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MAHS announces second quarter honor roll students

Middletown Area High School recently released its honor rolls for the second quarter.


12th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll 

DeVelin, Elizabeth Ann; Fitzpatrick, James Thomas; Gaumer, Brandi Nichole; Gill, Blake Cole; Hursh, Lydia Grace; Osayi, Celeste Lamannix; Reese, Shannon Rebecca; Rusnov, Jessaca Michaela; Sessa, Rowan; Templeton, Erin Nicole; Woody, Laron Stanley.


12th Grade Honor Roll 

Andree, Dylan Robert; Brandt, Jacob Dawson; Brown, Joshua Neil; Burrows, Nikol Lee; Carson, Mitchell Bryce; Dang, Mai Tuyet; Dworchak, Kelsey Vannessa; Figueroa, Edwin Emilio; Fischer, Aaron James; Frekot, Jarod Riley; Gabner, Carson Lee; Gambini, Connor Mathew; Gardner, Zachary Ty; Glaser, Tyler Allen; Gudoski, Donna Lynn; Gudoski, Heidi Ann; Hursh, John Dennis; Jasper, Bianca Hazel; Kleinfelter, Tauren Alexus; Knaub, Ian Matthew; Krupilis, Gabrielle Paige; Landis, Haden William; Landis, Kyle Michael; LaPlante, Sidonie Phillips; Lear, Ricki Jo; Lebo, Trey Anthony; Mayhew, Marisa Lynn; Miller, Brandon Kyle; Moyer, Kelly Renae; Mrakovich, Luke Rodney; Noon, Malik Anthony; Ortiz, Xavier Antonio; Rivera, Jasmine Maria; Scheaffer, Kelton Dean; Shields, Michelle Rene; Snavely, Chase Michael; Staker, Thomas Richard; Thomas, Braedon Thil; Warhola, Kayla Lynn; Williams, Camryn Mikayla; Yohn, Abby Lynne; Zimmerman, Dylan Bradley; Zimmerman, Mackenzie Rose; Zimmerman, Riley Christine. 


11th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll 

Buckwalter, Levi David; Drevland,  Lene Aarvik; Kennedy, Morgan May; Sanabria, Taina Raelyne; Thomas, Alayna Hope; Truesdale, Kyle James; Wisniewski, Gabriel Ryan.


11th Grade Honor Roll 

Alcock, David Paul; Barni, Ashley Marie; Battistini, Jan Carlos Javier; Baxter, Hayley Samantha; Brady, Donovan Sleight; Bright, Zoey Renee; Cowan, Nicholas Mark; Dailey, Zachery Adam; Davis, Chastity Morgan; Dickey, Rayshawn; Ebersole, Breanna Elaine; Einolf, Thomas Charles; Fluke, Sarah Ann; Frehse, Joshua Anthony; German, Adrienne Elizabeth; Golden, Tierra Jeanne; Hernandez, Alexandra Grace; Hughes, Jordina Christian ; Hughes, Ryan Christopher; Hutchins, Kenneth Charles; Idowu, Jacob ; Knaub, Jared Michael; Lee, Thomas Andrew; Lombardi, Keely Ann; Luther, Shelby Grace; Martnishn, Ivianna Marie; McDevitt, Aaron Lamm; Mercado, Daniel Alejandro; Mosher, Steven Craig; Nelson, Nathaniel Patrick; Nieves Ubiles, Dylaila Esther; Patel, Richa Sanjay; Plummer, Christian Lamont; Redline, Marissa Kathryn; Shatto, Kyle David; Sinkkanen, Mason Christopher; Souders, Zachary Scott; Spear, Jacob Mitchell; Srogota, Justin Brian; Stevenson, Alasia Capri.


10th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll 

Funck, Adriene Michelle; Harmon, Alexis Novalee; Knaub, Kaitlyn Joy-Lee; Koser, Jocilyn Aliana; Lawrence, Ceajay Hope; Par, Duh Hnem; Parkhill, Cameron Joseph; Patel, Aayushi; Senior, Jade Elise; Sessa, Aiden Matthew; Zimmer, Lexi Nicole. 


