we salute you. Let’s make America great again.”

• “All the Lower Swatara cops are leaving – no, seriously, they are leaving. It’s a matter of time before the township won’t be able to provide police protection to their community, as they are required to.”

• “We are not North Korea, we are not Russia, we are not Iran, etc., etc. We are America, and the people have spoken, Trump is the Republican nomination. Paul Ryan says we need to reunite the party but then he does the opposite and not endorse Trump. We don’t need people like you, Ryan – back Trump or resign or the people will vote you out. Change is good and good change is better, all you insiders screwed up this country now let an outsider straightened it out.”

• “Turned on my computer tonight and what did I see? Headlines: Penn State insurer says Joe Paterno knew about old Jerry way back in 1976. I hate to say it but I told you so. Nothing ever went down in Centre County that ‘good ole JoPa’ didn’t know about. So let’s put the statue back up, so we can take it down again. PSU people are such sheep!”

• “These stupid Republicans that don’t like Trump and want a third party to run, they are so brain dead – listen to the people, you morons. You can’t win with a third party, where do we get these people that are so brain dead? This is why our country is going downhill. I don’t know how these people get elected. The people who vote for these non-common sense politicians are a big part of the problem, too.”

• “Something residents need to know in this town is that your money is being spent on attorney fees. Sgt. Bennett has the most integrity of any police officer I have ever met, and yet he is now in his fifth month without pay for a stupid incident that happened off-duty that affected no one but himself. The past three officers that went to arbitration won over $300,000 as a result of bad attorney advice. Instead of this money going to more police officers needed for this town to have adequate protection, it is paying for more attorney fees. Do the right thing in the first place, and this needless spending can cease once and for all.”

• “WE ARE…pedophile state. Go Team.”

• “Unions protect good employees from horrible bosses.”

• “Lower Swatara is a growing township, always has been – our public service departments have to grow with it, this is simple.”

• “How many people have to ‘quit’ at Lower Swatara before someone stands up and says, ‘Enough?’ Being silent is part of the problem.”

• “I shouldn’t even respond to your Sound Off, but I can’t help myself. The police aren’t trying to scare anybody. If people speak the truth in Sound Off, oh well, sorry, the truth worries you. The police in LST absolutely need more cops – two never replaced, now a new guy left because he’d do better at a tiny PD. Right now they are down five cops and I heard several more are testing, they won’t have any cops soon. Wake up, my friend, this is real. Nobody has hit the taxpayers’ chin harder than the commissioners by using our money to talk to us through lawyers, not replacing the police protection we do pay for. Paying tax dollars for police (and it isn’t even that much) is the best investment you make with your tax dollars. Don’t say you love our police to try and make it appear that you’re on their side to legitimize your scripted post from the dark side!”

• “Typo in last Sound Off: I meant 1,900,000, not 199 million. Sorry, but you get the point.”

• “If you want to support your police, township meetings are every first and third Wednesday of the month at the township building. Ask why police are leaving and others testing, ask if they are ready and prepared to provide the township with police protection.”

• “Another one bites the dust, and another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust, hey, I’m gonna get you, too, another one bites the dust.”

• “Also, when the police discovered the glitch in the contract with new hire pay being above some veteran officers’, they brought it up to the board but nothing changed. I’m glad to see what appears to be the board or their friends sounding off now but the truth is the truth and the Press And Journal proved it. So keep keepin’ on.”

• “Look, it sounds like both Middletown and Lower Swatara have legit manpower issues which effects ‘ALL’ of us in a bad way – there is no denying that. And Mayor Curry, the Lower Swatara Police Department has 12 officers, not 16, and soon will be 10 and less and less. Why don’t Middletown and LST just merge or regionalize and be one PD? You could pool your resources, get the men you need hired together, and let Chief Bey run the show and we will all be better off and safer for it. These guys already work together and get along well – who’s going to be the pioneer to make something great like this happen?”

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Sound Off 5/11/2016

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

“I would trade the rundown decaying houses around my house for a crematory any day. I can't sell the house because of the neighbors. Not sure why codes can't do anything about it.”

