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Mike Dalton

A resident of Middletown for 30 years. A 1996 graduate of Middletown Area High School and 2000 graduate of Delaware Valley College. Very active in the community with a variety of different organizations. An avid sports fan, supporter of all Philadelphia sports teams and the Penn State Nittany Lions. Family oriented and a strong faith.

Midtown Pizza offers up more than just pizza

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Week two of my restaurant review and I headed over to Midtown Pizza in the Midtown Shopping plaza.  You know the pizza shop near Giant.  Many people see this place as just another pizza shop but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Midtown Pizza offers up a whole lot more than just pizza. With a full stocked bar and restaurant attached patrons can sit back and relax and enjoy some good classic Italian dishes.  Of course there are the traditional pizza shop items on the menu as well.  Speaking of the menu WOW its huge.  If you cannot find something on this menu to fill you up I don’t know what menu could.  For me the menu is kind of over whelming and i never can figure out what to order so I go with the usual, a Buffalo Chicken Sub with extra hot sauce and blue cheese.  Typical subs run $6.26 - $7.25 and sandwiches range $4.50 - $5.75.  Be sure to check out the nice selection of Gourmet pizzas, smalls come in at $11.50 - $15.05 and a large will cost you $13.85 - $19.85. 

Now on to what makes this place more than just a typical pizza shop.  How about the 20 beers on tap?  Yes i said 20 and from what i was told by Max the owner of Midtown is that they will soon be selling growlers for patrons to take on the go.  There are 7 spacious booths in the dining room with another 9 tables adn the bar seats about 14.  Each booth has a flat screen TV at it for your entertainment while waiting on your food. Additional to the pizza, subs and sandwiches Midtown has a variety of entrees on the menu.  How about their Seafood Platter or BBQ Platter? Or maybe pasta is the way to go with their Create your own pasta dish.  Choose from Spaghetti, Linguini, Penne, Angel Hair, Fettuccini, Bogattini, Bow Tie & Gnocchi and then have them place your favorite sauce over the top like Vodka Sauce or Bolognese, how about el Diablo or Alfredo?; all your choice for $9.99. Add chicken, shrimp, clams, meatballs or artichokes for an additional cost.  There are also the classic Italian dishes like Lasagna, Eggplant Parmigiana or Pork Marsala. These dishes range in cost from $11.99 - $16.99. 

During my Friday night visit, the place was hopping.  The server was friendly and the food came out fast. There was this one male server however that was a bit overly friendly and loud, almost to the point of being obnoxious. 

I give Midtown a 4 out 5 bites, great food, great atmosphere, but the one server needs to tone it down a little, the menu is a bit overwhelming and man the parking can get crazy due to the location. 

So the next time you think Midtown pizza, think beyond just pizza and subs.  Dine in or carry out.  They also offer delivery or go online to place your order and get 10% off at


Visit their Middletown location 717-944-2195 or their Eisenhower Blvd. location 717-982-6169





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