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Mike Dalton

A resident of Middletown for 30 years. A 1996 graduate of Middletown Area High School and 2000 graduate of Delaware Valley College. Very active in the community with a variety of different organizations. An avid sports fan, supporter of all Philadelphia sports teams and the Penn State Nittany Lions. Family oriented and a strong faith.

Off the path Cafe is worth the visit

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Well it’s been awhile but I finally had a chance to get out and try a new place to eat this past weekend.  I decided to stop down at Cone A Cafe.  Remember that’s the place down on Emaus St near the Fire House.  Once was Ierley’s, then Cona Cabana and then Mars Grub Hub.  Well now it’s Cone A Cafe and has been for a year or so now.  This was only my second visit because frankly I never think to go there to eat. I stopped in for lunch.  The menu is small and has typical items you would find on an ice cream shop menu; hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dog & French fries.  They do offer a Ruben for $4.95 and a Chicken Cheese stake for $4.75.  There’s this sandwich called the Super Bird for $4.95 which is a breaded chicken breast, provolone cheese and coleslaw on a nice roll.   I decided to get the Buffalo Chicken Bites.  These were not your average popcorn chicken. They were nice size and you got 12 of them for only $4.75.  I added on a small order of fries for $1.50 and a large coke for $1.75. 

Now you would think that being at an ice cream shop I would have had some ice cream but honestly I was too full to have anything else. So I passed on all the delicious sweet treats.  I will have to visit again in the near future and try out the "Ultimate Banana Split" for $5.75. This thing looks large enough for two people to dig into.   Other treats on the menu include 12 different flavors of Hershey's ice cream and your typical vanilla and chocolate soft serve.  The hand dipped will run you $1.95 or $2.90 and the soft serve $1.90 for a small, $2.35 for medium and $2.85 for large.   They also offer up 3 flavors of Italian Ice, milk shakes can be made with any of the hand dipped ice creams and they also have floats for $3.60. 

Now that I have made you hungry or have you craving an ice cream sundae, be sure to stop down at Cone A Cafe.  They have 7 tables inside where its air conditioned. They also have a walk up window and seating outside.  They are closed on Mondays but open Tuesday through Sunday 11a.m. - 9p.m.

I give Cone A Cafe 3 out of 5 bites.  It’s off the beaten path and really doesn’t offer up much of anything different to really draw you to its location.  Maybe after I visit for a sweet treat I will change my mind.  This place sits in a residential neighborhood and is kind of a forgotten location.  Also when I hear the name Cone A Cafe I instantly think soups and wraps and small salads and of course ice cream since the word cone is right in the name.  Maybe the menu options need to be re- thought out. And the outside seems underutilized and not all that attractive.  All in all it’s still a local business with a hard working owner worthy of going to visit and support. 


Stop down to 503 East Emaus St in Middletown.  717-930-0330 and like them on Facebook; Cone A Cafe.  


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