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Sound Off: 11/19/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation


• “Ah, I see how this works – just like the Fan Line in the Patriot-News. If I don’t agree with you, it doesn’t get printed.”


• “Simple question: Why would somebody risk their lives, miss holidays and work different shifts and hours only to make $22,000 less compared to a person who does the same thing – only to be told that they are already overpaid? Those who know the answers seem not to realize the quality of their workforce.”


• “If you don’t think our kids and our community are wonderful, you are missing it. The Middletown Area Middle School Veterans Day program was incredible! Students and staff: You all made us feel special from the moment we arrived at the parking lot to the time we left after the assembly. Every town should be so fortunate to have citizens like you. Thank you to each student and staff member that took part in the day. You can be sure that every one of us veterans appreciates you and is grateful for what you did and for your kindness.”



• “Merging Highspire school kids with Middletown would destroy the Steelton-Highspire School District. Steelton-Highspire School District needs Steelton and Highspire tax base to get by. And right now the school district is struggling financially. Where is Steelton supposed to go? Middletown? That will never happen. And to the person who is not picking up after their dog on East Emaus Street: You have been seen and we know who you are. You keep doing that, you will get a large fine. Keep your dog on the sidewalk – that is the borough code.”


• “Hey, all you Obama lovers: Gas has been almost $4 for six years; the unemployment rate went lower because so many lazy Democrats didn’t want a job and don’t get unemployment any longer; the federal deficit is going up, not down; and food prices continue to rise while the portions get smaller. You call Muslim terrorism “work place violence” and every tax in the country continues to go up. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, idiot!’’




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Sound Off - 11/12/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


“Why are the Middletown Area School Board and residents of Middletown, Royalton and Lower Swatara Twp. so opposed to the Borough of Highspire merging into the Middletown Area School District? They act like Highspire school students are beatniks and hoodlums, which they are not. Do you know that if this merger does happen that it will mean lower school taxes for taxpayers? The more people that belong to a particular area means lower taxes. Why? Because there will be more people paying into it, which means each person pays less as opposed to if there are less people they have to pay more in taxes. It is Basic Economics 101. If you don’t believe it, do some research and you will see. I’m all for a merger because it will mean less money out of my pocket going to school taxes. The more people that are paying in means LOWER taxes. Come on now, doesn’t it seem like a no-brainer?”


• “To the person that wrote the nice Sound Off about the Highspire Fire Department (found in the Oct. 29 issue) I would like to say THANK YOU very much for supporting your local 100 percent volunteer fire department. I, too, would like to thank the Highspire Fire Department. They have never been anything but kind, generous and professional every time my family or I have had to call upon them – which was quite often over the last year and a half due to family medical issues. Thank you, again. Keep up your hard work and dedication.”


• “Whoever the couple was at the Brownstone (second floor) who paid for my dinner on Oct. 12, I just want to give a heartfelt thank you. I was starting a new job the next day and decided to celebrate, and you made it so very special!”


• “Hey, all you Obama haters and cry babies, remember this now before you get the Senate back (hopefully you won’t, though): gas under $3, unemployment rate under 6 percent, U.S. economy chugging along at a 3.5 percent growth rate, federal budget deficit shrinking rapidly. Can’t wait for Comedy Central to begin again with the GOP presidential hopefuls to line up. Going to miss Cain, Bachmann and Mitt, though – but looks like we might have another Bush, and even Gov. Christie. Gov. Perry will make another repeat performance, I hope. Add Paul and funny man Cruz into the mix and these debates will be a riot!”


• “Friends of Middletown, I’m resolving to make this holiday season different. Are you with me? The best holiday is almost here. Let’s try very hard not to be distracted and remember what it’s about. Let’s be known as a grateful community. Take time to reconnect with someone you miss or spend extra time with someone you already have in your life. Remember to whom we are thankful. Like the Pilgrims did, let’s give thanks for what He has given us, and share with others. Let’s have an attitude of gratitude.”







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Sound Off - 11/5/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “Shame on the MICDA. If you gave the GMEDC and the Elks Theatre the impression you were going to get them digital after the sale, you should have! Now the theater is dark and I don’t have a place to take the family to the movies!”


• “Don’t let the 103-year-old Elks Theatre close. The GMEDC and their staff have worked so hard to keep it open. Please, MICDA, install the digital ASAP!”


• “It’s so sad to see that the Elks Theatre has closed. Now it’s just one more empty building downtown. Just what we need!”


• “Really, Matt Tunnel? You can get digital for the Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg, and you just let the Elks close? What’s the holdup, man?”


• “What has this town come to? Close the library and now the movie theater? McNamara must be kicked out.”


• “Please note: The purpose of a parade is to see the parade. The tradition of throwing candy is a bonus, not a standard requirement. While I do understand and remember the joy children get when they get some candy, as well as the disappointment if the don’t, the people in the parade are not obligated to spend money on candy so that your child can come home with a bag full. Live a life of gratitude for what you have.”


• “Congratulations to the Middletown Area High School marching band on a great Elton John season! All of your hard work paid off  – your performances were AWESOME. Thank you to Mr. Fisher, the assistant directors and volunteer instructors. Thank you to the wonderful parents who have supported our students with love, encouragement and countless hours in the concession stand and Pit. Most of all, thank you, students – you are the future of our community, and it’s looking good. Go Blue Wave!”


• “You know, I’m sick and tired of hearing about how voter ID laws will restrict the minority vote. Well I bet most people on food stamps are minorities and they need all kinds of proof of who they are to get them. So don’t tell me it’s inconvenient for them to get IDs for voting.”


