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SOUND OFF: 12/7/16

- “Hi everyone! The P&J Pastor here. The Bible warns us that Satan is the great deceiver and Hell is a real place. Satan wants to keep you from Jesus so you’ll be with him in eternal fire and torment. Is your sinning really worth it? Hope to see you Sunday at a church of your choice.”

- “Way to go Blue Raiders Football and make us proud. Great job and keep up the good work.”

- “Handy dandy championship football bracket, Press And Journal. Good luck Blue Raiders. This team of young men displays the dignity of the human spirit. I hope they inspire everyone beyond football. Nothing greater than a Raider.”

- “ABC 27 News just did a piece on the traffic situation in the Grandview neighborhood. While it’s great that the intersection of Wharton and Spring got flashing lights posted on top of the stop signs, curb painting, and ‘SLOW’ painted in the street, that is not the only problem area. Vehicles fly up and down Spring Street from Nittany Place to Aldwyn Court and back. They repeatedly blow through the stop signs at Spring and W. Roosevelt. Why aren’t those curbs painted, ‘SLOW’ designated in the intersecting streets, and flashers placed on THOSE stop signs as well? As a matter of fact, the intersection at W. Roosevelt and Spring is EVEN WORSE than Wharton and Spring. At least the latter intersection has a four-way stop. People go barreling down W. Roosevelt on their way to campus BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE A STOP SIGN at the intersection with Spring Street. The speed limit is 25 mph on N. Union and remains 25 mph when you turn onto W. Roosevelt going toward campus, but you sure wouldn’t know it. It’s speed demon city at all hours of the day and night. Then combine that with folks not stopping at the two existing stop signs on the corners at Spring. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen. There was already one fender bender there since the fall semester began and it is a miracle we haven’t witnessed a major accident. So, why no stop sign on W. Roosevelt at the intersection with Spring Street? Seriously. That is a problem. And why aren’t those curbs painted, ‘SLOW’ designated in the intersection, and flashers placed on the two existing stop signs as well? What will it take until something more gets done there? Please look into that. And thanks to the Middletown police officers who have worked a traffic patrol in the Grandview neighborhood. Please keep up the good work.”

- “It is very funny how when people were not getting information they complained , now they are seeing debating and discussion between council and the Mayor and they are still complaining. There is a big difference between the old council president and the current Mayor and if I need to list them then you better take off your blinders. One cares about his town and the people in it and one cares about himself. Mayor, some people in this town will never be happy, just keep doing what you are doing, some of us appreciate you!”

- “People who say Clinton won the election need to do some research. Amid the 7,000,000 ballots that were illegally cast by illegal aliens, people using dead people info to vote, and general voting fraud at the polls, Trump still won in a landslide. Bev Harris, the premier voter fraud analyst said in at least five sates Clinton won by voter fraud. President elect Trump tweeted this info on Twitter but of course the butt hurt Clinton voters never read it or accepted the fact they lost. In the final analysis, it will show Trump won the popular vote AND electoral vote in a landslide.”

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Sound Off 11/30/2016

“Read some interesting, if not highly speculative, dire predictions resulting from Hillary’s being elected. Well Nostradamus, how about you pick a few lottery numbers before we lend any credence to the drivel that falls out of your pie-hole.”

“To the person who referred to our Mayor as the last council president, are you serious? The last council president gave no information to the public. Mayor Curry has done nothing but provide us with information. Mayor Curry holds public events, holds football games, visits our children, and much more. I mean what more do you people want from one person? Mayor Curry you will never please everyone in this town because people in this town do not like change.”

“I live in the section of town where the leaf sweepers are to collect the leaves on Fridays. However, they did one side of the street, but not my side. Now this weekend of 11-19, it is to get very windy. All the effort and time I put into getting these leaves down at the curb will now be back on my lawn. In addition, my family members can’t park at the curb due to these leaves. Leaves are piled high and wide. My taxes are serving me well.”

“I know that this is a little late, but it needs said. On behalf of my family, I want to thank my niece Sammy and Mayor Curry. MY niece contacted Mayor Curry to have our street cleared of the big snowstorm in January. Our mom passed away and we needed places to park in front of our house and on Plane St. Mayor Curry and Sammy, thank you very much. My hats off to you both.”

