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HIGHSPIRE STRIKES BACK: Coalition refutes Middletown's concerns for taking Highspire students


The Highspire group behind the proposed transfer of 229 borough students from the Steelton-Highspire School District to the Middletown Area School District rebuked arguments against the transfer by both districts in a response it filed with the state Department of Education.

Quite simply, the Highspire Education Coalition, as the group is called, focused on the educational merits of a secession by Highspire to Middletown Area, claiming that it would provide Highspire children with a better education.

It refutes Middletown’s claims that the transfer would cause overcrowding in Middletown’s schools or a financial burden to the district, and asserts that Middletown’s fears that Highspire students are behind academically proves their point about the move’s educational merits.

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Who wants Highspire?

Should the borough's 225 students leave Steelton-Highspire and attend Middletown Area? Both school districts say no.

The influx of 225 Highspire students who might be transferred to Middletown Area School District under a proposal by Highspire to leave Steelton-Highspire School District would strain Middletown’s resources and result in a great deal of costs to the district, according to documents filed by the Middletown district with the state Department of Education.

If students from Highspire attended Middletown schools, the district would have to hire 22 people at a cost of $1.6 million, the district said in its response to the state to Highspire’s secession request.

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Snow emergency to begin Middletown Borough


The Press And Journal has been notified by Middletown Mayor James H. Curry III that he has declared a snow emergency in the Borough, effective at 11 a.m. Sat., Feb. 21.

“According to the National Weather Service, a significant snow storm is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, followed by a period of sleet into Sunday.=,” Curry noted in the announcement. “That being said, I will be declaring a snow emergency in the Borough.”

According to the announcement snow emergency restrictions will be “strictly enforced and tickets will issued for any and all vehicles in violation of those restrictions.”

The announcement also noted that during a declared snow emergency, parking restrictions go into effect to facilitate the removal of snow from Borough streets. “During such an emergency, it is unlawful to park on the north side of designated east-west streets or on the east side of designated north-south streets, unless otherwise indicated,” the announcement added.

The declaration also noted that once the snow stops and it has been removed from those parking areas, parking there becomes permissible as long there is no interference with the Borough snow removal crews and no interference with traffic during the remainder of the emergency.

Mayor Curry’s announcement also noted that residents needing an off street place to park can use the lot behind Borough hall.

Below is a list of designated snow emergency route streets.


Name of Street



Adelia Street 


From Emaus Street to East Main Street 

Ann Street 


From Swatara Creek west to Grant Street 

Catherine Street 


From Emaus Street north to Main Street 

Emaus Street 


From Adelia Street west to Wood Street 

Grant Street 


From Ann Street to Wilson Street 

Main Street 


From Swatara Creek to Apple Avenue 

Roosevelt Street 


From Vine Street west to Union Street 

Union Street 


From Ann Street to Park Circle Road 

Union Street 


From Ann Street to its southern limits 

Vine Street 


From Water Street to Aspen Street 

Water Street 


From Vine Street to Catherine Street 

Wilson Street 


From Grant Street to and over the overhead bridge to Main Street 

Wood Street 


From Susquehanna Street north to Emaus Street


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