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Eric Wise

Eric Wise is a stay-at-home dad with three children, ages 11, 9 and 3. He was formerly a reporter for the now-defunct Hershey Chronicle newspaper, and he has 10 years of experience in public relations with four different statewide associations. His home improvement column, "Around the House," appeared in daily and weekly newspapers around Pennsylvania from 2007 to 2009. He is a graduate of Hershey Senior High School and Elizabethtown College. He enjoys reading, playing guitar and photography. 

Did you ever consider the origin of Quentin, Pennsylvania?

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Pennsylvania is home to thousands of towns and cities, and more than a few are small enough that you can miss them when you are passing through. Quentin is one little town of a little more than 200 households near where Routes 72 and 419 meet in Lebanon County. Most people associate Quentin with this intersection that includes a gas station, Quentin Haus restaurant and Quentin Riding Club on Route 72 from the Turnpike into Lebanon. I only recently learned that it was named for the son of President Theodore Roosevelt.

When the Great War (now World War I) broke out in Europe in 1914, Theodore Roosevelt was only a few years removed from the end of his presidency in March of 1909. When America was drawn into the conflict in 1917, it was Roosevelt's youngest son, Quentin, who dropped out of college and enlisted in the First Reserve Aero Squadron.

Quentin Roosevelt served in France, and he was shot down and killed July 14, 1918. The Germans buried him with military honors out of respect for his service.

The loss was reportedly a great one for the former president, who would also die within a year. At the time, the Quentin Roosevelt's death meant a great deal to the American people: The son of a popular president chose service over other options and it cost him his life at 20. It's hard to imagine a recent president's child enlisting and being killed in action; one of the greatest criticisms of our leaders during the past 65 years is that they are often of an elite class separated from the blustery cold Korean winters, the jungles of Viet Nam, the turmoil in Mogadishu, the deserts of Kuwait and Iraq and the unforgiving terrain of Afghanistan. TR and his family may have been wealthy, but they were not above serving the United States.

Today Quentin rests in Normandy American Cemetery beside the grave of his brother, Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., who died of a heart attack about a month after serving as the highest ranking officer to lead troops ashore on D-Day. Quentin Roosevelt, the only World War I casualty buried at Normandy, may be largely forgotten today, but he was not 95 years ago.

This little town in Lebanon County named itself in his honor. The airfield where he had trained in Long Island, N.Y., was also named in his honor (it no longer exists today). Quentin Roosevelt was honored many times throughout the United States, including Quentin Roosevelt Elementary School in Pittsburgh. Today, that school has been replaced by Roosevelt Elementary School, which belittles the honor to Quentin, as I am sure most people associate "Roosevelt" with Presidents Theodore and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

If you happen to travel through Lebanon County and venture near Quentin, take a second to remember the man who left college to serve his country and lost his life doing so. Fittingly, Quentin is located near the Veterans Administration hospital just outside Lebanon, where veterans of our armed forces with less prestigious lineage receive care and treatment. Take a moment to remember them as well.


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    最新作 ルイヴィトン バッグ 限定セール|LOUIS VUITTON M40579 モノグラム オランプ ショルダーバッグ
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    久保田スラッガー 超歓迎2014 久保田スラッガー 硬式オーダー GO-1-8PSE ブラック セカンド?ショート用 基本モデル:KSG-8PSE| 野球用品専門通販
    ミズノ 特価 ミズノプロ 2GW-18303 47 スピードドライブテクノロジー ナチュラル 内野手用| 野球用品専門通販
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    グッチ 203550 人気|AA61G 2019 グッチシマレザー×ハートメタル HEART 長財布 チョコレート 割引販売
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    ミズノ 超美品 ミズノプロ 限定 ファスナー付き 長財布 スムース 1GJYG01589 チェストナッツ 31 mizuno pro 革 サイフ コレクションメーカー:ミズノ(mizuno)品名:ミズノプロ 限定 ファスナー付き長財布品番:1GJYG01589 31カラー:チェストナッツ天然皮革箱入り予備のファスナー部の革付き中国製●プレゼント用のラッピング無料●プレゼント用にラッピング(無料)をご希?|||ミズノ 超美品 ミズノプロ 限定 ファスナー付き 長財布 スムース 1GJYG01589 チェストナッツ 31 mizuno pro 革 サイフ コレクション
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    大山甚七商店薩摩の誉(ほまれ)黒 原酒37度1800ml【専用桐箱入】商品説明原材料:さつま芋・米麹アルコール分:37度容量:1800ml蔵元:大山甚七商店〃滾々と湧き出るミネラル豊富な地下天然水と、焼酎の原点である黒麹、そして南薩摩で取れた新鮮な掘りたてのさつま芋(黄金千貫)だけを使用し、明治の時代から代々受け継がれてきたかめ壷で仕込み、小型の常圧蒸留|||大山甚七商店薩摩の誉(ほまれ)黒 原酒37度1800ml【専用桐箱入】
    品名: シャンパン容量: 750mlアルコール分: 12.5度輸入者氏名: MHD ディアジオ モエ ヘネシー(株) ※余りに有名で説明は要らないですよね! ●現在発売中のドンペリ☆1993年☆正規品です。●保存状態は非常にいいです。(暗室低温倉庫にて保管)●ディアジオモエヘネシーの正規品ですのでご安心下さい。|||ドンペリニヨン 1993 白 正規品 (箱なし)
    ウィスキー内容量:700mlアルコール分:40度輸入者及び引取先:有限会社 ウィック原産国:スコットランド|||ダルウィニー ダブルマチュアード 40度 700ml(専用BOX入)
    日本酒 (株)三宅本店 ◆ 千福 上撰吟松 1.8L ◆ 商品説明容量: 1.8Lアルコール: 15・0度以上16.0度未満原材料: 米・米麹・醸造アルコール蔵元: 株式会社三宅本店生産地: 広島県呉市本通※戦艦ヤマトの故郷、呉市にあり、中国・四国・九州地方で最大手の酒造メーカーとも言われる三宅本店さんの代表的な日本酒です。「千福」という名前から�|||日本酒 (株)三宅本店 千福 上撰吟松 1800ml

    ハタケヤマ 正規品SALE ハタケヤマ キャッチャーミット V-M8WR M8型 硬式ミット 捕手| 野球用品専門通販
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    ミズノ 超激安 ミズノ スパイク グローバルエリートMC 2KM-31500| 野球用品専門通販
    久保田スラッガー 上質 久保田スラッガー ノックバット 91cm BAT-20-B| 野球用品専門通販
    ミズノ 超美品 ミズノプロ スピードドライブテクノロジー 2GW-28303 47 ナチュラル 硬式グラブ K-KLUB限定品| 野球用品専門通販

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