“I wonder if Sam Monticello is able confirm that he gave the Lower Swatara Township Board of Commissioners police letter of intent to negotiate, or is he restricted from talking to the press as part of the 'separation agreement’? Hmmm.”

“Okay, now I get it. The police aren’t happy with their union agreement even though they make $60-$100,000. So they and their friends write in to Sound Off and try to scare the public saying they don’t have enough cops or cars so the commissioners will hire a new cop. Then, when they hire a new guy, one of the cops will file a grievance saying it’s not fair that the new guy makes a few more dollars instead of retirement benefits. We love our police, but this sounds like big city union tactics to me with us taxpayers taking it on the chin again.”

“It would be interesting to see how much of our tax dollars have been spent by our commissioners on attorney fees, especially compared to the board before them. You have to wonder why a board of commissioners uses an attorney as much as this one does?”

“Stop acting so surprised and innocent you know exactly why people dislike you as you think nobody has the right to stand up to you. That is called tyranny and it will be interesting to see how that flies for you at the next level whatever that may be. No names here but you know. You can't treat people the way you do and expect to be respected when you have nobody's interest but your own in mind. I've never seen more proof of self -service and mistreatment of others as I have in you. Crazy part is all the people you have fooled either don't know you or never had to work for you. I can't imagine how you look in the mirror at yourself, everything in life is not dollars and cents, and good people especially those with children know that. I feel bad for you because you are a loveless and lonely soul, good luck to you.”

“I sure hope Mr. Finkenbinder lets us all know when he's ready to fire up the crematorium. My toddler will be there to hold the matches!”

“I just shake my head as I see all the anti-crematory signs get increasingly more ridiculous. Middletown, don't you ever get tired of being a joke?”

“To the people worried about the crematorium toxins: don't worry, I'm sure they'll only accept remains that are free-range, organic, and gluten-free.”

“Mark it on your calendar. Saturday, April 30th, Middletown had no police officers on the street for the 3-11 shift. PSP was put on call to handle any calls in the borough.”

“I was at the hearing for the crematory and a little upset with the facts I was handed and facts I heard from the expert that had been in business for over twenty five years. My sign is gone and encourage others to go and listen. Be prepared for adults acting like unsupervised children.”

“Middletown, you look like a bunch of fools. Please come get your signs out of our town. We enjoy the entertainment you provide acting and saying stupid things. But please keep it in your own narrow-minded town.”

“Why do they keep referring to Hillary Clinton as ‘Madam Secretary’? Doesn't John Kerry have that job now? Hillary's only title right now is Mrs. Clinton. I could suggest a few more but I don't think you'd print them.”

“Comparing the invasion of the body burners to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers is appropriate considering residents of Middletown have been replaced by dummies who think temporary signs are actually inappropriate and putting a permanent human incinerator into a residential district where children live is NOT inappropriate. People that believe nothing will be emitted from an instrument that you have to get an Open Air Contamination Source permit to operate are naïve and possibly idiotic. It can only be explained that they were inhabited by aliens. All one has to do is Google ‘crematory fire’ or ‘crematorium fire’ and they will see separate incidents of these things going ablaze or polluting and those pictures and videos are scary. The fire at the All County Funeral Home in Lake Worth, Fla. last year probably has those residents, especially the children, dealing with PTSD. So who is the alien force replacing our fair residents with dummies? Don't let the free T-shirts and free coffee buy your allegiance. Buying votes is the oldest gimmick in the book and you’re a sucker if you fall for it.”

“The ‘expert’ for Fager-Finkenbinder Funeral Home at the zoning hearing board was their incinerator manufacturer's salesman. The salesman!! He receives most of his money from, you know, SELLING THE INCINERATOR. That means he has to sell the incinerator to feed his family, pay his mortgage, pay his heating bill, put gas in his car, or send a kid to college. Those are motives to tell us anything we want to hear besides the truth. Are we to believe for a second when this salesman tells us our children will be safe and we'll be able to enjoy our yards when this thing is running? Insulting! I guess this was the knowledge and information Travis Finkenbinder was going to drop to educate the uneducated and correct all the anti-crematory jargon. I still haven't heard one fact that tells me this is thing is good for Middletown. NOT ONE.”

