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Happy Earth Day! How will you celebrate it?

 Happy Earth Day!

The day to celebrate Mother Earth is Wednesday, April 22. This marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day – and how do you plan to celebrate it?

You don’t have to be a devout believer in climate change to celebrate. Planting a garden, walking somewhere instead of driving, picking up litter and other simple acts help our environment and celebrate our planet.

The Earth Day Network, the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization founded by the founders of Earth Day in 1970, has conducted a five-year campaign to encourage people, organizations, businesses and governments to commit one act to cut carbon emissions and register it on their Web site. So far, there have been 1,123,953,033 – more than 1 billion – registered acts. That’s a lot of love for Mother Earth.

Employees from FedEx, United Water and Middletown Borough were planning to spend Earth Day cleaning and tending to Hoffer Park, the borough’s popular park. We appreciate their volunteerism to help preserve our green space.

Have any plans to celebrate? Why no do something in observance of the day?

Think of what can be accomplished if we all pitched in – everything from a cleaner, healthier world to a nicer town park. It's a goal that we can all agree on.


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Two pageants that were indeed a thing of beauty

They are high school spoofs on beauty pageants that are meant to be fun, and raise money for a good cause: helping children battling cancer, and their families.


The Mr. Middletown pageant at Middletown Area High School and the Mr. Mini-THON pageant at Lower Dauphin High School pitted male students in talent and swimsuit competitions that were actually meaningless – the contestant who raised the most money was crowned the winner.


Combined, the two pageants raised more than $12,000 for the Four Diamonds Fund, and will be part of the total that each school’s Mini-THON Committee raises in their annual 12-hour dance and games extravaganza.


Lower Dauphin’s Mini-THON, held last month at the school, raised a school record $82,630.95  Middletown’s Mini-THON is scheduled to begin on Friday, April 24 – and don’t be surprised if another school record falls. The Mr. Middletown pageant, held in late March, already has raised $5,742 toward the school’s total.


Lower Dauphin’s winner, Tommy Bowen, raised an amazing $2,765.95 to win the crown, though his talent – he performed the Vote for Pedro dance from the cult film, “Napoleon Dynamite,’’ was an impressive homage.


At Middletown, Nathan Ocker won the crown, raising $1,486.12 and performing a rap song for good measure. The talent competition could be called “fierce’’ – one contestant sang a Katy Perry song, another jumped on a Pogo stick, a third played the cowbell, a fourth jumped rope and a fifth staged a cooking demonstration. You can catch photos of some of them on A1 of this edition.


The real winners were the kids and families helped by Four Diamonds and the generosity of local students and those who donated to them.


Congratulations to Ocker and his court – Nick Myers (first runner-up), Jordan Handley (third place), Brett Altland, Will Botterbusch, Zac Gates, Scott Shaffer and Zack Sims for their efforts, and to the Mini-THON Committee at both Middletown and Lower Dauphin, for its good works and compassion – and for proving our faith in the younger generation is not misplaced.

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Editor's Voice: Christmas arrived early for the Elks and Middletown

By Jim Lewis

Perhaps it was the Christmas spirit that moved a record number of people – 200! –  to buy tickets for the Middletown Holiday Candlelight Tour of Homes on Dec. 8 and 9. And maybe the 224 people who paid to see the

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Editor's Voice: At Steel-High, an unusual and inspiring civics lesson

If you’re an American, and value your right to vote, you probably remember the first time you voted – the thrill of walking into the voting booth, the excitement of casting a ballot. The candidate for whom you voted.

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