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Sound Off - 01/28/15

Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.

• “Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Mike Bowman recently tell the Press And Journal that he is done with this council and town because he didn’t get his own way with the codes department? And two of our worthless councilors are recommending him to fill a vacant seat? Are you kidding me? You people are out of control!”

• “I find it hilarious that Mike Bowman in his recent interview for council said, and I quote: ‘Council must finish the downtown improvement project to make Middletown more attractive to students, and housing in the town must be made safer for students.’ Does he realize that him and Humpty are part of the reason the town looks like it does?”

• “Every time the gas prices went up so did everything in the grocery store. They always said it cost(s) more to ship it. Now with the gas prices way down the food keeps going way up – well, they can’t blame the gas prices now. It’s always greed.”

• “The following is an actual quote, as published in the local newspaper: ‘I’m going to continue with what I’m doing, and if the people don’t like it, then they can take issue with that at the ballot box.’ Whoever runs in the election against McNamara, make sure you use this in your campaign against him.”

• “All I have to say is McNamara needs to go! He is ruining this town. You, Mr. McNamara, are voted in to do the people’s business, not run your own agenda. This is what is wrong with politics in this country. It’s all about agendas and not doing the people’s business.”

• “Here again I read about residents sounding off about “slum” landlords in Middletown. If you have a problem with the condition of a property please, please, come to the code enforcement office and file a complaint. This way those urban blight and code violations can be properly addressed by the borough. Too many residents tend to sit back and complain and point fingers at council without going through the proper channels to correct the problem.”

• “The mayor does not sound off on Facebook and pit the residents of the borough against anyone. I’m an intelligent adult, and I can think for myself. I just so happen to agree with the mayor, as do most of the other residents and members of the Facebook page. Tell me this: If the borough council has so many supporters, then why don’t they start their own Facebook page and let their supporters tell us about all of the wonderful stuff they’re doing and show their support? We know why. By the way, if something is truly wonderful, people flock to it – they don’t have to be bullied into submission.”

• “I am subscribing only because this seems to be the only organization watching what the Middletown council does and calls stupidity when it sees it. They are so unprofessional. Hah. Must take lessons from their Harrisburg counterparts. Morons.”

• “Once again Middletown Borough Council proved they do not represent the people of Middletown by voting in a two-time loser at the polls, Mike Bowman, who managed just a few votes from voters. The borough council is now stacked and a certain few council people can do what they want – and the borough people can do nothing about it. The people of Middletown lost twice. We all need to go to the polls and vote the council people out. The Middletown council was voted in by the people of Middletown to enforce the will of the people, but they are not doing that. Whether the people are right or wrong, council should do what the people want, not what they want as individuals. Middletown is probably the only city council that needs a police presence at the council meetings.”


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SOUND OFF: 1/21/15


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “So disappointed that the mayor has to sound off on Facebook and pit the residents of our borough against the council and the communications director. Shame on the Press And Journal for helping him to do so.”


• “McNamaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”


• “I love you, Dad!”


• “If borough management is so concerned about the lack of public works employees, hire qualified people! Heck, if they can pay $250,000 for a trellis and grass and put in granite curbs (what is with that anyway?) they can hire enough workers to properly maintain our town.”


• “Hey, King McNamara and Friar Tuckourogen: As the old saying goes, you live by the sword, you die by sword. TA-TA!”





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Sound Off - 01/14/15


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.

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• “Now a few council members and the borough manager and communications director profess concern about not having enough manpower to properly plow and maintain our roads during winter weather. What a joke! They are the ones who fired –  excuse me, eliminated – all the manpower. Since the friends of the council president hold the positions of director of public works and supervisor of public Works (which, by the way, there are only seven public works employees, including the few former electric department employees) maybe they could help shovel and snow-blow borough properties. That doesn’t take any plowing skills. Why do we need two supervisors for seven people? Yeah, we have more money than brains.”

• “The only thing lighter than air is a J&J Italian sub.”

• “Something really stinks in Middletown – and it smells like manipulation by one or two council members. If things don’t go their way, they find a way to make it so. Just tell the spineless borough manager not to sign an agreement ordered by the majority vote of council knowing if it isn’t signed in a timely manner it will be void. Calls for termination of employment due to insubordination and refusing to do his job. He was never really qualified or had any experience for the position.”

• “Another fine display of the incompetence that McNamara and his council cronies displayed with not plowing our streets! Every other town surrounding Middletown removed the snow so it wouldn’t ice up later but Middletown. Good thing they decided to let PennDOT plow the main roads – at least they were clear. This council needs an enema!”

• “I sound off here because I’m frustrated with Middletown, Section 8 housing and the lack of love for my area of town. I work to have a home and can’t take time off of work for a ‘meeting.’ Is there another way to be involved in improving it?”

• “Not playing your rivals does clear the way for a good season in a lower division.”

• “Thank you to the kind soul that shoveled/blew the snow off of the sidewalks of Wharton Avenue on Tuesday, Jan. 6. It was really nice to come home after a hard day and not have to do one more thing out in the cold crappy weather! Random acts of kindness are always appreciated, and I always try to pass them along.”



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SOUND OFF: 1/7/15


  Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “Question: How do Royalton police patrol the Borough of Royalton when their police car is always parked in Middletown?”


• “Just read that the gas tax is going up by 10 cents. I’m sure it will undoubtedly be passed on to the consumers. What I don’t understand is why smokeless tobacco is not taxed? Cigarettes are taxed but “chew” is not. Doesn’t make any sense.”


• “I want to say “thank you” to Mayor James Curry and Diana McGlone for giving my family an award for having one of the best decorated homes in town. They both do a lot for the town and my family appreciates it.”




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