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Eric Wise

Eric Wise is a stay-at-home dad with three children, ages 11, 9 and 3. He was formerly a reporter for the now-defunct Hershey Chronicle newspaper, and he has 10 years of experience in public relations with four different statewide associations. His home improvement column, "Around the House," appeared in daily and weekly newspapers around Pennsylvania from 2007 to 2009. He is a graduate of Hershey Senior High School and Elizabethtown College. He enjoys reading, playing guitar and photography. 

Two baseball fans teach me about enjoying the game

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I saw a baseball game in Kansas City about 12 years ago. Honestly, I wasn't that interested in the game itself, with Kansas City playing an interleague game with another non-contender. It was a nice day out with friends while I was traveling, and I always enjoy visiting the ballparks of Major League Baseball. Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium (previously "Royals Stadium") is especially nice, one of the best 1970s sports facilities.

I don't remember a whole lot about the game, not even who won. Our group was seated along the first-base side with a fine view of the field. What I remember best is the group of disabled adults seated a few rows in front of us. Among them was one man who was into every play of the game. He had unwrapped the giveaway Royals backpack and wore it proudly with whatever he carried to the game that day stowed inside. With every tag play, he enthusiastically spread his arms in the safe sign after a Royals player dived back to first on a pickoff attempt, slid into second trying to steal a base or advance around the bases after a hit.

Before long, this mentally challenged man had moved away from his group, as close to the action as he could get. Even when the ushers checked tickets partway through the game to make sure everybody was in his proper seat, nobody seemed to care that he moved. As I sat there behind him, I realized something: I was watching the person having the most fun of anybody at that afternoon's game.

Over the years I have been to plenty of baseball games in many locations. I sat nervously watching Jamie Moyer pitch in the 2008 World Series, hearing fans griping with worry about the "cursed" Phillies. I watched opposing teams' fans bicker with each other when two terrible teams met in Pittsburgh. I have seen blowouts, comeback wins and gut-wrenching losses.

But this was the first time I had seen a person enjoy every minute of a baseball game so much. He was overjoyed to be there, enthusiastic about his team (regardless of its record), and glued to the action. I am sure it was the best day of his week, probably the month. He was enthralled by every play. This guy wasn't just the one having the most fun of anybody at that game; he had the most enjoyable experience of anybody I had seen at any game. Sure kids have fun with the game for a while, but they also like the food, the kids' activities and other distractions. On the other hand, adults who are into the game end up making themselves sick if their team loses; others leave early or get drunk on their $8 beers. So, as far as I am concerned, he alone was Mr. Fun.

That same baseball season, my brother and I went to a few other baseball games. We went to a game in Baltimore and saw a great game. The teams went back and forth with plenty to cheer and boo about. We had a great time. Seated near us in our row was a pudgy teen who didn't seem to take part in this. He was quite possibly the least interested fan in the ballpark. About 16, he wore glasses and a brown Nike hat, he sat with his parents barely speaking at all. No matter what happened during the game, he displayed incredible emotional detachment. His only expressions showed he was bored, more bored and apathetic.

As he sat leaning his chin on his hand with his elbow on the armrest, I wondered if he sat at home practicing to look this bored all week. He probably had.

He was there with folks I assumed to be his parents, and he barely, if ever, spoke to them, because he was much too bored for that. He was polite when he excused himself to leave his seat for a while, and when he returned before long. I am sure he was back so fast because the concourse was also much too boring.

Near the end of that season, my brother and I went to a game in Philadelphia where the strangest thing happened. Again, sitting in our row was the pudgy kid with the brown Nike cap. Two random games in two cities, and we're sitting next to the same kid. As you would expect, he's acting as if he's sitting through a tedious lecture about what colors of paint dry the fastest. My brother spied him first, and I turned to look just in time to catch him yawning and adjusting that odd brown cap. Yep, that was him all right.

I was curious what possessed Mr. Humdrum to get out of bed, pull on his favorite headgear and attend a baseball game. Did he yawn this much at hockey or basketball?

