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Sound Off - 9/3/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



• “Originally, the Bluebird fire truck was refurbished with tax dollars. Then it was sold to a local sawmill for one-third of what the cost was to refurbish it. It’s a part of our local history! Mayor Curry may not have been at the council meeting, but he was quoted. December 12, 2012 minutes: Borough Manager Konek reported James Curry, a member of the Historical Restoration Commission, has proposed the borough take over the 1957 Seagrave fire engine, known as the ‘Bluebird.’ Council President McNamara said the fire department’s woman’s auxiliary is disbanding and would like to sell the ‘Bluebird.’ The purchase would be a capital expenditure. Councilor Louer moved the restoration commission acquire the ‘Bluebird’ and that it be utilized for fund raising. The motion was seconded by Councilor Arnold. After discussion centered on when it would be garaged, the motion passed on a 7-2 vote, with Councilors Brubaker and Sites dissenting.”

  Editor’s note: Mayor James H. Curry III has denied making a proposal to buy the Bluebird. He was not serving on the Historical Restoration Commission at that time, and did not attend the Middletown Borough Council meeting where the purchase of the Bluebird was approved, according to Curry and borough officials.


• “Why the need for the new outfits, Middletown? I always thought it was the players and attitude ... not the helmet and uniform. Penn State was never fancy and won two championships.”


• “Here’s a recent Facebook post from Councilwoman Anne Einhorn: ‘I recognize that the previous council lowered electric but I also believe that you can’t make that kind of change without a price attached. We have paid for that move many times over through lost jobs and services as well as higher rates in other areas. Unfortunately, council dug itself into a hole in order to keep empty promises and make themselves look good. We all know that our country depends on taxes, utility rates, all service rates, etc. to survive, but no one should be on the hook to pay for past mistakes.’ Who should pay for the so-called mistakes that your friends made? The former council members are the ones you cling to on Facebook! They’re your friends! What do you offer as a solution to the problems? Your best friends were the Stonehills! Mr. Stonehill spent the taxpayer’s money like it grew on trees! If the sewer rates had been increased years ago, we wouldn’t be facing this 40 percent increase today! The increase would’ve been gradual. However, your ‘friends’ wanted to look good, so they chose not to do the right thing, which would have been to increase the sewer rates!”


• “OK, when did Middletown Area High School let Steelton-Highspire kids go to their school? They said they did not want them there because of fights in the school with other kids. If it was other kids doing that, the parents will get told about it and tell them to send them to the other school.”


• “When you deliberately wrong a child, whether on purpose or went along with the crowd, you will be judged. Those who knew and did nothing are just as guilty.”


• “Not happy signing those papers on the iPad rules. If you take away book bags or carrying bags, of course they will be dropped. Someone wasn’t thinking on this point. Issue clear handled bags or you are going to have a lot of people fighting your deductible rule.”


• “Reminder that talks for a clear school bags need to happen.”


• “How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you. Have you hurt anyone’s feelings? Someone is watching.”


• “I wish they would quit fooling around, put the pipe in the ground and get out of town. I can’t understand what’s taking so long. I would have expected them to work more while in the center of town.”


• “Why am I paying money at a home football game to watch my boy on the visitors’ side of the field? I just found out that because some of the parents do not know how to act, the seventh- and eighth-grade football games are played with the visitors in the home spot. Not only that, but the parents are not allowed to go to the visitors’ bleachers to cheer their team on as well. I understand where the coaching staff is coming from, but that’s not how to handle the situation. The kids need our support, especially at home games. The few parents who were born in barns need to stay home because they give us all a bad name and obviously don’t know how to conduct themselves at our children’s events. I don’t agree with the decision to play in the visitors’ spot.”


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Sound Off - 8/27/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



• “To the mayor in the town of Missouri where all this rage and looting and rioting is taking place: Take a play out of former Mayor Reid’s playbook during the 1979 TMI meltdown. He said looters will be shot.”


• “What’s up with the Sound Off Column? Don’t tell me the people it this town have run out of things to complain about! P.S., I blame it on that stupid little code that has to be entered.”

  (Editor’s Note: Addition of the “captcha feature” was necessary because of the hundreds of messages sent to Sound Off by computers.) 


• “And why did Middletown football need new helmets?”


