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THE DOOR TO MIDDLETOWN'S PAST? Commission to ask council to sell Grosh building to Historical Society for town museum


After almost a year of being stuck in procedural mud, the wheels are turning to transform a former dentist’s office into a new museum and headquarters for the Middletown Area Historical Society.


Middletown Borough’s Historical Restoration Commission voted 5-0 on Thursday, Sept. 4 to ask Middletown Borough Council to transfer ownership of the former Dr. Thomas Grosh dentist office at 29 E. Main St. to the Historical Society.


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Middletown, Steel-High oppose transfer of Highspire students


A hearing has been scheduled in Dauphin County Court to certify a petition filed by a group of Highspire residents who hope to leave the Steelton-Highspire School District and send students residing in Highspire to the Middletown Area School District.


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Alligator found in local store

It must have sounded like a joke when police received the call: an alligator was running loose in the produce section of the Giant Foods store in Middletown.

It was no joke. It was true.

There it was, among the carrots and lettuce – a small alligator. When police arrived at the store around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 7, employees had caught it and placed it in a box.

How did it get there?

A shopper apparently let it out of her purse, according to Middletown police. The shopper, Angela Fertig of Middletown, theorized that the alligator – its name is Rexie, a family pet – was placed in her purse by her 3-year-old son without her realizing it.

When Fertig opened her purse at the store, Rexie climbed out, Fertig said.

A Middletown police officer returned Rexie to Fertig, who identified him.

No alligators were harmed in the telling of this story.

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Middletown issues boil water advisory for areas impacted by water main break

The Borough of Middletown has issued a boil water advisory for areas impacted by this morning's water main break.

A press release from Borough Communications Director Chris Courogen reads as follows:

"The following areas are in the advisory area: Union Street from Spring Street to Brown Street, the south side of Emaus Street from Union Street to Peony Avenue, and Peony Avenue from Emaus Street to Mill Street.


All water customers in the areas covered by the boil water advisory will receive a hand delivered notice which includes an explanation of why the advisory has been issued and instructions on how to comply with the advisory.


Boil water advisories are required by the state Department of Environmental Protection whenever a break causes some customers to have low or no water pressure. When water service is lost, there is the potential for contamination to be drawn into the system.


No contamination has been detected, but due to the possibility, customers in those areas are asked to bring water to a boil for one minute, then let it cool before using it for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, or food preparation. Boiling kills bacteria and other organism in the water.


DEP regulations require the water to test clear of any bacteria for two consecutive days before the boil water advisory can be lifted. The Borough will notify customers in the impacted area when the boil water advisory has been lifted.


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Borough working to fix downtown water main break



Middletown Borough just posted the following information regarding a downtown water main break on its Facebook page:

A water main break has interrupted water service in portions of town. Repairs are being made. A boil water advisory will be issued once water is restored

The break was caused when construction crews struck a pipe in the intersection of Emaus and Union Streets which was not indicated on the system maps. 

Because the pipe is not shown on the system maps, it is not known precisely how widespread the outage is. It is believed to be centered on Union Street between Spring and Mill streets, and on East Emaus Street between Union and Pine.

Repairs are expected to be completed quickly, but due to the loss of water pressure, a boil water advisory will be in effect once service is restored.


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