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SOUND OFF: Feb. 15, 2017

“Hey, I have a question about the police regionalization. You named all the players there at the meeting. Funny, I didn’t hear any of our officers there or the Chief? Isn’t true that the last police ‘regionalization’ with Swatara and Paxtang caused the Paxtang officers to retest for their jobs or otherwise be fired! Because that’s pretty much what will happen if you contract services!!! Our officers will not be policing here. They’ll all be fired, and the new department will hire their new officers.”

“How could it get any better? I hope all of you enjoy electing Ayatollah Trump when he gets this executive order signed. ‘Administration officials are considering a proposed executive order, a draft of which was obtained by The Washington Post, that would provide individuals and organizations wide latitude in denying services, employment and other benefits on the basis of their religious beliefs, though Spicer emphasized that Trump had no immediate plans to issue a directive on the issue.’ When he gets away with it this does not mean just Muslims - any religion deemed inappropriate for the national good can be eliminated from having any kind of rights. Complete and total disregard for the constitution continuing and accelerating.”

“I have seen a lot of posts about the police lately and I am glad people are questioning what the leaders of the area political subdivisions about the treatment of their police officers. These men and women put on a gun and a badge every day to protect us and battle the forces of evil in our society. This, I might note, is something that few in our society are brave enough to do. I do not blame all of the cops in America if they decide tomorrow to seek other career paths. Just look at the life altering experience that Hummelstown cop went through just a little over a year ago. She did not do anything wrong, and she lost her career, her safety, and almost her freedom if not for a very conscious jury. So every day that these folks go out to do their jobs. It is not only their career at stake, but their LIVES, FREEDOM, and FAMILY that may also suffer the consequences of what they do. SUPPORT YOUR POLICE OFFICERS AT ALL COSTS.”

“Support our troops and thank our Vets by using a ‘green porch light’. Google it to read more about it.”

“Anyone else still look for the Elks Theatre marquee every time they go through downtown? Old habits die hard, I guess.”

“Hey all you people that are so upset about the ban on immigrants, lets do this: YOU trade places with THEM.”

“Hey people what’s wrong with this picture? Route 230 bridgework is done but opening months away, DUH the bridge isn’t done till the bridge is open, where do these people come from.”

“Hey, Mayor, how did your ‘mass exodus’ from MRI go?”

“Just to be clear, the Township wants to take farmland, use tax dollars to remove farmland from the township and create space that will require tax dollars to maintain and upkeep? I thought LST was running low on farmland? I thought LST taxes were already high? How many ‘parks’ does one Township need? According to the Future Comprehensive Plan Draft, ‘Open space, such as parks, lawns, and landscapes, as well as natural areas, including river islands, occupied the remaining 38 percent’ (in 2014). The plan also states ‘Lower Swatara owns and maintains eight municipal parks with facilities. Memorial Park and Greenfield Parks are its largest, developed for baseball and soccer, respectively. Shope Gardens and Woodridge have additional baseball fields. Greenwood Commons has a nature area. Other parks are neighborhood parks with play equipment, pavilions and picnic tables, and grass fields.’ Page 12 of the Future Comprehensive Plan Draft has a nice little table outlining each park with acreage. Total acreage comes to 58.10 acres. Visit the Lower Swatara Township website people and do your research before another cent of your tax dollars is spent.”

“I’d like to reply to the Sound Off about Ron Paul and the comment that he made himself look bad. Ron Paul did not make himself look bad at all and in fact he looked great for standing up and asking the board the tough questions that concerns all LST residents and their tax dollars. He made himself look great and proved he is willing to stand up to what that has been occurring. You say it is evident that he wants to be a commissioner. I would say you are right and he is not trying to hide that in anyway at all. Ron Paul wants to become a commissioner because he, like many of us is sick and tired of seeing the truth about what is going in the Township at the hands of the current leadership, why else would he want to come back and be a commissioner? It is because he dedicated his life to Lower Swatara and cares about it and that is why we need him to be involved again in Lower Swatara. The guy served us as manager for 25+ years and is happily retired; he is trying to become a commissioner to save us. I like Ben Hall and think he will do well. Ben and Ron could do great things together. Once we rid ourselves of the old regime’s leaders things will go much better for Lower Swatara Township.”

