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Born in Middletown, Pa. 68 yrs ago and never left town. A graduate of Middletown Area High School. Survived some courses in the school of hard knocks, with a continuing degree in education.

Photography, gardening, sports, softball top of the list interests. Have coached everything from rec ball to women’s fast pitch softball. Hunting, fishing, boating on the Susquehanna River also enter into my fun things not to mention 40 years of firefighting and still active.

Vacation for me are great times in the OBX or in the woods of Potter County. Love both places.

The Smiles of a Kid

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I recently had the plesure to travel to Potter County for a kids trout derby. The look on the face of a 6 year old after she just landed her first trout. Now that is a wow moment.

The Friends of Lyman Run, outside of Galeton put on a kids trout derby every year and this year was a winner, again. The weather was perfect and the fish were bitting and almost 100 kids were having the time of their life. My job, photographing them and I did not have to ask anyone to smile. They all were grinning from ear to ear, what a pleasure to see kids enjoying the simple things in life. No cell phones were being used, just laughing and running and screams of delight as another fish was landed.

I put about 500 miles on my truck to do this little picture taking thing for the FOLR, and it sure was worth it. Arrived at Camp Middletown Thurs. evening and opened up the place and started the heaters up. 38 degrees is a little to cold to relax in. After a bite to eat I got things put away and turned on the radio and started to wind down from the day, thats when I remembered the chores to be done.  Made my list and put them in order, got the things out I needed and got ready to read a little. Time now was about 11:00 PM and I decided to shower and call it a day. Sleeping bag was nice and warm and I was out in a hurry.

Friday came quick and by 6:00 AM I was up and having coffee on the deck, cold outside at 6. Whoa, back into the camp and warm up and eat some ceral and an english muffin. Now that is better. Turn on the radio, and think of what is next. I know relax,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now I like that part. Noon time and the outside temps were around 60 and that was a good thing. My chores were all outside jobs. Got them done and then a friend of mine showed up for the weekend and we went to town for some parts. Came back and finished the job. We went out to eat and then did a ride around the country side looking for deer. Went over to Germania Station and saw a nice black bear, est. around 300 lbs. Stopped by the Frank residence to see how the new place was coming along. Very nice I must say.

Saturday was the derby and what a great day it was. Lots of fish being caught and the grown-ups were delighted as much as the kids. Free hot dogs and snacks for the kids and all was good. Took lots of pictures and of course of the grandpirze winners as well. Kids had pizza also and were all wound up over all the prizes.

Back to camp and mowed the grass, then we cleaned up and went to eat, went looking for deer again and then back to camp and headed to bed early. Leaving at 6:00 in the morn to come home. 3 softball games to see and 1 softball practice to go to.


Busy weekend---------------u bet, but I will do it again next year. Does the heart good.


God Bless


Don Graham


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