10th Grade Honor Roll 

Akakpo-Martin, Hayli Grace; Ash, Scott Jeffrey; Berstler, Ryan Dennis; Brown, Kashea Elizabeth ; Buffington, Anna Katherine; Finsterbush, Devon Marie; Fish, Alexandria Marie; Garza, Mason David; Hernandez, Angela Elisabeth; Jefferson, Terrance Duane; Jeffries, Keasia Jamir; Jorich, Kayla Danielle; Kamara, Sierra Aminata; Kennedy, Alexandria Noel; Knisely, Benjamin Edward; Lee, Devin Dakar; Martnishn, Hunter David; Matincheck, Sarah Elizabeth; Miller, Ethan William; Miller, Shelby Jean; Ramirez Cruz, Genesis Nicole; Reed, Christopher James; Senior, Cole Joseph; Senior, Jaxson Taylor; Spagnolo, Abrielle Catherine; Van Eik, Jesse Nicholas ; Wagner, Clayton David; Williams, Kelley RaeAnne; Wisniewski, Abigail Marie; Woodley, Lynnsey Marie; Yeich, Noah Thomas; York, Sophia Alexis.


Ninth Grade Distinguished Honor Roll 

Altland, Nicole Renee; Bakaric, Dylan Joseph; Brenner, Daniel Scott; Dupes, Jordyn Elise; Fitzpatrick, Kathleen Hope; Garman, Cayla Miranda; Habbershon, Alexis Jameson; Hockenberry, Hailey Jean; Leiby, Connor Charles; McGovern, Madalyne Grace; Miller, Haven Shalice; Shank, Anna Gene; Spear, Joseph Thomas; Torres, Angelina Rose; Truntz, Raymond Eric.


Ninth Grade Honor Roll 

Appleby, Macy Taylor; Batten, Halsey James; Bivens, Emily Rose; Bloom, Kaylee Elizabeth; Brown, Emily Sarah; Buffington, Jacob Cole; Burger, Paige Elizabeth; Burghdorf, Megan Rose; Burkholder, Sarah Ann; Cassidy, Tristan Jason; Devkota, Bankshita; Diaz Martinez, Melanie; Dipofi, Austin Nathaneal; Donicker, Larraye Ellis ; Ebersole, Dane Alexander; Eckert, Casandra Marie; Fegley, Luke Alexander; Fulmer, Leilani Ann; Gill, Caroline Julianna; Golden, Conner Avery; Guckavan, Kiera Anne; Gutshall, Destiney Marie; Gutshall, Kayla Faith; Imler, Jace Anthony; Jorich, Alexia Nicole; Joseph, Christopher Sherman; Kell, Camden James; Kleinfelter, Timothy James; Lakey, Laura Jane; Lopez-Quinones, Jose Miguel; Lopiparo, John Duane; Malay, Zachary Thaddeus; Martz, Alyssa Ann; Miles, Lindsey Marie; Miller, Garrett David; Miller, Jaden Michael; Molander, Miranda Kay; O’Rourke, Kaden Ann; Patel, Vidhi Kirankumar; Radic, Leah Grace; Redline, Makenna Racheal; Reid, Alairah Lynne; Rivas, Andrea Marie; Russ, Camryn Noelle; Schopf, Marie Grace; Shaffer, Courtney Christine; Spangler, Matthew Scott; Springer, Caleb Bretz; Stiffler, Kendall Renee; Stillo, Isabella Marie; Stoltzfus, Mason Douglas; Thomas, Lyniese Stasia; Wynkoop, Matthew Carter; Zimmerman, Noelle Nicole. 

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Lower Dauphin kicks off Mini-THON season by hearing from classmate who has cancer


LDHS Mini-THON executive committee members Nick Scipione, left, Marni Granzow, third from left and Bryce Carter, at right, share a moment with Meghan Johnson after she spoke to LD students Thursday morning.


Lower Dauphin High School senior Meghan Johnson was an outstanding student, vocalist and actress with a fiery spirit, infectious smile and luxurious black hair.

As she spoke in the high school auditorium on Thursday, Feb. 2, the hair was a shadow of its former glory, but the spirit, smile and comfort on the stage was still there. Meghan, a member of the school’s Mini-THON committee, spoke to her classmates about her own battle with brain cancer.

The tumor was discovered during a procedure in October and doctors believed it to be benign. Then after a series of increasingly worrisome issues, it was discovered to have grown from the size of a cashew to the size of a baseball and they determined it to be stage-4 cancer, a glioblastoma.

