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Together Everyone Achieves in Middletown

By Diana McGlone


Middletown is the oldest town in Dauphin County, but I see it as the newest up and coming town in the county.  DMcglone

Economic prosperity is happening. This year so far, we saw new businesses and restaurants opening. Our beloved historical town clock is back home, as part of the entire downtown facelift including Tattered Flag. Both were made possible through the borough’s Industrial and Commercial Development Authority (ICDA). More restaurants, such as the Hop Yard, will be opening soon and the possibility of a medical marijuana dispensary has the town buzzing as more people are willing to step up.

Recently council appointed a five member Planning Commission to assist in planning our town’s future. Those appointed were Raymond Jones, Steve Cassidy, Rodney Horton, Kristen Kyler and Dave Grabuloff.

The planning commission is responsible for reviewing all subdivision and land use development applications to ensure they are in compliance with Borough codes.  The commission will provide recommendations to council regarding changes to all land use ordinances, such as zoning. And it will also assist in drafting a 10-year comprehensive plan for the Borough.

The commission’s first task will be to examine our town’s zoning regulations specifically related to the medical marijuana dispensary. Next on its agenda will be to review the findings of an Overlay Study. This study was done to develop zoning regulations for revitalization and to guide us in the historic development in town. The Overlay Study was made possible by a grant provided by Tri-County Regional Planning. Interestingly, it was never acted upon by the previous council, or the current council.

The commission will also assist with planning the much anticipated and new Amtrak station that will also include the extension of Emaus Street. Both will provide PSU students greater access to our town.

I am so thankful for the planning commission members’ willingness to step up and get involved in their town. Their commitment to see our town prosper is inspiring and I trust and know they will do what is best in our town’s best interest by providing recommendations to council. But please remember, it will be council that makes final decisions. The planning commission is an integral part of council’s T.E.A.M. -  Together Everyone Achieves in Middletown.   

With all these new economic opportunities on Middletown’s horizon, I’m excited about our town’s future - new businesses, new visitors, new growth, new residents, and new homeowners all forthcoming. 

The potential for development and possibilities of investment in our community ensures Middletown’s future to become one of the region’s most prosperous communities. Middletown is the place to be!


Diana McGlone is a member of the Middletown Borough Council

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