Regardless of his motivations, he and the boisterous Royals fan got me thinking that summer because I realized which one I would rather be like. I would like to think that I could find a way, even on my worst days, to be the guy finding a way to have fun rooting for a last-place team. I wish I could let my guard down to have that much fun in three hours.

Despite our best intentions, I think all of us, especially including myself, have spent enough time wearily resting our chin on our hands with a nondescript poker face as the world passes us by. I know I am like the Bored Guy sometimes, but it's high time I toss that brown cap in the fire and strap on my Royals backpack, smile and enjoy the game.



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    For me, I have been advised by two doctors to never have any more injections of any kind. Including pain blocks, IV's, blood draws, etc. (near my RSD sites, so, I have to have them below the waist level) I am not a candidate for any kind of SCS (spinal cord stimulator), or many other accepted forms of pain control for RSD/CRPS, and was told "no more surgeries unless it was a matter of life and death".. Mcm Marshall: An Architectural FantasyHowdy very nice blog!! Guy . Beautiful . Frank Schambach determined that is a 99 percent likelihood the tracks are a hoax. The Women's Uggs, leather boot is the must have boot of the season! Show off your classic, luxurious style while wearing these UGG Channing II Boots for women. These sleek riding boots feature a rich, crackled leather upper with an antiquated metal stirrup across the top of the foot. 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In the 1970s it went into receivership and was bought by a businessman, Frank Fisher, who to general consternation sold it to an English company, James Halstead of Manchester, in 1989. A decade later it returned to Australian hands, with its former managing director, John Maguire, joining forces with investors to buy it back. Once you have fuel going, the fire is well established; you don't have to keep feeding it, it's certainly too late to move it, and you don't want to be poking and prodding it too much lest you do more damage than good. It is often a good idea to add pockets of kindling dispersed evenly in the fuel to help ensure that everything catches together. But before we get to the big flames.Mar 23, 2008. 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So, the transformation of the Teva brand into a more well rounded year round outdoor performance brand is also extending its selling season deeper and deeper into the year.On the marketing front, we know that product isn't the only thing evolving at Deckers. Our marketing has also taken a significant step forward. Alcohol dilates skin capilaries, increasing surface blood flow (and making you feel warmer) at the expense of core body temperature. It's very effective at this and is probably perfect for your situation. (Not such a good idea for critical hypothermia where core body temperature must be conserved.) I can't think of any drugs with a similar effect that are not also stimulants (so, not so good for night time use), so if alcohol is out, physical approaches are best..

    abercrombie Since then the sterling sliver had become popular. Sterling sliver can also be called 925 sliver, which consist of 92.5% sliver and 7.5% other alloy. The added alloy is used to improve the luster, brightness and hardness of the sliver. I'm configuring a RAID controller card for an older server pre system install. I've never had a RAID and it's brought up this question. In all my previous experiences (WinXP, Fedora 11, 15, 17) "device drivers" were installed or changed after the system was running. have fallen for that ploy for the last 5 years. What do you think the first words out of the districts mouths will be at the first bargaining session for the 2008 contract will be? Let me give you a hint. Do the words "sorry we just don't have any money" sound familiar? The district does have money to fly recruiters all over the country to try to induce teachers to come up here to teach. As to marketing, I think sly might be wiser to start with than Big Sky. We don't wanna piss people off a la Bendan Bendan or sdfghjxcvbn$%^ poiuytr with the Ugg boots and discount toiletries. If the video is catchy enuf and takes off on YouTube, the media, or, even better, the blogosphere will pick it up and push it viral..
    woolrich Seam sealed and waterproof, the Caribou's removable 9MM Thermo Plus Felt InnerBoot and insulation will keep your toes cozy in temperatures as low as 40F. The comfortable lining also keeps calves warm, as well. These boots also have a sturdy rubber outer sole which will provide you the traction you need in snowy or icy conditions.. Exciting to know that the NEW RUSSIA is being born!What I can not understand is why Russian government, and in that effect other governments, do not use the same technique nbsp;in attacki ng USA. For example, why Russian government does not use internet to advocate p;freedom of oppressed sp; Latino minority of USA. They are 60 million strong, and yet there is no republic or autonomous bsp;region of their own in USA. Keywords: B cell development; germinal center; cell cycle; cyclin D3Top of pageIntroductionGerminal centers (GCs) are dynamic functional niches within secondary lymphoid tissues that are critical to a high affinity humoral immune response. After immunization with T cell dependent antigens, na B cells that have been activated by cognate T cells migrate to the boundary between the B and T cell areas and initiate rapid focal expansion which quickly leads to the formation of GCs. Within the GC, B cells diversify their Ig genes by two distinct genetic mechanisms: class switch recombination (CSR) and somatic hypermutation (SHM). No matter who wins it could get far worse. Ally and the peace treaty Egypt has had with Israel could then be scrapped, and war could break out that we have to join in on, and all sorts of Hell. Or it could all work out real nice over there. The story's ugly climactic developments probably represent credible choices for these characters, but they push an already bruising film into even more sordid territory. Despite the final glimmers of hope and deliverance, you wonder who the audience for this will be. That question might also explain why, after a string of prize winning festival showings in 2008, the movie has taken so long to reach theaters.. UGG boots normally range in price from $120 to $220 but they can also be found at a great deal online. Both online and offline resellers offer discounts on former seasons styles. Last seasons styles generally mean a different color or patter on the outside of the boot. The UGG Australia "Cove" Suede Short Boot with Lace detail is an attractive short boot with vibrant colorful accents braiding detail and Poron insole. This sassy suede women's short boot has a nice front tie detail, lambskin lining, upper suede/leather, fleece lining/rubber sole and 1 heel. The UGG Australia "Cove" Suede Short Boot with Lace detail is available in sizes (5 12) and is offered in the colors black, mocha and espresso.' i am just remains to be still living

