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Anne Einhorn

Anne Marino Einhorn has been a resident of Middletown for the last sixteen years.  She earned her Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts at Sarah Lawrence College in New York and received her Masters Degree in social work from the University of Southern California.  Anne has worked for Communities That Care for the last eight years.  She has served as a community mobilizer, educator and facilitator of after school theatre programs.

Observations on Human Nature: Being a Democrat

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I am from Massachusetts, born and bred in a little town called Franklin, slightly south of Boston and north of Cape Cod.  As a native of this state, I claim as my birthright three things: The Boston Red Sox, New England clam chowder, and the Democratic Party.  We of this state, are given these things at birth and if we reject, two, three, you're out!  As it happens, I'm a rabid Red Sox fan, a devotee of NEW ENGlAND clam chower (not Manhatten!) and yup, a Dem..  I tend to talk about the first two things a lot and not so much about the third (unless asked).  I think party affiliation is a private piece of information unless you really want to get into an argument with someone or as in my case, you are running for office.  I am happy to be a Democrat but I am sad to know that a lot of people probably don't like me because of it (of course a lot of Yankee fans don't like me either but that's another story). 

Being a Democrat or a Republican or a Libertarian or whatever else, shouldn't really make one an object of derision or hatred or mockery.  It does does because we often use a person's party affiliation as an indicator of what they are like as people.  I admit there are all sorts of assumptions you can make about me because I am a Democrat but they wouldn't necessarily be true any more than assumptions I might make about you because of your political party.  Yes, I agree with a lot of things that the party stands for, that's why I'm in it, but I don't agree with everything and even when I do agree, it may not be unconditional.  I hope and believe most people are that way too.  I'm not going to go on and on about what I think Democrats stand for or what I think Democrats do or what I think Democrats want.  That's not what I'm here to do.  I'm just here to tell people that yes, I am a Democrat but I'm a person first, my own person, and you don't really know me at all until you know me for who I am not what I am.


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    test bobobo !

    fHbkVCa Wednesday, 30 April 2014 06:36 Comment Link
  • oJnzPPc


    oJnzPPc Wednesday, 30 April 2014 04:08 Comment Link

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