“Lets be clear, the township was not ‘Forced’ to get rid of post retirement benefits, they were ‘awarded’ them during an arbitration. So not only our the LSTPD the lowest paid officers in the area, the township thanks them for their 25 years of dedication by getting rid of their benefits after retirement. Real classy.”

“Seen on the news, If Hillary is elected she intends to put President Billary in charge of creating jobs and manufacturing. Ahem, allow me to refresh. When the N.A.F.T.A. bill was singed over a million jobs went south of the boarder. President, Bill Clinton a Democrat. When China was given ‘preferred nation’ status a couple of million jobs went overseas. President Bill Clinton a Democrat. Now, the present Democratic in charge is talking about something called ‘The Pacific Ring trade agreement.’ Yes, Democratic Party you're for us working stiffs. And the unions have been in bed with the Democratic Party for so long they don't even know who's screwing them anymore. Hey, People wake up FDR is a long time dead.”

“Isn't there a higher agency that can look into what the Lower Swatara Commissioners have been doing to their police department? Look into their activities as local government regarding all township employees, maybe it just needs to get in the right ear.”

“Did I read the agenda correctly? Twp. Manager Anne Shambaugh is requesting to place $2 million dollars of surplus money into a CD bank account? They have $2 million dollars of available money to them and won't hire police officers??? Replacing two police officers would cost roughly $96,000, but they say we don't need them, and then say we are going to put $2 million dollars into an account, why not replace the township police officers and then put $199 million into this account? Very soon Lower Swatara will have no SRO, no Detectives and a handful of police to protect 15 square miles and almost 10,000 residents. This is where it is headed people, you may not realize how this will impact you until you are a victim of crime or notice more and more shady people floating aimlessly around your neighborhood unchecked.”


“Islam: there must be something in those ‘HOLY BOOKS’ that make people believe that God wants them to kill other people.”

“About that ‘smart motorcyclist.’ Today I seen the opposite fellow, driving down Route 230, the freshly paved Route 230. I was behind a guy dressed all in black, the same color as the street. Bike, tires and head-to-toe in black, kinda hard to see. But ohh he looked tough.”

“Cis Snyder, Gone too soon! Rest In Peace!”

“Leaders of any group or organization always have the greatest impact on morale.”

“Sure, you can sign up to make $100,000 with overtime, but here's the give and take: you must live at your place of employment, have 20 years on, be away from your family more than you are with him, miss your kids events, etc., be exhausted and expose yourself to twice as many dangerous situations. Yep you can sign up for that but they don't hire cops so it'd be all for nothing anyway!”

“With all the educated, intelligent, and knowledgeable women in this country, can you tell me why the Democratic Party couldn't find someone else besides Hillary?”

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. Albert Einstein”

“When Frank Linn was in charge no police left, no managers quit or were fired, no taxes went up, and no lawyers had to speak at township meetings, and wrote in the Sound Off about all this nonsense. What happened to this place?”

“I would hope that none of the dozens of people with the ‘Toddlers and Toxins Don't Mix’ signs in their yards are smokers. However, being familiar with Middletown, I'm certain there are plenty. Over 50 chemicals isolated from second-hand smoke are known carcinogens. I will say that steps should be taken to regulate mercury emissions from crematories, which is likely the most dangerous emission if a crematory is ran negligently.”

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SOUND OFF: 5/4/2016

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted

• “I saw a very smart motorcyclist today. Instead of trying to look like a Hells Angel, all dressed in black, he was wearing blaze orange. In spite of what the bikers say, they are very often hard to see. Not this guy, he was very visible. And will probably finish his life with all his limbs.”

• “Everything Donald Trump has been saying I heard before, in the Giant, at the Legion, at the Little League game, walking down Main Street. My point is he's only saying what everybody, politically incorrect, has been saying for years. But no one else has had the platform or the guts to say it out loud. That thing about punishing women who have an abortion was taken completely out of context. The question was, ‘IF abortions were illegal should there be a punishment’? Well, duuuh, what part of "’ILLEGAL’ don't you get?”

