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SOUND OFF: 11/25/2015

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• “I’m a bit repulsed by the person who criticized the police for protecting an endangered bird, ‘stupid vulture.’ I’m sure you’re a wonderful family man and father, too. Seems a tad personal. Thanks to the officers or detectives that obviously care and respect all life. The person that condemned you all is probably very depressed, angry and pathetic. Keep doing what you do!”

• “Fake overly macho guys crack me up. It’s like they live their lives in a fake act. Seems like it would be exhausting to walk around all day pretending to be real macho and a man’s man. Like a daily performance. This behavior is usually brought on by a true insecurity of one’s self and manhood and it compensates for who they really are. Relax a bit, you’re OK and you’re a man based on how you live your life not how manly you pretend to be. You might as well wear a costume.”

• “The person who wants Lower Swatara to withdraw from MASD and join with LD or Derry, you sound like quite the snob.”

• “The MAMS Veterans Day assembly was amazing! The students were so well behaved and respectful and the guests felt very honored. The program is the most well done I’ve attended and had the most veterans present I’ve seen at a Veterans Day program. Thank you so much for appreciating all of us. Sincerely, Angela Grabuloff, MAHS Class of 1993, USAF, VFW.”

• “In your Editor Viewpoints, I was taken aback by the consideration for the 15-year-old who sent the threat of a shooting at school! Really! The policy and practice is expulsion, immediate detention at juvenile facility and individual made known to public period with sealed court records! I shall be watching this incident closely! I do not care who this boy is or who his family is, the penalties shall be consistent with similar-situated actions! We are watching!”

• “What many people don’t realize is a minor traffic violation such as an expired inspection becomes a Misdemeanor 2 crime when the driver runs from police, it is called Fleeing and Eluding the police.”

• “Word to the Wise: No police officer truly knows what they will do in any given situation, despite experience or training, things happen in the blink of an eye for police officers and they can learn in an instant if they will make the right split second decision or not. So guess what people, don’t be stupid enough to put yourself in a position to be on the other end of finding out if the cop you are running from or refusing to listen to is going to be one who makes the right decision, you might just lose your life. Stop means stop, and we all have the same laws we must abide by. Don’t be a fool and run from the police like some crazed animal, act like a human and do what you are told to do, and everybody goes home safe, unless you are heading to jail for a crime ‘you’ committed.”

• “To the person who wrote the long, long post about Officer Mearkle: You made some great points about police, seriously I mean that, but you went sideways and ridiculous with your comparison of grandmothers and 8-year-olds being shot by police. These are not the same as a 58-year-old man with a lengthy criminal history including the death of a man who wasn’t too old and defenseless to jump out of a vehicle and sprint from the police. Had you not exaggerated and made such ridiculous comparisons I would have applauded your Sound Off. Because I agree police officers are professionals and should always do their job in such a way. Bullies are the worst people to have a badge, I agree, but you just got so silly with your comparisons. You were so close to making a solid intelligent Sound Off, too. Sorry, better luck next time.”

• “The people of Hummelstown should decided whether or not to keep Mearkle on their police force, not some stupid petition drawn up by the liberal, bleeding heart idiots at the ACLU who seek signatures from everywhere but Hummelstown. Tell the local ACLU to keep their pathetic opinions out of Hummelstown. Don’t they have enough to do by helping Wolf bring in future terrorist from Syria?”

• “So tired of hearing that David Kassick was shot and killed because he had an expired inspection sticker. He was chased because he ran from a routine traffic stop and Officer Mearkle, not being a mind-reader, had no way of knowing what his intentions were toward her or anyone else. It is tragic that a man lost his life and I am very sorry for his family and loved ones. The justice system found her not guilty and, subsequently, she should be re-instated with full back pay and returned to her job. If the Hummelstown Police Department takes any other course of action, there will be a huge lawsuit and she will win. I hope, for everyone’s sake, they can agree on an out of court settlement. Because she was exonerated, she can move on from this, just not in Hummelstown.”

