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Sound Off - 10/15/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “Congratulations to a Middletown graduate: Justin Anderson came in seventh in a military combine event. This is a grueling race which starts out with weights and exercises. It then goes into a long race with many physical obstacles.”


• “For 30 years, I have paid for water/sewerage I didn’t use because of the minimum amount cost. Now I pay for what I use. My bill last month was $23 cheaper! Thank you, Borough Council.”


• “Not another year of the same booster issues. Time for a mutiny.”


• “You thought the electric utility was bad in ripping us off with illegal inflated bills? It is nothing like our water and sewage utility bills. Middletown Borough residents have been overpaying this bill for years in addition to two service charges added in. Now with the new rate it is sky high. With the sale of the water and sewage utility we will be paying a 2.5 percent increase annually for several years and 2 percent after that. Thanks to our council for selling us out again. The deficit in this utility is from people not paying their bill for months, possibly years – and no one tried to collect it. This is why there was a recent increase in our water and sewage bill. I have been told by a source in this utility that the ones who can pay their bills will be paying for those that will not. And this has always been the utility’s policy. I think there should be a state audit of our electric and water and sewage utilities. Clearly there have been illegal billings and the Middletown residents have been paying for it.”


• “Elections will soon be here. Don’t make the mistake voting for someone who is talking negative about their opponent. It might sound good to you, but most candidates who talk negative about their opponent are telling you zip about what they’re going to do. Vote for people who are going to tell you what they’re going to do for you, not what their opponent isn’t.”


• “In response to the person who spoke about the cheerleaders not cheering in front of the students and the band: At last week’s game, the cheerleaders went to the student section to cheer a few times and students repeatedly threw rocks at them. Would you want your child to be made fun of or have stuff thrown at them while they are there supporting and cheering on their school football team? I would hope not. That is why the cheerleaders don’t go down there for long periods of time. I hope I saved you from having to write back in to the Sound Off again next year, because there are no more blind eyes and deaf ears.”




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Sound Off - 10/1/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “I live in Harborton Place, and that noise from the Turnpike expansion is deafening. The residents there should be able to claim noise damage to their ears. The noise is terrible. I heard when they were going to start that project they were going to put a wall up to muffle the sound.”


• “It’s heartbreaking to see people trying to get rid of their animals on Facebook. If you know a place won’t take animals or only one, why would you move there? All kinds of reasons that make me sick and make me realize most people don’t deserve an animal’s love!”


• “Another football season and again the cheerleaders are cheering to the old folks and the people who are there only to see the game. I am floored that they don’t cheer in front of the band and student section. Who’s idea was it to put those cheerleaders in front of people who are not the least bit interested in cheering the cheers offered by the cheerleaders? I know next year I will be sending this Sound Off in again, because it falls on blind eyes and deaf ears.”


• “First, people complain about vacant code enforcer positions. Now we have people complaining about filled code enforcer’s positions. Unbelievable if you live anywhere else, but it’s the norm in Middletown! Some people just whine about everything! Just be happy that the town finally got a competent one!”


• “Funny how you can apparently own an alligator and even take it shopping in Giant, but if you want to have a chicken or two for eggs, you’re out of luck.”


• “I just had a discussion with a current player on the roster, and that tryouts didn’t matter. As a former player, our legacy is being ruined. I was told half the team knows this error in judgment. I am not sure why no one has gone to the athletic director in the past two years. How can they fix it if it is not brought to their attention? This cannot continue.”


• “I wish they would hurry up and stick that pipe in the ground and get out of here. Making a career out of it.”


• “The Turnpike Commission needs to buy the rest of Harborton Place so we don’t have to hear all that noise they’re going to be making for years.”



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Sound Off - 9/24/14


 Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “Hey Mac. I seen those trees you had trimmed, and they were not near any power lines. How convenient that this was just all one big mistake! Do you mind mistakenly paying for my trees?”


• “I like how the Middletown Council tried to cover up the actual sewer and water increase. News reports earlier this year on TV and newspapers said the increase would be 39 percent. In actuality, on my most recent bill for 3,000 gallons used, the sewer increase alone is about 77 percent, with the water increase over 19 percent. The glossy newsletter didn’t even include the increase or billing structure for water rates, probably because they didn’t want questioned about the double and variable service charges. How they can get away with approving this much of an increase without clearly publishing it ahead of time is unethical. But then again, that is the way this council has worked. Rest assured this will be brought to the attention of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission so they can determine if this increase is legal or not.”