“To the person who stated you will never see a cop if Lower Swatara patrols Middletown or get them at their office door, this is 2017 all you ever have to do is call 717-558-6900 and a police officer will appear at your front door or call you on the phone, step into the future already. Also there is absolutely no reason to think or believe that the Lower Swatara Township Police won’t give the Middletown residents the same courteous and professional service they have given their community for years, it is just who they are as officers, they will embrace you the same way they have embraced their own community and you know why? Because you will become part of their community and that is how they treat the citizens they serve with dignity and respect. They do remarkable police work and will have the same great relationship with you that they have with the residents of Lower Swatara.”

“As a resident that works a varied schedule, I can’t make meetings but I do read the minutes after they get posted. It seems like it takes longer than it should though to post them. Just because you don’t see faces doesn’t mean people aren’t following what happens at these meetings.”

“While I agree with and liked the Press And Journal’s editorial last week about local politicians and government and the negativity they must put up with while making sacrifices serving others, I feel like a more important editorial would be about the responsibilities and duties they have to their constituents and how they should hold up and follow through on them. Only the people can police their local government and politicians and sadly that rarely happens. Once voted in they are left to do as they wish and most people ‘trust’ they are doing what is best for all people. Then it flips back to the integrity of the elected official to be able to work without being checked and still do the right thing. The local governments and politicians that have received so much negative feedback in social media, I believe there is a reason for it, simply because it has been so steady and to me that indicates a problem. If I were a local politician who was good and honest and continually receiving negative feedback for years straight, I’d hit the problem head on and speak on it and prove them wrong. I would do media interviews clearly explaining the truth for all to hear. The funny thing in our area is you never see them do that and there is a reason for that. The bottom line is those politicians themselves and the people know when things don’t make sense or add up they never fool everybody. The breakdown of the system is the people never rise up and demand answers from their local politicians and the politicians bank on that literally. This is why it continues and never gets corrected, because ‘we the people’ allow it and they love us for it. I guess we can only blame ourselves.”

“Your negative feedback was dying down if you didn’t notice, but you had to make your unintelligent, dishonest and shady comments and rip that right back open didn’t you. Oh well so be it.”

“If I understand correctly the Borough is going to make Mill Street a two-hour parking zone. I hope that’s not the case. There are people in Interfaith Apartments who receive services from nurses and home-health-care aides, and those aides may need to be parked for three and four hours or more at a time. Bad enough that the AMTRAK lot parking has been taken away but where will the aides park now?”

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SOUND OFF: Feb. 8, 2017

“I see a lot of negative comments in Sound Off about LST Board of Commissioners, but I rarely see people at the township meetings. I wonder where they get the wrong information they post. It is evident that a past manager wants on the Board of Commissioners. His demeanor at the last meeting was unnecessary and made him look bad. Ben Hall was a good choice for open Commissioner spot. Come to the meetings and see for yourself what good decisions are made and why.”

“Perhaps some of the recent firings and retirements at LST had more to do with work that was done or work that was not done. It takes a strong leader to weed out people in high positions because of the backlash. In the end, it is the wisest thing to do. The township almost lost police accreditation because someone didn’t do his or her job.

“Google ‘Green Porch Lights.’ I’m surprised this hasn’t received more attention.”

“There are five members that make up the board of commissioners in the township. There are five people that are selected to bring ‘five different’ points of views to matters in the township. There is an odd number so that there cannot be a ‘tie’ vote. Why in the world do the commissioners just keep agreeing to everything and never challenge what another says? How can one have so much pressure on others? I hope Ron Paul runs for one of the two upcoming seats so he can stir things up a bit. It’s about time there is some diversity on the board. It needs shook up. There are too many secrets and not enough public input.”

