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Readers' Views: What a free market can't provide us


I am writing in response to Sheldon Richman’s column, “Life without FEMA? It can happen’’ [Nov. 7, Press And Journal]. The Future of Freedom Foundation, of which Mr. Richman is a fellow, is a Libertarian think tank. The central claim of Mr. Richman’s piece is that the private market can provide a number of essential services more effectively than the federal government.

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Reader's Views: Here's why I'm thankful

A lot of my friends on Facebook have been talking about what they are most thankful for with the season of Thanksgiving upon us.

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Reader's Views: ...but I can't dance to it



As Sonny and Cher sang, “The Beat Goes On,” and so goes the Middletown saga – or soap opera, depending on how one views it.

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