• “Your Middletown newsletter was just a pile of political propaganda full of lies. Do me a favor: Stop mailing them to my house. I’m embarrassed of how you clowns destroyed our town.”



• “The rumor is kids will start school two weeks before normal so they can get into the new high school. How can you say you have the best interest of the kids when you put them in un-air-conditioned MAHS in the middle of August?”


• “If Pennsylvania wants to raise revenue then they need to tax cigars, chewing tobacco. I don’t understand why it’s not. There’s millions of dollars to be made there. And Marcellus Shale ... that’s a very sore subject all the way around. Look to take away all of the frilly perks within themselves before you start taking away from the very people who actually do work.”


• “Alligators, snakes, exotic animals, etc., need to be illegal or have a permit! These creatures have no use being in homes in the Northeast, let alone anywhere else. The TV news people tried to make it seem like a cute story. Police should have kept possession, and the moron owners should have been fined!”


• “It’s so nice that our communications director and Chris McNamara’s friends or followers post something positive about themselves every week in Sound Off. I think they do this because it is the nice comments that they see or hear about themselves. Anne Einhorn was not at National Night Out because she was in York working. She explained this to the committee – but I see there was no mention that Mr. Brubaker, Mr. McNamara, Ms. Malone or Mrs. Sullivan were not in attendance at this event. I have not seen Ms. Malone or Mr. Brubaker at any town events since either has been on council, but they are to be there for the town. Why are we giving all this money to a fire department that cannot even get to the calls in town? When I was younger, the firehouse had fundraisers like chicken barbecues, flower sales, etc. Now I don’t even see them putting forth an effort to raise their own money – they are solely relying on the borough to fund them. I feel that if a local nonprofit wants to use their hall they should provide it to them at a discount since it is our tax money that built the new station for them. There are a lot of pawns in this town – Mr. Rhen being appointed to the sewer/water authority, Mr. Louer Jr. being appointed to the sewer/water authority . . . Really? They were not placed there for their knowledge of the operations. Russell Bechtel being placed on the  Vacancy Board … that clearly shouts pawn as he is at McNamara’s house every other day. I cannot wait for 2015 for a change in this town. What I am afraid of is the mess that the new council will walk into, but they can always use the same excuse you hear now: “Folks, I did not cause this problem – it was caused by my predecessors. I am only here to clean it up.”



• “Um, will someone please tell me why we need a full-time codes enforcer and two part-timers? Waste of money, if you ask me.”


• “I was very disappointed in the group picture of the Middletown Area High School marching band in Friday (Sept. 12) football program. So fuzzy you can hardly make out the faces. And the video from the eighth-grade transfer last June is horrible! I asked for my money back – but to date, nothing.”


• “Whoever wrote in to the Sound Off column and said we need to re-elect Chris McNamara in 2015: You owe me dry cleaning for my pants, since I peed them from laughing so hard. The only person in this state who is going to lose worse at the polls than Corbett will in November 2014 is McNamara in May of 2015.”


• “To the person who wrote in about the guy washing his car in the street and painting the curb yellow: I don’t know him, but I know the house you mean. The reason I know the house you mean is because every time I drive by I notice how well-kept the house and yard are, and I have seen him washing his vehicles, and I’m always impressed that he never seems to sit still and takes a lot of pride in his home and the things he’s worked for. The house did not always look that nice. I’m going to guess and say he moved in about 20 years ago, give or take. As for painting the curb, I’m about to do it to my own. The curbs in this town haven’t been painted in at least 10 years. (Although they did just do some on North Union Street.). This town needs more people like the guy that you’re complaining about, and less people who are complainers.”


• “A baby alligator at the Giant? Another prime example of the people that live among us. If you love alligators so much, go live in the Everglades!”


• “On Sept. 18, at 7:50 a.m.  I came upon a stopped school bus on Adelia Street in front of the fire hall, loading up students. The bus had no lights at all on. How bad is that? I go that way every day and knew that a bus stopped there – but what if I was someone who didn’t know the area? If it would have been foggy out, I would have never seen the students boarding the bus. I’m sure if I would have passed the bus, the driver would have reported me. The police need to know that the driver can be at fault, too.”





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