• “I don’t know what all this fuss is over the Lower Swatara police detectives and this bird thing. I know Det. Appleby from an investigation recently. He is an excellent detective, so kind, compassionate and thorough in his job. He should be chosen as the ‘Officer of the Year.’ Heroes are few and far between, but we have some living in our community and we should appreciate that.”


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Sound Off 11/18/2015


Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

“The house at 28 North Union Street was condemned on Wednesday evening. How the officials carried out their ‘inspection’ was not only dangerous it was barbaric. Code people, constables and police showed up with sledgehammers and slammed doors in. One resident was hit by one of those doors and had to be taken to the hospital with contusions. The inspection was set for 1p.m. that day and homeowners waited. Officials finally arrived after 5 p.m., after dark and all hell broke loose. What a horrible thing for those homeowners who can't sleep in their own beds now and homeless.”

“The person who wants Lower Swatara to withdraw from MASD and join with LD or Derry, you sound like quite the snob.”

“Fake overly macho guys crack me up, it's like they live their lives in a fake act, seems like it would be exhausting to walk around all day pretending to be real macho and a man's man. Like a daily performance. This behavior is usually brought on by a true insecurity of ones self and manhood and it compensates for who they really are. Relax a bit, your ok and your a man based on how you live your life not how manly you pretend to be. You might as well wear a costume.”

