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 David Hawkins

Yes, that's me with a camera in hand, imagine that. Anyone that knows me will tell you that is my ususal pose. I have been making photos for a long time, working as a photographer/videographer/graphic artist, at one time as a stringer for our local paper and for over 30 years with the Air National Guard. I grew up in Highspire and graduated from Steel-High back in the day before Agnes changed the local landscape and Steelton-Highspire school district forever. My family has been living in Middletown since 1981 and really love our little neck of the woods. I hope not to bore anyone with my meanderings as I venture out of my photo box and share some of my thoughts on various subjects near and dear to my heart.

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When I first got the email from the PJ asking me if I wanted to do a blog my initial thought was, sure, why not I can usually think of something to say about any thing. But when it came time to actually write something I found myself sitting at the computer screen not knowing what to say. Some of my thoughts were, what if no one listens, what will Karen think, what will my kids think (will they be embarrassed?) what if my boss sees this... And then it struck me, I really don't know what to say or write. But if you know me, you also know that all I need is a little time to warm up. So here goes nothing as I venture into the unknown world of blogging on the internet. Wish me luck and hope for the best.

My first topic just might have to be talking about supporting the arts in our schools. Those that know me well know that is something I am passionate about. Stand by as I gather my thoughts and put pen to paper.

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