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Sound Off: 07/30/14


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“Why does the candy bar wrappers think…”




“Yes, the Sound Off anymore really…”



“Greg Wilsbach, now that you are no longer employed by the borough, will you please consider running for council? p.s., I'm sorry to see you go. I only met you once, but your reputation is sterling. I'm sure you got it from your mother and father. I do know them from your mom babysitting my son, and I think the world of both of them.”

“I am glad to see that Trooper Bey has kept an open mind about the police department. I for one am glad to see that he has kept up with all the inappropriate actions that have taken place within the Borough. It's important to know that your future employer is being investigated for misappropriation of funds and future co-worker has assaulted your future boss.”

“If McNamara gets out of this one then there's no hope for our town, my for sale sign is ready. Just sick how your group ran out, not just good employees, but also good residents.”

“Save our assets. In order to lease out our water system to a private company Middletown has to raise the rates high enough so that this new company can promise not to raise rates for an extended period of time. This is all being done so this group of idiots can get rid of our assets and make it sound good by the time they sign the contract. Say no to the leasing or selling of our water company. Next will be the electric. How will they make up the difference with all this revenue being leased or sold? The only way for the borough to get money in the future will be to raise TAXES. Then you will see what a true deficit is.”

“I keep reading that the communications director needs to resign or be fired. What on Earth did he do? He's raised a lot of money for the library, kept residents informed with the newsletter and done his job.”

“To the person who commented 7/23/14: ‘I’ve heard it about town and have read it in the Press And Journal’s Sound Off, Middletown doesn’t have a parking problem ... we have a people problem. This wasn’t any more evident than late afternoon this past Saturday during the Seven Sorrows Community Festival.’ Yes, that happened to me about 3 years ago when parking on the side of the dental office in town. A lady came running over to tell me I had to move because it was her husband's parking spot. I moved. After moving to town, I can understand that woman and all the others who covet the street parking in front of their homes. When there is an event that will bring a lot of people into town, they need to shuttle people down from the high school parking lot. Residents depend on the parking in front of their homes. Where do you suppose they park after coming home from work? Until you've walked a mile in our shoes, don't complain! People take up parking in front of my home all the time! They go to events at the Main Street Gym or they're traveling out of town and want to avoid the parking fees at the airport. They can park on the borough streets for free, catch the city bus, take a cab, or walk a mile to the airport entrance and take the shuttle. When homes have been cut up and converted into apartments with six or more people, that's six vehicles taking up street parking! Seven Sorrows should be considerate of the residents and provide a shuttle bus from the high school parking lot when they host events of any kind.”

“After reading today's stories about the Middletown Borough, I have to wonder. Arguments, resignations, and allegations of foul play! There must be something in the water… what a shame.”

“I see Middletown is going to raise the sewer and water rates. They say we will only pay for what we actually use. What about all the years I paid for water I did not use? Like they had a set price for up to 2,000 gallons. Which meant that if I used 1,000 gallons of water and someone else used 2,000 gallons I still paid for 2,000 gallons. They were making money off me all these years and thousand of other residents. Where did all the money go they made on people who did not use the minimum but still got charged? The more they make I promise you the more they spend.”

“Now Middletown is raising the water and sewer rates! Already announced raising property taxes to pay their pensions! How is this going to revitalize Middletown? You guys think putting in some fancy sidewalks and park benches is going to do it? Who's going to enjoy that? You need to start with the real problem - keeping people in this town, encourage new businesses to come here. You aren't going to do it by making it too expensive to live here or run a business here!”

“If police chief candidate Stephen Mazzeo doesn't want to talk to the public or the Press And Journal, then we don't want to talk to him! Tell him to stay home in Sunbury and rot out his final few years until retirement.”




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Sound Off - 7/23/14


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• “Greg Wilsbach: Now that you are no longer employed by the borough, will you please consider running for council? P.S., I’m sorry to see you go. I only met you once, but your reputation is sterling. (I’m sure you got it from your mother and father. I do know them from your mom babysitting my son, and I think the world of both of them).”


• “I’ve heard it about town and have read it in the Press And Journal’s Sound Off, ‘Middletown doesn’t have a parking problem ... we have a people problem.’ This wasn’t any more evident than late afternoon this past Saturday during the Seven Sorrows Community Festival. To watch several residents jockeying and positioning their vehicles to take up as much space as possible as to not allow other vehicles to park in front of their houses – three cars taking up five spaces – and then to watch as these “grown-ups” scampered back into their homes snickering all the way… My friends from out of town drive around and around looking for a place to park to go to the fair with their children for just an hour or two. I and several other residents witnessed this first-hand and have seen it the past several years. It’s embarrassing to be neighbors of people who act this way.”


• “I saw that the Middletown American Legion baseball team forfeited a playoff game and had to withdraw from the playoffs. How does that happen?”


• “I don’t know if it’s funny or sad that the illegal immigrant children that are showing up at the border are better immunized than Texas kids. It just goes to show that ignorance is pervading this country at an astonishing rate.”


• “Bob Dinneen’s ethanol column shows his stupidity and obviously influence from the ethanol lobbyist. Ethanol gives your vehicle less mileage. It corrodes small engines. It coagulates during cold winters. It costs more to make the ethanol than it’s worth. And since wheat farmers switched to corn to get that federal government money, wheat prices skyrocketed and the regular turning of the crops is polluting our ground water worse than ever. Keep believing your ethanol garbage, Mr. Dinneen. Corn is for food, not fuel!”