“I am an advocate of the police departments in our country. That said I will never support any police department or police officer using excessive force. Police departments and police officers should offer measured response to each non-crime and crime situation they encounter. In the case of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania Police Officer Mearkle who chased, tasered, then shot in the back twice a 59-year-old, almost 60-year-old man laying prostrate on the ground for the serious crime of an expired auto inspection, her actions, her response was not measured, nor reasonable, and surely excessive and unwarranted. Allow me to reiterate the most important point of my argument, the almost 60-year-old man was chased, tasered, and shot in the back twice while lying prostrate on the ground for the serious, egregious offense of an expired auto inspection. Thank goodness (sarcasm) Mearkle chased, tasered, then shot in the back twice a man who owned an automobile that did not have a gas cap, or the right front turn signal was inoperable, or a hole in its muffler. Such criminal activity (more sarcasm) must be dealt with immediately and with overwhelming prejudice and force if not violence by the police. Such behavior by the citizenry cannot be allowed to exist in society and if necessary (lots more sarcasm) must be eradicated by the police by all means at their disposal immediately and with extreme prejudice. If Mearkle is allowed to shoot a person for an expired auto inspection (my last use of sarcasm) then certainly she should be allowed to shoot persons for jaywalking or littering or petty vandalism or shoplifting and the list goes on and on for they all are greater offenses than an expired auto inspection which for most people is an unintended administrative oversight. More to the point the victim drove to his sister's home and then ran from his car, why we will never know, leaving his car with his license plate attached in the possession of Officer Mearkle so she could, with very little effort, learn his identity, address, etc. and how and where to find him. If he fled, his flight was temporary. Certainly the police could at a future time of their convenience in large numbers confront Kassick at this home, or place of work, or favorite restaurant. Or the police could simply have waited till Kassick came to the police station in search of his impounded automobile. But some police feel that they must show their absolute authority and chase people with expired auto inspections that run from them. Watching the video it was clear by the approaching sirens that more police were arriving immediately so why did Mearkle, if she truly feared for her safety after tasering Kassick multiple times, not retire behind a wall for her safety without discharging her firearm and waited until assistance from other officers made the situation a safer one for all involved. Mearkle, again assuming she was in fear of harm to her person, had the choice of all beings to 'flee or fight.’ Mearkle certainly could have 'fled' or withdrawn to a safe distance maintaining visual and auditory contact with Kassick until additional support arrived. But to the contrary Mearkle chose to fight, in fact escalating the attack on an almost 60-year-old man lying face down on the ground immobilized by her taser several times, by placing several rounds of her revolver into his back. And where was the 'immediate' need for Mearkle to deal with this criminal activity now, without any delay. Was Kassick's 'crime' of an expired auto inspection that egregious that he could not enjoy another single second of freedom before being taken into custody by the police and the courts? And if the crime of an expired auto inspection is so important to deal with instantaneously then how much quicker can and should law enforcement be required to deal with more serious crimes to society such as rape, murder. Or was this really just a police officer whose self-esteem was injured by the temerity of an American citizen who did not automatically and immediately and completely submit to police authority and specifically to her authority? And with that, was it her conscious or unconscious fear of being made the brunt of a joke by her fellow officers that she could not even manage successfully a traffic stop for an expired auto inspection that drove her to such extreme measures? I am a 'law and order' person, but some (not most and certainly not all) police feel the need to demonstrate their total authority demanding and expecting automatic and complete demure, submission, and compliance by all citizens at all times to their demands and commands rather than applying the minimal and measured authority and force required to control a situation, particularly those of the minimal of circumstances. Mearkle's explanation is ridiculous. I am somewhat surprised she did not complete her argument by saying she shot Kassick for his own protection. How can anyone argue with a police officer doing something for a citizen's own protection? There are bullies in life. And there are bullies on our police departments, and it is those whose out of control egos, self-righteousness, the wrong temperament, and blind ambition to rule all those with whom they come into contact that must be identified, ferreted out, and removed from our police departments. Police officers should and must be public servants, not individuals who believe at any level the public serves them. The authority of a police officer is not absolute and above reproach. The police cannot act with impunity. Rather police officers should and must be models of decorum, courtesy, and professionalism deferring to the rights of citizens until and unless overwhelming evidence of a truly profound criminal or illegal action has occurred. And even then the police must act with reserve and with prudence. They need to ask themselves prior to acting, is this really the best time to address this misbehavior? Can this be addressed more easily, more readily, more efficiently and effectively at a different time in a different way? Is force of any kind let alone overwhelming force truly necessary in this situation? And if force is applied excessively now, will such force place the citizen but also the police officer at undue risk of unwarranted physical harm that is otherwise avoidable? And what if, despite all appearances, there is no criminal activity, no wrong doing and the citizen is innocent? When a police officer takes a citizen into custody, the police officer has taken away that citizen's freedom even if so briefly. How then does the police officer return to that citizen those moments of freedom lost? And in Kassick's case, how does the police restore his life lost forever? The police cannot be, should not be thugs wielding force and power at a whim. A thug, a bully, a person with a penchant for violent behavior or unnecessary force is no less a thug or a bully just because they wear the badge and uniform of a police officer. If the Hummelstown Police Department retains Officer Mearkle they do so at their own peril for the confidence of the citizenry is no longer with Officer Mearkle if it ever was. More to the point, should Officer Mearkle, or for that matter another member of the Hummelstown Police Department, perform another suspect act of overzealous, unnecessary, and excessive force in the future, the liability will be borne not by the involved police officer alone, but also by the Police Chief, the Borough Manager, the Borough Council, et al, for they cannot in the future claim ignorance to such behavior within their department and by retaining Mearkle on the force they have condoned, accepted, and ratified such actions and such behavior, and thus made themselves personally and collectively liable for any future unfortunate and inappropriate conduct by Officer Mearkle or any other member of the force so inclined to act so shamelessly. Shame on Hummelstown, shame on Mearkle, and shame on our larger community if we allow Mearkle to wear the badge of a ‘peace officer’ ever again. And to my friends and neighbors in the black community who have been complaining for some time about excessive police brutality, I now get it, finally. I was always taught to trust a police officer, to believe a police officer, to see a police officer as a friend. But facts are a peculiar and oft times inconvenient thing. They can get in the way of long held beliefs, perceptions. I was mortified when I watched the July 17, 2014, video of a young man named Eric Garner who was not resisting arrest on Staten Island and who was strangled to death by one police officer as several others (4 additional officers) including a supervisor assisted or at least watched. And what was his crime? Unauthorized (without government permission) selling of individual cigarettes on the streets of Staten Island thereby preventing the city of New York from receiving its sales tax on those minimal sales. And why were the police called to this location? Because a fight had just previously erupted. A fight, as corroborated by several witnesses, that had just been broken up by none other than Eric Garner prior to the arrival of the police. This cannot stand. This is NOT the Police State of America. This is the United States of America. If we, the citizens of America, do not demand dramatic improvement in our police departments, to say nothing of our government overall, then when grandmother flees from a police officer who seeks to address her jaywalking and is tasered, then shot twice in the back, we have no room for complaint. When our young daughter, age 8, taught never to speak to strangers, is stopped by a police officer for littering (unwittingly dropped her tissue from her pocket to the street) and then flees, and finds herself tasered and then shot in the back twice, again we had our chance to complain, to address this, to fix this, to prevent this, and we did not. Evil exists everywhere, on our streets, in our schools, in our police departments. And all that evil requires to succeed is for men of good will to do nothing. Paradigm shifts in behavior within a culture occur either because we as a community unite and demand the necessary changes in our society or because a few pursue their rights under the law to their fullest extent, holding police officers, police departments, and the local government accountable in court for their liability, demanding criminal but also civil reparations in the courts for police misconduct. While I wish for the opportunity to be among the former, I will guarantee I will at least be among the latter. Why? It is never wrong to do what is right. Thomas Jefferson, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, once commented, and I am paraphrasing here, a little revolution now and then is a good thing. Let us evolve by addressing and correcting and preventing these situations before revolution remains our only option as a regress to our legitimate grievances. God Bless America. And God Bless Our Peace Officers who humbly serve us with pride and distinction day in and day out and who are in no way the object of this narrative.”