“What’s wrong Trump haters? Not getting your own way anymore? You say he’s a pig yet you use the F bomb at rallies, you smash windows, you burn things, and you probably don’t even have a job! Or, you’re just too lazy and want Obama back to spoon-feed your lazy butt! Not gonna happen! Time to grow up. We’re taking back this country from the noisy idiots that have destroyed it the past 8 years!”

“Anyone else find it to be an interesting coincidence that the township plans to purchase the Shireman Farm and it just so happens to be directly behind a former Commissioner and real estate agents home? Okay, we may get some grant money (tax payer dollars) to help purchase this (more tax payer dollars) but how much money will it cost to make it useable for anything (more tax payer dollars)? Go look at it for yourself. The dirt alone would be a fortune. It sure would be a nicer view and break between a few homes and the warehouses that want to go in on the other side. Makes you wonder who’s pushing this baby?”

“I agree with the comment about Danielle running again for the Board. She got a lot of votes last time without doing much grass roots effort. I think she could bring a much needed fresh perspective and intelligence to the Township. I do hope she sees this. I would vote for her!”

“They say if Trump puts a tax on Mexico’s imports it will cost the American people more to buy them, well I say tax them Trump. I don’t buy anything from Mexico anyway; I check all my labels on everything. I don’t buy any food from China if it is not grown here. I have no problem giving it up.”

“Yeah, let’s just open the doors and let anybody into the country that wants in. Then in a few years we’ll be like China with a billion people. Hey, we don’t have jobs for 20 million Americans now. What are we to do then? You can kiss democracy goodbye and say hello to socialism because that will be the only way to survive. Well at least the Democrats can bury their sour grape and stop whining and crying then.”

“MIDDLETOWN RESIDENTS, are you going to sit by and watch this Mayor and Council do away with your local police force?? They say it’s all about saving money and providing better services. How did losing our Communication Center work out for you??? Haven’t seen savings or improved services yet!!! Folks, we’re going to lose our local police for a larger police force that will not be here in town like they think. This borough paid around $26,000.00 for an audit of the police department to find out that for the calls that get, population, and traffic they need 18 full time officers. They have been working with nine and a few part timers. You wonder why you don’t see the proactive policing anymore like stopping the speeders, the college kids flying around, or drunks??? How can they? It wasn’t that long ago they had to have the State Police cover a shift because they finally were burnt out and no one could come in!!! Folks, the public meeting to voice your opinion on keeping our boys here in our local police department is February 15. Don’t lose them like we did our Communication Center, Electric Dept., Water, and Highway workers!!! Look what’s left.”

“So let me get this straight, I go to the Middletown Police station now after 3 p.m. and can NEVER get someone to answer the door. I get it; the cops are out patrolling. Now, if you ‘merge’ or ‘contract services’ potentially firing all the current police now I’ll have to drive out to Lower Swatara or even Swatara Township to go talk to a cop?!?! Yeah, that sounds convenient!!! NOT!!! What about the residents who can’t or don’t drive???”

“Why should the United States have an open door policy to the rest of the world? I’m already paying for welfare baby’s I had nothing to do with, and their education and health care. And why do all these ‘refugees’ run to White Christian countries?”

“So Lower Swatara Township announced tonight they are purchasing land in Lower Swatara for recreational use and that isn’t a bad thing. Astonishingly ‘again’ it was another unanimous vote by the board. how many is that now?! It’s almost like the board are robots programmed to agree. Did the board discuss publicly the cost the township residents will spend to level this incredibly hilly area? Was there any other land in Lower Swatara the township could have made an offer on and avoided the leveling cost? Or was this exact specific land in this location the one it ‘had’ to be? I really can’t believe what is still going on. We really need to take our township back.”

“John Wilt is the head honcho in Lower Swatara, the president commissioner the man who runs Lower Swatara, our local leader, the man who deals with our money. How in Gods name did this ever come to be??”

