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TAKE A HIKE? SURE! Troop 97 camp out and hike reveal fascinating sights

hiking10 1 14Garrett Little, left, leads the way across a small stream on the Appalachian Trail, followed by, from left, Colby Stiffler, Jake O’Donnell and Jason O’Donnell.


What plant did Native Americans use for medicinal purposes and to ward off evil spirits?


What ghost town ruins can be found in Lebanon County?


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23 Years Ago - 10/1/14

10 1 1423 YEARS AGO - Four Generations – Pictured left to right are Mrs. Ed (Sandy) Wagner of Hummelstown, her mother, Mrs. Charles (Doris) Ierley of Middletown, and Doris’ mother, Dora Hetrick of Palmyra. Dora is holding her great-granddaughter, 4-month-old Brittany Lee Wagner, daughter of Sandy and Ed.

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A DAY AT THE RACES: In Falmouth, the annual Goat Races draw billies and nannies and the humans who love them


The annual Falmouth Goat Races were a bovine ball for goat fans who gathered for the 35th running of the ruminants on Saturday, Sept. 27 at Governor’s Stable Park in Falmouth.


The races began as a joke between friends after an unlucky day at the horse racing track. Might as well bet on goats, one bettor lamented to goat-owning friends sitting at the Village Store in town – and the races were born.


The top six goats and their handlers win trophies and, unlike “Fight Club,’’ there are rules to this special gathering:

• Both the goat and its handler must cross the finish line

• Lead ropes must be no longer than 6 feet

• Goats must be treated humanely


With food, music and a petting zoo on hand between races, the day was goat-tastic.



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Out & About: The Highspire Bicentennial Parade


Just how Highspire got its name is a matter of debate. The area was inhabited by the Susquehannock Indians, but the town was laid out by two German settlers in 1814. The settlers either named it for a church steeple that rose above the rooftops, or they named it for their native village of Speyr, or Spire.


It may seem sleepy, but Highspire has had an interesting past. It was a major producer of rye whiskey from 1823 until Prohibition, which thwarted its notoriety as a distiller of spirits. The Pennsylvania Canal passed through town in the 1800s, bringing travelers from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.


Residents, both current and past, celebrated Highspire’s 200th birthday with a parade on Saturday, Sept. 20 featuring marching bands, fire engines and all kinds of revelers. 


See who was there!


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23 Years Ago - 9/24/14

9 24 1423 YEARS OLD - Pep Girls Are England-Bound – Middletown Area High School cheerleaders Sarah Baker, Melissa Brandt, Amy Richmond, and Tracy Schweitzer celebrate their acceptance to the United Cheerleading Association’s All-Star Squad. The girls, who qualified during cheerleading camp August 5-8 in Williamsport, will participate in Queen Elizabeth’s annual “Big Parade” in London, England this winter. Middletown High School’s varsity and junior varsity squads distinguished themselves with a number of awards at this year’s cheerleading camp.

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