“I'm a bit repulsed by the person who criticized the police for protecting an endangered bird, "stupid vulture" I'm sure your a wonderful family man and father too, seems a tad personal. Thanks to the officers or detectives that obviously care and respect all life. The person that condemned you all is probably very depressed, angry and pathetic. Keep doing what you do !”

“Forty-two years ago, on a cold early Spring evening I witnessed an armed robbery of a convenience store. The young man perpetrating the crime escaped on foot. The proprietor immediately called the police and just by a stroke of good luck a police cruiser was a mere block away arriving in what felt like instantaneously. The convenience store owner and I were standing outside the store still watching the perpetrator running away down Third Street. As the police cruiser arrived, we signaled to him the location and direction of the fleeing suspect. The Officer was unresponsive. He calmly pulled into the parking lot of the store, immediately went to the trunk of his car, and pulled out a large book filled with mug shots. Being young, and incredulous at the apparent lack of action by the Police Officer, I inquired, ‘Why did you not pursue the robber?’ He looked at me calmly and explained, ‘We'll identify him in these mug shots and then we will pick him up tomorrow.’ At the time I did not understand. Today I marvel in the wisdom of this officer. And particularly so given the total absence of wisdom, and restraint, as demonstrated by Hummelstown Police Officer Lisa Mearkle in the chase, tasering, and shooting of an unarmed man in 2014 for the crime of an expired inspections sticker. Have police practices changed so dramatically in 40 plus years to have allowed, and in some quarters condoned, the actions of Officer Mearkle? Or have the ranks of our police departments seen the slippage of a hothead here and there into their ranks for whom the reserve and control of the officer of 40 years ago is not possible? Or finally is it just some cultural quirk that makes some very small minority of police officers believe that they are sacrosanct (regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with, above and beyond criticism or interference) making their every demand, their every command sacred and inviolable requiring instantaneous and complete compliance even to the potential expense of violation of civil and human rights if not at the risk of physical harm? If the proper response of a police officer to an expired inspection stick is (1) chase, (2) tasering, (3) firing your weapon into the violator, (4) firing your weapon a second time into the violator, then certainly the proper response of a police officer today to an armed robbery must be the detonation of a small nuclear weapon in the vicinity of the crime scene to not only instantly eliminate the perpetrator but also to destroy the very environment that fosters such activity. Is the militarization of the police departments that I have read so much about lately? Have they been issued nuclear weapons? Of course, they haven't. Or at least I hope not. But my point is made. Give me the calm, controlled, measured, and professional response of that officer of 42 years ago over the erratic, ridiculous, brutal, unwelcomed and unwarranted over-reach by Officer Lisa Mearkle.”