• “Where the heck is the Sound Off column? It’s been two weeks with no column. I’m sure it’s because of that pesky little code that has to be entered. Either that or people just got tired of complaining, since it doesn’t seem to do any good anyway.”

  (Editor’s note: Sound Off has been published in every edition, though the column has been shorter in recent weeks.)


• “If everyone paid their utility bills and taxes, the borough would not be in debt. No one is collecting this debt. Can anyone explain where all the electric company buyout of millions of dollars went? That money was for a new electric generator, which never was purchased, and electrical upgrading.”


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Sound Off - 10/29/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “Shame on the MICDA. If you gave the GMEDC and the Elks Theatre the impression you were going to get them digital after the sale, you should have! Now the theater is dark and I don’t have a place to take the family to the movies!”


• “In the article regarding the time capsule from the old Grandview School, it’s noted that an old Kennedy half dollar was inside. How can that be since Kennedy wasn’t even elected President until 1960 and I doubt he had a half-dollar honoring him before that time.”

  (Editor’s note: Our story on the Demey Elementary School/Grandview Elementary School time capsule was in error. The half dollar in the time capsule was not a Kennedy half dollar, but a half dollar featuring Benjamin Franklin that was minted in 1952, according to the date engraved on it.)


• “You know, I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors lately about the Highspire Fire Department. I have been going to their roast beef dinners along with all their other functions for the past 20 years and I have to say that the people that are there now have come a long way. Everyone that I’ve seen there at events works very hard and gets the job done for our community, and we should all be thankful for this. These people don’t get paid for what they do and keep doing it. If they didn’t volunteer, who would? It’s my understanding also that Highspire Borough is behind these people and support them all the way, which I am glad to see after all these years. It’s my understanding that the Highspire Fire Department is looking into a casino grant for funding to replace their fire engine, and I really hope that they are awarded this grant because they definitely deserve and need it! One last thing: I really think that these people that are causing all the rumors and starting all the problems with them need to stop harassing them and move on! Thanks again for everything you do, Highspire Fire Department. I support you all the way!”


• “If it’s OK with Highspire and it’s OK with the state, well, what about the people in the Middletown area? Maybe we don’t want Highspire coming down here for schooling.”


• “Two things: In response to the unhappy person complaining about the expansion of the turnpike: Listening to a radio interview with a turnpike official I heard that the long-term plan is to expand the turnpike to six lanes so in the future when completing maintenance, they can close down one lane and still have two lanes of through traffic. Second, I am a subscriber – when my paper arrives in my mailbox many times the address label is over something of interest. If I try to pull the label off, whatever is underneath is destroyed. You know where the label will be attached – so how about leaving that space empty or putting something like your logo or the price there instead? Thanks.”


• “I am disappointed in the quality of the borough newsletter sent this month. While I appreciate the clarifications provided, I am not certain that pictures of Facebook posts were necessary. Additionally, as an official borough document, the tone of the messages should remain professional in nature and not reflect a tone of disdain toward anyone in our town. Provide the facts in a professional way, please.”


• Don't let the 103 Year Elks Theatre close. The GMEDC and their staff have work so hard to keep it open. Please MICDA install the digital ASAP!




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Sound Off - 10/22/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “What a world that we live in! Even those whose job it is to protect the people stereotype and profile individuals based on race or religious beliefs. It’s the radicals that put a label on an entire race or religion. Not all people should be viewed in this way. Most others are good, decent, caring people. If you are one of the individuals that practices this type of behavior, even going as far as to promote your twisted beliefs on Facebook, it is time to turn in your badge and step away from law enforcement. We don’t need your kind here on Earth. Just go away! ‘Nuff said.”


• “Why do we recycle trash? It sounds like a good idea but it’s all about money. We recycle it for the trash company and they in turn make money off of it. We are paying them to pick up our trash and they make money off us. Plus, whenever you buy something that’s recycled it costs more than something new.”


• “For Sale: One borough, currently know as Middletown. Naming rights included. Please contact Chris McNamara. Address: Hades.”


• “Now that the Lamp Post is being sold, will the borough finally get paid all of the thousands of dollars that are owed in utility bills, or was there a special friendship deal in place for them?”


• “I hope the Press And Journal prints this – and I’m no expert on the matter, but the experts are getting it wrong in my opinion. I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the Ebola problem about to hit this country. And I’ll give you my reasons for saying that. Flu season is upon us. So all these people that go to the doctors or hospital because they think they got the flu and the doctors treat them and send them home – and suppose just one of them has the Ebola virus instead of the flu? They won’t know, will they, unless they screen everyone with the flu symptoms for the Ebola virus? Here’s one scenario: Suppose someone goes to Hershey Medical Center because they think they have the flu and they treat them but they do not screen them for Ebola, and suppose they decide to go to the hospital cafeteria, and while they’re in there they are coughing all over the place and sneezing? And if they had Ebola, do you know how fast it would spread? My point I’m making is: Everyone who gets the flu, how will they know if it’s the flu when they first get there? You know everyone is not going to be screened for Ebola. The reason I think this is important is Ebola has a 70 percent mortality rate. There’s no guessing for error here.”

• “If people are throwing rocks at the game, they need escorted out. Let the future rehab patients go elsewhere.”


• “Congratulations to John Harper, co-captain of the 1994 national basketball champions, for being inducted into the Lebanon Valley College Hall of Fame. Apparently this wasn’t important enough for the Press And Journal to publish, even though John was a Middletown graduate.”

  (Editor’s note: We are planning a story on John Harper’s induction. Unfortunately, with so much going on in news and sports, and a small staff, we cannot promise we can publish stories in specific issues in which family, friends and readers want to see them.)


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