• “You can disagree about anything and say your part. This is America. With that said, I want to remind a couple members of my church family: As you say your part on topics in town, in words or on signs, keep your Christian values. I was very disappointed when I saw who was behind all these signs of hatred. I am telling you here because in person I know you did not hear me. Disagree respectfully.”

• “Please, get these streets done in this town! And knock down the old Bunky Burger while you're at it!”

• “The last township budget generated the largest surplus in recent township history per an election flyer received April 22. Then if you are going to continue to diminish my services by not replacing emergency responders or continuing to cause experienced employees to run out the door, I want my tax refund. Townships are not in business to make a profit.”

• “People, what's the biggest job killer out there in the near future and nobody can stop it? Technology, automation, robots, these are all going to be job killers, and it's already started everywhere. For instance, pick up the phone – what do you get? Automation. It used to be people answering the phones. Look at the turnpike automation, look at home schooling, if everyone did that the teachers would be out of a job, and the list goes on and on. If you really think about it, how are people going to survive in the future without jobs? It's a fact –technology is going to do away with a lot of jobs. Something to think about. Huh!”

• “I wish Kasich and Cruz would go away, this is why we have a Trump running because of these tactics. Kasich has no chance of winning the nomination and yet he is too stupid to drop out, and he wants to be president, give me a break. And Cruz, he is the most hated man in Congress – he gets along with no one and you expect him to get things done as president? Vote Trump. He knows how to deal with people and get things done. Kasich and Cruz keep saying they can beat Hillary and Trump can't. That's so stupid, how are they going to beat Hillary if they can't even beat Trump? I think Kasich and Cruz both have a screw loose.”

• “The world is dangerous enough and now they want transgender bathrooms. Now you have to really worry about your kids. And all the people who are for it just are not thinking – do you really want your children in a bathroom with some weird transgender or predator? I don't think so, so get off these idiotic ideas.”

• “Nice to see Middletown hired a new manager. They advertised the position and went through the hiring process, probably even did a background check. This is the exact opposite of how Lower Swatara did it. Go, Middletown, well done.”

• “I’d love the opportunity to work overtime and make over $100,000! Where do I sign up?”

• “Sorry, Muslims. Your religion insists on killing the infidels (non-Mulims). You might be fine, but many of ‘your kind’ are not. They want Sharia Law, they want to kill Christians, and they don't want to become regular, normal Americans. You came to our country, we didn't go to yours. Your god is not the God of the Bible. But because the liberal sympathizers want to make the rest of us seem like bigots, you get what you want.”

• “Does anyone else find it strange that the Lower Swatara commissioners made the old township manager move into the township, but the new one can continue to live on the West Shore?”

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Sound Off 04/27/2016

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted. 

• “I was sorry to hear about the recent passing of Ray Reider. He was a 1949 graduate of Middletown High where he excelled in baseball, basketball and was a two-year All League All-Star selection in football. He was arguably the finest lineman to play for the Blue Raiders. Ray coached for a few years at Middletown after graduating from Gettysburg College, where he was a standout in football and baseball. He returned to coach and teach at Gettysburg College. RIP ‘HEAVY.’ ”

• “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, ya heard that commissioners. You have a successful fully functional PD; it is imperative that you maintain that. That article the Press And Journal wrote was completely factual and that’s why you fear it so much. Honestly, they went easy on ya, too!”

• “Doubling the minimum wages is just another underhanded way to increase taxes. The more you make, the more you pay. And the pols will use that extra money to fund their favorite adventures, like their pensions, or the teachers’ union pension. C’mon, people, how dumb are we? Who do you think is going to pay that extra $7 an hour? That’s right, the consumer, you and me and the people that think they are getting a $7 raise.”