“Don’t they teach ‘civics’ or ‘problems of democracy’ in schools any more? I see in a city of six million people a relative handful, oh, say a thousand people protesting our form of democracy and our election results. These people need to get a life and an education. Like him or not Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. Just like eight years ago, like it or not.”

“I guess Middletown will be looking for a New Chief of Police after this one leaves too.”

“I wish I’d have been at the theater for the play ‘Hamilton.’ I would have been escorted out, because I would have stood up and shouted, Aaa, shut up and get on with the show, I came here for a play not to hear you cry for Hillary. Doesn’t it burn you up when people use you as a captive audience to project ‘their’ political views?“

“A few months ago Mayor Curry was called a bully for telling Councilwoman Einhorn she had a conflict of interest regarding the Elks because her husband is the head of The Friends of the Elks, which wants to run the theater. Now, Councilwoman Einhorn abstains from even talking about the Elks during council meetings. I guess the Mayor was right. I think he’s owed an apology.”

“Last week someone wrote into Sound Off and said Mayor Curry is Chris McNamara in disguise. I nearly laughed my head off. Mayor Curry, keep doing what you’re doing. You have gone well beyond the call of duty and we notice. Don’t let a few bad eggs spoil what you’ve brought this community.”

“The Press And Journal is so biased. I’ve written countless Sound Offs about Councilwoman Diana McGlone and they’re never published; yet the one calling Mayor Curry a bad guy is. McGlone doesn’t pay attention at meetings. She never votes and just sits there. Give her spot to someone else.”

“In one day I saw Mayor Curry post a video online about his position on the Elks, visit a local cub scout meeting, and stand on the street to video the parade for the football players. This man has nothing but love for our town, yet people with vendettas are going to compare him to McNamara? Shame on them and shame on you Press And Journal for printing that garbage.”

“As of today (11/22), Hillary Clinton leads the popular vote by 1.7 MILLION. Let me say that again... LEADS by 1.7 MILLION VOTES. That number is expected to grow as absentee and provisional ballots are still being counted. It is time to do away with the Electoral College. The MAJORITY of Americans voted for Hillary. I shake my head at the outcome of this thing. Disgusting. Only twice in my life have I felt as though the world could end at any moment. The first was 9/11. The second was this 11/9. I pray we survive the next four years.

“In response to: ‘People do not know how close...’ November 23, 2016 Washington Post headline: Trump backs away from some of his campaign promises Donald Trump said he does not plan to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her use of a private e-mail system or the dealings of her family foundation, despite calling her ‘Crooked Hillary’ during the campaign and once threatening to put her in jail. In a meeting with journalists at the New York Times, Trump also said he has an ‘open mind’ about a climate-change accord from which he vowed to withdraw the United States and is no longer certain that torturing terrorism suspects is a good idea. Reality setting in - but even better would be if the electoral college followed the founding fathers’ intents: As Alexander Hamilton writes in ‘The Federalist Papers,’ the Constitution is designed to ensure ‘that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.’ The point of the Electoral College is to preserve ‘the sense of the people,’ while at the same time ensuring that a president is chosen ‘by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice.’”


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Sound Off 11/16/20116

“Way to go Middletown Football!!! Great season and it’s not over yet.”


 “Donald Trump does not have the character, integrity, temperament or competency to be President. Trump’s actions, speech and behavior lie well below the minimum level of human decency we should expect from a President. On January 23, 2016, Trump said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” In the sex tape Trump bragged about groping women, but he also says, “When you’re a star, they let you do it.” These statements indicate that Trump believes he can lie to, steal from, or abuse anyone-things he has done throughout his lifetime-without consequences. We deserve someone much better than this unstable narcissist as President.”

“Is that James Curry in the mayor’s seat or Chris McNamara in a disguise? You really can’t tell the difference.”

“People, please donate your pens to President Trump because he will need them to change all Obama’s executive actions he will be voiding.”

“Stand up and salute your next president of the United States Mr. Donald Trump. WOOOOOOO, lets drain the swamp.”

“I hope all the people that said they will leave the country if Trump wins keep their promise. Good riddance.”

