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LaVonne Ackerman

Movie night, an Italian dinner and a whole lot more

Welcome, March! Do people still think about lions and lambs when they see that it is March 1? After last week I am rooting for the lamb for all of March! We only have 18 days until spring is here, so hang in there. Let me know your news to share and have a wonderful week.

Travels take us west to San Francisco: LaVonne Ackerman

Howdy, folks! We are just cruising along towards June, and who isn't excited about that? I want to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day, coming up on Monday, May 29. It is more than a picnic, more …

From the Vault: News from the Saturday, May 25, 1901 edition of the Middletown Journal

Bridge building: Steelton company erects highest viaduct in the world The highest steel viaduct in the world has just been completed in Upper Burmah. It spans the gaping gorge in the Shan Hills …

From the Vault: News from the Wednesday, May 20, 1992 edition of the Press & Journal

Prelude to resignation request? Group to discuss school director A loosely organized coalition of area residents may be gearing up to seek the resignation of Middletown Area School Board member …

From the Vault: News from the Wednesday, May 9, 1945 edition of the Press & Journal

President proclaimed May 8, V-E Day, Victory in Europe World War II with Germany came to a victorious end Tuesday, May 8, when President Truman in Washington officially proclaimed V-E Day at 9 …

From the Vault: News from the April 21, 1913, edition of the Daily Journal

Pastor called to Washington: Rev. S.T. Nicholas resigns as pastor of Lutheran church The resignation of the Rev. S.T. Nicholas as pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church of town was handed to the …

From the Vault: News from the Wednesday, April 16, 1969 edition of the Press & Journal

Borough council rebuffed again on Pineford redevelopment plan Middletown borough struck out again this week on Pineford’s redevelopment. This latest whiff — the second since February — …