• “Just got finished with this week’s Press And Journal, and I guess I should not be surprised that it took two months to inform the public of a stolen car and many other vehicles broken into in May in the Oak Hills neighborhood. Honestly, how is the community supposed to be vigilant when it takes TWO MONTHS to inform Middletown residents what is happening right in their own neighborhood? I would hope that with the new mayor this will be corrected immediately. Our police force is already trimmed down to the bare bones. PLEASE inform the public in a timely manner about incidents that will affect us! The police cannot be everywhere.”



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Sound Off: 07/16/14


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“Do you know what really makes me mad…”



“Yes, citizens of Highspire, please be very suspicious…”



“Yeah, Bob Danine says ethanol is saving us gas mileage…”


“Where are all you big mouths that complain about people on welfare? Why aren't you complaining about the illegals coming over here in droves? Guess what, your taxes are going to pay for them to and they’re not even United States citizens.”

“I am sad and also mad as hell. Anyone who has ever had dealings with Greg knows what a polite, genuine, professional young man he is. And I will never forget how he canceled major surgery when our town flooded two years ago, and we almost lost power for days, he stayed and kept my lights on. God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers.”

“Councilors McNamara, Sullivan, Louer, and Brubaker all need to go. I have been saying they have done nothing but destroy and bankrupt this town. And now they ran off one of the best managers we had.”

“Middletown lost a lot when we lost Greg Wilsbach as head of the electric department.”

“Why is Chris Courogen still employed with the Borough? Chris McNamara, maybe you should be answering this question.”

“If you go over the speed limit, you are breaking the law. And guess what? As a lawbreaker you are a CRIMINAL!! The police need to do their job.”

“Great job Middletown Swim Club with your 4th of July festivities.”

“It's Tuesday night after the storm, going on 10. Parts of Oak Hills are still out of power. So what is the back-up plan?”

“The Middletown council members should arrange meetings at least twice a year with the voters of their area that elected him or her to council. This will make sure the council member is voting and implementing policy that the people want. Some council members are not doing what the people who voted them in want them to do. I do not think many people of Middletown want their utilities sold off. Middletown utility bills will sky rocket. Middletown people are being overcharged now for utilities especially water and sewage. Also there are two additional service charges added into the already inflated bill. Middletown people are paying utility bills for those that do not pay their bills. There should never be a shortage with all the money collected. About the $230,000 water debt, I do not think so. I think there has been some serious stealing of income from the water fund. This has been going on for years as with the electric fund. We need an independent audit of all Middletown utility funds.”

“Thank you Greggie for standing up to these four councilors. It is a shame to see you leave a job that you were so good at. I have spoken to a lot of residents and with all the positive back feed it is evident that the town is behind you. Good luck, Ephrata got a Gem :).”

“Ed O’Conner, please stop writing into our hometown journal trying to throw in the face of all us citizens on how lucky you are to live outside the country.”

“I presume the borough has a zero tolerance policy.”

“McNamara, you are quoted in the paper saying Wilsbach will have to prove the allegations. You should be careful what you wish for buddy. I have no doubt he will prove that and more.”

“Way to give council hell Wilsbach! Those idiots running this town are running it into the ground. It's an embarrassment! Run the rest of these buffoons out of town!”



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Sound Off: 07/09/14




“There is a beautiful stone house and out-building …”


• “The Clintons are broke – is that a joke? When they’re eating Ramen noodles and eating Spam, maybe I'll believe them. Everyone wants to be a comedian.”

• “OK, here are the facts on Middletown: Do you know there are only nine full-time police officers now? Do you know there are some police officers that never met the mayor yet? I can see this mayor is going to be a winner. Why is the borough worrying about remodeling the downtown area and bringing in more people when there aren't enough police officers to keep them safe? Do you know there was only one police officer patrolling the whole Middletown Borough Friday night? People of Middletown, that's why you don't see a police presence. Me, personally, I’d rather have more police officers patrolling our streets then remodeling the downtown area. Is the borough nuts, bringing more people to the area with less police protection? The police building is all locked up – you can't even go there to talk to anyone. As a matter of fact, I can't get hold of anyone in this town. People, we should fire everyone in the borough, even the new mayor, and start from scratch. Now doesn't that sound like a plan?”

• “To the lady that left a comment to Ed. I'm sure Ed paid into Social Security while working here in the USA, so he deserves to collect what he paid into Social Security no matter where he lives! If Pennsylvania would eliminate property taxes, people who do retire could afford to stay!”

• “Leave our assets alone. Before you know it our water bill will be sky high and our electric will be sold.”

• “I read an article about all the illegal children coming across our border. The medical staff was told to keep their mouths shut. The nurses are scared for the health problems these illegals pose. They have scabies, measles, chicken pox, Strep throat –and lice is an epidemic – and they’re putting these kids on buses and planes, and the American public knows nothing about it.”

• “Why don't the U.S. dig a big ditch around our southern border and then fill it up with quicksand. That way we would not need anyone there to stand guard. Problem solved. Why does everyone make everything so complicated?”

• “The only town to have an airport, train station, bus pickup, college, movie theater, river, creek, newspaper, radio station, two pools, restaurants, grocery stores, parks, nuclear plant and police force. Bust on Middletown all you want – we still have more than most communities and cities.”


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