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Snow removal update Middletown Borough


Middletown Councilor Diana McGlone reported progress in the town's public work’s department’s efforts to deal with the aftermath of Winter Storm Jonas's gift of over 30 inches of snow..

In a post in Social Media McGlone noted snow removal on Thurs., Jan. 28 will be focused as follows:

•Union St. south of Ann St.

•Pine St. from Spruce St. to Park Circle Dr.

•Widening snow clogged areas and pushing snow back on Oak Hills Drive and Adelia S. north bound from Emaus St.

•Cleaning sidewalks on Borough’s properties

•Other identified problem areas.



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Parking OK on snow-cleared emergency routes in Middletown Borough


The Borough of Middletown has announced that although parking restrictions remain in effect in the town, parking is now permitted on snow emergency routes so long as those routes/streets have been completely cleared of snow. 

The borough noted in an alert announced around 11 a.m., Wed., Jan. 25 that parking remains prohibited if a snow emergency route has yet to be cleared of snow.


Following are Middletown Borough’s snow emergency routes:

  1. Adelia St. East from Emaus St. to East Main St.
  2. Ann St. North from Swatara Creek west to Grant St.
  3. Catherine St. East from Emaus St. north to Main St.
  4. Emaus St. North from Adelia St. west to Wood St.
  5. Grant St. East from Ann St. to Wilson St.
  6. Main St. Both from Swatara Creek to Apple Avenue
  7. Roosevelt St. North from Vine St. west to Union St.
  8. Union St. Both from Ann St. to Park Circle Road
  9. Union St. East from Ann St. to its southern limits
  10. Vine St. East from Water St. to Aspen St.
  11. Water St. North from Vine St. to Catherine St.
  12. Wilson St. North from Grant St. to and over the overhead bridge to Main St.
  13. Wood St. East from Susquehanna St. north to Emaus St.


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Unlawful to save parking spots with objects


saveparking spacesMiddletown Police Department is reminding resident /visitors that it is unlawful to place objects in the street to save parking spots.

The department noted "such actions can place people and property at risk, and can serve as a major obstacle for borough employees and contractor attempting to plow the streets."

The borough's ordnance reads as follows:

"It is hereby declared to be unlawful for any person from December 1 of any year and continuing until March 31 of the following year to place or cause to be placed any item whatsoever for the purpose of reserving parking spaces on any street in the Borough during any periods of precipitation, whether or not a snow emergency has been declared."

The department asked residents to  keep in mind that public streets are open to all residents and visitors to park upon, unless marked by proper signage (to include permit parking areas), and or restricted by state or local laws. "Any actions taken against another, or his or her property, in retaliation, will not be tolerated," the department's notice added.

The reminder was issued by the police department through Middletown Borough's Nixle system on Wed., Jan. 27.


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Update on Midddletown Borough's Snow emergency


Snow Emergency Declaration in Middletown Borough:
Mayor James Curry commented this morning on Social Media, Mon., Jan. 25: "we are taking appropriate steps to remove he snow. With this much accumulation, the process will be slow. The snow emergency will be lifted when the crews have completed their work."


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Web sites that show power outages

 Below are links to web sites that show power outages for customers of ppl and Met-Ed.

MetEdoutage banner pa

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