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Born in Middletown, Pa. 68 yrs ago and never left town. A graduate of Middletown Area High School. Survived some courses in the school of hard knocks, with a continuing degree in education.

Photography, gardening, sports, softball top of the list interests. Have coached everything from rec ball to women’s fast pitch softball. Hunting, fishing, boating on the Susquehanna River also enter into my fun things not to mention 40 years of firefighting and still active.

Vacation for me are great times in the OBX or in the woods of Potter County. Love both places.

Mini Vacation

Tuesday, 18 June 2013 14:29

Just back from Potter County where we spent time with our freinds and realitives at Camp Middletown on Lyman lake. Joing us were Judy Lipiec, Bob & Bobby Barillia, Carol & Glenn Hemperly and Joann & Gravy Krupilis. What a crew that was, lots of laughs and fun.

Went up to the Corning Museum of Glass and saw some great things made of glass. Nope we did not buy anything other than lunch. We did see a nice size bear on the way home just outside of Galeton on the way to the lake.

We all went to Wellesboro for the Laurel Festival and met the Housers (Ron & Betty Lou), there. Very nice parade there on Sat. with lots of bands and floats.

The grass was cut at camp after a bout with the lawn mower. Seems we had bad gas in the can from last year. Got it started and the mowing began and after 3 1/2 hours it was looking good. Weed wacking was another story but I got that done too.

We all stayed up late every nite and played a card game called pay me. Tjis is a great way to have conversation and snacks and laugh.


Well till the next time,


God Bless


Don Graham




Saturday, 08 June 2013 21:43

Had a wonderful 8th grade tansfere until................................some ungrateful parents entered the auitorium. Then it began,,,,up and out of the seats 3 times. Standing up and cheering wildly and loudly. All this done when thier youngster entered the aile and after the announcement was made to hold all applause till all the 8th graders were in and up on the stage. Parents dressed in muscle shirts, hats on with the sungalsses on top of them, texting on the phones the whole time. Phones in their ears, dressed like they were going out to a night club. What a bunch of buffoons, no wonder the kids of today are confused how to act, dress and behave with maners. Many parents have none at all.

The play, Your a Good Man Charlie Brown was excellant, a great perfomance by the entire cast. I enjoyed the entire evening, except for the grinch people who stole the 8th Grade transfere.

Time to get busy planting flowers, doing the garden and removing some plants and making a bigger area for flowers. 400lbs of dirt was put down, oh my back, and spread around the beds. Next the flowers were planted and some were divided and put elswhere. The mums were cut some divided also, one plant becomes 2 and so forth till we end up with a dozen.

Several baseball and softball games this past week, as tho things were not hectic enough, but we got them in and cheered on our teams and grandkids.

Sad to say I attended my cousins funeral this past week. We did fish and hunt for a number of years, since our very early childhood, fishing at Hoffer Park and hunting in Potter County. Dave I am going to miss you, thanks for the good times.

Thursday was a sad day for me, the kids graduated and high school is now out. Oh I yelled at them and chided them as needed but I miss them already. Glad I get to see some of them around town and can say hello. Pray they all stay safe in their travels to the beach and get home safely.

I still have to put the boat in at the dock and need to go to Potter County for some R&R. That will be a good place for some pictures and play with the Ipad.


All is well, God Bless


Don  Graham





Crazy long weekend

Monday, 27 May 2013 22:12

Talk about being a little crazy,,,,,,,,,,,,guess I am it. Up Sat. morn at 4:30 and off to Greencastle to a softball tournament. 4 games Sat. and won all 4. Leave and get home at 7:30 or so. Back at it on Sun morning. Lost the first game and then won 2 and lost the next one and played at 6:05 and tied due to darkness. We ended up in 3rd place out of 18 teams. Very good for a young 14u team. A record of 6-2-1.

Monday saw the family get together at our son's house and some good food with family and friends. Memorial day is for remembering the loved ones and others who have gone before and helped make our land free. We gave thanks for our blessings.  

Lots going on this week and as usual it envovles our grand kids and sports. Lots of pictures to be taken and post on Facebook, bragging rights I guess. Games on Tues, Thurs. Friday, and a double header scrimage on Sun.

Flowers need potted and some gardening needs to be finished, grass to mow and trim. The boat needs to be cleaned up and put in the river. The boat dock has some things to be done to it and then I should be ready to launch it.

The Middletown Raider Sports teams have done rather well this spring. The baseball team finishing at one of the best they have done in recent years, the softball team made playoffs and the track & field team had some individual performances that were outstanding. Congrats to the Raiders.