• “Whose bright idea was it to spend all that money on the square of Middletown? This is not New York City. Do you really think that is going to bring more business or customers downtown? What a joke. I have never seen such poor decisions and a waste of money as this little town. Why don’t you ask Hummelstown or E-town for help? Look at their businesses and roads, puts this place to shame. So glad I don’t live in this poorly run town!”

• “There is something just a little off here. I was looking at the cremation service that was going on since I heard so much about it. What stuck out a bit funny to me was, all the things they are saying about atmosphere and so on, that much is very old info, I am finding. So I see there is going to be a hearing in front of the zoning board, because it was approved too fast? If it passes requirements, it does not matter how long it took. If DEP approves it, how can we legally call for a hearing on this? There should be signs asking the zoning committee why – and why is everyone not questioning them for using our tax dollars for this? And when these young owners turn around and start suing over all this, who is going to pay for that? I don’t think this business is being quiet to hide anything. They are letting this group dig their own grave. Zoning, you are making a big mistake and we, Middletown, are going to have to pay for your mistakes.”

• “This is what politicians should write on their campaign ads: ‘My name is (insert) and I am running for (insert obligatory power hungry position) and I support whatever current cause will get me the most votes, America!’ At least it would be honest. Everyone always says they are going to stop tax increases but they always go up. All liars, or suck at their job? Either way we are screwed, I guess.”

• “So Middletown toddlers and the proposed crematory don’t mix. Well, this is to you hypocrites with the signs in your yard – do the toddlers and all the second-hand cigarette smoke in your homes mix? Yes, I am talking to you there on Emaus and Water streets – I am sure you know who you are.”

• “Middletown, you folks are amazingly entertaining. I guess Sound Off wasn’t enough, now you have these signs. If it weren’t the whole town, I would feel like the rest of us are on ‘Candid Camera.’ ”

• “I hope Bernie and Donald win the nominations. Those two guys won’t ‘owe’ labor unions or big business so just maybe we’ll have a president that is ‘actually’ for the middle class. $100,000 dollars for a dinner plate? Yeah, Mrs. Clinton, you understand us.”

• “I really hope somebody requests to see the numerous letters the police sent the commissioners asking to meet for negotiations. They said in the paper the police refused to meet to negotiate and that is completely opposite of what really happened. See, community this is the kind of people you are dealing with.”

• “I have yet to grasp why the addition of a crematory to our community has resulted in my normally reasonable neighbors running around screaming, ‘The sky is falling.’ I spent most of my childhood around a crematory and never experienced any issues and that was long before our current state of government regulation.”

• “It won’t be long before the quality police officers at Lower Swatara Twp. seek employment elsewhere.”

• “Unionize! Never before was it more called for.”

• “So the board of commissioners in Lower Swatara recently reduced their employees’ bereavement leave from five days to three days. Think about that: If, God forbid, a family member or worse – an employee’s child – died, they now get only three days not five to mourn their loss. Think about how mean-hearted that is.”

• “I’m sick of hearing about the crematorium. There’s always going to be people that don’t like anything. I just have three words to say about the crematorium, and here’s to all the people against it. BURN, BABY, BURN.”

• “To the lady that put the Finkenbinder sign up and said it is illegal to remove it, remember that when I put a ‘BURN, BABY, BURN’ sign beside it.”

• “So whatever happened to that vault door that went ‘missing’ from Middletown?”

• “I think the biggest thing the township manager missed in her letter to the public was that the reason crime is down is because of the level of officers we had and you can’t go by car to residents. When now there is a third officer down, there will be overworked officers out there making split-second decisions, and did she mention how much money we’d save by replacing our officers versus paying our current officers a ton of overtime and having tired, overworked police officers?”

