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 David Hawkins

Yes, that's me with a camera in hand, imagine that. Anyone that knows me will tell you that is my ususal pose. I have been making photos for a long time, working as a photographer/videographer/graphic artist, at one time as a stringer for our local paper and for over 30 years with the Air National Guard. I grew up in Highspire and graduated from Steel-High back in the day before Agnes changed the local landscape and Steelton-Highspire school district forever. My family has been living in Middletown since 1981 and really love our little neck of the woods. I hope not to bore anyone with my meanderings as I venture out of my photo box and share some of my thoughts on various subjects near and dear to my heart.

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The Arts are all around us

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Over the course of the last few weeks I have worked with a friend in his videotaping business. I help him by freelancing when he needs me and usually will end up videotaping graduations, dance recitals, school plays and other events at this time of year. One thing I often note is the amazing number of talented kids we have growing up in our area. I videotaped an elementary school talent show and witnessed a number of renditions of popular songs of today; I think people would have recognized most of them. What really sticks out is the creative ways kids find to showcase their talents. I saw everything from glow lights taped to costumes that made the kids look like stick figures when they danced gangnam style to one creative musician playing "Let it Be" on his acoustic guitar while holding it behind his head and inverted upside down. It was quite the show, but it also made me realize even more the importance of the arts in our schools and how they help our children grow into creative and talented adults. I remember sitting through a lot of chorus and band concerts, musicals, plays, band competitions, indoor guard shows and dance recitals, you name it we watched and supported them. But it was all good and those same kids are now productive, creative and amazing adults. It doesn't take much to realize how we value the arts in our adult life all you have to do is turn on the TV, listen to the radio or take in a movie. All those actors, musicians, dancers, DJ's and even the behind the scenes support staffs were the same kids we watched march, dance, play an instrument or sing and act on stage in a play or bust a move in a talent show. So I have to ask, since the arts are such an important part of our adult life why do we allow the schools to make cuts to those programs that are such an important part of our children’s education and growth?


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