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    moncler piumini AII levels were also measured in the supernatants of the LLC cells. After 24 h incubation with 10% FBS, LLC cells were serum starved for 24 h. The culture media were collected, and AII levels were measured using radioimmunoassay, and the assay was carried out at the laboratory of SRL Inc. A hotline (1800 630 740), managed by National Disability Services in a joint effort with a couple of chambers of commerce, has been set up to link employers with disability employment services, and the operators can provide employers with general advice on what can be a sensitive and complex issue. It's currently being piloted in Victoria. Also, the federal government has a range of financial and non financial incentives to make it easier for managers to recruit people with disabilities. The fact he doesn go for it doesn mean he not committed. And the fact he suggests your next boyfriend might not like it doesn mean he planing on breaking up. No one wants to believe they might not be together in the future but the fact is couples can love each other for 20 years and still break up.
    Abercrombie Even the celebs are starting to scrub up. Madonna has abandoned her Adidas tracksuits and sinister leotards to return to her glamorous Gaultier roots in cone bra corsets for the MDNA tour. Okay, she did then proceed to strip off on stage but this is Madonna after all. To me, they exemplify the worst tactic in our democratic process. They are aimed at the lowest common denominator in our country. Those that don't or won't investigate what is real as opposed to what is portrayed. The mitochondrial pathway has been reported to be involved in the TRAIL induced apoptosis of melanoma cells. We therefore investigated the possible involvement of this pathway in TRAIL resistant melanoma cells. We used staurosporine (a PKC inhibitor) to induce apoptosis through the intrinsic pathway.the coolest of the cool jeans for girls this season MT: Forget the next five years, it is happening now! Technology is allowing people from all around the world to communicate about the things they love and are passionate about. Fashion seems to be a very important part of that conversation and technology is only helping that process. I love collaborating with brands on digital projects.
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    hollister outlet sale When I arrived there were five staff on duty, though three of them mysteriously vanished. Those who were left tried valiantly to cope with the customers but some inevitably drifted off. One woman ahead of me who did manage to get served bought her daughter a pair of boots and ballet style pumps, racking up a total sale of 200. Former farmers and Scherer, preferably around the feet with shoes sheepskin, the wrap with the best pieces of wool have been developed. While the style does not mean anything, these people began to realize sheepskin is one of the best raw materials for producing heat and comfort. Fashion designers have the pleasure of Civil UGG classic boots fashion. None of these things are required by law and all of them cut into profits. So when I see them out marchin in the parade, I don think "oh, that a marketing ploy to confuse me into buying burritos" (hella carbs, btw). I just think, "hey, good on ya!" So there..

