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Be a firefighter, not a flame-thrower, when you talk about Middletown

I saw a post on Facebook the night I secured my party’s nomination for a seat on Borough Council that said: “Finally, a new majority!” People were proud that their vote sent shockwaves to the old council that this borough was going downhill, but a new majority would propel the borough on an upwards trajectory. 

My fellow councilors and I are working hard to move Middletown forward, and we care about the direction this community is going, and the only people who can determine Middletown’s future is you, the citizens.

First, we must identify the enemy of this community and excise it like the cancer that it is. The enemy is division. A house divided will surely fall. The community lacks a cohesive spirit of unity. Even when there is a free event, people will plunge themselves into the abyss of social media to register every complaint. 

Middletown has more flame-throwers than firefighters. This lack of vision and direction from the people to their elected representatives is what, I believe, has caused rough times. 

So, you have a new majority and a new administrative head — what will you do with them? Set them up for failure and ultimately toss them out in two or four years? Or work with them to put into place a clear direction that will lead toward greater redevelopment, economic growth, and government transparency and accountability? You are no longer competitive. You are on the outside looking in. 

But the good thing is this can change, and for me, it starts with the woman in the mirror. Talking positively about the community is our first step. Let’s stop airing our dirty laundry, unless we are bent on doing the wash. Stop trying to sell your home, hang up on your Realtor — step away from the phone! Stay here in Middletown. Don’t leave. Come up with positive steps to make Middletown a competitive 21st century community and share those views with your elected representatives.

Lastly, we must end the war on Penn State and its students. They are members of this community, and we must open our arms wide to them. I have grown tired of hearing, “I was born and raised in Middletown.” You being born and raised here signifies pride, not an advantage over someone who was not. You don’t get a reduction on your taxes, your votes do not count doubly, and you don't get some form of special discount. 

People who have relocated to Middletown, myself included, saw something special about this place to make it a new home. Let’s release ourselves of the things we cannot change and refocus our attention on the things we can. Help us help you to make Middletown a great, competitive, 21st century community.


Diana McGlone represents the Third Ward on the Middletown Borough Council. Reach her by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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