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Rep. Barletta on Trump inauguration: ‘He has offered a bold agenda of fighting terrorism and of protecting our homeland’

U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Hazelton, whose district includes the Middletown area, issued the following statement regarding the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States:

“Today the world witnessed what is one of the finest attributes of the United States: the peaceful transfer of power from one chief executive to the next. I thank former President Barack Obama for his service and wish him and his family well on the next phase of their lives. And I welcome President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as they begin to travel their own path in blazing a new trail of American history.

“The Trump Administration comes into focus with many daunting issues before us as a nation. The new president enters office as the champion of those citizens who felt that their government had stopped listening to them and was more concerned with consolidating power than with solving any of our problems. He also enters at a time when worldwide terrorism is at a fever pitch and our borders and national security measures are as porous and precarious as they have ever been. Meanwhile, too many of our citizens feel that the American Dream is lost to them, and the promise of Ronald Reagan’s Shining City on a Hill has faded from view.

“To find answers to these monumental questions, President Trump will need the assistance of all Americans. He has offered a bold agenda of fighting terrorism and of protecting our homeland. He has promised to enforce our immigration laws and protect our national security and the American jobs that are threatened by open borders. And as he made clear in his inaugural address, he has pledged to place America first when making decisions on domestic and international policy. It will be up to Congress and the people we represent to do our parts to fulfill these promises.

“As an early supporter of the president’s, I was able to see the groundswell of support he was building from the very beginning. As one of his allies in the House of Representatives, I intend to use my open channel to the White House to pursue my own legislative goals, which include enforcing immigration laws, pursuing a robust transportation infrastructure investment program, reducing government interference in private enterprise, and helping businesses find trained workers. And we will repeal the failed Obamacare law and replace it piece by piece to ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

“There can be no question that the campaign that led us to today was bruising and among the most rancorous we have seen. As Americans, it is imperative that we put aside the differences we aired on the campaign trail and begin to pull together toward our shared goal of a stronger United States of America.”

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Local Army hero who lost both legs in Iraq to be on stage for Trump inauguration

leonardtwo8 14 13Dennis Leonard and his son, Ethan, at his house dedication in August 2013.


A local military hero will be on stage today as Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.

Dennis Leonard, a former Army sergeant who lost both legs in an IED explosion during his second tour in Iraq, is slated to be sitting with lawmakers and their guests, like Sen. Pat Toomey, and his wife, Kris, and Sen. Bob Casey.

Leonard was injured in Iraq on Jan. 13, 2007, on a mission to clear a route of bombs. An IED blast rocked his tank, killing Leonard’s tank commander and seriously injuring Leonard. He woke up in a field hospital to find he had lost both of his legs.


DID YOU ATTEND THE INAUGURATION? Are you from the Middletown/Lower Swatara Township/Londonderry Township area? Email us your photos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



In August 2013, he received a home in Lower Swatara Township through the efforts of Helping a Hero, a Houston nonprofit that provides support to severely injured military personnel. It was the first home the organization completed in Pennsylvania.

Casey passed along a ticket to Toomey, and Toomey’s office selected Leonard to receive it, according to Steve Kelly, press secretary for Toomey.

"Sgt. Dennis Leonard is an American hero and Sen. Toomey is honored  to be with him,” Kelly said in a statement. “Sen. Toomey also appreciates Sen. Casey's willingness to pass along his guest ticket so that Sgt. Leonard is able to have a front row seat to witness the Inauguration of Donald Trump."

Kelly said each senator is given two stage tickets, one for the senator and one for a guest.

Jacklin Rhoads, press secretary for Casey, said the ticket is the one allocated for Casey’s wife, Terese, who cannot attend today. She said she was not sure if Leonard would be seated next to Casey.

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Three Mile Island part of C-SPAN coverage this weekend


This weekend, the C-SPAN Cities Tour takes Book TV and American History TV to Harrisburg, visiting historic sites and talking with local writers about the history and literary culture of the city and surrounding area.

Included is a look at the Three Mile Island accident in March 1979.

In addition to having the below pieces air on Book TV & American History TV throughout the weekend, both networks will have a block of programming where all of the respective Harrisburg pieces for their channels will air.

In the segment called “Three Mile Island Collection,” viewers will visit the Pennsylvania State Archives and see some of its collections related to the nuclear incident at Three Mile Island in March 1979. Supervisor of Reference Services Jonathan Stayer shares his personal story as a college student in the area at the time. Stayer also shows documents taken from Pennsylvania governor and former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh’s papers, and letters sent to Harold Denton, who served as President Jimmy Carter’s personal adviser regarding the incident.

The segment is part of “American History TV Features” at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 22 on Comcast channel 104.

Visit the special “Harrisburg” city web page at where each Harrisburg segment will be available to view after it airs. In addition, all video segments will be available indefinitely on the C-SPAN Video Library site at

The “Book TV Feature”, at noon Saturday, Jan. 21 on Comcast channel 104, features:

• Marian Dornell, “Unicorn in Captivity”: Hear author Marian Dornell recite a collection of her poems to share the story of Pennsylvania's enslaved African Americans through her book.

• Cooper Wingert, “Slavery & the Underground Railroad in South Central Pennsylvania”: Learn about the struggles between slavery and abolition in South Central Pennsylvania from author of “Slavery & the Underground Railroad in South Central Pennsylvania,” Cooper Wingert.

• The Midtown Scholar Bookstore: Visit the Midtown Scholar Bookstore with co-owner Catherine Lawrence to learn about its history, mission, and day to day operations. Co-owner Eric Papenfuse takes us behind the scenes to show their rare book collections that highlight the unique history of Harrisburg. 

