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Mayor stands his ground, to the benefit of the public

“And do not ever think this is your dog and pony show, because that’s about to stop.” 


While that impassioned statement, delivered by Middletown Mayor Jim Curry at the April 7 Borough Council meeting, was aimed directly at Council President Chris McNamara, it carried a greater significance.


It was recognized with a burst of applause from the concerned citizenry who packed council’s chambers during the long meeting, which was rife with accusations, confusion and frustration. 


Curry’s statement was prompted by a discussion concerning inappropriate remarks made by an appointed member of the Middletown Borough Authority, Robert Louer Jr., to a town resident during a public meeting of the authority.


McNamara repeatedly attempted to derail Curry’s comments regarding Louer’s questionable behavior. The mayor’s retort is noteworthy because it affirms the promise he made to residents of the borough, contained in a letter to the editor published in this newspaper on Oct. 30, “… to serve the public.” A promise that he would not serve a select few, but ALL Middletown’s citizens. Standing his ground last Monday demonstrates our mayor’s stated intentions were not just election posturing.  


At best, you could say the meeting was a showcase of democracy’s success – a triumph as citizens fulfilled their right to voice annoyance, pose questions and express opinions to their elected representatives.


At its worst, it was another example of how a majority on council marginalizes dissent with arrogance and intimidation, stifling open debate behind the guise of unity. 

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