“Has Lower Swatara Township lost its mind? Purchasing the land by Ebenezer and Longview is insane. Did they do a feasibility study? That intersection is not one to handle any volume of traffic. Everyone is always complaining about how much traffic is on Longview as it is! What impact is this idea going to have by taking this land off the tax rolls? How much is it going to cost to implement this idea? It cost over a million dollars to put soccer fields in by the new elementary years ago. Who and how are we going to maintain the fields, who is going to cut the grass? Do we have enough manpower in the public works department to handle? What about parking? Water run-off? We already have Jednota in the township where our kids played when they were growing up. What about redeveloping that land? Wouldn’t Ebenezer and Longview be better suited for a nice new small neighborhood?”

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SOUND OFF: Feb. 1, 2017

 “Can anyone answer this? Why is the speed limit 35 mph on Stoner Dr. and only 25 mph on Rosedale Ave. and Whitehouse Lane? It seems to me they should be reversed.”

“Does anyone know if the Main Street Gym has a shake weight exercise group?”

“Wow, what a ride. Even with no support, Donald Trump became president today. After sworn in as president, the mainstream media attacked him, especially CNN. The news media destroyed themselves. Nobody believes them anymore and they will die financially. Fox News is the only unbiased, mainstream media. God spreads his word, sometimes in an unlikely manner, He used a self-indulgent game show host on TV and a lunatic, conspiracy theorist from Texas to spread a message of peace and hope not only to Americans but the entire world. Two years ago, America was dying: economically, morally and spiritually. But God gave the USA one last chance to come back to him. The American people responded by electing Trump as president. Amid all the abuse, Trump voters, especially the minority community, came through big time and made their voice heard by voting for Trump. Many people lost friends and family members for voting their conscience. The courageous, Trump voters ignored all the mainstream media lies and saved our country from the most, corrupt, crime syndicate in the history of our country and a corrupt government that robbed and crippled our economy with illegal business regulations that made the very rich, wealthier and everyone else poorer. Most people had no clue what was going on, but lost jobs and homes because they could not find work. But there were enough voters who were aware of the evil and saved our country. I commend the courageous Trump voters who made our country great again.”

“The Women March on Washington makes me think ‘women are a puppet for the Democratic Party.’ Hey, I remember Bill Clinton, where were the women protesters then?”

“Seems to me Planned Parenthood’s problems are easily solved. JUST STOP DOING ABORTIONS! No one is upset about them doing breast cancer screenings, or passing out condoms or the pill, or performing STD tests. And they, Planned Parenthood say  ‘abortions are only a small part of their income.’ WWHHHAAAAT! You do the math, how many abortions are performed and times that by the cost? A small part of their income, teehee.”

“Kudos to Steel High for the classy way they stopped the game to recognize Ryan Hughes reaching 1,000 points.”

“‘If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.’ – Plato”

 “I see on a regular bases support for Lower Swatara Police Department. It is my understanding that the Middletown Police Department have been going through the same issues. If the residence of Middletown Borough expects to have a police force that can respond in a timely manner they better pay attention on what’s going on in Council. Middletown Borough contracting service with Lower Swatara Police department is not a good thing for either municipality.”

“Just a note for those of you so enthusiastic about draining the swamp and the hiring freeze memo: According to the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, federal employment has dropped 10 percent since 1967. Then note that roughly 85 percent of federal employees work outside of the Washington metro area - this means that those who shop in your local stores, pay taxes which support your community, contribute to the PTA, which helps your kids in the local schools and all the other little things directly impacting your small town will be hit. It does not apply to political appointees that require presidential nomination or Senate confirmation, Schedule C employees in the excepted service or appointees in the non-career Senior Executive Service - these are all positions he is holding in reserve for friends - all the high paying positions and they do pay well. One last thing that may provide some amusement for all of those voting Trump - Dade County, Florida has public information available concerning real estate sales. First Google ‘little Moscow’ then look up on the Dade County site just what premium prices were paid to Trump from well his friends in Russia - completely legal - no one can be told not to overpay for a property/condo but it is a nice means of transfer. I will enjoy re-visiting here in about 2 years to see just how much enthusiasm still exists among middle America when all of you discover just how seriously you have been played.”