In three weeks, she had five brain surgeries and doctors removed 95 percent of the tumor. She received radiation treatments and chemotherapy. She suffered from vision and memory problems and lost her hair. Meghan still receives chemotherapy treatment and she continues to fight.

“One day I woke up and I had cancer,” she told her fellow students.

She went from a supporter of the Four Diamonds and Lower Dauphin’s Mini-THON effort to being a beneficiary of it. One pill for her chemotherapy costs $150 and she has to take four in the morning and four at night. That’s why she says raising money for Four Diamonds is so important.

“You are making a difference,” she said. “Every single thing you do makes such a difference. That’s why it’s so, so important to raise money.”

The high school’s Mini-THON is modeled after Penn State’s THON just on a smaller scale. Last year, more than 70,000 student volunteers and 235 schools in five states  in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges raised more than $5.5 million for Four Diamonds. 

Each year, Four Diamonds provides direct support to approximately 600 children with cancer — 100 who are newly diagnosed and 500 who are continuing their fight. 

Four Diamonds covers 100 percent of all medical expenses related to cancer care not covered by insurance for qualifying Four Diamonds children.  Since its creation in 1972, Four Diamonds has helped more than 3,700 children and families and supported a platform of childhood cancer research at Penn State Children's Hospital, seeking improved treatments and cures to benefit those around the world.

Last year, the high school raised more than $102,000 in its Mini-THON to support the Four Diamonds.

This year’s high school event will feature dancing, a bouncy obstacle course, Zumba, volleyball, a scavenger hunt, table tennis and other activities. The only catch is that students may not sit down the entire night. The event will run from 7 p.m. March 17 through 7 a.m. March 18.  To participate, students must raise a minimum of $75 by the night of the Mini-THON and pay a $10 registration fee to participate. 

The event is only open to Lower Dauphin High School students or Lower Dauphin students who attend Dauphin County Technical School.

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Move of Highspire students to Middletown still in limbo

masd logoNo decision has been made regarding a request from a majority of Highspire residents that their children be allowed to attend Middletown Area School District schools instead of those of the Steelton-Highspire School District.

Moreover, the Pennsylvania Department of Education isn’t saying when a decision will be made.

The issue has been in PDE’s hands since shortly after August 2014, when the Highspire Education Coalition filed a petition in Dauphin County Court as the first required step toward getting PDE to consider the request from the coalition that their children — more than 200 — be transferred to MASD.

The Highspire residents want the transfer because they believe that the schools in the Middletown district can do a better job of educating their children than the schools in the  Steelton-Highspire district.

A flurry of public activity took place after the case first went to PDE in August 2014.

The Steelton-Highspire school district conducted its own survey of Highspire residents. The results seemed to back up that a majority of Highspire residents supported the transfer, but experts said that the low response to the telephone survey rendered the effort largely invalid.

Both school districts then went on record opposing the transfer, for different reasons.

Steelton-Highspire said the move would cripple the district financially because all the revenue now coming to the district from the Highspire residents would go to Middletown.

Middletown district said that the transfer would cause overcrowding in its schools and add to the district’s own financial burden — concerns that the coalition has sought to reject as unfounded. 

But since that point — roughly mid-2015 — about all that has been heard publicly about the transfer petition has been the sound of crickets chirping in the night.

On Monday, Jan. 30, PDE spokeswoman Nicole Reigelman emailed the following statement regarding the status of the transfer petition, in response to a request for comment from the Press And Journal:

“The Highspire petition is still being reviewed by the Department, and there is no timeline set for when a decision will be announced.

“Over the past several months the department has continued a thorough evaluation of the petition which has included speaking with leaders from the districts, and reviews of academics and curriculum, assessment and growth, and capacity issues, like classroom space and technology. There is potential for an official site visit, however none has been scheduled at this time.

“The Department is focused in ensuring a decision is made based on the educational merit of the petition and a decision that best serves students.”

The understanding from the law firm handling the case for the Highspire petitioners is that the petition is “pending,” said Brian Carter, a lawyer with the firm.

“We’re still at (the point) of PDE determining if it has educational merit,” Carter said. “Everything was submitted to PDE in March of 2015. In August of 2015 PDE asked for information regarding parental involvement in the schools. That was submitted by the end of August 2016.”

In 2016 lawyers for the Highspire Education Coalition filed papers as part of the county court petition saying that Sen. Mike Folmer had been told that a decision would come by about mid-summer of 2016.