“People do not know how close the USA came to being conquered by globalist with a socialist agenda. Most people do not know what this means. If Clinton got elected president, we would be in World War III, overrun by terrorist and become a third world country. When Trump got elected, the globalist plans for USA stopped. Trump will clean out the corruption on Capitol Hill by terminating crooked politicians who do not represent the people of the USA, but only their own agenda of padding their wallets. It was a miracle that Trump won the presidential election. God gave the USA one last chance to clean up its act by purging the government of perverted, corrupt politicians who serve evil and not God.”

“Hi everyone, the P&J Pastor here. We have 168 hours in a week. Can you afford to give a little back to the maker of the world, the giver of eternal life? Is it really that difficult to give up an hour or two to the one who died for you so your sins can be forgiven? Hope to see you Sunday in a church of choosing!”

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Sound Off 11/09/2016

“One thing this board doesn’t fully realize is how much this community loves our police officers and eventually they are going to figure out what you’ve been up to, then you’ll have many residents asking you tough questions. You should avoid that and try embracing and supporting “your” police department because you got a pretty good one and that reflects on you positively.”

“I wonder what would make the Press and Journal think that it is a good idea to put in an article that the Security Cameras are not working in town? I went back and listened to the LIVE council meeting and NOT ONCE was that stated. It was stated that Hoffer Parks cameras are not working. I just really think that this council needs to stop doing business with the Press and Journal, they clearly do not have Middletown’s residents best interest in mind.”

“While I agree that people need to be informed do you Press and Journal think it is a wise idea to do an article telling the entire town that the security cameras are not working at all. I understand that the meeting was live broadcasted but if you listen closely it is still hard to hear that they are not working. After reading this article I cannot believe that the Press and Journal has Middletown in its best interest I think that they are truly just out to sell papers and maybe just maybe that is why the previous council did not use them. Maybe this current council needs to stop using them as well.”

“Ron Paul certainly is more than qualified to be on this Board. He would be an asset and should be applauded for volunteering. He has been very good to this community. The four of you that have the responsibility of selecting the person to fill this vacancy would be wise men to choose him.”

“If Herbert C Moore thinks the new front steps at the Middletown Historical Society museum are so “ugly and architecturally incorrect”, why didn’t he step up and volunteer to build and/or donate money BEFORE the steps were built? He does not like the fact that treated lumber was used for the new sturdy steps. If he had looked closely at old unsafe steps, he would have seen that they we also covered with treated lumber. If he had looked closely, he would have seen a building permit in the window which means there was an architects design that went along with it. Rather than slapping the face of the museum and their volunteers who spent days on this project, why don’t you applaud them for a job well done?”

“It is sad when people who constantly post things on Facebook cannot be bothered to verify their authenticity. I’m tired of seeing pages from insubstantial websites and blogs being shared and accepted as truth. Agreeing with the contents of an article or a post does not make it verifiable fact. Society and social media would be greatly improved if people would do an ounce of research before they hit the share button.”

“How can a politican create jobs? They don’t manufacture anything. How can they lower the cost of college, Ohhh I see raise taxes, and spend so that the national debt will increase. But all those unemployed college grads will think they are such great providers. ‘Cept they will all have passed on before the stuff really hits the fan.”

“Great job Boy Scouts Trooper 97, Londonderry Township on your haunted house and woods. You guys were wonderful.”

“Hi Everyone. It’s your P&J Pastor. While hanging on the cross next to Jesus, a murderer/thief put his belief in Christ prior to death. Years of doing bad were suddenly forgiven by our Lord. Jesus promised him he’ll be with him in eternity. Don’t you think it’s time you do the same? Repent of your sins and accept Jesus. See you in church on Sunday.”

“As the Mayor of Caravan Court, I am saddened by the fact that at the last council meeting, I was ignored and not taken seriously about my concern regarding the official side dish of Middletown. I nominated the always delicious creamed corn. Creamed corn plays a signifigant role in Middletown’s history. I learned how to make it when I was a Blue Raider in home economics class, I hope it is still in the ciriculum.”

“Parents who are complaining about the excessive violence on the best show on TV. THE WALKING DEAD. Then why do you watch it. Hey dummies just change the channel. I love the show. All these people that complain need a life.”

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