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Readers' Views: God made creatures on 2 days



For those who might remember, I wrote a letter years ago challenging another letter writer, Herbert C. Moore, to give me an example of one species evolving into a higher species. I waited, and was interested to see his example. There was no example.
I still haven’t seen any evidence from Moore in any of his recent responses to my recent letter (“Evolution is a fairy tale for adults,’’ Feb. 13 Viewpoints).

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Halloween blurb was boo-tiful


I’m writing to thank you for publishing my little press release (and photo) about the ladies at The Essex House and their Halloween party.


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Readers' Views: In Middletown's heyday, we had plenty of money



When I first took office on Middletown Borough Council I was quite impressed. Middletown was so well off financially that they allowed the Middletown Area School District to keep the entire 2 percent of the local earned income tax. It was designed to give 1 percent to the school district and 1 percent to the municipality.

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Readers' Views: What a free market can't provide us


I am writing in response to Sheldon Richman’s column, “Life without FEMA? It can happen’’ [Nov. 7, Press And Journal]. The Future of Freedom Foundation, of which Mr. Richman is a fellow, is a Libertarian think tank. The central claim of Mr. Richman’s piece is that the private market can provide a number of essential services more effectively than the federal government.

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Reader's Views: Here's why I'm thankful

A lot of my friends on Facebook have been talking about what they are most thankful for with the season of Thanksgiving upon us.

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