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Fun at the Fuzzy Few Carnival

Tyacea GreenleyandDouglasGreenleyofElizabethtown Photo by Gabe Mink -- Tyacea Greenley (left) and Douglas Greenley of Elizabethtown.

The 53rd annual Fuzzy Few Carnival was held Aug. 1-6 at Hummelstown Boro Park. There was plenty of food, games, rides, and free nightly entertainment.

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Out & About: National Night Out 2016

K9 officerPress And Journal Photo by Eric Wise

To see more Press And Journal photos of Middletown's National Night Out on Aug. 2, 2016 at Hoffer Park, check out our print edition or click here for our E-edition.



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Slovaks might sell 300-acre Jednota site

The First Catholic Slovak Union has owned 300 acres in Lower Swatara Township for more than 100 years.


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23 Years Ago: 8/3/2016

O8031623 YEARS AGO - Dolphin Dynamos – The 20 members of the Middletown Dolphin Swim Team who competed in the Mid-Cap Super Star Championship are pictured above as well as four swimmers who will participate Aug. 6-8 in the Keystone State Games.

From The Wednesday,
August 4, 1993 Edition Of The Press And Journal

Middletown Borough
 ‘Movie’ In The Works

 A movie about Middletown?
 Well, sort of.
 Actually it will be a video production made up of still photos set to music. It won’t be real long, said Borough Council President Barbara Layne, but it will be very informative. According to Layne, the video will be used for both promotional and educational purposes.

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Preserving Highspire’s past by sharing stories of days gone by

VintageHighspire3Press And Journal Photo by Eric Wise -- Anne Herald holds the booklet of her father's columns, Highspire Happenings, that she helped put together. She hopes they will help the Highspire Historical Society and the Mount Gretna Tabernacle Association with fundraising and recruiting volunteers.

Editor's note: Anne Herald of Highspire is the daughter of Tom Herald, author of the popular Highspire Happenings column that ran in the Press And Journal in the 1990s. With the help of the Press And Journal, she recently compiled a selection of columns into a booklet. We asked her to share her thoughts on how it came about:

When my father, Tom Herald wrote the Highspire Happenings column from the early to mid-1990s he probably would not have imagined that 25 years later the columns would be republished and enjoyed by a whole new generation of Press And Journal readers.

He wrote the columns to inform residents about news and events from local government, civic organizations, schools, churches and neighbors but he also enjoyed sharing stories of Highspire history, nature, local landmarks, holidays and memories of days gone by.

These stories are what inspired me, with the help of the Highspire Historical Society, to republish his columns as a way to celebrate and help commemorate the 2014 Highspire Bicentennial.

In early 2012, there had already been discussion in the Highspire borough newsletter about finding ways to celebrate the upcoming bicentennial. After my father passed away in October 2011, the Highspire Historical Society honored him for all of his community work by planting a tree in his memory at the annual Arbor Day ceremony sponsored by the society.

It was at the reception following the ceremony held at the Historical Society’s Wilson House Museum which houses the society’s collection of historic items and artifacts where I got the idea to use the society’s archives to republish the columns in honor of the bicentennial.

I first got permission from the historical society to use their archives where I knew there was a complete collection of the Highspire Happenings columns. Then I then contacted Joe Sukle, publisher of the Press And Journal, to see if he would be interested in republishing the columns. He was very enthusiastic about the project and so I began sorting the columns and organizing them by what content would be seasonal and appropriate.

Joe and I determined there was enough content to include several previous column excerpts once per month for the year of the 2014 bicentennial. The “Vintage Highspire Happenings” as the columns were retitled proved so popular that Joe Sukle asked me to continue submitting them through the end of 2015.

Many readers have wondered how he had accumulated so much knowledge of Highspire history and what inspired him to share his stories of days gone by. My father always had a love of history and hoped to be a history teacher but family circumstances led him to join the U.S. Navy immediately following his graduation from Highspire High School in 1956.

His heart was always in Highspire no matter where he was stationed and our family always considered Highspire our home base.

We always came back for extended holidays and stayed with family on Market Street so we felt like we had a connection here our whole lives and we settled here after he retired from the service in 1975. When he returned he became active in the Highspire Historical Society, the Highspire Alumni Association, the Mount Gretna Tabernacle Association and many other volunteer positions including a lot of musical interests.

Whenever there was a problem or situation that required action he liked to say, “You have to be willing to be a part of the solution,” so when he was asked to become a columnist for the Press And Journal he was excited to accept and knew he would be able to encourage people to support and serve the community. This was important to him because he felt it improved the quality of life for everyone.

My father’s knowledge of Highspire was from his recollections and fond memories of growing up in town beginning when he was born there in 1938. As a youngster, he walked and rode his bike all over town while delivering the local newspaper and was often invited in to visit and for lemonade or a treat by longtime residents and friends. He was always outgoing and chatty and liked to hear about the past and whatever people had on their minds so a lot of his stories of days gone by are from first and second hand knowledge of those who experienced it.

I think his love of history is what gave him the ability to recall so vividly and in so much detail all of the stories that he shared in his Highspire Happenings columns. So many people have told my family and me how much they’ve enjoyed the columns and everyone has a favorite that relates to them personally.

In fact the Vintage Highspire Happenings columns generated so much interest, my family and I recently decided to create a booklet with a collection of the republished columns from 2014 and 2015 as a tribute to my father and in honor of the bicentennial. The Press And Journal worked with me to produce a limited edition that I intend to share with friends and family.

I plan to donate copies to the Highspire Historical Society and the Mount Gretna Tabernacle Association with the hopes that they will be able to use them for fundraising and recruiting new volunteers. A limited number of the booklets will soon be available from the Highspire Historical Society and the Mount Gretna Tabernacle Association.

The historical society and tabernacle association were two of my father’s favorite organizations to support with his time and talents. He mentioned them often in his columns, and I know if he were still with us he would encourage people to volunteer to help preserve their legacies for future generations.

The Highspire Historical Society is seeking donations for the upkeep and painting of the Wilson House Museum, and the Mount Gretna Tabernacle Association has recently initiated a campaign to establish an endowment to fund their annual Mount Gretna Bible Festival that will celebrate its 125th season in 2017.

To find information on supporting these organizations visit the Highspire Historical Society’s page found on the Highspire Borough website,, and the Mount Gretna Tabernacle’s website at

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