 “From our local government comes two groups of individuals we as a society continuously honor and they are the police and the firefighters. The police are typically referred to as our 'finest' while the firefighters moniker is the ‘bravest.’ The police of course are there to ‘protect and serve’ while firefighters seek to ‘preserve life and property.’ Like the physician's creed of ‘first do no harm,’ perhaps the police, and are you listening to this Lisa Mearkle, motto should be ‘preserve, protect, and serve but first do no harm.’ Had that been the mindset of Hummelstown Police Officer Lisa Mearkle perhaps a 59-year-old man would not have been tasered multiple times and shot in the back twice and ultimately murdered for the unbelievable crime of an expired inspection sticker. Really? For an expired inspection sticker? For murder, perhaps. For rape, you got my attention. But for an expired inspection sticker? This is like some really bad joke. And there is no humor in this, no honor in this, no justification in it either. Another group we, and rightfully so, honor in our society is our warriors, our men and women in the military. Consider that group for just a second. If one of our servicemen had chased, tasered, and shot in the back twice some 59-year-old unarmed citizen of a foreign country who attempted to flee from our troops even on the battleground, that American serviceman would be promptly charged, found guilty, and dishonorably discharged from the American military. And how is the result of Lisa Mearkle any different? How can Lisa Mearkle possibly be deemed not guilty let alone be allowed to return to the ranks of our community's ‘finest?’ I am not sure how we got to this point with some (and 'some' is the key word here) of our police officers that they are so disconnected from the rest of our world and it's values and expectations. Moreover, I see absolutely no remorse from Lisa Mearkle. She took a man's life. She took the life of an unarmed man. She killed an unarmed, almost 60-year-old man for the want of a current inspection sticker and she appears to bear no shame. And how can that be? What kind of person are police officers like Lisa Mearkle? As for me, give me that police officer who truly wants to preserve, protect, and serve but first does no harm!”

“Lisa Mearkle acted as arresting officer, judge, jury, and executioner. I thought in America no one person could hold any two let alone all four positions in the same case. Lisa Mearkle never made any attempt to cuff her victim. She may or may not have been afraid, it is actually a moot point. A police officer's fear should never be the justification or reason to apply excessive and especially deadly force. Otherwise an officer need only declare 'fear' as his/her justification for doing anything they want to do to any citizen of any age in any situation. She was excessively and unnecessarily aggressive from the commencement of this series of events and her aggression towards her victim only escalated over time until murder was the result. Police officers should mitigate situations not escalate them into intolerable and unacceptable levels of aggression with the expectable unfortunate and regrettable results.”

“About this situation with Lisa Mearkle, is part of the reason the guy is dead because the cop was a woman? Hear me out. Police are trained that when you get a suspect on the ground, especially face down, you put your knee in their back, place your weight upon their body, then apply handcuffs to one hand and then another. Mearkle never even attempted to do this. Was it because she was a woman with smaller size and lower strength then her male counterparts and she did have the confidence to accomplish this basic police task that ultimately resulted in shooting the guy in the back twice? And if so, her fear for my life argument is silly and wrong. Has political correctness, placing women in police positions that they have neither the physical or mental constitution to perform adequately, contributed to this terrible story?”

“Residents of Middletown, please sign the petition to keep Lisa Mearkle off the Hummelstown police force at Why? Because you visit Hummelstown! Because Mearkle could come to Middletown on a police call thanks to something called mutual aide.”