That time has come and long gone. Folmer himself has not been able to get PDE to say when a decision will be made on the transfer request, Fred Sembach, Folmer’s chief of staff, told the Press And Journal on Feb. 6.

At the time — mid-summer 2016 — Folmer had sent a letter to PDE suggesting that taking two years to make a decision had been long enough.

PDE responded with a briefing that basically amounted to saying “we are working on it,” Sembach said. Department officials added that the department could not say much more, even to Folmer, because of the matter being “in litigation,” referring to the county court petition, Sembach told the Press And Journal.

One other possible factor is that the number of students who would be transferred from Highspire to Middletown — 229 — would be among the most involved in any such transfer that has occurred in Pennsylvania in recent memory, Sembach said.

Carter also noted that PDE’s consideration of a site visit is also relatively rare when it comes to such transfer requests, possibly also indicative of the size and scale of the petition before PDE compared to others that have come before the department.

Folmer respects that the process involves another branch of government and, as such, Folmer is reluctant to interfere, Sembach added.

That being said, the expectation is that PDE will make a decision on the petition — eventually — Sembach said.

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Middletown Area Middle School announces honor roll

The following students made the Middletown Area Middle School Honor Roll for the second quarter.


8th Grade 

Distinguished Honor Roll

Jenna Alford, Mahnoor Azim, Angalina Black, Madalynn Brittelli, William Brown, Nathan Burkholder, Alyssa Bush, Ryan Chhun, Nathaniel Cooper, Quinn Dworchak, Abigail Grimland, Jacob Hottenstein, Kayla Kauffman, Morgan Klingeman, Jordan Knaub, Antonio Koser, Amanda Lee, Emma Lovell, Ayden Miller, Haley Reed, Riham Sghir, Collin Shaffer, Isha Shah, Troy Stein, Deaisha Stevens, Melanie Wagner, Timothy Wagner and Dylon Zettlemoyer.


7th Grade 

Distinguished Honor Roll

Sara Dintiman, Skylar Garza, Sydney Garza, Maya Herneisey, Alexandra Hess, Dagan Hughes, Nathaniel Kinsey, Khyra Little, Kyleigh Messner, Sydney Miller, Alexander Monroig, Cynthia Ortiz-Sanchez, Benjamin Rine, Marissa Romberger, Ian Sipe, Mason Swartz and Matthew Wagner.


6th Grade

 Distinguished Honor Roll

Marquis Beasley, Amari Betha, Emily Boyer, Parker Cihak, Nicholas Crognale, Triniti Davis, Melanny DeLaCruz, Aurora Demko, Lena Emigh, Kaley Hileman, David Hinojosa, Amos Hnin, Braelan Huber, Amiyah Humes, Peyton Hunt, Jaron Imler, Gabriella Jackson, Joseph Korsak, Jade Lesisko, Layna Lighty, Cadence Lines, Isaac Lupp, Jessica Matincheck, Jordan Miller, Samuel Miller, Peyton Moyer, Miranda Nolen, Marco Ortiz Sanchez, Morgan Pacheco, Jasmine Peiffer, Victoria Peters, Dasani Ritter, Kaydance Rote, Ashley Rusnov, Nathan Russo, Alexa Saul, Aidan Shaffer, Keziah Shickley, Madison Smith, Kiley Stoltzfus, Mia Thomas, Aidan Torres, Ethan Witmyer and Katherine Yoder.


8th Grade Honor Roll

Hooda Al-Talal, Alicia Clemens, Olivia Cochran, Robert Cordova, Micaela Gallagher, Karen Gantz, Suzanna Gomboc, Dillan Gray Maxwell, Serina Gurm, Gavin Hickoff, Zach Hiner, Alexis Jefferson, Alexis Knerr, Natalie Krupilis, Janelle Leggore, Shivam Patel, Caden Prisbe, Jaqueline Rentas, Julio Rodriguez, Belinda Schroll, Seth Smith, Kaden Sweeney, Michael Tuffy, Damien Weigel, Jeremy Wells and Lacey Zimmerman.


