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Anne Einhorn

Anne Marino Einhorn has been a resident of Middletown for the last sixteen years.  She earned her Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts at Sarah Lawrence College in New York and received her Masters Degree in social work from the University of Southern California.  Anne has worked for Communities That Care for the last eight years.  She has served as a community mobilizer, educator and facilitator of after school theatre programs.

Immediate Gratification - the real story...

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Earlier today, I started a blog called "Immediate Gratification".  Unfortunately, I inadvertantly posted it before I was done.  I never got to the point.  The point, my point, was that we often do things that make us satisfied (note, I did not say happy) at the moment and sublimate the decisions that would better serve the future, our future...the big picture.  Why do we do this?  I'm not sure anyone can answer that because most of what we do is without conscious thought.  Rather it is about emotion and self absorption.  Let's do what feels good now and not worry about the consequences.  I mean, really, isn't it all about how we feel, what we want, and what works best for us....everyone and everything else be damned? , As a society, we seem to have lost our ability to be patient, to sacrifice for the greater good, to weigh and measure how what we want now, what we do now, relates to what we need and want in the future.  Recently there was a terrible local story about a young girl who gave birth to a baby in her high school bathroom and tried to drown the child.  When that didn't work out, she put the baby in the trash.  As ugly a story as that is, it is another form of immediate gratification--albeit an extreme one.  This young woman wanted to make everything in her world go back to the way it she got rid of the baby because if there is no baby, there is no price to pay, no consequence to endure just a return to normal life.  How, why, what, makes a person so callous?  I don't think this young girl was callous....being callous would require a real sense of what has been done, what can not be undone, what has been sacrificed in the interest of self preservation.  Very few people think in these terms any more.  There are too many people who have sacrificied honesty, integrity, and selflessness on the alter of immediate gratification.  Hey, I won't be here 50 years from now, so why should I care?  I'm not worried about the next generation, let them fight for their own benefits because I am going to enjoy mine now!  Why should I give up anything I enjoy--let the people who come after me fight for their own well being.  Why, why, why should I worry about the future when I can have so much satisfaction today?  I am not going to comment on any specific issues here other than to say that too many of us would rather preserve what is believed to be an irrevocable right to______ *fill in the blank*, even if it negatively affects others or actually contributes to their suffering or loss. After all, I have the right to be happy, have fun, and enjoy myself...don't I?  Yes, yes, and yes...but do we have the right to satisfy ourselves at the expense of others and, by extension, the expense of society as a whole.  Oh, I hope not.  I hope that some people somewhere and sometime will recognize that being happy all the time, particularly at the expense of others, guarantees no real gratification, happiness, or satisfaction for ourselves or our children--the latter of whom will inherit the earth. It's okay to be happy and joyful and satisfied as long as it's not at the expense of the future....our children, our country, and our world. 


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