“Middletown wants to talk to Swatara about police coverage? It makes no sense to go there, there is an entire municipality in between called Lower Swatara. It will take two townships to agree to make a 3rd municipality coverage work. Why don't they think small first and go to Lower Swatara first. If it works then see if another merger would work. Second position on this would be that contracts would have to match and that's a hard step for either municipality to accept. If you contract services from the township then you wouldn't have to worry about the contracts or union violations. Let's be honest, the Middletown Police Department has a well earned reputation among its citizens. Do you really want to merge their coverage and men into the township as well? Lower Swatara has a much more professional, efficient, and proactive police force. Lower Swatara should contract to Middletown, heck throw Highspire into it while you're at it and cover 3 municipalities under one already established and professional department. It would probably cost less for Middletown and Highspire in the end and Lower Swatara would make out too since it would add extra cops at little to no cost to them. Heck, Highspire already relies almost entirely on Lower Swatara to assist with their calls. Highspire is basically getting free police coverage courtesy of Lower Swatara already. Middletown now is going down to one officer on the street and also relies on Lower Swatara to fill in the gap coverage. Contact services now.”

“If you think that failing grades among students is the fault of the old school board or teachers, you're an idiot. It's the fault of the parents. Teachers aren't your babysitter! YOU wanted to have kids. Spend the time with them and teach them discipline and help educate them. Sadly, some kids are just plain stupid and all you have to do is look at the stupid parent!”

“Do you really think that Lower Swatara kids are much better than Middletown and Royalton kids? If so you are part of the problem. Move to Londonderry and your kids will go to Lower Dauphin.”

"Detectives and Police Officers protect life, they saw an injured animal and helped it simple as that. As far as their productivity and criminal casework they do that is beyond reproach, actually kind of cool with everything else they do they took the time to save and endangered bird. Not to mention the injured animal was in a resident's yard. Funny that one of their own would complain. Jealousy is a terrible thing, but part of the cycle of life. Think about a person being upset that police saved an animal's life, says quite a bit about that person.”

“In discussing the Lisa Mearkle situation with some friends, I was asked how it was possible that the court left her go free. While the criminal justice system in our country typically works sufficiently well, I reminded my friend that our criminal justice system also found O. J. Simpson innocent and found the police innocent in the Eric Garner case. So, yes, the criminal justice system does make mistakes from time to time and clearly did in Mearkle's case. It makes you wonder about how hard the D.A.'s office pursued the case given the D.A.'s office relationship with law enforcement. It makes you wonder if the prosecutor was the best available attorney to handle the case. It makes you wonder if the prosecutor did his full due diligence in the case bringing forth expert testimony and the like or did he simply lay back expecting a slam duck decision in his favor. It makes you wonder about the guidance given from the bench on how to interrupt the law surrounding this case. It makes you wonder.”

“They were called about the bird and did their jobs, they weren't out bird hunting, why are we slamming police for saving an animals life? Because it wasn't a fluffy cute duck or bunny? Humans are so pretentious thinking our lives are more important than other lives. If it had been a ducky or bunny they'd have been on the cover of the Press And Journal, packaging sells I suppose.”

“This Sound Off relates to the incident involving the Hummelstown Police Officer who shot and killed an unarmed man. However this is not a debate over whether she is guilty or not. The reason for this Sound Off is to point out how fast things can happen. Most already know that Hummelstown Police normally only staff one officer per shift at a time, which means Officer Mearkle was on her own. Many departments in our area also have one officer out, ex- Highspire and sometimes Middletown. Apparently the commissioners at Lower Swatara want to do the same to save a few bucks. I believe that the commissioners should truly look at this shooting as a lesson and should look to the future. What if Hummelstown had a second officer out that day? What if two officers were there instead of one? Could it have been handled differently? Would two sets of hands be better than one? Understandably, budgets are tight and police departments are normally the biggest expenditure of any municipality. The reality of the matter is its one of the only paid departments that are staffed 24/7 year round. Of course the police department will cost more but it is a department constantly working to at least keep the area livable and civil. Imagine calling 911 for help during an emergency and hearing that the state police will be an hour away. Let's face it, when we want the police, we want them there as fast as possible and rightfully so. Hummelstown is now more than likely going to be faced with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, which does not take as much evidence to convict and find negligence. To save a few dollars by cutting the already understaffed police department even further is ludicrous. A penny saved here or there cannot justify the millions in payouts that arise from situations such as this. I challenge the board of commissioners to do what is right for the community. Don' t cut LSTPD down to one officer per shift. Fill the open positions to keep the department fully staffed and functional. The salaries are public record and quite honestly, the department is the lowest paid in Dauphin County. We have the same crew except for one new commissioner who will be starting in January. Hopefully this one new one can convince the 4 others the importance of public safety and the need to keep our department at full staff.”