Enough for now, ltr


God Bless


Donald Graham

The Smiles of a Kid

Monday, 20 May 2013 22:56


I recently had the plesure to travel to Potter County for a kids trout derby. The look on the face of a 6 year old after she just landed her first trout. Now that is a wow moment.

The Friends of Lyman Run, outside of Galeton put on a kids trout derby every year and this year was a winner, again. The weather was perfect and the fish were bitting and almost 100 kids were having the time of their life. My job, photographing them and I did not have to ask anyone to smile. They all were grinning from ear to ear, what a pleasure to see kids enjoying the simple things in life. No cell phones were being used, just laughing and running and screams of delight as another fish was landed.

I put about 500 miles on my truck to do this little picture taking thing for the FOLR, and it sure was worth it. Arrived at Camp Middletown Thurs. evening and opened up the place and started the heaters up. 38 degrees is a little to cold to relax in. After a bite to eat I got things put away and turned on the radio and started to wind down from the day, thats when I remembered the chores to be done.  Made my list and put them in order, got the things out I needed and got ready to read a little. Time now was about 11:00 PM and I decided to shower and call it a day. Sleeping bag was nice and warm and I was out in a hurry.

Friday came quick and by 6:00 AM I was up and having coffee on the deck, cold outside at 6. Whoa, back into the camp and warm up and eat some ceral and an english muffin. Now that is better. Turn on the radio, and think of what is next. I know relax,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now I like that part. Noon time and the outside temps were around 60 and that was a good thing. My chores were all outside jobs. Got them done and then a friend of mine showed up for the weekend and we went to town for some parts. Came back and finished the job. We went out to eat and then did a ride around the country side looking for deer. Went over to Germania Station and saw a nice black bear, est. around 300 lbs. Stopped by the Frank residence to see how the new place was coming along. Very nice I must say.

Saturday was the derby and what a great day it was. Lots of fish being caught and the grown-ups were delighted as much as the kids. Free hot dogs and snacks for the kids and all was good. Took lots of pictures and of course of the grandpirze winners as well. Kids had pizza also and were all wound up over all the prizes.

Back to camp and mowed the grass, then we cleaned up and went to eat, went looking for deer again and then back to camp and headed to bed early. Leaving at 6:00 in the morn to come home. 3 softball games to see and 1 softball practice to go to.


Busy weekend---------------u bet, but I will do it again next year. Does the heart good.


God Bless


Don Graham

Rain, Rain go away

Saturday, 11 May 2013 22:27

Can you say enough is enough. Postponed, High School Baseball, High School Softball, and MABA Games. Not to mention an array of Teener Baseball Games and many other outdoor events.

Time to get the tomatoes into the ground. That did not happen, it rained. The Firday evening softball game, 4 innings and then it rained. Saturday travel softball games,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you guessed it, it rained. The weather man needs to change up his forecast and bring in some sunshine.

Mothers Day this Sunday, hope the sun shows up, after all, she is Mother Nature, so let it shine on.

Had a great Thursday afternoon-evening at the MIddletown Fire Dept's spaghetti diner event. Lots of folks working together for the good of the cause. Many friends and brother firefighters at the event and all pitching in, eating, cooking, serving, and cleaning up after the event. I must say it was a great time for fellowship and the serving of the community.

Well I want to wish all the ladies a Happy Mothers Day on Sunday and hope all of them have their cake and eat to on their specail day, thanks for all you do.

With the postponed games on Sat. I think we will have a busy day of softball. The grand daughter will be playing at least 3 games and maybe 4/5 if they can do some winning. Our travel team, Mid-Penn Lightning Fast Pitch Softball will be playing out at the South side fields all day. I wish them all the luck.

About 2 more weeks and the new addition to the Fire House will be done, stop by and say hello and get a tour of the addition, we are very proud of it. We will now have all our equipment in one house.


Enjoy and God Bless


Don Graham 



How time flies.

Saturday, 04 May 2013 22:23

Slow down a little and let me enjoy. This week has been a blur, truly gone and I did not stop to smell the roses. Can you say Kentucky Derby

There was the United States Army Field Band and Chorus at the Middletown High School on Tues. evening and what a great performance it was.

Softball games on Wed., Thurs saw me go to Linglestown for the grandson in Teener baseball, Friday work all day and then the high school softball game and we took in my grandaughters softball game at Shanmk Park in Hershey later that evening.

Spent today going up to State College to see the Lady Lions take on Nebraska in a good softball game with the Corn Huskers winning 3-1.

We wnet to Champs in State College for some good burgers and then headed home with some great memories and a few laughs.