• “I read the letter submitted by township manager Anne Shambaugh. It was well-written, however it seemed a bit cold when considering police work and the human dynamics of law enforcement and the community. It appears she put some effort into her breakdown and showed us numbers to convince us that it is OK to not replace our police and let the department dwindle. Numbers are just numbers and crime fluctuates from year to year. The biggest failure in her letter is the same failure in the commissioners’ reasons for not replacing police. It is the failure to see how all their reasons make no sense because if it was the truth, how can they explain the number of highway workers hired over the past few years? There have been at least four reasons offered now as to why police aren’t being replaced. What you are telling all of us is that based on ‘car to resident’ ratios you’ve decided we can let our police department grow smaller. Did you include in your stats that there were two murders in Lower Swatara over the past three years? I bet we also did better in the ‘murdered people’ category than the departments around us, too. That is unheard of in Lower Swatara, both nonetheless a sign of the times and all the more reason at the very least we need to maintain our current amount of officers. What happens when officers get hurt or are out on medical leave, how do you cover the 24/7 shifts that need filled to ensure public safety? You touted about all the overtime money the officers can get, but that isn’t free, that means they have to work 16 hours in a row for several days to get that overtime. This results in tired officers who we rely on to save and protect our lives. There just isn’t any logic in any of what you say to us. The chief of police recently gave you back $100,000 from his police budget that he did not spend, but you couldn’t even give him $48,000 to replace ‘one’ of the officers? Why? You could have replaced both officers with the money he gave back to you. I wonder how many members of our community know that fact? You spoke of how you can have your detectives fill patrol shifts as needed – do you even have a clue as to what your detectives do every day? Do you care to know or will the truth help them? They are constantly investigating crime full time, the most serious of crimes that happen to good people and children. Do you think it is OK or fair to take them away from what they are doing to have them cover patrol shifts because you won’t replace police the same way highway employees are immediately replaced and hired? Here is an idea maybe you can explain to the parent of a child that has been sexually assaulted: that your detective won’t be working their case today because he has to cover a patrol shift. Sound fair? The detectives in Lower Swatara aren’t sitting around waiting for something to do; they are busy every hour of every shift they work for you. You commented about the amount of cars the police have – did you include the mileage of those vehicles used to protect your community? Did you know that many times numerous cars at once are in for repairs? There is never the option to not have police cars available to our police. Did you say that to set up that you may get rid of some of their police vehicles because they got a new one – is it always one step forward, two steps back in dealing with the police? Does somebody feel the need to show the police they are in control of them? The detectives drive hand-me-down cars and they usually find themselves in some of the most dangerous parts of Harrisburg city and in and out of Dauphin County on cases they are working (places I would guess you have never been and only seen in movies), but, hey, if they break down let’s just hope it’s not in a bad area – especially with all the attacks on police this year throughout the country. The police are the most visible part of any township or borough – you all should really take a lot more pride in that. Also police do not increase our taxes significantly in any way – the school district is the biggest source of tax increases in Lower Swatara Twp. Stop trying to put that on the police. The current amount of vehicles our police have is adequate at best. Why didn’t your letter discuss how you are able to replace, add and hire other township employees at will, but not our police officers? Why? I am so happy that our community is becoming more and more involved with this issue and I hope they continue to demand answers. This is proof of the relationship our community has with our police officers. If you gave me the choice of a burglar being arrested or the park being mowed I will pick the burglar capture every time. The people of this community are not stupid, so when you try to explain or justify this again, really give it some thought first. Think of all angles where your story or explanation might fall short and maybe it won’t. The crazy part of all of this mess is that had you just replaced officers as they left none of this would have ever occurred – have you figured it out yet?”

• “I am not sure why Mr. Fager cares so much about us (Middletown) and it seems to be unwavering. After all that is being posted in people’s yards, he still smiles and says ‘Don’t worry about that, everything will be OK.’ Everyone knows Mr. Fager prints shirts, signs, banners, flyers and just about anything else we could mention, but he has done nothing. He even went as far to say they have a right to not agree with what we are doing. Even as stones are hitting him, he steps forward. I believe the reason his name did not show up on the new sign is because most of Middletown who know this young man would start speaking up. I ask something of our town: Let’s encourage our neighbors and friends to remove the hateful signs and replace it with a more respectful replacement. Either way, people will see you’re not in favor, but let’s at least show respect to a young man that shows us respect.”

• “I see they’re going to put a woman on the $20 bill. While they’re at it, why don’t they bring the $2 bill back and put a gay person on it?”

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