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Police looking for man who exposed himself at Sharp Shopper

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Lower Swatara Township police are looking for a man who exposed himself to an employee at Sharp Shopper Grocery Outlet on West Harrisburg Pike on Jan. 9.

At about 10:52 a.m., a white man, 50 to 60 years old, possibly around 6 feet tall, balding with dark to dirty blonde hair around the sides of his head, with a “dingy” appearance, was assisting a female employee at the Sharp Shopper stack cereal boxes.

He began to walk away, but then he stopped and pulled down his pants, exposing his genitals to the female employee, according to police.

The suspect might have entered the store with a female, but was not with her at the time he exposed himself.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Lower Swatara Township Police via Dauphin County Control at 717-558-6900. Or you may contact Dauphin County Crime Stoppers at 800-262-3080 or visit their website at and click on the “submit a tip” link.

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Lower Swatara police: Explosive device suspect unhappy with propane company

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The Lower Swatara Police Twp. Department has issued an arrest warrant for Arthur W. Clark, 69, in regards to the investigation that occurred Jan. 11.

According to Lower Swatara police, Clark left a residence in the 100 block of McKinney Lane with an explosive device concocted out of pill bottles containing black powder. The bottles had a wick or fuse sticking out of them and several were found on Clark when police found him on the afternoon of Jan. 11, police reported.

Police investigating the complaint at a residence Clark shared with other family members, reportedly found evidence indicating that the potential for having made explosive device(s) was credible. Police Chief Frank Williamson noted police located empty cans of black powder in the residence. A large number of pills were found in the sink at the residence, corroborating that Clark may have used the pill bottles as the container for the black powder, Williamson noted.

According to police, Clark was displeased that a propane company would not refill the residence’s tanks. The company in question and others in the area were notified of the potential threat, Williamson added.

Reportedly Pennsylvania State Police rendered the devices safe. Lower Swatara police are awaiting a report from them on the exact make up and workings of the devices found in Clark’s possession

Williamson noted that as of Thus., Jan. 12 Clark remains in Harrisburg Hospital for an evaluation. Reportedly he will be charged with threat to use a weapon of mass destruction, causing or risking a catastrophe and terroristic threats, upon release.

Williamson added that anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Lower Swatara Township Police via Dauphin County Control at 717-558-6900 or contact Dauphin County Crime Stoppers at 800-262-3080 or and click on the “submit a tip” link.

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North Philly woman who allegedly made multiple lottery threats in custody

A North Philadelphia woman was taken into custody this morning on multiple counts of terroristic threats, harassment and stalking after making repeated calls to the Pennsylvania Lottery headquarters in Lower Swatara Township because she wasn’t winning its games.

The Lower Swatara Township Police Department recently charged Towanda A. Shields, 47, of the 1800 block of North 25th Street in Philadelphia after an investigation found that she repeatedly made death threats and harassed employees at the Pennsylvania Lottery Headquarters, authorities say.

shields towanda newTowanda A. ShieldsDetective Robert Appleby of the Lower Swatara Police Department told the Press And Journal that Philadelphia police picked her up Thursday. She was taken to the booking center and she will be arraigned at night court, he said. 

“To say she was not happy would be a understatement,” he said. “I don't think she believed we would actually find and arrest her.”

She was cursing, slightly resisting police, and claimed she was the victim, Appleby said.

The harassment and threats took place from April 2016 through December 2016 and were made through phone calls and voicemails. She is charged with three counts of terroristic threats, 25 counts of harassment and 25 counts of stalking. 

Appleby previously told the Press And Journal that the calls resulted in profanity-laced messages that threatened employees because she was not winning its games.

Shields complained that she was playing “hard” but failing to win, authorities say. The caller said she was extremely mad her numbers hit on the days she didn’t play them, and that the lottery is doing it on purpose, Appleby told the Press And Journal in the fall. The caller wants their money back or some scratch-off tickets, he said.

Lottery officials notified police on Oct. 21. Lottery officials became concerned when the caller ramped up the calls and threatened the lives of employees, police said.

There were 21 voicemails.

Threats became specific in October.

“She said on Halloween, people were going to die at lottery retailers in Philly,” Appleby said, even going as far as saying that she paid guys $500 each to hurt people because they are broke and don’t care and will do anything for money.

“The specificity of her threats became more and more concerning,” he said, including telling one employee that she was looking at his Facebook page.

Appleby said he did not want to reveal specifically how she was identified, but once police tracked down a name of a suspect, it was linked to a lottery VIP account that Shields created in 2015. A phone number she used on the account was the same one used to make some of the threatening calls.

“It’s circumstantial but it’s pretty potent,” he said.

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More than 600 calls went out saying Middletown students were not in school; issue fixed, officials say

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A Middletown Area School District automated phone system sent out a call to more than 630 recipients Thursday saying that their child was absent from school.

The issue was isolated to the middle school, said Jody Zorbaugh, communications specialist for the district. She said the cause was identified and fixed, although the district is not sure it was a system error or a user error. 

"Tomorrow morning before the daily message goes out the system is going to be checked to make sure it hasn't changed," Zorbaugh said.

There are about 535 students at the school. The rest of the 631 calls went to staff.

Employees received the same message as parents, she said.

“Which is what made us aware of the problem because MAMS staff who got the call and don’t have children at MAMS knew they had received the message in error,” Zorbaugh said via email.

Phone service at the middle school was down in the morning but was back in service around lunchtime after parents stopped calling.

Several parents posted comments on the Press And Journal Facebook page.

“My daughter walks to the bus stop, so once I got that call you can only imagine where my mind went. I'm definitely glad it was a glitch,” said one.

“I went crazy panic, a coworker had to drive me, I was on way to the school in tears, cause i could not get through then they tell parents do not panic,” said another.

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Middletown Area School District experiencing phone issues

Middletown Area School District is experiencing systemwide phone problems that are sending phone calls to all employees and parents informing them that their students are absent from school today, Jan. 12.

There is also no phone service at Middletown Area Middle School.

The district is working to address these issues as quickly as possible. Parents are asked not to call the middle school so phone lines can remain open.

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