7th Grade Honor Roll

Lavina Balliet, Hayley Bartholomew, Chasey Baumbach, Lauryn Baylor, Rico Benavidez, Taylor Brady, Lyndsay Carnes, Presley Carnes, Brandyn Davis, Laila Deimler, Carly Dupes, Marly Fox, Ashley Gamble, Zoe Green, Jason Grob, Gavin Guckavan, Carter Headley, Tate Leach, Jayson Leeper, Joshua Luther, Camila Martinez, Karly Mather, Faith Matter, Wyatt McKenna, Emma Mitchell, Dane Molander, Jason Moser, Nyalah Parker, Gabriela Przybylski, Grace Rico, Isaiah Rogers-Keeney, Jalen Rowley, Taya Scott, Kira Shafer, Kennedy Sharon, Madison Sieber, James Smith, Ryan Souders, Benjamin Staker, Selena Stoker, Jayson Stoner, Jaheem Thornton, Jonah Troup, Owen Wealand, Tessa Weigel, Keira Weise-Torres, Noah Wertz, Charnay Wesley, Madison White, Austin Wolf, Doron Yospa, Madison Zettlemoyer and Carly Zimmerman.

6th Grade Honor Roll

Jaxon Appleby, Ryleigh Atticks, Logan Bartakovits, Arkel Batts, Yandel Beltre, Katherine Bolden, Alexus Bowers, Daniel Brenan, Julian Brenner, Ashley Brittelli, Kalie Brown, Isabella Buehrle, Isaiah Burns-Schulte, Jessica Caban, Jordan Caban, Charity Cochran, Daynara Colon, Sebastian Dash, Charlize Dawkins, Aleeha Donicker, Brayden Dunn, Alana Escobar, William Fulmer, Brandy Gamble, Jackson Grimland, Tristan Handley, Ayden Harper, Damian Hoover, Julia Hughes, Gracyella Ippolito, Ryli Kifolo, Ella Killen, Fairnoh Koleh, Brian Kreiser, Delayni Landis, Brandon Lindsay-Traino, Jurnie Little, Natalie Maneval, Alyssa Mather, Dylan Maxwell, Kevin McClure, Kelsey McKnight, Logan McLinn, Christine Miller, Josiah Molina, Abigail Moore, Mikayla Neidig, Avery Newton, Ciara Neyer, Isaiah Plaunt, Leah Popernack, Jaelyn Rankin, Alexis Reiseg, Samantha Rice, Mehlia Rinesmith, Ava Russ, Noella Schanke, Hannah Seiders, Jacob Senior, Nolan Sessa, Ali Sghir, Caden Shomper, Chad Sipe, Alyssa Smith, Decaeli Smith, Bailey Snyder, Molly Strite, Sa’nya Togans, Minelly Viera Simmons, Lilyana Wallace and Marli Welsh.

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Spaghetti dinner, spring musical preview set for Lower Dauphin Middle School

Food and fun are on the menu at Lower Dauphin Middle School from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4.

The cast of Lower Dauphin High School’s spring musical “Nice Work If You Can Get It” will serve a spaghetti dinner in the Lower Dauphin Middle School cafeteria. At several points throughout the evening, students will perform songs from the musical.

The show features plenty of familiar songs by George and Ira Gershwin including “Someone to Watch Over Me,” “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off,” and of course “Nice Work if You Can Get It.”

Students will perform at the spaghetti dinner where diners will enjoy “all-you-can-eat” spaghetti with a choice of meatless or meat sauce, as well as bread, fresh salad, an assortment of hot and cold beverages, and a wide variety of home-baked desserts. Organized by a group of parent volunteers, the spaghetti dinner fundraiser has become a tradition for the Lower Dauphin spring musical.

Tickets for the dinner are available from any cast member or at the door, and cost $9 for adults and $6 for children younger than 10 and senior citizens. There is a special of $15 for two adults. Proceeds help cover the costs of producing the show, such as costumes, programs and set construction.

The musical will be held March 2-4. Show tickets are $5 for students and senior citizens and $10 for adults and may be pre-ordered by calling 566-5393.

A sneak preview for senior citizens will be held Wednesday, March 1, at 9 a.m. following a complimentary breakfast at 8. Senior citizens interested in reserving a place for the preview show and breakfast may call 566-5330, ext. 1028.

The performance on Friday, March 3, will also feature a dinner before the show to benefit the Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation. The dinner theatre will feature a one-plate buffet meal with salad, sides and dessert. Tickets for the dinner theatre must be reserved by Feb. 21 by calling 566-5393. Cost of tickets for dinner and the show is $15 for students and $25 for adults and includes admission to the show that evening.

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