• “To the people complaining about the Middletown Borough police: Maybe if you do not break borough codes, you would not have a gripe about them. I have made a dozen calls about trespassing, and the Middletown Borough police answered every call and resolved the problem. They were polite and did their job. Sometimes it takes time to respond because they are on another call. But they did respond. Thank you from East Emaus Street.”




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Sound Off - 8/20/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation. 


• “Individuals like Mayor Curry, his ‘associates’ on the council and his handful of volunteers are nothing but a few crybabies and chronic complainers who jump up and down in front of the Press And Journal every time they don’t get their way! Wake up, Middletown!”


• “Has anybody ever noticed the complete difference between the Middletown police and Lower Swatara police? You never see any Middletown police out anymore and they’re so hard to get in touch with. You call, and the response time is something to be desired. Once they do come, you pretty much get the feeling that they just don’t want to be bothered. Then you have Lower Swatara police. You see them everywhere, in the neighborhoods, stopping all kinds of cars and doing small things like showing up at kiddie league sports or bingo at the fire hall. You call them and they generally show up within minutes. They actually wave to the neighbors and stop and speak with them while driving through the developments. When you do have a problem, you can tell they genuinely care about trying to resolve it as best as possible. Funny how the borough is in turmoil with their officers, yet just across the township line the police are friendly, efficient and proactive. Just thought I’d point it out. Thank you, Lower Swatara.”


• “Bey is certainly qualified for the chief of police job, but it’s clear he’s going to milk the residency rule for an extra year. And you know council will approve it. What a joke. They couldn’t even get the committee vote right.”


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Sound Off - 8/13/14





Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.








  “Yeah, I just wanted to say that the Middletown Public Library …” 













“I would like to say to the mayor of Middletown …” 









“I heard the president from hell is once again socking …”






• “Article by Anne Einhorn is very gutsy. Much respect.”


• “Thanking Mayor Curry and Diana McGlone ‘for standing up to McNamara and the rest of council’ – really? McNamara was the one who promoted Mr. Curry in the last election. Unfortunately, Mayor Curry has turned his back on those who campaigned for him. What did McGlone do for Middletown when she was on council? McNamara inherited a mess and is trying to clean it up. It’s only a few people who complain about everything but never offer solutions! At least McNamara pushes forward to improve the borough, which is exactly what this borough needs! Keep up the good work you’re doing, McNamara!”


• “Thank you, Ann, for speaking out. I completely agree with everything you wrote. My husband has asked me to come to Borough Council meetings and I refuse. I will not sit there while council so rudely and disrespectfully gets up and leaves the room, for however long, to discuss items that should have been discussed prior to the meeting. We are their constituents. We vote them into office, and this is how they treat us. No other municipality does this. This is why Middletown is looked at as a joke. The sad thing is, most council members should be ashamed of the way Middletown is viewed, and they are not. They walk around holding their head high and behaving arrogantly. It’s very embarrassing.”


• “Travis Thickstun is the clear choice for police chief. He’ll move here, live here and become an active member of this community. The guy from Sunbury didn’t even want to answer questions and the guy from Susquehanna Twp. is just looking for a few years to ride into the sunset in his new home in Susquehanna Twp! Thickstun is the clear choice! Can you make one good decision, council?”






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Sound Off: 08/06/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.

• “Thank you, Mayor Jim Curry and Diana McGlone, for standing up to McNamara and the rest on council.”

• “The only people who take Obama’s threats seriously is the White House.”

• “Not too many people can ‘retire’ with a full-benefits package and continue their yearly salary, plus land another fulltime job making as much money as they did before retirement. Wilsbach and Klinepeter, the two men who just left Middletown Borough employment, knew exactly what they were doing. They both had enough years to receive full retirement, so they bailed.”

• “Anne Einhorn said: ‘GMEDC provided the records in 2010. Where they went, no one seems to know.’ Why doesn’t she ask her friend and past (2010) council president, Diana McGlone?”

• “According to Anne Einhorn, the GMEDC has continued to provide information to the borough despite the fact that they are being portrayed as uncooperative.’ Why don’t GMEDC officials bring the document to a Borough Council meeting, provide it in public and prove their point?”

• “Anne Einhorn talks about how the process should be inclusive, not exclusive. She should take a good look at her own surroundings, associates and surrogates before pointing to others.”

• “I am liking the independent church New Beginnings. Pastor Britt does an amazing job and is a huge asset to our community.”


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