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Will that star-spangled banner YET WAVE?

flagmanpic7 2 14Photo by Dan MillerHe was Middletown’s one-man Independence Day tradition. Now he’s hung his last flag.


Something will be missing from Middletown’s sidewalks this Independence Day. Big American flags, lots of them, flying on poles in front of businesses and homes all over the borough.

 For nearly 25 years, one man led the charge in carrying out Middletown’s only real July 4 tradition. But Sam Bangert is 70 now. For the past five years he’s been looking for someone to help him. No one has come forward. Bangert can’t do this forever. If this matters to the town, someone else needs to step up.

 We’re not just talking Independence Day. Since about 1990, Bangert has made sure the flags go up on nine other holidays throughout the year – Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, Election Day, Columbus Day, Presidents’ Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day and 9/11, or Patriot Day.

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A day for HEROES

Local Memorial Day events honor heroes

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On Memorial Day, we remembered the men and women who died serving our country in wartime. We honored their sacrifice with parades, laid flowers on their graves, hung flags from our porches to celebrate the freedoms for which they fought.

In Middletown, veterans’ organizations held a parade Monday, May 27, led by grand marshal Karl Krodel, an Army veteran of the Korean War, and a ceremony at Middletown Cemetery that featured student John Hursh’s reading of Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,’’ prayers and speeches, and patriotic music by Middletown Area High School’s Blue Wave band.

It ended with a salute, a benediction and “Taps,’’ played by a high school bugler.

Hummelstown also hosted a parade, while Highspire hosted a Memorial Day ceremony at Memorial Park.

At Arlington National Cemetery, 220,000 flags were placed on the graves of fallen soldiers. Memorial Day began soon after the Civil War to honor the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the conflict, but eventually was extended to honor all those in the military who died defending the U.S.

bandPhotos by Beth Moore Baker

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We won 7 Keystones!

The Press And Journal has won a record seven Keystone Press Awards for excellence in writing, reporting and page layout.

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Tweet leads to police patrols

By Noelle Barrett and Jim Lewis
Press And Journal Staff

Chatter rang through the halls of Middletown Area High School last week, but it wasn’t about the holiday season or vacation. Students spoke of rumors they heard about threats of violence in the school district, sparking administration to take extra security precautions...

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