Sunday will see us travel to our son's in-laws for a big feast of lamb and ham as we celebrate the Orthdox Easter. This is always a very well planned meal and lots of good Greek food.

We will later in the day go to the grandson's baskedtball tournament to finish off the day.

I used to say where did the weekend go, now I say where did the whole week go. Oh well more of the same coming this week, ahhhhh.


God Bless

Don Graham

Wonder wear the weekend went

Monday, 29 April 2013 22:26

I can not beleive where time goes, Friday a great day and got some things done. Sat. was beautiful and did some running errands and mowed the grass. Spent sometime taking some pictures and then returned to the friends house for a burger and drink. Just like that it is Sunday and we are in Shippensburg for some round robin scramages.

Sure was nice enough when we left Middletown and by the time we got to Ship it got windy, colder, and later some rain drops. What happened ????

The girls played softball and did very well, my grand daughter batted very well going 2 for 3 in 2 games and had a triple, a double and a bunt single in the other game.

Long day till we arrived back home and tired was the order of the day for all of us.

Day at school today was great, other than I sure did not feel well. Hope Tues. is better. Just have to suck it up and get there and do the job. Sure hope the weather clears and we can all get outside again to put the flowers in the beds and clean up the yard some more. Lots of things to put out and by the time I am done it will be time to power wash the house. What did they do before the power washer??? Let the rain clean the house and sit back and relax. Gall darn modern machines cause me more work.


God Bless


Don Graham  

Busy day, busy weekend

Thursday, 25 April 2013 22:47

Wow just got home from the firehouse after cleaning the 4th oven in 3 days, what a dirty job. Done now and looking good, ready for a big wedding reception this weekend. Need to clean the bath rooms and do the vestabule windows yet and we are ready.


Great day on the softball diamond with the varsity team winning over Palmyra and the JV team winning also. Got some pix of the JV team who was at home. Some great kids there playing their hearts out. Give them credit, they do keep trying and winning some too. Friday 4/26 will find both the JV field by Reid and the Varsity field over at MAMS being used when Reading comes to town to play the Lady Raiders. 

I will be in school all day on Friday and as soon as I get out I need to get home, change and grab the camera and get back to take pictures at both games. Great way to end the week.

Got to make hay with the grass on Sat. and then Sun. head to Shippensburg for a round robin in Travel ball softball, Mid-Penn Lightning playing and my grand daughter is on that team. Busy, busy as always. 



Don Graham


Enjoy the weekend all


Softball, softball and some more softball

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 22:31

Hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jacks is the what the songs says. I can't find a better way to spend a late afternoon or early evening then watching young high school kids play ball. The batter up call heeds well to the call for the younger leagues also, I have watched 5 games not counting on TV between Monday and Tuesday evening.

I am very proud to say I support the high school and the little leaguers in their contest and hope each player gets the oppurtunity to get that hit, that great play and to score a run. With pirde I watch a grankid, your kid, and some mothers and fathers beam with pride when their special someone is in the game.

No games Wed. means I can do inside work or maybe in the garden if the rain holds of. Not time for tomatoes yet, but i can start to plan, where, when and how many. I am seeing red now.


I ugre all of you to take some time, relax, get out to the ball field whereever it is and cheer on the team. Be a proud parent, grandparent, spectator, and cheer them on,,,,,,,,it does your heart good and is good for the team.


Don Graham


c u ltr




The Busy Weekend

Sunday, 21 April 2013 08:35

The Weekend


What a great start to the weekend. Up early on Sat. Morning and out to the Middletown Reservoir to take some pictures of kids catching trout in the stream. No cell phones, just fishing rods, worms and other assorted baits. Plenty of smiles and lots of laughter. Sure does the heart, mind and body good. The Kids Derby was held with sunshine, food and nice weather. Hats off to the sponsors and the folks who put on this fantastic show. My pictures show that all the kids and parents; some grandparents too, enjoyed the day.


Some work around the house, the usual spring time things, then down to the firehouse to check up on the place.


Went to the all you can eat spaghetti diner with my sister and brother-in-law at the Main Street Gym. This was to benefit a cause close to my heart, The Middletown Blue Raiders Softball team. The meal was great and the desserts were fattening, nice job girls, we loved it.


Today has a list a mile long of things to do, fix the sweeper, pull weeds, plant some things and some general outside work. They are all things I like to do, no softball today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yet, who knows. I am always open to whatever the grandkids want to do, from baseball, soccer to field hockey and basketball down to the softball. Who knows might get up to the Capital Campus to catch a game on the home field.


Before you know it, it’s Sunday night and time to think about calling it day and looking forward to games, fun and work for the up coming week.


Hope you all had a great weekend.