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SOUND OFF: Jan. 25, 2017

“I wish to thank all of you who voted for trump. Urged on by Trump, the Senate overnight adopted a budget resolution that clears a path for eliminating the tax-and-spending provisions of the Affordable Care Act by simple majority vote - no Democratic cooperation required. That means repeal of two provisions targeted at high-income households: a 0.9 percent hospital insurance tax on earnings above $250,000 for couples and a 3.8 percent tax on capital gains, dividends and other non-labor income above that same threshold. Overall, eliminating those two levies would represent a tax cut of roughly $346 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Households with million-dollar-plus incomes - a much larger group than the top 400 - would receive an average tax cut of $49,000 a year, the center says. Your help in tax savings is very much appreciated.”

 “It’s pathetic the Press And Journal had to write its own anonymous Sound Off about Mayor Curry last week. Seems to me you aren’t too pleased with someone calling you out for irresponsible journalism. He isn’t the first to do this. Maybe you’re just worried because his opinion carries a bit more weight with the public. If you truly care about the town and not just selling papers, stop printing Sound Offs.”

“Do the commissioners watch, read, or even care about what goes on in the township anymore? Apparently not. They have continuously degraded the police department from low wages, low manpower, and failing to provide adequate equipment (13 year old cars, etc.) and look at what goes on in the township. It’s not Mayberry anymore. The police have to deal with rapes, assaults, stealing, and dealing drugs on a normal basis. They have to deal with child deaths. They have to deal with threats of mass shooting and now they are dealing with improvised explosive devices that are seen in war zones. Do you even see what your department does for the township? Do you even really care or are they just a replaceable tool? The mindset of the commissioners seems to look at it this way. Lose one senior officer and you can get two for the same price. Why don’t you step up and back your police department? The only reason you can sleep at night with little worry is because of the men of the department working all day and all night to protect you. If the criminals knew that the state police were on call they would know they have an opportunity to do damage to the township. It’s because of the tireless and selfless acts of the men of the department that many still see Lower Swatara as Mayberry.”

“Our president elect, Trump, is moving forward to complete his promises to the people of the USA. He established a cabinet that will take our country back from the bureaucratic thieves in our government and he brought millions of jobs to the USA. Agencies with three letters like CIA, FBI and EPA that have robbed out country for years will be drained of lobbyists with their own agenda. Barry is going to jail for 40 years for a fake birth certificate. The Clintons will join him because of the Clinton Foundation. The election only delayed their prosecution. I loved Trumps latest news conference. He put the fake news in their place. He has beaten everyone without any support. I cannot wait when he assumes presidential power. He will drain the swamp. You can get accurate news on the Internet and forget mainstream media fake news.”

“I love watching these local politicians, one specifically, pretend to be pro-police when they are anything but! Actions always speak louder than words.”

 “Question: Is the new interim chief MOPEC certified???”

“Just an FYI: the Historical Society did not receive $10,000, the Historical Restoration Commission received that money. Get the story correct before printing.”

“We would encourage the borough to post signs to point out that fact that there is a large public parking lot behind the borough offices along North Catherine Street as well - especially as Tattered Flag is now open with its expanded hours. Additionally, the lot behind our offices on South Union Street are open for free public parking after 6 p.m. Signage showing parking areas is money well spent. We certainly expect council to update the code ordinance to create a board to hear appeals of code violations and, more importantly, address blighted properties.” Sounds like someone should run for Council in the Press And Journal Office.”

“McGlone put her cards on the table with no uncertainty: ‘Anybody who has a blighted property in this borough is now put on notice - we will be coming.’ McGlone better check her own properties as well. The only thing McGlone is worried about is what money she can make off of this Borough.”