• Paul Kahan, “Amiable Scoundrel: Simon Cameron, Lincoln’s Scandalous Secretary of War”: Learn about the life of one of Pennsylvania's most notable political figures from the author of the book with that title, Paul Kahn. Simon Cameron (1799-1889) served as Secretary of War under President Abraham Lincoln, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and a founder of the Republican Party. Kahan offers an inside look into Cameron and why he is considered one of Pennsylvania's most prominent political figures of the 19th century.

• Michael Barton, “City Contented, City Discontented: A Modern Day History of Harrisburg”: Learn about the history that help shaped modern day Harrisburg from Michael Barton, editor of “City Contented, City Discontented.”

• Todd Mealy, “Legendary Locals of Harrisburg”: Hear author Todd Mealy talk about the life of civil rights leader William Howard Day of Harrisburg and the impact of this lesser known abolitionist through his book “Legendary Locals of Harrisburg.”

• Harrisburg Driving Tour: Tour the city with Mayor Eric Papenfuse. Ride along with him as he takes cameras through the city to highlight some of its historic locations.

The “American History TV Features, at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan 22, on Comcast channel 104, also looks at:

• 1839 Whig Convention: Visit the site of the 1839 Whig Convention. Historian Howard Parker explains the backroom deals and trickery that led to nominating William Henry Harrison as the party’s presidential candidate. This was the party’s first contested convention. Mr. Parker explains how the Whig’s selected William Henry Harrison over party favorite Henry Clay and War hero General Winfield Scott, and then coined the phrase “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.”

• Pennsylvania State Capitol: Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee Historian Jason Wilson visits the House, Senate, and Supreme Court chambers of the building, which was dedicated in 1906. Wilson highlights the building’s unique designs, ornate décor and numerous murals, which tell the story.

• Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCNTV): Hear CEO and President Brian Lockman and others talk about the history of PCN and how its public affairs programming provides televised coverage of floor proceedings of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Lockman and others share the story of PCN’s mission, its commitment to provide its audience with an inside look into Pennsylvania's state politics and the impact this nonprofit cable network has had on its audience.

• Harris-Cameron Mansion: Visit the Harris-Cameron Mansion and hear about the founding of Harrisburg. Historian Ken Frew reveals how John Harris Sr. arrived in the area in 1817. Nearly 70 years later, his son John Harris Jr. would plot out the city of Harrisburg, designating land for the future state capitol. Frew also shares the story of Simon Cameron, a Pennsylvania politician who served as Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War. The mansion highlights the history of both John Harris Jr. and Simon Cameron’s life and legacy.

• Pennsylvania Icons Exhibit — State Museum of Pennsylvania: See Pennsylvania icons related to historic events in early American History. The State Museum of Pennsylvania’s Executive Director James Vaughan tours the Pennsylvania Icons Exhibit that features more than 350 items that show the state’s role in the growth of the country. MVaughan highlights objects from Cornwallis’ surrender at Yorktown, the Whiskey Rebellion and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

National Civil War Museum: Visit the National Civil War Museum. Curator Brett Kelley walks through the museum built to tell the story of the Civil War from both Union and Confederate perspectives. Kelley highlights some of the museums unique artifacts including a Bible with a fired bullet inside of it and a loaded revolver taken off the battlefield.

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A restaurant with beer sales at Middletown's Giant?

2000px Giant Carlisle logo.svg

Plenty happened at Tuesday's Middletown borough council meeting, so maybe you missed this nugget: Borough council during its meeting immediately following the meeting said a public hearing will be set regarding a request from the Giant Food store in Midtown Plaza to obtain a liquor license. 

Giant in a Jan. 12 letter to the borough said that it wants to open a restaurant at the store that would include the sale of beer, Finance Director Bruce Hamer told council. Giant seeks approval from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to transfer an existing license in from a municipality outside of Middletown, Hamer said.

A date for the public hearing has not yet been set.

Read more in Wednesday's Press And Journal.

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Concrete buffalo damaged in theft attempt on Fulling Mill Road

PR 2017 05 Photo 1

Lower Swatara Township Police are looking for a man who tried to steal a large concrete buffalo from a business in the 1900 block of Fulling Mill Road on Saturday, Jan. 14.

The buffalo was damaged during the unsuccessful attempt at Coin Wrap, 1981 Fulling Mill Road, at the HarrisPort Business Center. It is about 3 feet high and sits on a sidewalk to deter foot traffic.

The suspect attempted to drag it or lift it, and it tipped over, breaking a horn off the buffalo's head, according to Frank E. Williamson Jr., township director of public safety/assistant township manager.

broken2The broken concrete buffalo is seen outside Coin Wrap on Wednesday afternoon. Press And Journal photo by David Barr


Surveillance photos show a white male driving a Honda Civic attempting to steal the statue. He appeared to have a bandanna over his face.

Coin Wrap, according to its website, is a "nationwide company servicing the coin handling industry." It handles, processes and stores coins and tokens, domestic and foreign.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Lower Swatara Township Police via Dauphin County Control at 717-558-6900. Tips may be submitted to Dauphin County Crime Stoppers at 800-262-3080 or at Click on the “submit a tip” link.

PR 2017 05 Photo 2

PR 2017 05 Photo 3

broken earWhat appears to be part of the broken horn lays on the ground Wednesday.

footageThere is no clear surveillance footage of the buffalo being dragged, but the suspect can be seen here on the left in front of his car attempting to move it.

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