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    woolrich Alright, I thought the obsession with Ugg Boots was an early 2000's fad that would quickly subside. Boy, was I wrong. Every year I seem to be overly amazed at the amount of sheepskin boots I see walking around my college campus. She likes relaxing at home late at night with a glass of cheap wine or two after work. She has nice wine glasses and doesn't tend to care much about the quality of the wine, though she also appreciates good wine. I brought her some local austrian hard cider stuff for my coming home present last month (which she liked quite a bit), and I'd rather avoid 2 alcohol related presents in a row if I can help it (but suggestions on this end are appreciated too, since there's always christmas)..6 neck tie flexitarian plan Disingenuous in the extreme, meanwhile, was the fact that 37 per cent of men claimed to like a maxi dress. Are you man enough to prefer suggestive clothing over and above, say, the overtly sexy miniskirt? Yawn. And if you believe that."It's interesting to see that some of last year's fashions have been so unappealing, particularly when they have sold so successfully," said Andy Barr, the website's marketing director, going on to opine, with the wisdom of a sage: "I doubt it will change what women like and how they dress.". This means that hand selection is now crucial. You are going to face two to three and, on occasion more, opponents in every hand you chose to enter. This means your hand plays with a diminished value when against multiple players as opposed to playing heads up.
    Tiffany Outlet Test and put in your own de icer. It is rather significant to preserve a hole in any ice that forms, or else the gases and chemical compounds that emanate from rotting vegetation and fish excrement will build up plus the h2o will not likely be able to absorb oxygen. The above ground surroundings is dazzling, but what not countless people today know is the sub aqua landscapes is just as striking. Munchkins can simply wear their new uniforms or dancewear for trick or treat. A beaded or leather belt at the waist. For shoes: regular brown winter boots, like UGG style, work fine and look great. (a) H322 cells were treated with 50 ng/ml recombinant human Areg and/or gefitinib as indicated. (b) H322 cells were treated with the indicated concentrations of Areg and 0.5 gefitinib. (c) H358 cells were transfected with Areg or control siRNAs. I replied. Mins. I packed up three containers of rice, three forks and three napkins, shoved my feet into boots, threw my coat on and drove to the parking lot near the sledding hill. You can ask retail store owners whether they have an option for online sale or if they could recommend some websites that offer cheap designer handbags. Many retailers would share this information if they are on good terms with their client. It is always good to get recommendation from someone who is in the business of selling women designer handbags.. Things got bad enough, that in the same year they were buying back stock at over $200 a share, they were forced to sell stock at $85 a share. Now, I can't say that Deckers will have those kinds of problems just yet, because Deckers is still a profitable company. However, if conditions continue to deteriorate, anything is reveal the logos At least for one season. No matter how attractive or how fashionably fulfilling, a companionship with the latest must have bag is fleeting. Any fashionista worth her Louboutins knows at some point she will let go of her trendy new arm candy to open her wardrobe to the next new thing. This year, however, the good times have slowed down considerably. Decker's stock has seen its value almost cut in half since the beginning of the year. The last 2 quarters in particular have been difficult. Place your hands on the floor next to your foot and try to form a straight line from your right heel to your shoulders. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds and switch sides. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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    jordan pas cher If you are that heady with designer handbags, this is the site for you. Eurohandbags provide what you need when you need it most. Aside from designer handbags, the online store includes the up to the minute trends in Chloe purse and handbag styles. For an even softer sensation, you can try the UGG, an Australian import made from sheepskin, keeping the foot cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Priced from $39 to $69, the sandal is sold at Aussie Imports in Fisherman's Wharf at Channel Island Harbor. Owner Beth Novak says they have a similar foot bed to Birkenstocks and provide the same therapeutic effect.. As someone else on this site said, the only thing worse than being lonely when you are alone is being lonely while in a relationship I sure I haven quoted it exactly right, but you get the drift. Being alone and happy is not all that bad. It gives you time to really know yourself and what you want. The fact he doesn go for it doesn mean he not committed. And the fact he suggests your next boyfriend might not like it doesn mean he planing on breaking up. No one wants to believe they might not be together in the future but the fact is couples can love each other for 20 years and still break up.
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    Abercrombie Many shoes for men and women now include features such as arch supports, increased cushioning, and heel cups, all of which lessen the shock felt by the foot when hitting the ground. Many manufacturers have also worked to make shoes more form fitting, as shoes that move with the foot are more likely to support the foot. These advances have truly made buying a new pair of shoes a much more enjoyable experience, both for customers and their feet.. Socially, all my friends are pushing 30 and aren't sailors. So no one has one to my knowledge. An acquaintance recentley took off her sweater specifically to show her tattoo to a group at a bar and then put the sweater back on. 10. Don't sell yourself short. Even in this economy, it's still possible to land flexible work opportunities. Munchkins can simply wear their new uniforms or dancewear for trick or treat. A beaded or leather belt at the waist. For shoes: regular brown winter boots, like UGG style, work fine and look great. (a) H322 cells were treated with 50 ng/ml recombinant human Areg and/or gefitinib as indicated. (b) H322 cells were treated with the indicated concentrations of Areg and 0.5 gefitinib. (c) H358 cells were transfected with Areg or control siRNAs.
    woolrich Outlet It was a definite dereliction in duties. The union had a duty to the worker. In essence, a double duty because of being aware wherein school children may have been subject to asbestos contamination. Anyway since I've gone through three coolers that seem to be doing this, CM TX2, CCF, and now this one. (My stock cooler has an idle of 47). I'm starting to think it is me, the airflow in the case is great. Im 20 yrs old i know young but im in an established relationship we talk about getting pregnant in the future. Younger I did have irreguler periods but they seem to be regulating over the last six months. What should I do to heighten my chances in the future or see if im infertile. We are both professional people, shes a teacher and im a police officer, she had to go to a court hearing for her job and she wore the same style which i didnt feel was appropriate, I fee she should have worn a trouser suit/shoes. We also went to friends birthday dinner where everyone made the effort. Guys were in shirts, girls were in smart tops, trousers/jeans and heels..
    barbour outlet Tse chapeau. Lucia Odescalchi collier (comme bracelet). Bottes Dr. Take dozens of celebrities out of Hollywood and put them in snowy Park City, Utah, and their look changes dramatically. "It's several notches down from the typical red carpet of Hollywood or New York," says entertainment editor Marcy Medina, who is at the Sundance Film Festival for Women's Wear Daily. New trends are found in the details. Fast shipping,free duty. The newest and classic styles of ugg boots. We offer a wide range of luxurious Ugg boots: ugg australia, ugg uk, women ugg boots, ugg sheepskin boots, classic tall ugg boots, classic short ugg boots, bailey button ugg boots, classic mini ugg boots and cardy ugg boots. Celine dress eLuxury, famous for top quality custom handbags, such as Lv, is going to be relocating your website directly into an internet magazine putting an emphasis on high class marketplaces. Ford Dealer Dallas offers great deals on the DFW and Fort Worth all over the Texas. Hermes bags are masterfully crafted, made with careful expertise..