“Alright residents of Lower Swatara: voting for new commissioners will soon be here. Laddie Springers seat is up and you need to remember what he did for the township. I hope that female candidate will run again. Regardless of republican or democratic, she at least has the better good for the township on her side.”

 “There seems to be a lot of people that see how LST operates. Silence the sheep and speak up at election time. Question why people have been fired or stepped down in the past few years. Retirements and resignations out of nowhere? Don’t ignore the signs. Get these people out!!”

“Overheard some folks talking at the grocery store today. I quote ‘Donald Trump is going to get us into a war.’ Excuse me, just what do these people think those boys have been doing in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last 15 years? Hello, we have been at war for at least 15 years.”

“Hi everyone, it’s the P&J Pastor here. A well-known Bible verse is John 8: ‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.’ Sadly, no one can because we are all sinners. Although you wouldn’t throw a stone at someone you love, you’re still allowed to tell someone of their sin and encourage repentance. God will forgive us. Lets build each other up to be stronger against Satan! See you in church on Sunday.”

“Sending a huge ‘Thank You’ to the staff of Tattered Flag. My family surprised me with a retirement party in their upstairs. The staff (YAY Lauren and Marcie) could not have been nicer, the food was absolutely delicious and the space was perfect for both the adults and the kids. If you have not stopped in to this wonderful place, I highly recommend that you do! Thank you so much, TF, for a fantastic celebration!!”

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SOUND OFF: Jan. 18, 2017

 “Actually I thought Southern Cal would win by two or three touchdowns. Any way the Big 10 only won three bowl games.”

“The North Union Street Bullies have infiltrated the School Board, BOC and Commissions. Say something contrary to 5-0 and you get the boot. Time to make a change in the upcoming election!!!!”

“Apparently the current Board of Commissioners wants a bunch of friendlies everywhere. Who is next?”

“Today I attended the service for John, the Mayor, Hoerner. You can learn a lot about a person from their funeral service. It was standing room only and this was the second day. If only he could see the many people he has touched that came to say goodbye and show their respect to his family. Proof of how good of a man he was. He not only helped his youngest constituent (a small child that had a bee problem at the playground) but the seniors that needed help with yard work and all ages in between. He earned the respect and admiration from people from all walks of life and professions. He had truly life long friendships that were still going strong. Borough employees were present so that tells me he was good to work for. A local business was happy to open their doors to help celebrate his life. I don’t know what more you could ask for. I heard once that we should write our own obituary, and then live our life to try and fill the shoes of the person you described. Well John, I think you succeeded in being that great person we would all hope to be.”

“They brought everybody on board except Ron Paul the guy who has more Lower Swatara knowledge and know how than all combined. I think the voters will see that differently come election time.”

“Funny how this week’s paper indicates that Middletown and Lower Swatara are ‘still’ in talks about regionalization. Seems that Mehaffie’s legacy continues. I don’t recall any PUBLIC meeting or input to date about the issue. This issue has been the topic of rumors, chatters, and debate for how long now and yet the public is still in the dark about the progress or lack thereof in regionalization. The issue just goes to show how much lack of public care and support goes. When people don’t care to get involved these people can get away with anything. The only time you hear anything from the public is when it directly affects them, ie truck terminals, crematory. People seem too dumb (unfortunately) to realize the power of their voice at least at a local level.”

 “Meryl Streep: I repeat, ‘Don’t you just hate it when people use you as a captive audience and project their political views?’” 

“Lower Swatara Police are not going to police Middletown. They don’t like coming into town as it is. And merging will ensure that you never see police in town unless to get a drink or food. They’ll be on 283 looking for drugs and drunks.”

“This new Swatara School board, how did that happen without an election? Did I miss that? Who is on the board and who is working for our kids, and who do you feel this is just a political rank?”

 “Tear down Bunky Burger. We need more parking! Tear down the Elks. We need more parking. Tear down Klahr’s. Oh, that’s right, we did, still no parking.”

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