“Can anyone explain how it makes any sense to not keep Lower Swatara Police at full staff which is 16 full time officers? How can we have less officers on the street today when there is more crime, more people, more calls for service than 20 years ago? One officer recently retired and another quit yet there are no new faces on the department. When you can get two new officers for the same salary (or close to it) to replace only one that retired, how is it not a ‘no brainer’ for the commissioners to vote and hire two more officers to replace them.”


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Sound Off 11/11/2015


“I want to thank the Lower Swatara Twp. Police for taking part in trick or treat. It was refreshing to see them interacting with the trick- or- treaters and the kids really seemed to enjoy it. Thank you!”

“There can't be much crime in Lower Swatara Township if the police department has time to send two detectives to babysit an injured wild bird for several hours until the game commission can come out and retrieve it. How many detectives do they have anyway?”

“I think we should sue ‘tax crazy Tom’ the governor. People put money into a lottery for the hope of winning a little extra back. They've already paid taxes on that money, right off the top of their paychecks. And while we're on the subject, why is it the states business how much money I leave my kids when I die? I paid taxes on that money again, right out of my weekly paycheck and managed to save a little that I want my kids to have. Not the Teachers Union.”


“Who cares about a stupid vulture, second post in two weeks to the Sound Off about a bird that eats dead animals and poops on its legs to keep cool. Congrats to the two detectives who are obviously not busy enough to follow up on crimes in the township but interfere with nature's cycle of life and death. Congrats you saved one bird and starved two others.”

“Well, well, well, seems as though I struck a cord with the complainers about Main Street. If you think the job can be done ‘JUST LIKE THAT’ and you know what all entails into fixing Main Street, then by all means; please explain, in detail. Until then, stop your bellyaching. There are ways around it until it's done. Sheesh. Pathetic crybabies.”

“It was great to see the Lower Swatara Police Officers out mingling with the trick-or-treaters on Halloween. What a treat for all those youngsters and a comfort to the parents!”


“Glad to see this town has finally rid itself of such a horrible group of people. Good luck to all the new councilors, please keep transparency, and lets clean up this mess they left us residents. May this town never forget who caused this dysfunction. As for the ones that didn't get reelected, TAKE A HINT.”

“The new school board now has to make good on their promises to clean out the administration of the high school. Year after year, failing grades from the state, and nothing being done about it. Sad, sad, sad. I am also looking forward to the operations maintenance director being shown the door. The new board will then be able to give our students the turf field that they deserve, and will allow the field to be used as a community resource to make the district some extra money.”

“Now that the township has strong leadership on the school board, we can move on the step two in the plan of withdrawing Lower Swatara from MASD and joining Lower Dauphin or Derry Township. That will allow for plenty of space for Highspire to join with Middletown and Royalton. The Township has much more in common with Lower Dauphin or Derry Township than we do with the two boroughs.”


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Sound Off 11/4/2015


Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

“Everyone complaining about Main Street has a legitimate right to complain! The road is pathetic. To the guy who doesn't want us to complain because it's not finished, that's's NOT FINISHED! So finish it!”

“Just moved to Town on Spruce/Race and wondering if the borough owns the property/garage on Clinton Avenue that on duty, off duty cops frequent all hours of day/night. Scares our children when out and about when many police vehicles block alley. Shouldn't they post sign since it’s obviously Borough Business?”

“So awesome to hear about the Lower Swatara detectives looking after the vulture. Caring cops is what this world needs more of!!!”

“I agree our government handouts need to be fixed because they are not being put in the correct place. I guess that office is overworked and understaffed that they don't have to make home visits.”

“I will have to get a part time job just to afford my health insurance from my full time job.”

“The story on the 1949 Homecoming Queen is a TOTAL LIE. I might suggest reaching out to other classmates from the Class of '50 to find out the real truth.”


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