    Many people choose to proceed with joint replacement surgery in an effort to help them exercise and lose weight. However, most studies have shown that joint replacement surgery has little effect on your ability to lose weight. In fact, some studies have found that patients are more likely to gain weight after undergoing joint replacement surgery.. Mostly will not wish to walk too far before resting, meaning that such shoes are generally reserved more for special occasion wear. Stress damage to the skeleton due to walking impact during prolonged wear is far more likely to be the case with the harmless looking, low to medium stiletto heel many women favor for all day wear, which permits a more normal gait, takes more of the wearer's weight than a higher heel, and transmits the force of that concentrated weight into the ground sharply when walking, causing shock waves up the spin. This can be tested by placing a hand on a woman's lower spine when she is walking in various different heel heights the impact vibrations transmitted up the skeleton by walking purposefully in the manner allowed by the lower stiletto heels are far more noticeable. We have 3 beautiful girls together! His family is driving me nuts and they have been for the last year. Everytime I bring it up it makes us argue. They just are ALWAYS trying to come over, and call ALL THE TIME! I call them the "outlaws!" LOL But Im just annoyed with him and his whole family latley. Later in the series the brothers found themselves working from a bar full of demon hunters ran by a mother/daughter team. This set up seems custom made for anime. The Crowley character from the most recent two seasons with his invisible hellhound would also make for intriguing anime storytelling. Runs true to size order your normal shoe sizeOur ruggedly handsome Men's Hartsville UGG Boots need no introduction. Built for great looks and function, they feature leather and suede outers with plush, comfy sheepskin lining for all day comfort. Interchangeable leather and sheepskin insoles wick away moisture and keep feet dry all year round. Again, surfers across the globe began to get used to the pampered feel of the boot and took them every time while en route. A number of this occasions are Christmas day, new years day, valentine day as well as some pursuits like those of summer time season holidays, winter months and back to school purchase. With all of those who are knowledgeable of the event would certainly mind right to the malls to uncover distinctive objects which are on purchase. 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Fighting emissions by supporting nukes probably makes green brains explode.)Today's nuclear reactors have been built with the lessons learned from Three Mile Island and are smaller and safer than those of the first generation.nature is full of dangerous things Every day some new mobile phones are launched by different mobile brands which are endorsed as the better versions of the earlier one. In this Internet age the need of having communication device which can play multi facet role in fulfilling the needs of the gadget freaks are well felicitated by the mobile majors. The another boom in the mobile industry has undoubtedly provided various advantages to the users. As you might expect, boots made for the military are designed with one goal in mind: to shield you from an unfriendly environment. As a result, combat boots run the gamut from ankle high to under the knee, and are typically made from technical materials like waterproof leather, Gore Tex and rubber. 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    Woolrich Sito Ufficiale Bodier ycleped fole ridicule topsiders insanity workout Well then, i'll start by proclaiming that that Mania Exercise program incorporates numerous particularly in depth exercise sessions. Even so, this is certainly no great surprise, it can be promoted in that position. Nobody is selling you will vacant claims of a rapid weight loss without any effort by you. This kind of skin boots feature a lot of tiny bumps with almost the same sizes. There are many colors available. Both of them are similar except for the different bumps size and different colors. Devoted Directioners love to feel closer to their favorite band with One Direction T shirts, jewelry, Converses and almost every other imaginable item of merchandise including an immortalization of the five boys in a set of One Direction dolls. Now, the latest piece of fan gear is a new line of colorful UGG boots that come in a variety of pastel shades and contain a large "1D" logo on the calf. But it seems that many fans find the boots more laughable than wearable.. I suddenly went numb and looked at Rebecca with pleading eyes and shook my head. We walked out into the cafeteria where it was deserted, she told me to wait while she went and got first aid. She came back with it but also came with my bag and jumper.
    abercrombie france The project was part of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney, but newsoz says people were there for a variety of reasons. One woman was there to allay her midlife crisis, while newsoz and her husband were ringing in their 25th wedding anniversary. The process of going through the photo shoot with more than 5,000 adults "of all shapes and sizes" was less daunting than liberating, she said.. Top of pageAbstractMethionine adenosyltransferase II (MAT II) is a key enzyme in cellular metabolism and catalyzes the formation of S adenosylmethionine (SAMe) from L methionine and ATP. Normal resting T lymphocytes have minimal MAT II activity, whereas activated proliferating T lymphocytes and transformed T leukemic cells show significantly enhanced MAT II activity. This work was carried out to examine the role of MAT II activity and SAMe biosynthesis in the survival of leukemic T cells.and possibly lead to a more permanent option Hetalia's moving around the various points in time can make it for a fun show, though confusing if they aren't clear when certain things are taking place. This batch of episodes takes us back to 1902 when England was doing what he could to make some new friends and re establish friendships elsewhere as he's concerned about how Germany and America are becoming more powerful. He does try to make friends with Germany first, but England is simply so tense and frantic at times that he's not able to approach people easily.
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