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Mike Dalton

A resident of Middletown for 30 years. A 1996 graduate of Middletown Area High School and 2000 graduate of Delaware Valley College. Very active in the community with a variety of different organizations. An avid sports fan, supporter of all Philadelphia sports teams and the Penn State Nittany Lions. Family oriented and a strong faith.

JD's Junction offers up good food and atmosphere.

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So the weekend was here and gone, but as promised I did make it out to visit a local establishment to let everyone know about.   That establishment was Middletown’s newest restaurant; JD’s Junction.   

First off I got to say what an improvement this place is from what it was previously.  The owners have taken the time to really make this place shine and become a go to spot for local dinning. Right off the bat the atmosphere is wonderful and the staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. Service was quick but it was rather busy on Friday night and the kitchen seemed a little bogged down.

 The interior dining area seats 33 with a separate fully stocked bar area that seats 16 at the bar but also has 2 high-tops seating 4 each. There are 4 flat screen televisions and a juke box for entertainment.  Then there is the exterior patio area which is beautiful that seats up to 44. The exterior has a covered pavilion area with construction already under way on an exterior bar. 

The menu is not large but not small either offering a nice variety of salads, sandwiches, wraps and burgers & a kids menu.  Salads range in the price of $5.99 to $7.99 for small and $7.99 - $8.99 for large and from what i hear the Spinach Salad is amazing. There is a very nice selection of freshly patted 8oz. burgers on the menu, $6.99 - $8.99.  

JD's also offers daily specials and on Friday night the list contained a Delmonico steak with mushrooms & onions served with mashed potatoes and vegetable for $17.99, a Western Tenderloin served with mashed potatoes and vegetable; 5oz. $16.99 & 10oz. $21.99 and who could go wrong with Fried Haddock served with Backed Mac & cheese & stewed tomatoes for $10.99 or how about the Tune Steak with rice and asparagus for $17.99?  There were also three selections of soups to choose from, chili, white chicken chili and shrimp & crab bisque. 

After checking out the menu I went with the BBQ Chicken Sandwich.  Now I have to admit I have been to JD's before this point and this sandwich is my absolute favorite on the menu.  A Grill 6oz. chicken breast topped with bbq sauce, bacon, cheddar cheese and what sets it apart from other restaurants version is JD's ads frizzled onions on top.  Priced at $7.99 it comes with chips but I upgraded to french fries for an additional $1.50. 

If you go to JD's i promise you will not walk out hungry.  The portions are large and worth the price and even if its busy and the kitchen is a little slow, sit back have a drink, enjoy the atmosphere with family or friends because this place is worthy of a visit. 

I give it 4 BITES out of 5 - The kitchen times could be better even when they are busy and you can only use your credit/debit card on checks over $25. There is an ATM available inside the bar area. 


So stop by 15 Mill St. in Middletown and visit Joe and the gang at JD’s Junction.   You can also like them on Facebook to get the daily specials before you go.  Or call fro take (717) 616-8952


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